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Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet

The main pros

The Nolan N100-5 stands out because of its versatility and the numerous features that it comes equipped with, including the impressive field of view that it provides to its users. The VPS inner shield that this helmet features can block out any sun glare so that you are always focused on the road and you don’t feel any type of discomfort caused by external factors such as the UV rays. 

This model also includes a fog-resistant shield that comes provided with the necessary pin lock insert lens that you need in order to install it. Plus, this model comes with a chin bar that operates smoothly even when the rider is wearing gloves. The interior liner can be removed and washed whenever you want to and the single block cheek pads featured in the design of this helmet make it highly comfortable. 

Speaker pockets were also incorporated in the design of the Nolan N100-5 so that you can easily communicate with your riding buddies during longer trips. This convenient helmet is eye-ware compatible and it comes in two shell sizes for added comfort. This choice has a polycarbonate shell and an intermediate oval shape. In total, it weighs 3.96 lbs. and it is available in numerous sizes. A sizing chart is available for consultation online.

The main cons

Given that it comes fitted with so many features, it comes as no surprise that this model is a bit pricier than other similar options. However, the Nolan N100-5 has a comfortable construction and it supplies those who wear it with an ample FOV and with a retractable sun visor that can protect them from UV rays.

Besides, this choice is simple to operate and its chin bar can be easily opened even when wearing gloves. It can be used by both novice and expert bikers and it features a sleek design that will make you stand out on the road. 

Main features explained

The design

As specialists have noted, the Nolan N100-5 shares the same Lexan Polycarbonate shell as the N104 EVO, an older helmet made by the manufacturer. Durability-wise, the technology that was used to manufacture the shell makes it superior to most other models made of thermoplastics, as it makes the helmet capable of resisting impacts better. 

Even more so, the shell of this choice is more compact and it has, overall, better aerodynamics and a better aesthetic. 

The product is available in two shell sizes so that, no matter the size of your head, you will feel comfortable while wearing it. The interior of the helmet features an EPS liner that is fixed to the actual shell so that you don’t have to constantly feel that creaking sound that you often hear when wearing modular alternatives.

Even more importantly, the Nolan N100-5 comes fitted with a special motion chin guard that features a rotational system. Therefore, you can use this helmet with the chin guard closed or opened, depending on your preferences. 

The chin guard opening system that it includes makes it simple for you to open and close the guard by using a single hand. You can also operate it while wearing gloves. The locking mechanism that it features makes it safe to use at high speeds as it delivers less drag and wind resistance when compared to other counterparts. 

If you have to wear prescription glasses while riding, you will be happy to learn that this model can accommodate eyeglasses, as well as sunglasses. 

Because of its innovative design, the N100-5 is P/J ECE 22.05 approved. In other words, you can use it on the road with the chin piece either opened or closed. This helmet has an intermediate oval shape, the most commonly used shape in the United States. 

Ventilation and compatibility

This option comes provided with a special ventilation system, a feature that can supply users with added comfort. The model includes vents in the forehead area that allow for air to flow inside the helmet. The user can modify the opening of the vents easily, even when wearing gloves.

Moreover, the hot air inside the helmet is exited through the extractor that is positioned in the rear part of the choice. Because the user can control the airflow, the helmet is practical to use both during the summer, and during the colder months of the year. 

A lower chin vent is also integrated into the construction of the product for added ventilation. Therefore, given the innovative ventilation system that it incorporates, the N100-5 can be used during both the hotter and cooler months of the year. It is especially a good purchase for those who enjoy traveling a lot as it can supply them with comfort while riding for hours on end.

Taking long rides with your buddies is more fun when you can communicate with them without having to stop regularly. To cater to your needs, this helmet was specially designed to allow you to use an N-Com communication system with it.

However, it should be pointed out that the helmet does not come supplied with the system. If you decide that you want to do so, you can purchase the communication system independently. For increased safety, the N100-5 is also equipped with a micro lock, double chin strap system that many specialists and fellow riders speak highly of. 

The micro lock ensures that the chin strap is not as easy to open. This is particularly handy as it guarantees that you won’t lose the helmet when you fall off your bike during an accident. So, you can rest assured that with this model, you will be kept safe no matter what.


The visor

One of the biggest advantages of the N100-5 is, by far, its impressive visor. This option comes equipped with an extra-large face shield that can, in turn, provide you with a large field of view. As a result, while wearing this helmet, you will be able to have a good view of the road and the other traffic participants. This can help you ride more efficiently and, more importantly, it can help you make smarter riding decisions.

This modular unit is also fitted with a Vision Protection System that can deliver UV 400 nanometers protection. In other words, the VPS can actively block any UV rays that might affect your vision while riding. The VPS lens is made of LEXAN.

Because of its design, the lens that the helmet includes is scratch-resistant as well as fog resistant. In fact, the N100-5 can be used in all-weather circumstances as it comes fitted with a pin lock inner visor that can prevent the shield from fogging up. Differently from other similar models, the pin lock is included in the price. 

Plus, because the pin lock lens is as large as the visor, you won’t be able to see an edge at the top of the FOV, and your visor won’t get fogged up, no matter the riding circumstances that you might have to face. Given that the pin lock lens is preinstalled, you don’t have to waste any time figuring out how to do so efficiently. This can save you quite a lot of time, especially if you are a complete novice. So, once you receive the helmet, you can take it for a ride and test it right out of the box.

The choice also supplies riders with an impressive peripheral vision that is similar to that supplied by the Nolan N104.

Interior construction

One of the biggest advantages that you get if you decide to invest in the N100-5 is the comfort level that it delivers. As a rider, you probably already know that this feature can make or break a helmet. A model that does not fit properly can become unbearable and it can make you lose focus from the road. 

This choice is available in two shell sizes and this ensures that, no matter the size that you select, you will get plenty of comfort. On top of that, the product is equipped with a high-quality inner comfort liner.

The cheek pads that it includes are removable and washable so that you can refresh them whenever you consider it necessary. Because of their construction, these cheek pads are compatible with eyewear and they can supply you with the needed level of comfort. 

All the padding that the interior of the helmet features is made of double density fabric that is double perforated. As a result, the sweat is dissipated efficiently so that the rider feels at ease while riding in various climate conditions. 

The neck roll that is also featured in the design of the N100-5 is removable and washable and it has reflective inserts that make you easy to spot by fellow traffic participants while riding at night. You can also adjust the neck roll, depending on the riding position that you prefer. This way, you get to control the level of ventilation that the helmet allows for. This feature is practical both during the summer and the somewhat colder months of the year.

When compared to other modular helmets that you can find on the market, the N100-5 is clearly one of the options that you should not ignore. Apart from the numerous innovative features that it comes packed with, this helmet stands out because of its refined profile and slim construction that unquestionably adds to its appeal. 


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