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Shoei Qwest Helmet

The main pros

High-quality helmets come with many functionalities, but there’s always one that stands out among these, and that’s the case with Shoei’s model as well. If you are thinking about giving it a try but you are still wondering what its main advantage is, then the next lines are surely going to be helpful. 

Shoei’s Qwest Helmet features a highly effective aerodynamic shell design that maximizes wind tunnel, thus meaning that it can handle high speeds without any problem. You are surely going to enjoy this aspect, given that it means both added comfort and safety during fast rides. If you are a fan of high speeds, then the fact that this unit comes with a molded air spoiler is a very good thing. 

This particular element is specially added to reduce drag, which also means that it reduces weight pressure that the user might otherwise feel on the neck when going fast. When it comes to attaining high speeds, there are numerous aspects to take into account besides the unit’s power and overall engine capacity. 

You want to make sure that you are always safe and comfortable, given that the road conditions can change right away. That’s why this helmet features a special construction that is also highly appreciated by professional riders. Moreover, you will probably be happy about the dual-layer EPS liner that enhances both ventilation and impact absorption. 

This means that it checks two of the most important boxes that motorcycle helmets should meet, namely ensuring the rider’s comfort and protection. Furthermore, for the unit to be effective in facing rides at high speeds, it also needs to fit right. That’s why it’s a great thing that the helmet’s construction includes six different EPS liner sizes that get this job done. 

Another aspect worth noting is that the air intake system is a highly efficient one that maximizes both the user’s ventilation, as well as the helmet’s overall performance when used in high wind conditions. As you can imagine, the helmet is easy to operate in terms of lower air intake as well, so fogging is not going to be an issue. 

This particular feature comes in handy in multiple situations, whether we’re talking about riding in cold weather or warm conditions when a bit of extra ventilation might be necessary as well. Plus, the neck outlets included in the design ensure effective air exhaust as well. 

The main cons

One thing you should be careful about is making sure that you choose the right helmet size in order to fit right. Even though this unit does come with features that ensure customization to your needs, it’s very important to get the size that fits your needs right and then proceed to make any necessary adjustments. 

Besides this, you should also make sure that you understand and follow the recommendations in terms of maintenance, to prevent any accidental damage when it comes to its finish and to make sure that various elements, such as wind or the sun, don’t leave noticeable signs after a while. 

Main features explained

Noise reduction technology

This Shoei model comes with many features that make it a great option for any motorcycle rider out there, and one of these is the noise reduction technology it includes. The in-house wind tunnel structure yields excellent results when it comes to this, but doesn’t block the important noises that keep the user informed of what is going on around him or her. 

In fact, this is a very important safety feature that the manufacturer has taken very seriously, so you can count on the helmet’s effectiveness in blocking those noises that might hinder you, while the optimal shell aerodynamics allows you to be aware of your environment. 

Moreover, there are also linear components included inside the helmet that keep road noises from making their way into the unit’s interior through its bottom. The results are, of course, measurable, and you can count on a 2.2 dB sound reduction that can certainly make a difference in terms of comfort, especially if you are planning to take a long ride. 

One thing you should know about this Shoei helmet is that its design and overall construction was inspired by the many adventures and journeys that can accompany any motorcycle rider, so it’s specially made to complement and enhance the user’s overall experience in any type of conditions he or she might face along the way. 

The effective ventilation system and the sturdy construction are just two of the reasons for which you are going to be very pleased with the results and benefits this unit offers. 

High-quality construction 

Given that any motorcycle helmet should first and foremost ensure the user’s safety, it’s a very good thing that Shoei’s unit definitely fits the bill. This model comes with a durable and sturdy construction, as well as with a specially designed shell that ensures excellent performance. 

The reason you can rest assured about this unit’s effectiveness is that it meets both the DOT and Snell-M2010 standards. Snell standards are known for their reliability, given that these are, in fact, independent tests performed on various helmet models, and many experienced users take their results very seriously. 

Furthermore, this helmet comes with what is known as an AIM construction, which stands for Advanced Integrated Matrix and that includes multi-fiber structures as well. In terms of weight, Shoei’s helmet is a rather lightweight one, standing at 3.644 lbs. which means that the chances of it becoming too heavy for long rides are very low. 

Since we’ve mentioned the fiber materials it features in its structure, it’s a good moment to talk about their elasticity, given that they are combined with organic fibers. This means that a special shell structure is created which is both extremely lightweight, as well as resilient and rigid. 

The interior is equally important when assessing this unit’s quality, so you shouldn’t be surprised that it comes with a 3D center pad, as well as with multi-layered cheek pads made of polyurethane foam. These are both replaceable and removable, so their maintenance is not an issue. 

Shell-integrated spoiler & comfort 

Shoei is a company known for constantly looking to improve its products, and the Qwest Helmet is no exception to this rule. That’s why a new shell forming technology was used when designing this model. The result is that the company managed to get rid of the need of having a distinct plastic spoiler on the Qwest model.

What this means is that upgraded aerodynamic advantages could be included in this design, namely the benefits of having a spoiler included in the construction but without compromising on shell thickness and consistency. This is a feature that ensures both the right weight and proper strength. 

Of course, having a shell-integrated spoiler means that any lift is reduced when riding at high speeds, similar to how spoilers work for sports cars as well. This particular aspect makes a difference in terms of overall aerodynamic effectiveness and, while it might not be obvious at first, you will surely notice the benefits when you ride your motorcycle at a high speed. 

We’ve already talked about the user’s comfort, but given that this is a very important thing to take into consideration, it’s good to know that this helmet does come with many features to enhance the overall experience. One of these is the eyeglass-compatible interior which allows you to wear whatever type of glasses you need to remain safe and unhindered throughout the ride. 

Plus, the unit will also stay securely in place thanks to the standard chin strap it includes that neatly keeps everything where it needs to stay so that you can focus on the road ahead. 

Improved technology 

The Q.R.S.A. System (which stands for Quick-Release Self-Adjusting system) is a very neat feature that uses the base plate to allow any needed tool-free shield installation and removal. This means that you get two benefits. The first one is ease of use, while the second one is additional safety and reaction-time in case of an emergency. 

We know that this is not a topic that you might want to think about, but the truth remains that riding a motorcycle is an activity that comes with some risks. Therefore, it’s a good thing that this helmet comes with this feature that allows you (or others) to remove the shield and take action in case this is necessary. 

Since we’re talking about the shield, you may also want to know that the base plate also comes with spring-loaded elements that pull the shield back into even contact with the window beading, so you don’t need to worry about it not being properly sealed. 

The CW-1 face shield is three-dimensionally curved, as well as both taller and wider than its predecessors, so the rider can get a better view of his or her surroundings. Plus, the unit includes a pre-set lever locking system that keeps the shield in the desired position, so it won’t open unexpectedly when you ride at high speeds and the helmet faces increased airflow. 

This model also ensures 99.9% UV protection, and a scratch-resistant coating, so you don’t need to worry about these matters either. 

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