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It’s true, motorcycle riders are brave men (and women) that expose themselves to a great amount of danger while riding their bikes. The skills they need to acquire in order to not get involved in an accident are not easily gained and, at times, even the most experienced ones can get themselves injured.

Luckily, there are ways in which riders can protect themselves and it is essential to wear protective gear, but first, it is important for every motorcycle rider to be well informed of the risks they take, the incidence of accidents among riders and of the injuries they can get while enjoying the most beautiful views.

In this article, we will go through what the research says about these kinds of possible injuries, how serious they can be and what motorcycle riders have to do to protect themselves.


What are the most common injuries among motorcyclists?

The motorcycle riders population has risen over the years and now we can encounter motorcyclists representing almost every demographic category, both men and women, young and old. People feel safer and safer while riding motorcycles, and that’s why many of them engage in this activity and, of course, they are in seek of an adrenaline rush.

But even though motorcycles got safer over time, the risk of having debilitating accidents and accidents that can even lead to the riders’ deaths is still present

Researchers have concluded that the type of injuries and their severity is influenced by age, helmet use, alcohol use, and engine size, among others. There are different areas of the body that can be injured while having a motorcycle accident, and we are going to tell you all about it here.

Head, face, and neck injuries

While riding a motorcycle, the riskiest part of having an accident is that your body is not protected like it is while driving a car. If you have an accident, your body is directly affected. That is why there are some law regulations that involve the wearing of a helmet while riding a bike. 

Your brain is one of the most important parts of your body. Without it, nothing would be able to function, so having a head injury can lead to serious trouble. This type of injury is usually accompanied by neck injuries and face injuries. 

Motorcyclists all over the world, who have been involved in accidents, were left with serious problems after these types of injuries. They were left paralyzed, defigured and there is no need to talk about deaths.


Arms and legs injuries

While riding a bike, there is no seatbelt or car skeleton to protect the driver’s body. While involved in accidents, their body is often thrown off their motorcycles. During this process, their legs and arms are most likely to get injured. 

The injuries that riders and passengers can get after impacts with other vehicles can often lead to disability that lasts for a lifetime. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have led, over time, to a lot of limb amputations and limb impairing injuries that have forever left their mark on the ones involved.

While being thrown off a bike, everyone has the conservatory instinct to put their arms forward to protect their bodies. Because they can get thrown off at great distances, the fall can have an impact on the arms, and they are usually broken. The impact can be so severe that the injured parts of the body can not be saved and have to eventually be amputated.

During an impact with another vehicle, for example, their legs could get stuck between their bike and the car and could get crushed. The affected areas involve feet, knees, and legs. The acknowledgment of the importance of protective gear for the lower body, like knee pads, is essential.


Road rash

Following the impact with another vehicle, or just after losing control over their motorcycles, cyclists are usually involved in a road sliding process. Remember that the road cement is not made of feathers and the impact can be severe. 

You have to take into account that people involved in these kinds of accidents don’t get to slide on a two-foot distance. They usually slide for over 150 feet. Imagine, if they have no protective clothing, what will happen to their skin. It can even peel off and the results will be similar to surviving a fire. The pain they experience afterward can be excruciating.

Many motorcyclists who have experienced this kind of accident have had permanent damage to their health and quality of life. The healing process can be long and the risks of infections can get higher with time. The longer it takes for the wound to heal, the higher the risk gets. The scars that remain after these injuries can remain on their skin forever.


What do the statistics say? 

Researchers have conducted and are still conducting many studies that are meant to identify the risk factors among motorcycle riders. Their journey in identifying the age at which riders are most prone to have an accident or how their riding behavior influences the prevalence of accidents across the United States is far from over.

Studies suggest that the most injured parts of the body for bikers over 40 were the lower body parts and that this was not influenced by helmet use, and in individuals under 40 who weren’t wearing a helmet the head was most injured in comparison with those wearing a helmet, who injured their lower body parts in a more constant manner.

The motor engine size can make a difference when it comes to accidents and the number of fatalities that occur during and after the impact with other vehicles. Research says that the bigger the engine, the higher the chances of getting injured and even dying are. If the engine is bigger, its power is higher, so the riders’ behavior is very important.


The effects of helmet use laws over the years

Over the years, there were a lot of regulations and restrictions on the use of helmets. This involved the riders as well as the passengers. Like we have said before, the brain is the most important organ of the body and it is important to protect it in an effective manner. 

The laws concerning helmet use are meant to raise awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet for injury prevention and increase the riders’ safety. After these laws were implemented, the riders were 11.7 more likely to wear helmets and the number of injuries and deaths among motorcyclists decreased by over 30 percent.

In the United States, there are universal motorcycle helmet use laws in 19 states, in 28 states there are laws that have only partial recommendations, like wearing a helmet if the motorcycle engine is bigger than 50cc. There are 3 states in which a biker or passenger isn’t compelled to wear a helmet: Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Helmets can protect riders from fatal injuries with an effectiveness of 37 percent. But you have to understand that not all helmets are the same and the effectiveness of their protection depends on the helmet’s features. 

To be fully protected, motorcyclists should use full-face helmets that protect the face and the eyes, which have a higher protection rate than the others have.

Final thoughts

Riding a motorcycle can be a wonderful activity that can give people a lot of satisfaction. Most motorcyclists often say that they could not live without the feeling and they tell everybody that they will never lose the habit of riding.

But there is a problem as the years go by and most of them get to know how many rider friends died or got injured while riding their bikes, with effects that would last for a lifetime.

One of the things that all these motorcyclists have in common is that they weren’t wearing protective gear. Full body suits and helmets can often save motorcyclists’ lives and this should not be a matter of choice, but a matter of compulsory law. Safety has to always come first.



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