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HJC IS-MAX 2 Motorcycle Helmet

The main pros

While it’s pretty clear that this HJC model is one that definitely meets and exceeds expectations, one of the main reasons for which you should take it into account for your next purchase is the fact that the manufacturer took under serious consideration the safety aspect. While many experienced users were expecting it to score well in the SHARP tests, it did even better than this, namely, it scored very well. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that this is a modular model, which comes with plenty of benefits but with some limitations as well. However, from this point of view, there is very little that you should be worried about. If you choose the IS-MAX 2 model, you can be sure that you will be safe while riding, which is always something that every rider should keep in mind. 

There are several reasons for which this helmet performs so well in terms of safety, the most important one being that its shell features an Advanced Polycarbonate construction. While some of you may think that this material is not the safest one, the way that HJC used it for this model made it one of the safest modular alternatives to choose from. 

The main cons

One of the things that could be improved about this model is the noise suppression. On the other hand, it’s important to bear in mind that modular helmets do tend to be noisier than their full-face counterparts. After all, each alternative comes with pros and cons, but the good news is that you can always find additional solutions. 

For instance, you can ride with earplugs, and the problem will be solved. Moreover, if you are into fast riding, in general, then this is not even going to be an issue for you, so it depends on your preferences as well. 

Main features explained


Any seasoned rider knows that the ventilation aspect is extremely important for the user’s overall comfort, especially if we’re talking about riding for longer periods. The good part is that HJC knows this as well, which is why the ventilation system of the IS-MAX 2 was specially designed to ensure superior performance. 

First of all, this upgraded version of the helmet comes with an easy-to-handle and large toggle switch placed on the chin guard, as well as with a slider placed on the forehead. The great part about these two items is that they can be easily operated even when wearing gloves. As you probably know, this is always a good idea, as many riders don’t want to have to take their gloves off for a simple and quick helmet operation. 

With this being said, it’s also a good moment to mention the fact that the IS-MAX 2 model comes with the brand’s Advanced Channeling System, also known as ACS. While this system is similar to other ones included in helmet models that are currently available on the market, it’s still an effective one, so you can rest assured that you will be comfortable while riding. 

This system uses vents that work to channel the air through the shell, and that together with the channel included in the compression lining, keep the rider cool. Any stale air that remains within this system is taken out through four rear exhaust vents, so this is a quick and effective process. 

Needless to say that you will be very happy if you decide to buy this helmet and you live in an area with high temperatures throughout the year. The fact that this helmet keeps the user cool is also an important safety measure, as overheating can cause some serious issues if the helmet doesn’t perform well from this point of view. 


Visibility is another crucial aspect that needs to be taken into account when choosing a new helmet. HJC knows this as well, which is why the manufacturer added a main clear visor that’s optically corrected, as well as a drop-down sun visor to keep the user safe and comfortable during any riding conditions. 

The main visor doesn’t include the necessary Pinlock in the package, but it is a Pinlock-ready model. However, it does offer a very nice and wide aperture, so the rider can use extra peripheral vision to remain safe in various situations. Having proper visibility is extremely important, especially since one may never know what is going to happen on the road. 

Moreover, this helmet’s main visor also includes a very good gasket seal that’s double-edged, and that keeps wind and rain from making their way into the helmet. Since riders do spend a lot of time on the road, the visor is also well-equipped to face long summer days, given that it ensures a UVA-A and B protection of 95%.  

The visor also uses the brand’s Quickslide System, which is a fine addition, given that you can easily remove the visor without needing to use any particular tools if you want to clean it properly after a long ride. The sun visor is a very good feature as well, given that it ensures extra protection and thus enhanced user experience. 

The visor can be quickly and easily enabled by using the spring-loaded slider placed on the top of the IS-MAX 2 helmet, and there are three different positions that you can choose by using this dedicated button. The only downside is that the visor is not anti-fog, so this can pose some minor issues if you are planning to use it in cold weather. 

Chin Guard

The chin guard is another element that makes this IS-MAX 2 model one-of-a-kind, so you will surely enjoy using it. It’s true that, in the beginning, you may need to give it a more solid slam, just to make sure that it’s properly closed, given that it’s not super loud in this process, so you may not be sure if it’s secured or not. 

However, this is simply a matter of getting used to the helmet, so you shouldn’t really worry about it. On the other hand, what makes this model really nice is the fact that you can open up the chin guard by simply touching a button. The result is that you can do this while wearing your gloves. 

This may not seem like too much, but throughout time you’ll see that it’s actually a very nice feature that it’s going to save you a lot of time and maybe even frustration. Moreover, the IS-MAX 2 version uses metal pegs for the closing system, so compared to the plastic ones used in previous models, this is certainly an upgrade, and a welcomed one as well. 

In the long run, this means that there’s a much lower risk of having the chin guard open in case of an accident. Of course, any additional safety aspect is important, given that it contributes to an overall great performance, as well as to more peace of mind on the user’s side.  

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to mention that the chin guard features a lightweight construction, which means that there’s a much lower chance for it to become a burden, especially if you are planning to use it for long rides. Plus, the helmet’s overall level of comfort is enhanced from this point of view. 


Since we’ve already talked about comfort a bit, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at what the IS-MAX 2 has to offer in terms of this aspect. Overall, one can safely say that this model is a comfortable helmet, so there’s not too much that you should worry about if you are already seriously thinking about giving it a try. 

It’s good to know that you may have to order a size up, as the helmet does tend to run a bit small. However, if you are not sure which option is the right one for you, you can always contact the manufacturer for details. It’s also very important to measure your head properly and then take a look at the available sizing chart. 

With this being said, the helmet’s interior does come with many other features that any rider is surely going to appreciate. For instance, the liner is both moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, which is something that can certainly make your overall experience with the helmet better. 

Plus, given that the liner is also removable and washable, you won’t have any trouble keeping it clean all the time. HJC also thought about those who wear eyeglasses, since they sometimes have trouble finding the right helmet. The result is that the IS-MAX 2 model features a glasses-groove that makes the entire matter a lot easier to handle. 

The cheek pads are worth mentioning as well, since they are available in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits you best, and they are also independently removable. Therefore, you will be able to tailor the helmet’s interior according to your preferences. The chain curtain is sold separately, so if you want to add this as well, you’ll have to add it yourself to the order. 


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