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Pro Taper Motorcycle Bar

The main pros

This handlebar is a durable model. It has an aluminum alloy construction and it features an outstanding five-millimeter-thick wall design. On top of that, it comes with a cold-forged crossbar, as well as CNC-machined clamps. T6 aluminum alloy is a hardened material that has been treated extensively to deliver maximum yield strength. 

Consequently, the choice is suitable for those riders interested in a 7/8 handlebar that is solid and predictable.  Moreover, the chemically applied graphics that this model includes are peel and scratch resistant and they make the product stand out even more because of their classic design.

The end plugs that the choice comes with can keep the elements out of the handlebar and, thus, they make the unit even sturdier. 

So, if you are interested in a handlebar that you can use to replace your old one, or if you are in search of a model that can provide you with more comfort while riding, this might be just the option that you need. 

Even though this product was specially designed to be used with dirt bikes, the option is still a suitable purchase for all types of bikes. Apart from being sturdy, this handlebar is also aesthetically pleasing.

The main cons

If you are not necessarily a handy person, you might find this handlebar a little bit difficult to set up. This is true especially because the model is not pre-drilled and because the unit does not come with the necessary mounts for the job. If you are not qualified, you should have the handlebar installed by a professional.

Yet, all in all, the choice can supply you with the right fit and it has a prime finish that will surely make your ride look outstanding. In time, the product won’t show signs of fatigue and bending and, thus, you won’t have to replace it any time soon. 

Main features explained

Made of aluminum

If you are a fan of Pro Taper, you probably already know that this brand is known for making high-quality aluminum handlebars. 

The acclaim of Pro Taper came in the nineties when the brand developed the first multi-diameter handlebar for dirt bikes. The one feature that makes a difference between models delivered by Pro Taper and other counterparts made by other manufacturers is the taper. 

Besides, the aluminum used to make this 7/8 handlebar is specially mixed with other materials so that you are delivered a unique balance of flexibility and durability. Thus, given that this model can cope well with shocks and other similar issues, it comes as no surprise that this choice is one of the most popular handlebars among dirt bike riders.

At a close look, you will notice that the model has an anodized finish that adds to the appeal of the unit. The 7/8 model is an entry-level option that has a five-millimeter-thick wall design that can surely deliver the type of durability that you are looking for in a handlebar. 

The choice also comes with Crossbar clamps CN that are actually machined from 6061 aluminum and they adhere to a high-quality polymer. Furthermore, the clutch side knurling that the product includes only provides more grip adhesion. 

Because this handlebar is made of good materials, you can expect it to perform well in all types of environments. If you take a few falls while using the model, it will, most likely, not show signs of fatigue and bending. This choice can supply you with the necessary stability that you need so much when you go out on the road or when you go dirt bike racing with your fellow buddies. What is more, the necessary bar pad for added comfort is included in the price.


Apart from its durability, the look of a bike handlebar is essential. If you are the type of rider who enjoys investing in the aesthetics of your bike, and who is interested in a bar that has a cross brace, this model will surely catch your attention. 

Given its sturdiness and appealing design, it should come as no surprise that the Canadian motorcycle magazine Transworld Motocross awarded the model a perfect score. The choice is considered by many the new standard of quality in the field of 7/8 handlebars.

So, if you enjoy dirt riding, the Pro Taper SE is a product that you should not overlook. This handlebar comes in a classic black finish, but it is also available in other four extra colors. Therefore, you have the option of buying a model in a color that suits the overall design and aesthetics of your beloved ride. 

Even though this aspect might sound unimportant at first, as a biker, you probably already understand the importance of getting motorcycle pieces that go together well with the overall vibe of your ride. 

To add to the design of this handlebar, the manufacturer has fitted it with chemically applied graphics that are both scratch and peel resistant. Consequently, you should not expect them to get damaged, even when you are riding in off-road environments. Additionally, this option has a flat textured look that is, by all means, classic.

When compared to other over the standard bars, this choice also provides you with a great leverage ride position. The model is highly appreciated by many riders. 

This high-tech, shot-peened unit also has an anodized finish that adds to its appeal. Given all the small details that make the unit so amazing looking, there is no question that, once installed, this handlebar will make you feel proud of your ride. 


Another outstanding feature that the Pro Taper bars come with, and that you can also find on this particular model are the cut lines.

If you are not happy with the size of the handlebar and you want to shorten it to fit your needs perfectly, you can cut it per your needs with little difficulty. This is especially handy, for instance, if you like riding in wooded areas. 

Because of the cut lines that are added to the model, you can be sure that after you cut the handlebar, you will be left with an even handlebar on each side. This feature is quite nifty and it shows the attention to details that this manufacturer has. 

To add to the practicality of the model, the manufacturer has designed it to include end plugs that act as barriers that keep the elements and debris out of the tubing of this handlebar. Thus, you will get to enjoy a longer grip life. 

Because the center of the handlebar includes marks that can help you adjust as well as properly move the model to perfectly fit your riding style, it could be added that this product is a great fit for novices and that they are not as difficult to install as you might think. 

Even though some report that installing the model can be a bit tricky, if you have minimal experience with tasks of this sort, you won’t have any issues setting it up without additional help. However, you will need some tools for the job. Of course, if you have never done a task of this sort before, it is recommended that you opt for the help of a professional. This way, you can be sure that the handlebar is installed correctly and that it will not come off unexpectedly.

Fit and weight

As you know so well, the handlebar is one piece of a bike that can help you make a statement. In other words, with an imposing, beautifully designed model, you can make your prized ride stand out from the rest. So, when you are browsing the market looking for a product of this type, it is important that you make a good choice. 

This Pro Taper option has a 7/8 design, also known as the traditional standard in the world of bikes. Because, in recent years, 1 1/18″ bars have become quite popular, before you decide to get this product, you should make sure that your ride is compatible with a 7/8 handlebar. If the answer is no, but you still want to invest in a 7/8 option, you will need to use a bar mount that can efficiently convert your1 1/18″ bar to a 7/8.  

When it comes to its weight, this 7/8 handlebar is 1.8 pounds, provided that the bar pad is not installed. The main advantage of the pad is that it can protect you from suffering from serious injuries while using it.

Therefore, next time you have to hit the brakes unexpectedly and, consequently, you hit the crossbar with your helmet, chest or other body parts, the power of the impact will be greatly reduced. In extreme cases, the lack of a bar pad can lead to you bruising your sternum.  

As we have mentioned previously, if you are not happy with the size of the handlebar, you can take the time to cut it per your needs. Cut lines are included for added practicality. If you enjoy taking part in dirt bike races, and you need a product that is durable and easy to maneuver, this product is, hands down, the one that you should check out!

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