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Yuasa YTZ10S Motorcycle Battery

The main pros

If you are looking for a truly powerful motorcycle battery, the YTZ10S is the optimal choice since it can develop 30% more power than other models currently available. That happens because of how the battery is designed and how there are additional plates installed inside it. Yuasa batteries are known for providing the user with excellent reliability and power, and this model is no exception to the rule.

The YTZ10S battery is designed for high performance, and since it comes sealed and pre-filled from the factory, there is nothing you need to do to enjoy the superior power it provides. This factory-activated battery is ideal for motorcycles that require more power than most.

When you need more starting power, you won’t go wrong with this model. The 12-volt battery delivers 8.6 amps per hour, and 190 cold-cranking amps, so you can see for yourself what it’s capable of doing. The fact that it’s made by one of the most important motorcycle battery companies on the planet counts toward its excellent reputation, too.

Backed by more than 50 years of engineering innovation and manufacturing, this company has never disappointed customers. That is why you can rest assured that this Yuasa motorcycle battery is just what you need if you have to employ extra power to start your vehicle.

The main cons

While this model is an excellent example of what a motorcycle battery should be, there is a small drawback you should know about. When you receive the battery, make sure to check the poles, as there is a possibility for them to be delivered inverted. That means that you will have to take out the fabric liner so that you can manipulate the terminals.

Rerouting the cables shouldn’t take you long if you know what you’re doing. However, the fact that you need to do this is not a point in favor of this Yuasa motorcycle battery.

Main features explained

Its excellent construction guarantees a spill-proof performance

Nothing could be more of a hassle than a battery that leaks acid. That is why you can rest assured that Yuasa does a great job with its batteries since they perform well. This model, in particular, is an ideal choice because it is delivered completely sealed. That means that you won’t have to worry about accidents. Its spill-proof design makes sure that the acid is absorbed by the unique plates installed and the glass mat separators.

Here is another thing you should know about the overall design of this battery. It is made to provide a lot of resistance to vibration. It is well-known that batteries start malfunctioning and leaking acid after a while because they are exposed to high vibrations while you’re riding your motorcycle. Unbeknownst to you, your motorcycle battery can start leaking, which could lead to a lot of trouble.

However, this doesn’t happen to the YTZ10S. Even if you are on the road, moving at fast speeds, the battery will stay still. Since it’s made to resist spills and it is completely sealed, no acid or oils will escape its housing. That means that you can rest assured that Yuasa is thinking of your safety while on the road. Make sure that you never leave on a long trip without checking all your equipment.

You must also know that this battery underwent numerous spill-proof tests and passed them with flying colors. Pressure differential values and vibration degrees were used to see what the battery can handle, and it managed to prove itself without fail. That means that there won’t be acid leaking all over your motorcycle, and that means that you will save money on bike maintenance in general. In a nutshell, this model is a spill-proof battery that will never let you down.

It is factory-activated for maximum convenience

Another thing you will like about this model is that it’s factory-activated. That means you don’t have to do anything besides installing it and then letting it do its job. Yuasa takes care of everything to create a maintenance-free battery that can serve you for a long time. The battery is filled – so you don’t have to do it –, sealed to ensure spill-proof performance and charged. Therefore, once you get it, you can take advantage of its benefits right away. Your motorcycle will get the starting power it needs.

The acid is included in the price, so you don’t have to buy it separately and handle the dangerous process of filling your battery. Because it is made in the US, the YTZ10S battery is guaranteed to offer you the best performance possible and that at a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry about quality standards as US companies are known for their thorough quality testing.

Several significant benefits come from having a battery that is factory-activated, pre-filled, and pre-charged. There will be less quality depreciation and loss of power, even with constant use. You won’t have to do anything to maintain the battery, and it will lead a longer life than most other batteries you can find on the market.

This company makes batteries not only for motorcycles, but also for UTVs, ATVs, scooters, ride-on mowers, and even snowmobiles. They all share these outstanding features, and that is why the Yuasa batteries you see on the market are so popular. Think of the exceptional convenience provided by a motorcycle battery that doesn’t need any preparation to be put in use, as well as no maintenance. You will soon discover that you would better have this battery rather than any other.

Superior durability makes it stand out from the crowd

Any motorcycle rider wants to get a good deal for his or her money when getting gear that helps with the overall performance of the vehicle. That is why anyone who receives this battery will be happy to learn that its durability is out of this world. The explanation of why things stand like this lies with the way the YTZ10S battery is designed. It’s no secret that Yuasa uses innovative technologies to ensure that its batteries are the most reliable.

For instance, the advanced lead-calcium technology employed on this battery is capable of maintaining its gravity three times longer than conventional models. That’s the significant aspect that brings its contribution to the excellent lifespan of this motorcycle battery from Yuasa. Lead antimony batteries can’t do what this model does, and that’s one aspect to bear in mind when you are shopping for this type of gear.

There are certain advantages this technology offers that others cannot. Besides holding its gravity for a longer lifespan, it guarantees that you won’t have to recharge the battery too often. It is well-known among motorcycle riders that recharging your battery is no picnic, and it should be better conducted by specialized personnel. That means that you will have to shell out extra money if you don’t want to be the one to get your hands dirty.

When a motorcycle battery is left in standby mode, such as when you don’t use your ride over the winter, it can deplete on its own. That’s not what happens with the YTZ10S; because of its innovative construction, this natural depletion process happens a lot slower than what conventional batteries go through. With higher capacity and extended lifespan, this battery guarantees that you won’t need anything else.

Overall excellent features and performance highly recommend it

Here is another thing that you will evidently like about this Yuasa motorcycle battery. You will never have to add water. The company has years of expertise under its belt. That is why you can count on the high-quality design and innovative technologies it brings for high performance and trouble-free operation. Everything about this motorcycle battery spells quality, down to the minutest details. For instance, the heavy-duty terminals are instant proof of how much work was invested in making this model.

The terminals are flush-mounted, and you won’t need spacers to ensure that the motorcycle battery fits well. However, do bear in mind to check the list of compatibilities so that you end up purchasing the wrong battery for your needs. The AGM separators have a superior component design to ensure that the acid is absorbed for completely spill-proof performance.

Even if you happen to discharge the battery completely, you will encounter no issues with recharging it. This motorcycle battery is simply built to offer you exquisite craftsmanship and ultimate satisfaction. As a result, the battery has a higher capacity than most, and its long lifespan will impress you. It’s a maintenance-free model, and that adds points in its favor since such conveniences do not easily come by. The moment you install the battery on your motorcycle, you will be able to jumpstart it instantly.

After all these aspects that can be found on many Yuasa batteries, not only this one, you will be happy to learn that it’s also easy to install. It is an excellent fit and doesn’t require extra elbow grease. Especially if you are not particularly technically inclined, you will surely be glad to hear about these aspects. You won’t ever have to worry about going on road trips that would be cut short by a malfunctioning battery.

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