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Shoei Neotec Helmet

The main pros

While most popular motorcycle helmets today come with various safety claims, in the case of the Neotec II, these are more than just claims. The safety features on this model have been thoroughly put to the test, and they came on top like no others, which can be enough to make you consider this particular helmet.

Since this is a premium bike helmet, the expectations are high, as they should be. In regards to safety, there are several things we must mention, all contributing to the high safety factor of this model. For starters, it should be said that the model comes with an AIM shell padded with a type of liner designed to ensure superior shock absorption.

That’s a pretty interesting feature since most manufacturers would focus on padding that offers comfort, and only secondly, safety. For that, the construction of the shell is considered paramount; while that’s true, it serves to have a helmet that is designed with your safety in mind, down to its minutest details.

Speaking of which, let’s continue talking about what other features make the Neotec II so safe. Another element that you won’t quickly find on other models is the micrometric metal fastener. Also, the chin bar is dual homologated and comes with a locking mechanism made from stainless steel. It is clear as day that this manufacturer doesn’t skimp on high-quality materials, even for the smallest accessories.

All these aspects add durability and robustness to this helmet. The AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell contributes, as well. This material is a type of fiberglass that’s lightweight, but sturdy at the same time. Since it comes in four shell sizes, it is evident that this helmet offers an optimal fit without any compromises. That also contributes to the overall safety factor.

You should know that many publications consider or have considered at some point this model to be the safest on the market, which is not little. Also, even when exposed to the strictest testing for motorcycle helmets, it scored better than most of its competition. Even the SHARP tests, considered to be the most demanding in the industry, give this helmet 4 out of 5 stars for its safety rating.

Other elements bring their contribution, too. For instance, the anti-fog visor prevents water condensation so that your visibility is never compromised, while the drop-down sun visor prevents reflections with the same purpose in mind.

The main cons

One of the things many people like about this helmet is that it allows you to incorporate a Bluetooth system for accessible communication, something crucial in this day and age. However, you should know that this feature works best with Sena speakers, and third party systems might not be so easy to integrate.

Even more, it may take you some serious trial and error to get a system that works just fine with the configuration of the helmet, which may be annoying. The easiest way to deal with this is to get a recommended system, but that might not be up everyone’s alley.

Main features explained

4 shell sizes available

When it comes to sizing, motorcycle helmets have a particularity. The shell size is not the only thing that matters. Actually, cheaper models go for only 2 shell sizes, and they adapt them to provide good fits to buyers by adding padding for the in-between sizes.

That’s not the case with the Neotec II. There are no fewer than 4 shell sizes available, and that’s a lot seeing how even premium models use only 3 shell sizes. The closest and better the fit you find, the higher the safety you will get from your helmet, so this is not something to treat lightly. Another aspect that counts and is closely related to this choice of the manufacturer is that the overall weight of the helmet is kept down.

Also, we should talk a little about the shell shape. Compared to previous models, it went through incremental improvements, and there are even some changes worth noting. For instance, the wind-tunnel testing used helped the manufacturer to increase the aerodynamics of this helmet.

Several factors count a lot when it comes to sizing and fit. For instance, you should know about the cheek pads used and if they serve to offer a better fit. Their role is double since they should make the helmet comfortable for you.

While some helmets on the market tend to run a little small, this one runs a bit large, and that’s a good thing since you can always add some padding to make it better.

The integration of a headset system

Whether you want to make or take calls or listen to some music while on the road, an integrated Bluetooth system is always a good idea for a motorcycle helmet. There’s no surprise that this premium model comes equipped with such conveniences, and since it appears to be superior to others on the market, it is a good idea to talk about it a little more in-depth.

You will have to get your own headset, but the simple fact that all you need for an easy installation is in place will convince you that this is a great feature. Together with Sena, Shoei employed on this model a system called the Shoei Rider Link, SRL, for short. Now, this is different from the original Neotec model, but it was designed to offer customers superior service in every way.

This helmet has special channels for the wiring of a Sena headset, and there are even built-in compartments for the battery and controls. If you decide to go for a Sena headset system, you will find the installation to be as easy as a breeze. You might not be so crazy about the fact that other systems require some extra work, but, all in all, this feature is great to have.

With this integrated system, you will be able to use your phone seamlessly, listen to music, use your GPS, and even connect with up to 8 other people riding with you within a radius of one mile.

Noise reduction capabilities

Modular helmets are not particularly known to be quiet, but this is where this helmet begs to differ. It is evident that Shoei invested a lot into making this model as quiet as a modular helmet can be, and it appears that it also succeeded in this quest. Before going forward, it must be said that what type of bike you’re riding also has an impact on how much noise you experience, which is why some people say that this helmet is quieter than most, while others may find it only average.

When using this helmet over long distances, you will find it pretty reliable and comfortable. Also, the fact that you will be able to listen to music via your integrated headset system adds value to this product. Seeing how your rides may be more enjoyable this way, it is a great thing that Shoei thought about improving its previous model to offer customers such extras.

The neck skirt design contributes to noise reduction. Overall, this helmet is quieter than other modular models, so you will be pleased with it. The built-in vortex generator on the bottom of the chin bar is there to improve aerodynamics and also to reduce the noise levels.

Another thing worth mentioning is how the cheek pads were redesigned from the previous model. They are now a contributing factor for reducing noise, so they are great to have, as well. While it may not be as quiet as a non-modular model can be, it still performs well in this department.

Proper ventilation

Any motorcycle helmet should have a ventilation system to ensure that your head doesn’t get extremely hot and sweaty on long rides. In this case, you will be happy to learn that Shoei went the extra mile to ensure that you have a great ventilation system at your disposal.

A single crown vent accompanies the single chin bar vent, and together, they work well. Large panels cover both, so you can slightly adjust the airflow depending on what’s more comfortable for you. When you close them completely, you may get even better noise reduction, which is something worth mentioning.

Through these vents, the helmet manages to pull air in. At the back, there is a large twin extractor which has as its role to send the air out. This is how proper airflow is ensured. Another thing that you will like to learn about the ventilation system on this helmet is that you can operate the vents even when you wear gloves.

If you want to achieve maximum ventilation power, such as on summer days, you may choose to ride with the chin bar open. That’s entirely possible because this model is dual homologated, which means that you can open the chin bar and ride like that in legal conditions.

The significant part is that riding like this allows the maximum amount of air to flow through, so you will have no issues with excessive sweating and discomfort while riding.

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