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HJC CL-17 Motorcycle Helmet

The main pros

This helmet is perfect for daily commutes because of its design. It is quite lightweight as it only weighs one pound. It can deliver a perfect fit as it was manufactured using CAD technology. This means that it was designed using special software that improves the overall quality of the product. 

To increase its durability, this model was made using a scratch-resistant face shield that is highly protective and that can shield your sight from the damage caused by UV rays. This is very practical, especially when riding in difficult meteorological conditions. Because of it, you can be sure that dirt and dust won’t get in your eyes while on the road. 

The shield itself can be easily removed, which is a plus, especially for beginners who know little about how to operate helmets of this type. You do not have to use tools to remove the shield. 

This feature can save you a lot of time. If you live in an area where fogging is an issue, you can also purchase a special insert that is compatible with this model. However, the necessary insert is not provided in the deal. Overall, the helmet is very easy to use and quite comfortable, which is the reason why it makes for a great day-to-day option.

The main cons

The main issue that you might have to deal with is the noise level. This helmet can get somewhat noisy, especially if you fail to order it in a size that suits the shape and the size of your head. Noise is especially a problem if you plan on riding at highway speeds. 

You can try to minimize this problem by wearing earmuffs or earplugs, provided that they do not block your ability to listen to the traffic. The earmuffs that you order should fit comfortably and they should not take up too much space inside the helmet as this will make it feel uncomfortable.

Another thing that you could do to minimize the noise is to ride with the visor closed. Doing so will definitely help. Because turbulence creates wind noise, seasoned bikers also recommend that you wear a scarf to block the wind that might enter the helmet from the chin up. If you decide to use a scarf, be sure to tuck it inside the helmet for increased protection.

If you believe that the HJC CL-17 provides you with sufficient padding in the neck area, you can also try using a wind blocker while riding. 

Main features explained


When it comes to motorcycle helmets, the number one feature that you should look for is safety. When you are out on the road, you need a helmet that can keep you safe and that can provide you with the necessary protection in case of impacts.

The best way to tell whether or not a model is suitable for you is by checking to see if it is DOT approved. The HJC CL-17 is one of those helmets that you can count on as it was both DOT and Snell approved.

DOT standards are federally mandated in the US. This means that all options sold in the country have to be approved by DOT. In other words, all DOT approved models have to pass a series of four tests that measure the impact that they have in case of impacts.

To obtain a Snell certification, a helmet has to go through more rigorous tests. The Snell certification is not mandatory. In order to receive it, manufacturers have to submit their products to a non-profit organization called The Snell Memorial Foundation.

The HJC CL-17 was made using high-quality materials. It features a shell made of advanced polycarbonate composite and a shield that was manufactured from a scratch-resistant material. 


As all bikers know, a good helmet is one that can deliver a comfortable fit. This model surely fits the bill as it was designed using advanced technology so that the unit can accommodate most users correctly. 

A great helmet should fit snugly around the skull and the forehead without causing any discomfort. It should also be lightweight so that you do not feel tired while using it for hours on end. Lastly, the model should provide you with the right amount of ventilation. This feature is extremely handy, especially in the summer when the temperatures go up. 

Because of the construction of the choice, the airflow that it allows can flush out the humidity and the heat that might accumulate inside of it. As a result, the user feels very much comfortable while wearing it on long rides, no matter the weather conditions.

The interior of the HJC CL-17 is also covered in a special material that can wick away any moisture. You can remove the liner whenever you consider it necessary. Besides, the unit also comes provided with removable cheek pads that can provide you with increased comfort.

Given that the inside of the helmet was made of an antibacterial material, you won’t have any issues with it developing a foul odor. 


Let’s not fool ourselves. Apart from being safe and comfortable, the style of a helmet is another aspect that should not be ignored. We all want a model that we feel good in and that looks great. The helmet is an important part of the outfit of a biker and, through it, the rider expresses himself/herself. At the end of the day, if you have a good-looking helmet, you feel more confident.

When it comes to aesthetics, the HJC CL-17 is a winner. It has a sleek design that looks cool and a beautiful matte finish. What is more, this innovative option is available in 14 other color options and graphics combinations that you can pick from.

Therefore, you will certainly be able to find a unit that suits your personality. The small details that it features, such as the HJC logo, adds to its appeal without being ostentatious, which is a nice plus. Overall, the HJC CL-17 is aerodynamically sculpted and it includes a low gasket that creates a forward motion. All of its lines are stylized and they suggest the impression of movement.

The helmet is also available in a wide array of sizes. In an attempt to make it easier for interested customers to find the right fit, a detailed sizing guide is available and it can be consulted online.

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