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Remember to stretch

One of the first things that you should do before a long trip is to stretch. Start with your legs, because they will be the first part of your body to cramp up. Also, remember that your neck, lower back, and shoulders are also important.

If you don’t know how to stretch accordingly, you will be happy to find out that the net is filled with numerous guides and videos that can be of help. Moreover, remember that, just like in gym class, every position has to be held for 30 seconds.


Hydration is essential

Another tip that you should not ignore is to stay hydrated. This is particularly vital if you happen to ride on summer days when the direct exposure to the sun is inevitable. As many bikers point out, once you start feeling tired because of the heat, riding your motorcycle will start getting uncomfortable.

To avoid this, it is best that you drink as much water as possible before you set out. Also, it might help to skip caffeinated drinks, as well as energy drinks, as they are likely to cause you to feel dehydrated. As a plus, you can always invest in a hydration pack that you can keep on your back, just like a backpack.

What is more, all riders should know that keeping hydrated can help them stay mentally active and ready to deal with various situations.

Dress accordingly

No matter the type of weather that you have to face, wearing the appropriate kind of gear is important. From this point of view, it is crucial that you wear clothes that are comfortable and that allow you to move freely. Also, in the summer, if you want to avoid overheating, you can always wear ventilated gear that allows the air to stream throughout your body. To protect your eyes from debris and UV rays, it is a good idea to wear high-quality motorcycle goggles.

As some experienced riders note, compression garments are also quite practical as they increase your long-term comfort and performance. This happens because garments enhance the lymphatic and blood flow.


Move around in your seat

Although your motorcycle seat might be very comfy, sitting on it for a long time is not necessarily convenient. Because of this, whenever you feel like your back is feeling sore, you should move around in your seat until you find a new position that works for you.

Still, whenever you change your position, you should be very attentive so that you won’t unintentionally jerk the throttle or tap the handlebars off course. Even more so, whenever you feel too tired, or too sore, you should take a break.

During breaks, it is advisable that you stretch and that you take short walks. By doing so, you also get to recharge mentally and to get your head focused on riding again.


Specialized gear

If you find it uncomfortable to ride on your bike for a long time, it might be a good idea to personalize your prized possession with gear that was designed to be used during long trips. For instance, if you plan on traveling during the cold season, heated grips are a must. They are particularly useful when riding early in the morning or late in the evening when the extra heat can keep your hands warm.

Also, padded grips are great to have no matter the season, as they can provide you with the necessary cushion for your hands and wrists. As a result, any type of wrist pain or tightness that is usually associated with gripping your bike for hours is eliminated.

Another special feature that can make your ride enjoyable is a backrest. An item of this kind can supply you and your passenger with the needed support so that you can lean back as you ride. A back support usually mounts to one’s seat. Models that have gel padding for increased comfort are also available.

If you do not like having to squeeze your hands around the throttle continually, a throttle lock is just what you need.

Training is crucial

We all know that running a marathon implies training for it. Similarly, you should not try to ride long distances without preparing yourself for the task. Because riding for an extended period requires plenty of muscle movement and quick mental reactions, you should create a routine that helps you build muscle endurance.

For example, before you set out on your big adventure, you should spend your free time riding and building up your stamina. While doing so, you can analyze the way in which your body is reacting to the task.

If necessary, you should also adjust your diet. Instead of eating burgers and fries, you should switch to a menu that includes more proteins and fibers. To help you train, it might help to look at videos about how endurance athletes eat while preparing for an event.

Also, if you intend to bring quite a lot of gear with you on your trip, you should always train while wearing all of it. Consequently, you will know whether or not you have over or under-packed. On top of that, make sure that your bike is ready for the trip. In other words, verify to see if all its components function as expected.


Be safe

Before you set out on your adventure, it is always vital that you share your itinerary with your loved ones. Also, keep in touch with them at all times. This way, if something happens to you, they will be able to alert the authorities.

Moreover, remember that there are GPS tracking applications that your family can use to locate you as long as your phone is on.



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