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Shoei rf 1200 Motorcycle Helmet

The main pros

When riding a bike, what’s your biggest worry? The possibility of a crash is on everyone’s mind, whether they admit it or not. That’s why Shoei, a company well known for the dedication it has toward ensuring safety through its product, thought about creating something truly outstanding when putting together this full-face motorcycle helmet. The enhanced security provided is the most significant advantage this model will provide if you decide on it.

The shell is created with the best technologies for increasing safety for riders out there. The unique look of the helmet is not the only thing that should impress you. Its shell is created so that it’s compact and ensures the highest level of protection for your head.

By combining no fewer than 6 layers of organic fibers, the manufacturer managed to make the shell on this helmet one of the safest you can find at the moment. It is essential that you have your neck and head protected in the unfortunate event of a crash, and that’s precisely what this model provides.

Another interesting aspect is the fact that you will hear the noises around you through the helmet, minus the one caused by the wind. That means that you will always be aware of your surroundings, which reduces the risk of accidents.

The main cons

The cheek pads provided by Shoei with this model are quite thick, so your only option would be – in case they are too much for you – to remove them and replace them with thinner cheek pads. However, you might be bothered by the fact that Shoei doesn’t include such an option with the model it sells, so you will have to purchase those separately.

Seeing how it’s not exactly a cheap helmet, this model could have included some extras, such as thin cheek pads at no extra costs. That must be a major gripe with this model, as, otherwise, it satisfies even the most pretentious riders.

Main features explained

The ventilation system is superior in every way

Every rider on the planet knows the importance of proper ventilation, especially during long rides, when you might feel like your brain is starting to boil inside your head. This helmet is an excellent example of what the company making it thought necessary to improve to create an even better model than its predecessors. While other models come with a vent located on the forehead, and one on the chin area, this one splits the forehead vent in two.

The two vents are located above the eyebrows, so they provide, from the start, better ventilation, and excellent coverage. When you open the vents, you will instantly feel your head cooling off; actually, these vents are so efficient that you might only need to leave them open only for a short time to enjoy their effects.

Of course, not only the vents from the front do their job; on the rear, you will notice another vent that is attached to the Aero Spoiler. If you slide the cover, you will unlock the other two vents that will immediately allow the hot air inside the helmet to be released.

So far, as you can see, this model has 4 vents. But that is not all. There is another air port located in the chin guard area. That’s very helpful when weather conditions make the helmet prone to fogging. Also, that will also help with drying the sweat that might start to accumulate on your face. That means that you won’t have to worry about your visor getting foggy, even in bad weather.

For as long as there is wind going through the vents, the ventilation system will do a great job. When you need to stop, you can always flip the visor to avoid fogging.

Comfort is paramount, and you’ll find a good fit

When shopping for a motorcycle helmet, you know very well how a good fit is paramount. In this case, Shoei thought about creating a model that will fit different head sizes. That is why you will find this model in 4 different shell sizes. The smallest is extra-small, and the largest is extra-large, therefore the chances for you to find one that fits are pretty high.

Although the model doesn’t come with extra cheek pads, the fact that you can remove the existing ones and replace them with others that are more suitable is a great plus. That means that you have leeway in customizing the helmet so that it provides an excellent fit. Also, for comfort reasons, the manufacturer installed a base plate system called QR-E that serves to change the shield as fast as possible.

Because of the spring mechanism located inside the shield, the entire process is as easy as a breeze. Also, that makes the whole setup stronger, which means that the overall safety is increased, too. You will notice right away how all these details amount to creating a comfortable product that you will truly enjoy wearing and using.

A few other things contribute to the comfort factor of this helmet. The padding inside the helmet will provide just the right amount of cushion so that your head remains comfortable even when going on long rides. Also, it is a pretty lightweight helmet, seeing how safe it is and its overall design.

Having a light helmet is essential for riders, as a heavy model will wear down your neck and shoulders, especially when you want to ride over long distances. Therefore, it is great to have such a reliable helmet that doesn’t weigh a lot.

Noise control like never before

One particular aspect that makes this helmet more comfortable than many others on the market is the exceptional noise control it offers, compared to other models on the market. It is paramount for riders to hear what’s happening around them, but without the wind noise drowning everything else. The way Shoei handled such problems proves why this helmet deserves the appreciation it has so far garnered from experts and users alike.

First of all, this helmet has an aerodynamic shape that is slightly different than the helmets preceding it. Shoei has continued to invest, over the years, in advancements for improving the aerodynamic properties of its helmets, and the Shoei rf 1200 Motorcycle Helmet is an excellent example of what that means. The helmet splits the air in such a fashion that wind noise is kept to a minimum.

Next, you should take a closer look at the interesting padding used as a lining for the inside of the helmet. It is not just any padding; it even has a name, 3D Max-Dry System II. The entire liner can be taken out of the helmet and washed. You can use your regular washing machine for that, and the good news is that it will still hold the shape of the user’s head, even after washing.

Because the padding is extra soft, many people enjoy it. But there’s another significant benefit that comes from the type of padding used. It can significantly reduce the amount of noise you will hear from outside. At the same time, the way the cheek pads are designed allows the rider to move his or her neck and watch behind without any problem. Another thing that contributes to the reduced noise is the padding in the chin guard area.

The Clear Vision shield – another safety factor

Do you want to know what else makes this helmet a great safe option? The answer is its visor system. Although it is not exactly a new feature, as Shoei used it before on other helmets, it is still a great add-on that will increase the overall safety factor on this model. The Shoei rf 1200 Motorcycle Helmet comes with a clear visor that allows you an excellent field of view. In case you want to replace it with a dark smoke visor, that’s possible, too.

You will be glad to hear that Shoei sells shields that are cheaper than what you can typically find on the market from other manufacturers. That’s great to know as you will be able to remove your old visor quickly in case it gets scratched, or anything else happens to it.

There are some design elements that contribute to the value of the visor system you will find employed on this helmet. First of all, it has a Pinlock system in place, so you will be able to enjoy a large field of view than if you use other helmets. Moreover, the shield is treated to resist fog and UV rays.

When you want to open and close the shield, you will notice that the operation is smooth. That happens because of the unique ribbing in place at the top and the bottom of the visor. When you put the helmet on, you will notice right away that the visor fits snugly; that means that it will not come undone easily in the event of a crash.

With the help of this type of visor, you will be able to ride in any weather. The thick gasket seals any droplets of water out of the helmet, which means that you can continue your journey without experiencing the tiniest discomfort.

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