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Klim Dakar Pants

The main pros

When you go shopping for motorcycle pants, there are a few things you must bear in mind. Over-the-boot models, like the one reviewed here, tend to have issues with the ventilation system, due to this particular design. In this respect, Klim did an excellent job of employing features that cater to the need for proper airflow.

You will notice right away that the pants have two large vents installed on the thighs. They are zippered and can be adjusted as you see fit so that you can get enough air to circulate and keep you cool on hot days. Another element you will notice at a glance is that the knees of the pants come with TPU vented accents.

Motorcycle riders will feel hard-pressed to find an over-the-boot design that comes with such excellent ventilation. It is no wonder that these pants are called Dakar, as they can help you face the most challenging road conditions.

Ideal for any season, you will find them the most convenient choice regardless of weather conditions. In hot and cold weather equally, they will help you keep comfortable, and that’s one of the main selling points of these motorcycle pants.

The main cons

While these pants are ideal for riding in hot weather, as well as in other conditions, there is a drawback you should be aware of. People who are not very tall or don’t have long legs may find it tough to make these pants fit. They appear to be made for particular anatomy, and that means that shorter people will notice how the knee caps tend to go under the knees.

The length of the pants might be adjusted by a skillful hand, but there is not much you can do if the knee caps fall too low, so make sure to check all the measurements necessary before making a purchase.

Main features explained

Superior durability makes the pants stand out from the crowd

These are not the first pants for off-road use made by this company, and, over the years, Klim has worked hard to bring more innovation in the clothing it makes so that it can surpass the competition. These pants represent a definite improvement over other models created by Klim in the past, and durability is one of the aspects on which the manufacturer worked to make better.

The main part of the pants is made from a heavy-duty material called 840D Cordura. This fabric provides a plethora of advantages, such as high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear. In other words, you can rest assured that you will get a pair of pants made with durability in mind.

Even more, the main body is coated with a DWR coating that has the primary role to deflect water and mud. That means that you will have a pair of highly durable pants that won’t get dirty quickly. You will obviously get to enjoy them for a longer time, and the coating makes the pants even more resistant to the usual damage that occurs to motorcycle pants when worn regularly.

On the legs, you will notice that Klim used a type of leather that is highly resistant to abrasion and also thicker than the usual material used for this type of pants. It is also essential to observe how the manufacturer employed stretch material in the flex areas, such as above the knees, the crotch, or the back of the legs.

Last but not least, the cuffs are bordered with Karbonite Ripstop Cordura nylon, a material that is highly resistant to wear and tear. If you decide to get these pants, they will surely not disappoint you, as far as durability is concerned.

Comfort is assured by a plethora of features

While you may think that these pants are good looking and durable, there is another aspect that might not be that apparent, and that is the superior comfort provided. First of all, it is evident that the manufacturer thought of improving this model over the previous ones by working on a refined fit in the knee area. The way the pants are designed makes sure that there is less loose material that could bunch up and create discomfort to the rider, especially during long trips.

That also helps with providing more articulation in the right areas so that you feel very comfortable when riding your bike for hours. The waist is adjustable as it comes with Velcro closures and cinch straps that allow you to find the perfect configuration for your body. You will hardly find motorcycle riding pants as comfortable as these.

Also, the Velcro cuffs are easy to adjust, and you will find it a breeze to customize these pants so that they fit you as they should. There are other aspects that also cater to the rider’s comfort, such as the articulated leg construction. Motorcycle riders need to spend a lot of time on their bikes, and material tension in the knee area can become difficult to bear, even if it may seem such a simple thing.

But, Klim thought of everything, and that shows in the minutest details. Even the zippers are designed so that they can be pulled down even when you wear gloves, which is a great plus since it can be annoying to have to take off your gloves when you need to make small adjustments. All in all, these pants are obviously designed in the rider’s comfort in mind.

Excellent attention to detail is evident in the extras available

A pair of motorcycle pants might seem like the type of product that’s pretty straightforward, and, for the most part, that’s true. However, having some extras can make the difference between pants that do only what’s needed, and those that go the extra mile to offer extra comfort and convenience. The Klim Dakar goes the extra mile by providing superior cargo capacity, as well as other numerous advantages.

On the thighs, you will notice the presence of two cargo pockets that come with YKK zippers that are easy to manipulate, even when you wear gloves. If you need to keep some items close for easy access, these cargo pockets are the ideal solution. You don’t have to worry that water might get inside your pockets while riding in the rain. The zipper entries are secured with storm flaps that come with snaps that are also easy to operate.

In case you want to install extra pads on these pants, it is possible, as the model presents hip and knee pad pockets in its construction. However, you should bear in mind that the pads are not available with your purchase, and you will have to buy them separately.

Another element of design that will convince you that the attention to detail of this manufacturer is outstanding is the 3M Scotchlite reflective material present on the back of each leg. This design element is not there only to look good, but it serves a practical purpose. The reflective material will make your presence known to other riders and car drivers in low light conditions.

The logos of the company are embroidered, and they complete the look of a pair of pants that spell quality from top to bottom. All the above details ensure that you will get a product that will serve you for a long time.

Moisture-wicking capabilities make these pants outstanding in any weather

While the attention to detail, the airflow capability, and the overall durability are all excellent selling points, it is time to talk a little about the moisture-wicking capabilities that should be present in any motorcycle pants. The Klim Dakar comes with a mesh lining that takes care of the sweat that occurs naturally when spending long hours on your bike. It is interesting to observe how the manufacturer used a specific type of construction to ensure that you get absolute comfort.

The liner construction is made from stretch panels that match the areas on the pants that are the most exposed to stretching and wear and tear on the exterior. That means that the liner won’t suffer any early damage compared to the rest of the material. The mesh lining used on the inside allows your skin to breathe while wicking moisture at the same time.

It is exciting to see a manufacturer that pays so much attention to all the aspects that make a pair of motorcycle riding pants ideal for long rides. In this case, the fact that the liner matches in comfort and durability the outer shell is the sign of a well-made product you will like to use all the time. When you want to ride off-road, you will need a pair of pants that can offer superior comfort and extra conveniences, and this model ticks all the boxes.

The woven panels made from breathable and stretchable material are located on the back of the waist, above the knees, as well as on the back of the legs, and in the crotch areas, making sure that proper moisture wicking is adequately provided. Riding in hot weather is undoubtedly not a problem when you ride in these pants.

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