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Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The main pros

If you need a headset that can provide you with high-quality sounds, this is the model you should have in mind. The device features a universal intercom that allows you to pair this unit with other brands of headsets that work via Bluetooth.

You can utilize this device to call hands free on your phone and intercom conversations with your riding buddies. In fact, you can speak to up to four of your riding companions at once. Plus, the product can also be used to listen to your favorite tracks while commuting. If you want to, you can pause, play, or select a different track in a matter of seconds.

The seller argues that the SMH10-10 is compatible with GPS systems. Therefore, you can connect this device to your GPS, and you can listen to voice instructions so that you won’t accidentally take another route. 

This choice can be utilized while it is charging and it features individual volume controls that you can use to personalize your music listening experience. Given its design and features, this headset works great in noisy environments. 

This model was specially designed so that your latest volume setting is memorized. As a result, whenever you reconnect, the device recognizes your associated profile and it plays the music at the level it knows you like.

What makes the SMH10-10 stand out from other similar choices from the same price range is the fact that it comes supplied with the Bluetooth v3.0 that uses top-notch technology that offers exquisite sound quality. 

The SMH10-10 can easily connect to other devices that support an A2DP or an HSP/HFP. According to the manufacturer, at the current time, most phones that include a Bluetooth function can be connected to this product. Besides, the model is very simple to control. 

The main cons

It can be argued that the biggest drawback of this option is the fact that it does not deliver a powerful bass. So, if you are the type of person that loves music that includes numerous bass lines, this might not necessarily be the one that you should consider. Yet, it should be added that the lack of bass in headsets is a problem that most devices of this sort share.

However, if this is not a big issue in your book, this headset might be just the right option for you. This choice can connect to your devices in a matter of minutes and it can deliver high-quality sound results. The speakers that it features are clear and powerful, and the sound that they deliver is not too soft.

To get the best listening experience while using this headset, it might be a good idea to invest in some earplugs that you can utilize with it. By doing so, you can reduce the riding noise that might interfere with your ability to listen to music, and you can also filter the sound quality so that you get a better listening experience. 

If you are a novice, you will be happy to find out that this product is fairly simple to use and control, even by those who love to wear riding gloves. Additionally, given  the design of this model, because of its small profile, you will not find it complicated to fit it inside the slot on your helmet. 

Furthermore, if you want to, you can also connect this headset to Google Now. Consequently, you will be able to control it with voice commands. This can prove rather useful, especially if you need a product that is simple to use on long and tiring bike rides. 

Main features explained


This headset is perfect for those riders who enjoy long adventures alone, or in the company of friends. The device has a talk time of 12 hours, and a standby time of no less than 10 days. If the battery of the model dies, you can plug it in to charge it, while still using it. This feature is particularly handy when riding with a group of friends and where being able to talk with your buddies is essential. It takes up to 2.5 hours for the battery to fully charge

On top of that, it should be mentioned that this unit features an intercom option that allows you to talk to up to four of your buddies at a time. This option might prove somewhat restrictive when traveling with a large entourage. 

Still, this should not be an issue if you plan on fitting the headset on the helmet that you use for your daily commute. The intercom feature works at up to 980 yards in open areas. To cater to the needs of its customers, this model comes provided with a USB data and power cable and with a DC vehicle charger. Thus, you won’t have to make additional investments.


Easy installation

If you are a beginner rider, or if you have little to no experience when it comes to installing various types of hardware, do not despair, as this is one of those products that are very simple to set up and use.

The choice comes shipped with a standard clamp that can fit most helmets that are now available. Size-wise, this clamp measures 8.8 in x 3.4 in x 1.2 inches, and it measures 2.96 oz. If you own a helmet that has a different design, there is an alternative installation process that you can try. 

To suit the needs of all its buyers, Sena provides users who need extra wire, earbuds instead of speakers, as well as wire microphones instead of boom microphones, with a different kind of clamp that might be just what you need. However, you have to purchase the said clamp independently, as it is not included in the deal.

Provided that you have all the needed components, you can install this model in no more than 10 minutes. The option comes supplied with all the instructions that you might need during the process. This headset is backed by a 2-year warranty policy against workmanship defects. 

Ease of use

It comes as no surprise that most motorcyclists often look for headsets that are easy to utilize. After all, nobody wants to waste his/her precious time wondering what buttons to press in order for the unit to work. 

As we have mentioned before, the reason why the SMH10-10 is worthy of your time and attention has to do, among others, with its ease of use. No matter if you are a novice, or a seasoned biker, chances are that you won’t find this model challenging to use.

The volume control options that the SMH10-10 features are fairly simple and intuitive to use, given that this device actually remembers your preferences. Plus, you can utilize this headset for a wide range of tasks, from communicating with your friends via the intercom, listening to music or listening to the instructions provided by your GPS.

When compared to other headsets in this class of products, the SMH10-10 is also worthy of your attention because it comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and, thus, it can offer high sound quality for both outgoing and ingoing sounds. 

Besides, this device is easy to access as the model features buttons that are well integrated into its design. This way, you won’t have difficulties when it comes to finding and pressing them at the needed time. 


If you have browsed through the myriad of bike headsets before, you are, more than likely, familiar with Sena. This brand was developed by a group of bikers, interested in creating and selling bike equipment that caters to the needs of riders. Their purpose was to integrate the newest technological advancements into the products that they were making.

As a result of their stoicism, today, Sena is one of the biggest companies that manufacturers headgear for motorcyclists. Apart from selling headsets, Sena is also a big distributor of helmets and cameras that bikers can use during their outdoor adventures.

To give you a correct perspective on the influence of this brand in this line of products, it is sufficient, we believe, to mention the fact that, nowadays, bikers do not ask one another if they have a Bluetooth headset. Instead, they simply ask “Do you have a SENA?”

However, Sena is not only a big name in the field of Bluetooth headset production. This company has capitalized on its assets and, it has also created gear that can be utilized by cyclists. This decision was very inspired because today we are facing what the experts call the cycling boom, as more and more people take up cycling as a way to commute.

Another branch that this company has built a reputation for itself is the industrial one. Sena is one of the few companies that make both hardware and software systems and products that can be utilized for what is now called the M2M communication systems. Hence, Sena is a brand that has been associated with big companies such as Apple, Samsung, Bistos America Inc, and even FedEx.

Given the success and the popularity of this brand, Sena is definitely one of those companies that we will, surely, hear from and about again.

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