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Shinko 705 Motorcycle Tire

The main pros

The main reason why this series from Shinko enjoys so much popularity is its ability to behave wonderfully in all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if you want to take your bike for a spin on rainy weather, or you want to cross through a desert. This tire is made for sport touring, and that shows in the minutest details of its design.

It all happens because of the interesting tread pattern you will notice on the tire. It’s not there only to look impressive, but it’s the essential part that makes the tire versatile and capable of offering superior performance regardless of road conditions.

You will be happy to discover that you will be able to enjoy this tire thoroughly when riding on the highway, as well as when you decide to go off the beaten track. On highways, the ride is smooth, and you will have an enjoyable experience with this tire.

In wet weather, the tire will maintain its excellent grip and traction, and that means that you can rest assured that the risk of an accident is reduced. Overall, the wet and dry performance of this tire is superior in every way.

The main cons

This tire is clearly made with durability in mind, and that means that you can expect some extremely satisfying mileage. However, it would help if you always remembered that the conditions you will face, as well as the load of your bike and other aspects, can play an essential role in how easily your tires wear out.

It appears that this motorcycle tire might present some uneven bulging after riding for a while. That means that you might have to replace it before it wears out completely, and that can be not very reassuring. However, such a thing happens only after riding for a long time.

Main features explained

Excellent mileage even with long-distance riders

This Shinko tire is created for touring bikes, and that shows in every aspect of its design. That also means that you can draw superior mileage out of it, something that all long-distance riders can appreciate. You can ride for thousands of miles, and you won’t be able to notice too many signs of wear and tear. Even when you do, they will be only superficial.

One look at this tire and its aggressive profile will make you feel confident in its capabilities. You can rest assured that this tire is an excellent companion on long rides, and you can even cross the country from coast to coast. That is possible, of course, because of its versatile design. It doesn’t matter if you need to ride on a highway, then switch to dry, desert terrain and then meet wet-pavement conditions.

You can purchase one for the front, and one for the rear and the great news is that a complete set is convenient, pricing wise, since it will be cheaper than many other models on the market. The front and the rear don’t wear out at the same rate, which is something you must bear in mind. As long as you don’t ride a heavy bike, you can expect to get up to 10k miles from the rear tire, and up to 20k miles from the front tire.

As dual-sport tires, they are hard to beat, not to mention the competitive price. A close look at a tire that has seen several thousand miles will tell you the entire story. There will be minimal chipping, and almost no gouging, even if you passed through extreme weather conditions on your way. So even in hot and dry weather, as well as in cold and wet conditions, the tire will still maintain its shape and other advantages.

Superior construction that grants extra durability

You can’t have a high-quality motorcycle tire without the proper construction and dependable materials. In this case, you will be happy to learn that the tire is DOT approved, which means that it abides by the most demanding standards for road use. But, of course, that is not all. The 4-ply construction ensures that this tire has more durability compared to many other models on the market, some even more expensive.

With its bias construction, the tire is exceptionally hardened against all weather conditions. You can rest assured that you have a road companion that will be with you through thick and thin, and get you to the other side of your journey in one piece. A look at the material used will tell you everything you need to know about why it’s so resistant to wear and tear.

The manufacturer uses a unique type of rubber compound created to resist the conditions of off-road use. That’s one part of what makes the Shinko 705 Motorcycle Tire such an excellent choice for the touring enthusiast. Notice the deep tread pattern on the tire. It is staggered and robust, and that’s something that plays a vital role in preventing wear and tear.

Even so, you can’t describe the tread pattern as being knobby, as the tire can still guarantee a smooth ride. You should expect the tire to be a little noisy when you ride on a highway, but that’s not something unexpected from this type of dual-sport tire. Compared to other models that do the same thing, the noise level is actually acceptable. In a nutshell, this is a tire that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and it’s made for long trips, regardless of whether you choose the highway or off the beaten track.

You can safely use it on off-road tracks

There may be a few other things you would like to know about this tire. For instance, if you ride really slow speeds, such as under 10 miles per hour, you can notice a bit of vibration. However, once you kick your motorcycle into gear and start rolling, the vibration will be gone, and you will enjoy an exceptionally smooth ride. That’s the same thing that happens on off-road tracks, as well, which is why this model is so much appreciated by many riders.

Navigating quick turns and corners is not an issue for this high-performance tire. Technical curves don’t stand a chance, either, and you might find yourself wondering what more you can throw at it, to test its limits. You will be hard-pressed to find them, though, as Shinko indeed did a thorough job when it created this series. As you might expect by now, flat terrain is handled with ease, and you will feel extremely comfortable while riding.

Again, we need to return to the tread pattern again, as it plays a vital role in how much grip it provides on different surfaces. For instance, you will be happy to learn that on gravel and dirt, it performs outstandingly. Also, because of the heavy rubber compound used and the wide profile, your motorcycle will be very stable, and you will feel confident while riding.

When you ride over long distances, you might want to release some of the pressure in both tires, as that will help them grip better off-road terrain. As the tires prove as sticky as you want them to be, you will be able to ride in any road conditions, be it sandy desert or wet pavement.

Easy to mount on the rims

This aspect might be something that many people fail to address because, at first glance, it might not appear that important. However, seeing how some tires can be a real pain to mount on the rims, and they might require you to pay a visit to a repair shop only, for this reason, making you spend extra money, it is a great thing to learn that putting on these tires and taking them off is a real breeze.

First of all, they are tubeless, and that contributes to their ease of mounting. Another aspect that you may find equally satisfactory is that these dual-sport tires work on many different bikes. It is always recommended to check what compatibility the manufacturer offers so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprise when you come around to replace your old set of tires.

Besides the tubeless design, there is another aspect that contributes to their ease of mounting. They are not very stiff, something that has a positive impact on how smooth your ride feels when your bike is equipped with such a set. At the same time, that means that they are easy to manipulate, so you will not have to enlist professional help just to get your tires replaced. Also, that’s very helpful when you have to do the operation yourself.

Such situations may appear during long hauls, as you might have to take the tire out and repair it on the spot. Touring enthusiasts are well aware of this challenge, and that is why experienced riders will always take a close look at how easily they can work with the tires they purchase for their bikes. Patching a tire when you are far from any repair shop will be something you can do on your own.

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