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Kenda ATV Tires

The main pros

If you are looking for tires that provide high levels of performance off-road, the Kenda ATV Bearclaw K299 tires might be the ones you have been searching for. You can now declare your search over because you are likely not to want to go back to your old tires or change them with other models ever again.

The tread pattern is really aggressive, and it does not compare to other tires in terms of sturdiness. The rubber that they are made of is not really suitable for the highway, and we are going to talk about that later. However, for off-road enthusiasts, this will come as an absolute bliss.

The tires have been thoroughly tested, and all of the tests made on different types of terrain have revealed that the performance of the Bearclaw K299 tires positions them among the most performant tires for off-road use on the market.

The tread pattern offers a really firm grip, which will allow you to travel on the muddiest terrains, and even during snowy seasons, these tires do a really great job on uneven terrains that could present problems even for the most experienced ATV riders. If you decide to give them a try, you are likely not to be disappointed.

The main cons

However, no matter how many great features these tires come with, they still have one minus: the fact that they are designed to be used only off-road, and you will not be able to ride safely on highways due to the construction of the tires. 

There are cases in which ATV riders have to travel long distances in order to arrive at the spot that they want to explore using their ATV; therefore, this might be a disadvantage. However, many people use their ATV exclusively off-road, so this does not represent a problem for off-road lovers who want to enjoy riding their ATV in nature.

Main features explained 

Superior resistance to punctures

If you are an experienced ATV rider, you most certainly know that one of the essential qualities that an ATV tire should have is not getting punctured easily. Just imagine how dreadful it would be to have a flat tire far away from your accommodation or from people who can help you get there safe.

It doesn’t sound pleasant, does it? There are some aspects that tire manufacturers consider when they produce highly performant tires, and Kenda makes no exception. One of these aspects involves the materials that the tires are made of. The thick rubber that these tires are made has a hardness of 62 and will not let you down.

As you may have probably seen for all premium tires, they come with a specification that they are 6-ply, and so do the Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tires. If you are not familiar with this term, you should know that this refers to the sturdiness of the tires. Some tires also come with the specification of 4-ply. 

The ‘6-ply’ specification means that the tires have the sturdiness of 6 plies even if the tire itself is made using only 3 plies, for example. However, do not be fooled into thinking that 8-ply is better than 6-ply, because you have to think of it as a whole. 8-ply might mean more sturdiness, but it also means a shorter lifespan.

Tubeless tires, like the Bearclaw K299, come with a great feature that makes them a great choice for optimum off-road performance, and that is that they can not get flat. Even though this might happen, it rarely does. Therefore, all these features combined offer the Kenda Bearclaw K299 a premium feature, the fact that they have an outstanding puncture resistance.

Excellent performance during any weather conditions

If you give these tires a try, you will be able to experience great levels of safety due to the excellent grip that they offer during any weather conditions. This great feature that they come with makes it a great choice for those interested in durable tires that also come with high-quality and high levels of performance.


  • Wet weather conditions

One problem that most ATV riders have is rain and water, mostly because they make the route that one has to take muddy or full of water. To overcome this problem, Kenda has designed a special directional tread pattern that comes with many benefits during these conditions. 

The directional tread pattern will help you avoid hydroplaning by eliminating the excess water that can be a challenge during rainy days. Also, the tread is designed to be aggressive in order to provide better cleanouts.

To provide high-performance levels, the Kenda Bearclaw K299 tires are designed with logs that run into the center of the tire in order to maintain a better grip even when the road is full of mud. This way, you will be able to be really relaxed while riding your ATV under wet and muddy conditions.


  • Hot weather

Even if it does not seem like an important aspect, the design of the tread pattern is essential for high-performance levels during hot weather conditions as well because it will help the heat that comes from the ground dissipate evenly. 

Due to the fact that you will be able to use these tires under hot and also rainy weather conditions, these tires will also help you reduce the costs involved in owning and riding an ATV because you will not have to change them every season with new ones.

Outstanding control on any type of off-road terrains

This also is an important feature that all premium ATV tires need to have. When we talk about the Kenda Bearclaw K299, there are some key factors that contribute to their performance on any type of terrain:


  • The bias ply construction

If you have never encountered this term before, you should know that it is a very easy concept to understand. If you look at the wheel, you will see the direction of the plies. They can be placed at a 90-degree angle from the centerline or at a 30 or 60-degree angle. The bias ply construction has a 30 or 60-degree angle.

This will allow the body of the tire to move and flex easily, which will make riding on rough terrains more comfortable by reducing the shocks. 


  • The lugs

The lugs of the tires have two main qualities that allow these tires to behave really well on different types of terrains. First of all, the center lugs offer extra steering control even if the terrain is bumpy, flat, muddy, or dry. Secondly, the lugs positioned on the sides are a great help when it comes to positive cornering, which is, again, a great stabilizer. 


  • Improved stability

The directional tread pattern highly influences stability, not only the control that you have on the ATV while riding it on different types of terrain. The various tests that have been performed to determine the stability of this type of directional tread pattern have managed to demonstrate their high-performance under any angles.

The central lugs also have an impact on stability because they also improve traction, and you will be able to have a great grip on any type of terrain even if it is flat or with a lot of bumps that might influence how the ATV stands on the road.

Excellent price-quality ratio

When we talk about high-performance levels, we talk about high-quality materials and high-quality design. Therefore, everyone who wants to try on premium tires expects really high costs because one can not simply imagine that these types of tires are cheap, especially because cheap tires usually do not deliver high-levels of performance.

We are not saying here that the Kenda ATV Tires are cheap, but that they are relatively affordable considering all the assets that they have and we will talk about them in this section so that you will be able to have an idea of their performance levels and see why they are not expensive.

They are very versatile and come in 24 different dimensions in order for you to be able to purchase the ones suited for your ATV or UTV.

Only one tire can carry up to 341 pounds, which is pretty amazing if you consider the weight of an ATV to which you add the weight of the passengers.

They are tubeless, which means that the risks of getting a flat tire are almost nonexistent and, even if that happens and your tire gets punctured, you will still be able to arrive at your destination without damaging your ATV.

The tires are suitable for both back and front use because they come ready for it from the manufacturers.

The traction is maximized by the angle knobs, which have a great impact on the high-performance levels of these tires.


If you compare the Kenda ATV Tires with their competitors that have similar qualities as they do, the difference is that the Kendas perform a lot better during cold weather and that they have more features that improve their performance. Also, the price is lower; therefore, they make a better purchase in terms of price-quality ratio.

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