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Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet

The main pros

One of the main selling points of this motorcycle helmet is its incredible noise reduction capability. Unlike many other models on the market, this one was thoroughly tested using wind-tunnel technology, so don’t be surprised to see how quieter than most it is when you wear it for the first time.

This type of testing is not common to all helmet manufacturers, so it is commendable that Schuberth uses such technologies to ensure that its products are adequately streamlined in order to decrease rolling resistance and buffeting. Therefore, the result is a helmet like this model, extremely quiet and comfortable for the rider.

Several features contribute to the outstanding performance of this model in this regard. For instance, there a chin curtain available – which you can remove – that is responsible for reducing noise that might come from below. Also, the vents can be closed, so if you are perfect quietness, you can obtain it without a problem.

Acoustics can be an essential issue for riders who want to experience a quiet ride, hence this aspect has an important impact on the overall safety of the person on the bike. The molded rear spoiler created to withstand the biggest challenges thrown by wind-tunnel testing technology is the main feature that allows such excellent acoustics on this model.

When you ride at higher speeds, you don’t want the noise of the wind and the road to distract you from your focus on riding the bike. That is why acoustics can be so essential for your safety. The company employed a lot of testing for this model, so you can rest assured that this helmet is as quiet as it can be when designed with the materials usually used by this manufacturer.

As explained earlier, the quietness factor is influenced by several features. For instance, the helmet shell is optimized for reducing noise, and the wind deflector feature also helps. Furthermore, the ergonomic neck padding helps with noise reduction. At 100km per hour on a naked bike, the level of noise you will register is just 82dB(A), which is less than what many other models can offer.

Therefore, the main advantage of this bike helmet is that it offers such excellent acoustics. With a vital role to play in the safety of any rider who loves to speed up, the acoustics package on this helmet is a valuable asset.

The main cons

Comfort is paramount for many riders, which is why an essential aspect of a helmet must be related to this topic. In this case, unfortunately, it is noticeable the lack of enough padding at the front and the back. That means that long rides might result in discomfort, especially if you ride in cold weather.

It could be that the manufacturer tried to keep the weight of the helmet to a minimum, but some riders value comfort just as much as safety. If you don’t mind the lack of proper padding on the interior of this helmet, you’ll find it excellent.

Main features explained

Excellent array of sizes

Whenever you go shopping for a new motorcycle helmet, it is a good idea to look at the sizes offered since you don’t want to get a model that fits too tightly on your head or is too loose. Compared to other models on the market, this helmet comes in an impressive number of sizes. The fit goes from XXS to XXXL, so you should find something that works for you even if you need to order an extra small or extra-large size.

It must be noted, however, that the XXXL fit is made to order, and that the actual shell sizes are only two. Since it’s a good fit that you must be worried about most and foremost, you might not be particularly interested in this, but it’s just something some people might like to know.

Another thing that works toward proper sizing is the fact that the manufacturer offers extra cheek pads that allow you to modify the fit until you get it right. Extra padding or taking some of it out is the way to ensure a perfect fit for all motorcycle helmets, so that’s not something unusual.

Something else you might be happy to learn is that this model also comes in a version for ladies, and that one is made to take into consideration the particular anatomy of the female head and face. The women’s version also has more cushioning in the cheek area for a perfect fit.

Two visors included

Riding in any weather should be something you can do with ease, which is why the inclusion of a clear visor and a drop-down sun visor is such a great thing about the C3 Pro. The clear visor is an optical class 1 model, and that should make you happy since it tells that it will offer you as clear a view of the road as possible, with minimum distortion.

If you have never tried such a visor before, you will notice the differences right away. As you look at the helmet, you will see that it has some tabs at the bottom so that you can open the visor from any side. The model also comes with turbulators, a specific feature with a unique function.

These turbulators look like small triangles, and they are located on top of the visor. Their role is to reduce the noise caused by the wind, so pretty crucial for someone who wants a quiet helmet, which the C3 Pro is by excellence.

Another thing you should know about the visor is that it can be replaced with ease, and there’s no need for special tools to achieve that. The sun visor is a great addition, as well, and helps you ride in sunny weather without worrying about reflections that might affect your vision. This visor is made from an anti-scratch material.

Furthermore, there is an anti-fog insert that will keep your helmet visor free of water droplets in humid weather. All in all, having all these visors and accessories is pretty neat.

Excellent chin guard

Since we’re talking about features that make this helmet stand head and shoulders above the competition, we must focus a little on the chin guard and its excellent design. There are plenty of bike helmets on the market that have problems with their chin guards, and they might be even more than you can imagine. That is why the worry-free chin guard on the C3 Pro is worthy of all the praise.

After going through some pretty tough testing, this helmet showed its excellent capabilities, and one of the things that must be noted is how firmly the chin guard remained in place. In the case of crashes, most helmets come undone because the chin guard becomes loose, but that’s not the case with this one.

At a closer look, it can be noted that the locking mechanism and tabs are made from solid metal, which may explain why the chin guard performs so well, even in the event of a crash. At the same time, it is effortless to release, and you have to press a button to have it unlocked.

Again, compared to other models on the market, the chin guard has some pretty commendable features. Other helmets require the pressing of two buttons simultaneously, which might not be so comfortable for the rider.

Overall, the chin guard and its features are among the highest selling points of this model. Seeing how the helmet fares against the competition anyway, it is great to find so many excellent advantages.

Superior comfort features

While we did mention some issues with the padding earlier, it must be noted that this manufacturer aims at offering customers superior comfort. Several functions contribute to it, so you will be pleased to hear about them. For the most part, the helmet is compact, lightweight, and it could be worn all day long without any unusual strain and fatigue.

Also, the inside is plush and helps with wearing the helmet for longer times. It all has to do with the use of superior materials. For instance, the Coolmax panels installed on the interior have a specific role in regulating temperature, which can be useful in all weather conditions.

The Interpower coatings are excellent, too, as their purpose is to wick moisture away. Since no one likes to ride in the rain with a cold helmet on his or her head, it is a good thing that the manufacturer thought all about such conditions.

Another thing that will make you happy is that all the materials used by this company for the interior lining are approved by Oeko-Tek. This certification says that all these fabrics contain no toxic compounds and are safe for getting in contact with human skin.

Anyone who knows he or she might have allergies or simply sensitive skin can count on this helmet to be just what he or she needs. Just make sure that you get the right fit from the get-go, and you will have nothing to worry about in terms of comfort.

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