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Turtle Wax Ice Seal N Shine

The main pros

What you’ll love about this product is the fact that it produces incredible water beading & slickness, allowing easy maintenance and keeping everything looking the way it’s supposed to. As a result, this will allow you to keep your car cleaner for a longer period of time without having to constantly worry about it. 

The super hydrophobic properties make the entire covered area act as if it’s really scared of water, practically repelling it from all surfaces and preventing the appearance of those unwelcomed water spots that can potentially cause difficulties when you’re driving and need a clear look of the windshield. 

The product is able to last so much and with so good results because the synthetic sealant is infused with carnauba wax and this allows it to stay in place even after multiple washings or after rain has poured down for hours and hours. This also dramatically reduces drying time so you’ll have more hours to dedicate to actually driving your freshly-cleaned car.

As a result, the shine and durability you will get from this product are unmatched and you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that will offer at least equally-good results. Since a lot of people enjoy cleaning and waxing their cars all on their own, this item will offer the satisfaction of a job well done all the time.

The main cons

As great as this is, there is one thing that we should mention that could potentially deter you from buying it. Using the wax on black vehicles or those of a dark and intense color seems to not bring the same awesome results as it leaves some uneven streaks that are hard to remove afterward. 

While the water-repelling properties are indeed great and this is why this product has received so many positive reviews from happy customers in the first place, it seems to leave a lot of residue on black cars and since people use this substance in order to make their rides look good, you’ll probably think twice about getting something that does not do this.

Main features explained


We can’t stress enough how important endurance is in this line of work and this product from Turtle Wax really has it in spades. The reason why this is so good is because it effectively seals the surface of the car, offering durability as well as protection for months at a time even if you wash the car multiple times during that time or if it constantly rains on it.

You’ll thoroughly enjoy your cleaner car and your brilliant shine, especially since the carnauba wax still finds a way to get involved in the process through a synthetic sealant that is infused into it, further enhancing the durability of the product and drastically reducing that annoying drying time, because we all hate waiting to see how good we managed to clean the car. 

Just for argument’s sake, we do want to point out that the entire collection of Turtle Wax Ice products can be applied even if your car is parked directly under the scorching rays of the sun according to the manufacturer. While we don’t recommend it unless you want a sunburn and a (let’s say improper) wax job, it’s good to know that strong light won’t affect it. 

The technology transforms the exterior into a super hydrophobic surface, causing it to repel water with all its might and simply refuse to accommodate any of it. As a result of this, whenever water does touch the surface, it will simply bead up and roll off into the dusty sunset. By the way, this substance shouldn’t get dust on your car, if you were worried about it, that is.

You will be hard-pressed to find something to criticize as this way of doing this will prevent water spots and dulled appearance, both of which can be quite important for your driving experience. Even if waxing your car used to be an all-family job that would take the entire day years ago, these days it’s a much more straightforward and enjoyable process that yields better results.

Easy to apply and remove

Another great thing about the product is that it is very easy to apply and remove, especially since it comes with one premium microfiber tower that allows for easy application. The only thing that you have to do is spray on then use the towel to wipe everything off and enjoy your ride looking fresh as a daisy, and shiny too!

However, don’t forget that it’s imperative that you do so on a clean surface. Waxing your car must always be done on a clean surface as doing it on a dirty one will ensure you’re left with tons of residue and neither you or your baby will be happy about it, that much we can guarantee. Those things take hours to remove and make everything right again!

The manufacturer put a lot of emphasis on making the entire process effortless and you’ll be sure to feel this from the very first time you go through it. You’ll just lightly mist one section at a time and gently use the aforementioned towel to work the product into the surface of the car before turning it over and lightly buffing the same surface to achieve that glossy, smooth look.

This is so easy to do that any owner worth his or her salt and who’s done this before should be able to wax an entire car in somewhere around twenty to thirty minutes tops. This is certainly a good time and should satisfy pretty much everyone out there in terms of results. 

For those who possess that old-school mentality, judging the depth and gloss of the paint can yield a different result. We just want to point out here that while the product is still great as long as you are working with a moderately stained or swirled surface, you may end up suffering if your ride has severe marks on it and you don’t go for a carnauba-based wax.

Won’t break the bank

While some people may be skeptical about it, it will only take one try to convince them otherwise, especially if they’ve been suffering due to poor products in the past. The gloss and slickness of this Turtle Wax product will be there and noticeable right from the get-go and should stay on the car for up to one-to-two weeks, depending on how the weather acts. 

Now compare this to a work truck that has to go to a commercial car wash at least two times every week and still does not see the same effects. The money really starts to make a difference then, right? Considering the price of this product and its effectiveness, you’ll probably develop feelings that are so protective that you’ll start washing the car every time on your own.

The price is still great when you take into account the different seasons and you need to continuously clean your car, although it’s true one typically washes one’s car a little less in the cold season. Still, we dare you to use the wax on your baby just before winter comes then stand back and observe just how long it is going to last. You may end up saying “Merry Christmas!”.

Therefore, we really feel that the price per value offered by this product is completely worth a purchase and both your car and your time will thank you for it. As long as you follow all the appropriate steps and take care to do it properly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something on the market that will be able to beat this product in terms of quality. 

It’s also worth mentioning that some people feel like doing a second pass after removing the excess the first time yields better results in the end. While this should not affect your number of uses, it could potentially affect your satisfaction levels and we didn’t want you to go through this, even if we’re talking about a more than affordable item.

Future cleaning made easier

The more you use this product, the more you’ll grow to thoroughly enjoy it and count on it, especially as every application makes future cleaning easier. In other words, using this once will help you for a good amount of time afterward and, since you’ll continue to do so, it will help you forever. 

Speaking of future cleaning, feel free to clay or polish before using the Turtle Wax product. If you ever feel the need to revitalize your shine in-between cycles of washing, the company also produces very nice spray detailers that you can take into consideration. You’ll just need to wash the vehicle, wipe it dry and then use said detailer only to get a newly-waxed appearance.

While it should be normal that some protection will wear off three-to-four weeks in, simply checking on your car will be enough to see water beads on its surface, the telltale sign that the technology is still doing its job repelling water. So even if you decide it’s time to give your ride a fresh look, the job will still be easier thanks to the pre-existing protection. 

Another thing that we should mention is the windshield dispute. Frankly, the choice of whether you use this on the windshield or not will be up to you as some people are more than happy with the results they get while others report a slight haze which can obviously be bad and cause problems while driving. Try it once and see how it feels but remember it’s not its main objective.

Last but not least, another reason why your future cleanings will be made easier is because you’ll avoid, how should we say this, certain airborne projectiles that fall on your car and stick there, leading you to curse the gods above and beyond because you had just come out of the tunnel at your local, friendly car wash. 

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