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YTX14-BS Motorcycle Battery

The main pros

For users who are looking to get an affordable option that won’t disappoint as far as performance, quality, and ease of use are concerned, this model right here is a very good choice. It offers one of the best values for money on the market since, despite the low price, the manufacturer has made sure to include all the features that customers need.

This product can fit a wide list of motorcycles, such as Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Piaggio, and Triumph models. All the compatible models are available on the product page for all customers to read.

With that said, the main advantage of this model is its impressive quality that is hard not to praise. The battery features a professional-grade construction that guarantees complete safety and durability. It is a beginner-friendly option since it comes ready to install and the leak-free design will prevent corrosion.

Whether you are on a tight budget or you want to be smart about the way you spend your money, the YTX14-BS Motorcycle Battery will give you better performance for a lot less money. And it is not just us saying it, the customer feedback is also very positive, for reasons that we will talk about in-depth later on in our review.

The main cons

The manufacturer has done a very good job with this unit, but as is the case with virtually every product on the market, there are always small details that need to be considered before committing to a purchase. For this product, the main disadvantage is the short warranty of only one year.

Compared to other models on the market, this falls a bit short, but it is worth remembering that this is an affordable alternative, which means that some corners had to be cut in order to maintain the competitive price point. We don’t expect that you’ll encounter any technical problems with this model, but it is still a flaw that needs to be acknowledged.

Main features explained

Maintenance-free design

The YTX14-BS Motorcycle Battery is maintenance-free and ready to install right out of the box as you don’t need to add acid for it to work. It is true that traditional vented batteries are powerful and useful, but the maintenance-free construction does come with additional advantages and, for the average user, it is the superior technology.

With this battery, you won’t have to worry about electrolyte spill offs that are extremely dangerous and could damage your clothes and even your skin on contact. Since you won’t have to deal with spill offs, this makes this motorcycle battery much safer since overcharging or rough battery handling won’t lead to acid leakage.

The maintenance-free construction is an improvement over the old technology since, while this battery still contains water and sulfuric acid, the electrolyte is sealed, which means that there is less evaporation occurring. What’s more, this construction is also more resistant to corrosion, self-discharge, and vibration damage.

All of this translates into a longer lifespan since the battery discharges slower over time. This product is already affordable but, when coupled with the maintenance-free design, it will help you save even more money since this model should outlast the competitors that use a traditional vented construction.

The maintenance-free battery uses calcium technology to reduce the risk of acid spillage, and this makes it safer for motorcycle use since there will be less release of hydrogen gas.

All of these are technical aspects that are certainly worth knowing about, but the main advantage of this technology is the hassle-free riding experience that it gives to the user. Using this product will save you a lot of time and effort since, as the name implies, you won’t need to do any maintenance to the battery over the years.

AGM technology

There are many types of maintenance-free battery types, and this model uses AGM technology, which stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. It is one of the most popular types of batteries on the market, and we were pleasantly surprised to see it present in this affordable option.

The reason why this battery type is so popular is that it is more efficient since it uses a high-tech sponge that is stuffed between the plates and filled with electrolyte. This design means that there is no pool of electrolytes to be contained, and this allows this AGM battery to produce more current than an equivalent wet cell battery.

The AGM construction is also much more robust, which means that the battery can handle vibrations and impacts much better, and when riding your motorcycle in off-road conditions, you will certainly appreciate the durability that the YTX14-BS model provides.

Another advantage that this battery technology gives to the user is better performance and resistance in freezing environments. For motorcycles that are more exposed to the elements, this is a crucial feature to have since it will ensure that you’ll never be held back from enjoying a ride in the cold winter days.

As long as the YTX14-BS Motorcycle Battery is well maintained, it should last you for around three years before it will need replacement. This isn’t to say that after three years, you will no longer be able to use it, but that is the time frame at which you will begin to notice a visible loss in performance.

Thus, you shouldn’t let yourself fooled by the affordable price of this option since it can still pack a lot of power, and the advanced AGM technology will allow it to perform better in any environment so that you can take your motorcycle anywhere and never have to worry about the battery letting you down.

Size and performance

This nifty choice also boasts a lightweight construction and, when combined with the AGM technology, it allows it to deliver more power in a more compact package. It weighs around 9.9 pounds and for a battery that ensures the performance of this one, the weight is very good, especially for motorcycles where you don’t want things slowing you down.

Its size will also allow for universal compatibility with most motorcycles on the market, and if you are ever in doubt, you can take a look at the list of compatible models on the product page. You can also place your trust in the customer service, which will be quick to guide you and answer any of your questions.

From our findings and looking at the numerous customer reviews that this model has garnered, compatibility shouldn’t be an issue since it has been proven to be compatible even with motorcycles that are not on the list.

Another important feature that needs to be considered is the CCA or Cold Cranking Amps, and this refers to the number of amps that a battery can deliver at 32 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds while at the same time keeping up 1.2 volts per cell. In terms that are easier to understand, it is the amount of power that it can produce to start the engine.

The YTX14-BS model boasts a CCA of around 200, which is an excellent number that makes this model adequate for both old and new bike models. Older models require more CCA to get the engine started, so you can use this battery on any vehicle without a problem.

This option delivers ample power for any 12V application, so it should have no problem working with most motorcycle models on the market that use 12V batteries.

Extra features and details

As we mentioned before, this model features a versatile design that should have no problem working with most motorcycle brands available on the market, but what makes this option even better is the fact that it can work with other types of vehicles as well. It is compatible with ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, scooters, watercrafts, and much more.

Thus, this is a versatile option, and it is a great purchase for users who own many types of small vehicles. The installation process is very simple, especially since the battery comes ready to use out of the box. It also arrives fully charged, and the only thing that’s left to do is to install it following the simple and user-friendly instructions.

This model can also hold its charge very well, and you can trust it to be reliable and deliver consistent results so that you don’t end up stranded with your motorcycle or ATV, no longer being able to start the engine.

Many of the cheap options available on the market are known to provide inferior performance and quality, but looking at what this product has to offer, it is safe to say that this is an exception. There are, of course, some compromises that have been made to keep the price low, but overall the great value that this model offers cannot be underestimated.

There rarely is such a thing as a perfect product, and if there is a perfect motorcycle battery, it will certainly cost you a lot of money, and we know that not everyone feels comfortable forking that much cash for a single product.

For buyers who are on a budget or who want to be mindful about how they spend their money, the YTX14-BS Motorcycle Battery is a great alternative that has been proven to deliver reliable performance not only for motorcycles but other vehicles as well.

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