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Sena Cavalry Motorcycle Helmet

The main pros

When riding a motorcycle, the first thing that you need to take into account is your safety, which means you should always wear protective gear. And, while a pair of good gloves will ensure a comfortable grip and keep your hands protected from the cold, wind, and injuries, the most important piece of equipment remains the helmet. 

The main advantage of the new Sena Cavalry Motorcycle helmet is its sturdy construction, designed to absorb shocks and protect you from injuries in case of accidents. The product features a half-shell design made of composite fiberglass which is lightweight and extremely durable at the same time. 

As opposed to helmets made of ABS plastic, the fiberglass construction is more powerful and provides increased protection for your head not only from accidents but also from rain, wind or sun rays. 

It is DOT certified and weighs only 3.75 pounds, which makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer increased flexibility and freedom of movement when riding their motorcycles. The item won’t put additional pressure on your head so you’ll still enjoy increased comfort, even during long journeys. 

We reckon the new Sena Cavalry helmet represents a great choice for cruisers and those who prefer riding their bikes at lower speeds (of up to 60mph), especially during the summertime. 

The main cons

This type of half-helmet is mainly suitable for professional riders and cruisers who don’t need speed. Although the Sena helmet is DOT certified, it doesn’t provide the same level of protection for your head, eyes, ears, and neck as a full-face product.

Therefore, we don’t recommend wearing the product when riding on the highway or going at speeds that exceed 40-50mph as you will experience strong, cold wind that might affect your vision and even cause damage to your eyes and ears. Keep in mind that the helmet doesn’t feature visors, so you’ll need riding glasses or goggles. 

Main features explained 

The perfect size and fit 

One of the most important things you need to take into account when shopping for a new helmet is to find the perfect size and fit for your head shape and dimensions. 

The new Sena Cavalry is available in five different sizes, ranging from X-Small to 2X-Large, so you can easily identify the right fit. As most customers pointed out, the product runs true to size but we still recommend checking the manufacturer’s sizing guide for a detailed description of each helmet. 

As a general rule, a half-shell helmet should fit rather snug to provide maximum protection for your scalp. However, when picking the right size, you need to take into account various aspects. 

First of all, the dimensions you will usually see for each size don’t include the interior padding, which means the actual size of the helmet can be up to 1 inch smaller than described, depending on how thick the padding is. If you fall in-between sizes, we recommend going a size up, especially if you want to fit a pair of goggles and a scarf to keep your hair tied. 

However, a helmet that feels too snug will become uncomfortable after a couple of hours and might even cut off blood circulation, leading to headaches, extra pressure felt on your head, and even nausea or blurry vision. 

On the other hand, a helmet that is too loose won’t provide the necessary level of protection in case of accidents, which may result in fatal wounds. A loose helmet is also annoying to wear because you’ll have to constantly adjust the chin strap to make sure you still have it on your head after a turn. 

To find the perfect fit, we suggest trying on a couple of different sizes and see which one better molds on your head shape. 

The first-ever Bluetooth-integrated half helmet

If you prefer listening to music, your favorite FM radio station or talking to your loved ones during long trips, a Bluetooth set is mandatory to keep you connected. But wouldn’t it be great if your helmet already had an integrated Bluetooth set to spare you the trouble of mounting one yourself? 

The new Sena Cavalry is engineered with Bluetooth 4.1 features, so you can chat freely over the intercom at ranges of up to 0.5 miles (approx. 900 meters), and even carefully listen to turn-by-turn GPS directions. 

The product comes pre-wired and ready to go with built-in communication controls and capabilities, so you can enjoy all of the features of Sena’s communication devices without having to worry about installing a headset yourself. 

The versatile connectivity is one of the features that we liked the most about the Sena Cavalry half-helmet. The Sena Headset App is available for both Android and iOS users and allows you to configure device settings and create FM radio to enjoy an enhanced riding experience while staying focused on the road. 

Moreover, the firmware upgrades will keep the app up-to-date and constantly add new features for even more flexibility and versatility. 

Another feature of this integrated Bluetooth helmet is the high-quality speaker set. It is designed to deliver crystal-clear audio performances in all weather and traffic conditions, so you can enjoy the ultimate experience while riding your motorcycle. 

The Sena Cavalry boasts an advanced noise control feature, wind noise reduction, wide volume control for maximizing the functionality of the product, and a built-in SBC Codec.

All these features will help you customize the audio experience according to your riding style and the road, so you can always stay in touch with your loved ones and hear them clearly, even if the road is noisy or the wind is blowing strongly.

Padded interior

As we previously mentioned, it is not only the shell of the helmet that protects your head in case of accidents. The interior of a helmet must be as comfortable as the exterior to help you enjoy an effortless ride, even if you plan on being on your bike for the entire day. 

The new Sena Cavalry delivers just that and even more. The padded interior is made of high-quality foam, mesh, and other types of fibers to deliver increased comfort in all weather conditions. 

While the thick padding absorbs shocks and delivers maximum protection in case of accidents for a half-helmet, the mesh panels located on the sides and the back offer increased ventilation and air circulation. They are designed to absorb extra moisture and keep your head cool and dry throughout the day, regardless if you’re riding in the burning Californian sun or during a rainy day. 

Another thing that we liked about this particular helmet is that you can choose the level of padding, according to your requirements. The new Sena helmet can be equipped with a series of accessories that make the riding experience safer and more comfortable, depending on what you need. 

Therefore, you can choose the head-liner that features large mesh panels on the sides that absorb extra moisture and prevent your head from sweating or overheating. The earpads set adds extra protection for your ears during the windy and cold days and can be easily removed when you’re cruising at lower speeds, enough to feel the warm breeze. 

The liner can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine or by hand to keep it clean after each ride and prevent heavy smells, dirt or debris from getting in contact with your skin and causing irritations or other problems. 


Last but not least, apart from protection and a comfortable fit, you’ll also want your Sena Cavalry helmet to deliver what it promised, and that is good connectivity when you’re on the road. Therefore, the first Bluetooth-integrated helmet comes with an included battery that promises to deliver up to 10 hours of nonstop music listening and phone calls, so you can keep in touch with your loved ones at all times. 

And, since the Bluetooth covers an area of approximately 0.5 miles, this helmet will also represent the easiest way to communicate with your other traveling companions and exchange vital information about the road so you can all end up safe to your destination. 

The battery only takes 3 hours to charge completely, which means you’ll have enough juice to continue your journey after every pit stop. Whether you stop for lunch or just to grab a quick cup of coffee, you can recharge the helmet with the help of a regular USB cable to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Prolonged battery life also means that you can connect the helmet to your smartphone and receive updated, live information about the road and directions from your GPS. This way, you’ll never get lost or miss a turn on the highway. 

To sum up, the new Sena Cavalry motorcycle helmet represents a great choice for those who are used to half-shell helmets. The product is mainly designed for cruisers and those who enjoy increased flexibility, visibility, and freedom of movement, something that full-face helmets can rarely provide. 

The item is made of quality materials and features thick padding for extra protection, all packed in a DOT-certified shell. It is lightweight and won’t fit too high on your head either. 

And, since it is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth system and noise control features, you can keep in touch with your friends and family members by making phone calls directly from your helmet, without having to stop and take your phone out of the pocket. 

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