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The price range

To get right to the gist of the matter, let’s talk about how much motorcycle batteries cost. According to the prices offered by manufacturers, you should expect to pay around 100-150 USD for a new battery. However, you should consider another thing.

A new battery is expected to live about 3-5 years. But, what you may not know is that these batteries will only last this long if you are careful about proper maintenance. Whether because you can’t be bothered with such things due to your busy lifestyle, or simply some things just happen, like a battery left to drain completely, this lifespan can be cut to only 1-2 years.

That is where a trickle charger may be useful. Proper battery maintenance can be challenging to perform all the time, but with the help of such an accessory, you will be able to ensure that your battery lives longer. This type of accessory can cost up to 50 USD, so there is an expense to consider.

Always make sure that the battery is a good fit for your motorcycle

One aspect that may be easy to overlook is the importance of buying the right battery size and type for your bike. Fortunately, the vast majority of manufacturers provide comprehensive information on compatibility between their products and various brands of motorcycles. Always check the list provided to see if the model of battery you intend to purchase is the right one.

Other specs like voltage should be high on your list, too. It is all a matter of whether a battery is a good fit or not, and you certainly don’t want to throw money out the window or go through the hassle of having the battery returned so that you can finally purchase the right one.


What are AGMs and gel batteries?

To make sure that the model you intend to buy is the right fit for your motorcycle, here is another thing you should learn. A quite popular type is called AGM, which is short for Absorbed Glass Mat. Its name comes from its unique configuration that involves the use of a mat created to absorb electrolytes.

Because it is quite versatile, an AGM battery can be used in different situations. Due to the mat mentioned earlier, it prevents leakage, so it is more cost-efficient than other models. Plus, it doesn’t need maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about its lifespan suffering from lack of proper care.

Another option that is readily available on the market is a gel battery. Because the electrolytes are suspended in the gel used for the battery configuration, there are no spills to worry about. Even if you happen to break the battery by accident, no leakage will occur.

You can still find acid-filled batteries. They are the most inconvenient because they do not come sealed, which means a risk of leakage and spillage. You need to consider maintenance, and you can’t expect them to live for too long.

AGMs are the highest recommended choice of all three. They do not leak or spill, they require no maintenance, and they are very efficient. Even if you leave your battery unused, it won’t discharge, or at least, not enough to become unusable. Also, compared to gel batteries, there are no charge restrictions for them.

Is the extended warranty worth it?

When you get a motorcycle warranty, you will notice that the manufacturer often offers the possibility to extend it by paying a fee. Now, the question is: is it a good idea to pay for the extended warranty?

First of all, the basic warranty should be extended enough to justify the expense. In case you know you’ll be using the battery extensively, it can be a great idea to extend the warranty, because, in case of malfunction, you will receive assistance, and, should you need a replacement, the manufacturer can offer you some options to choose from.

However, if you know that you are going to make use of the battery only once in a while as you don’t have time to ride your bike as often as you would like, maybe spending extra for this may not be such a great idea. It all boils down to what sort of a road warrior you are.


What is the power rating?

One thing you should have it all clear when you’re shopping for a motorcycle is what power rating you should aim for. Power ratings are the number of volts written in the specs. While having a high power rating is ideal, be aware that such batteries tend to cost extra. In case you don’t mind the expense, and you know you’re going to ride your motorcycle often, the investment is worth it.


What does CCA stand for?

Abbreviations are common for technical specifications, and motorcycle batteries are no exception to the rule. One that you should know about is CCA. This one stands for Cold Cranking Amps, and it tells you how much power the battery has when you’re igniting the motor of your bike.

In case you’re riding an old motorcycle, you will need more CCA. This is a simple truth, and if you also installed multiple aftermarket accessories, you will notice that your bike needs more power to get started. That means that you should look for a battery that has a high CCA to compensate for the age of your motorcycle and other issues that might influence how fast it can start.

A battery that is high-maintenance is not worth the expense

One thing you should remember is that you should not invest money in a battery that comes with high maintenance. The problem with such batteries is that they will take important hours off your time, time that you might not have at your disposal.

Such batteries don’t offer a high performance, either, so they’re not worth the expense in more ways than one. You should take some time and compare the various battery models offered by the manufacturers to see which one is a good fit for your bike and also low maintenance.



A motorcycle battery costs around 100-150 USD and comes with an average lifespan of 3-5 years. If you invest in a trickle charger – which is another 50 USD – you can prolong its lifespan. Look at the type of batteries available, and choose one with high power rating and CCA, if possible.

Also, bear in mind that AGMs are the most efficient batteries for motorcycles on the market and that they are also very low maintenance, another point in their favor. Another thing to remember is to avoid overspending on a battery that you are only going to use only every now and then.




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