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Snell Motorcycle Helmet

The main pros

Safety is the most important factor that one has to take into account when shopping for a helmet. Given that this model is Snell M2015 rated and that it meets the DOT FMVSS218 standards, it can be argued that this product is a great choice from this regard. The Snell M2015 label that proves the durability of the unit is attached inside the model. 

On top of that, it should be mentioned that this product is also approved by NHRA & SCCA. Both NHRA and SCCA are two auto racing organizations. Therefore, this model is a great choice for those who enjoy taking part in auto racing competitions. So, this helmet is quite versatile. 

The unit features a face shield lock mechanism that ensures that the helmet remains closed at all times. Also, it has an aerodynamic shell design that reduces what is known as the bobbing effect. This can prove especially practical when riding at high speeds. 

If you intend to utilize this helmet for any type of racing, it is recommended that you take the time to confirm with the official sanctioning body for the particular event that you intend to participate in to make sure that this helmet is accepted. 

The main cons

One aspect that you should be aware of before investing in this model is the fact that it tends to be somewhat noisy. You are likely to be bothered by this issue if you enjoy riding at high speeds. However, a practical way to deal with this problem is by investing in earplugs. 

As you probably know, earplugs can also help you stay alert while riding for hours on end as they work by dimming the loud noises that you are exposing yourself to while riding. So, investing in earplugs is the way to go if you want to prevent any hearing issues. 

Main features explained

It is safe

As its name suggests, this helmet is Snell approved. If you are a novice, you might not know the difference between DOT and Snell approved motorcycle helmets. All helmets used on public roads have to be DOT approved. The DOT standard is enforced by the NHTSA. For a helmet to receive this standard, it has to pass several tests that assess impact resistance, the quality of the retention system and penetration resistance. 

The reason why many do not trust the DOT certification process has a lot to do with the fact that it works on the honor system. In other words, to achieve the standard, the manufacturers of the helmet just have to state that the products conform to the standard.

No testing is done by the NHTSA. However, in case a DOT approved helmet is tested, and it does not pass the requirements, the certification is lost. Even more importantly, in cases where irregularities are found, the manufacturers are fined as much as $5000 per helmet. 

When it comes to the Snell M2015 standard, the things are very different. Firstly, the Snell Memorial Foundation is an independent organization. For a model to be Snell approved, the manufacturer has to voluntarily submit a helmet for testing. Moreover, the tests performed here focus more on shock resistance and they are much more difficult to pass.

This helmet made by Typhoon Helmets is worthy of your time and money as it is both DOT and Snell approved. Therefore, you can safely use it on public roads and you can be sure that it will keep you protected in case of an accident. No matter the durability of this product, you should remember that the specialists argue that, for your protection, it is essential that you replace your helmet once every 5 years.

It features two shields

Helmet shields are important. In a way, a quality shield has the same purpose as a good pair of eyeglasses. To put it in other words, a good shield can maximize your overall vision of the road and it can protect your eyes from dust and other debris. 

This helmet comes with two interchangeable shields. Firstly, it includes a clear face shield that is pre-installed. It is best that you use this shield when riding in low light conditions or on those days where the sun doesn’t shine too brightly and, thus, it does not bother you in any way.

Secondly, this unit includes an additional smoke-tinted shield that is perfect to use in the hot days of summer when the sunlight is too powerful for you to ride safely. A very practical aspect that makes this helmet suitable for novices is the fact that it comes with an instruction manual that details the process of installing the extra shield. 

Thus, you can carry it with you at all times and utilize it whenever you consider it necessary. Plus, given that you get an extra shield in the price, you no longer have to spend extra money to buy one. 

For added ventilation, this helmet was specially designed to allow you to position the shield slightly open. This way, you will allow the air to get into the helmet. It is recommended that you only do so when you are riding at low speeds. 

If you do so while racing or while riding faster, there is a risk that the noise, as well as the debris that gets into the helmet, might cause you to lose your focus from the road. So, to avoid any accidents and incidents, you should refrain from doing so. 

Sizing and comfort

To feel comfortable while wearing a helmet, it is essential that you select the right size. To help you make an informed decision while purchasing this model, the manufacturer, Typhoon Helmets, has made available a sizing chart that is very simple to use, as well as detailed instructions on how to take good measurements. 

This product is available in four sizes, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. So, no matter the size of your head, there is a great chance that you will be able to select a size that suits you perfectly.

Moreover, this Snell approved choice stands out because it is rather comfortable to wear. Because the shell of the unit has an aerodynamic design, it can reduce the bobbing effect that most helmet users have to deal with while riding at high speeds.

On top of that, the unit features robust collar padding and, thus, it can form a comfortable seal that reduces the wind noise that is produced while riding. 

The liner that is used to cover the interior of this helmet is completely removable and washable. Consequently, you can refresh it anytime you consider it necessary. This feature can prove quite handy, especially during the hot days of summer when you are prone to sweat excessively. 

To make the model as convenient as possible, the manufacturer has specially designed it to include a chin strap that has a D-ring closure, as well as a strap keeper. The chin strap is made of a material that will not cause you any type of discomfort.

At just 4 lbs. in total, this helmet is rather lightweight and it will not feel too heavy on your shoulders. It is also shipped alongside a storage bag that is made of a soft material. Hence, when you are not using it, you can store the helmet safely. 

Ventilation and versatility

One of the key features that make a motorcycle helmet feel satisfying to wear is the presence of a high-quality vent system. Helmet ventilation is essential because it keeps the rider’s head cool while riding in the hot days of summer.

This helmet is perfect for summer rides as it comes fitted with both channel vents as well as with exhaust vents. As a result, it allows for maximum airflow so that you feel comfortable at all times. The rear exhaust vents are adjustable so that you can control the level of ventilation per your preferences.

Besides, as we have mentioned before, if you consider it necessary, you can also position the face shield slightly open to allow for more air to get into the model.

Given its design, this option manufactured by Typhoon Helmets is quite versatile. Apart from using it with your motorcycle, you can also wear it for drag racing as well as for autocross events. This is possible because it is NHRA & SCCA approved. So, if you are a daredevil and you are searching for a helmet that you can utilize for races, this is just the type of helmet that you need.

To feel more comfortable while wearing it, the product is designed in such a way so that you can remove the chin skirt. All the materials utilized in making the interior liner are highly breathable and the padding is ergonomic. 

The model is specially made to be used for adults and it has the Snell label affixed to the EPS, under the liner. It can be used by seasoned riders and novices alike and it is a good starter model that will most likely suit your needs. It is available in numerous color options so that you can opt for a color that best fits your overall aesthetic. 

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