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GoPro Hero 7 Motorcycle Camera

The main pros

Picture perfect would be the correct term to describe the outstanding quality offered for image performance by the GoPro Hero 7. Although not many things have been changed from the Hero 6, the superior specs on this model must be mentioned so that everyone knows what to expect from this motorcycle camera.

The Hero 7 comes with a 12MP sensor, and it is capable of recording 4K video of 60fps, which is a high standard by itself. Because it can also shoot full HD videos at 240fps, it is a reliable camera all around, for anyone who is looking for performance, above all else. Also, it should be mentioned that the model has a wide-angle lens so it can capture more than other cameras on the market.

If you’re interested in live-streaming, this camera will work like a charm, and seeing the video specs, you can be sure that your content will be of top-notch quality. The TimeWarp feature is also a lot of fun to use, and you can show slow-down footage for interesting effects.

Although the company making it no longer considers the Hero 7 its flagship product, for the price and the value offered, especially regarding video performance, it is an offer that can’t be easily surpassed.

The main cons

There are some issues that may make you love the Hero 7 a little less, and they must be mentioned. The main disadvantage is that the camera might have a couple of problems with responsiveness. For instance, when you use voice commands, don’t expect it to respond well all the time.

Also, the screen may freeze from time to time, causing you a little frustration in the process. Because however, they happen only now and then, these downsides can’t be enough to make you give up on this otherwise excellent motorcycle camera.

Main features explained

Superior camera stabilization with HyperSmooth

Since its beginnings, this type of camera was made for being on the move, and the innovative technologies used have focused on making the image as stable as possible. The HyperSmooth feature works wonders for the Hero 7, and it helps users to achieve image stabilization like you can’t easily see on other cameras. The company advertises HyperSmooth as being as good as a gimbal, and the behavior of the Hero 7 in the field proves that such statements are right on the dot.

This technology combines elements of hardware and software in order to provide the camera with a unique stabilization system, and the interesting part about it is that the manufacturer introduced it after receiving feedback from users. Since using a gimbal would be difficult, the HyperSmooth comes to fill a gap and makes the Hero 7 true to its name.

One worry that many people have when using a stabilization system is that it could be taxing on the battery life, and that’s something that the Hero 7, again, proves that it can do without any penalty. Using the HyperSmooth won’t have your battery drain fast, and that’s a great plus for anyone who wants to use an action camera. It must be mentioned, as well, that the HyperSmooth brings another significant benefit when comparing the Hero 7 to the Hero 6.

This stabilization system serves when shooting video at 60fps in full HD, something that the Hero 6 couldn’t do. It is true that the same can’t be said about using 240fps and 120fps, but you should be well aware that you can still use standard stabilization for these situations. In other words, the stabilization on the Hero 7 remains one of the best on the market to date.

Improved audio performance and smartphone-like features

While a lot of people focus on video performance as the most critical aspect of any camera, let alone an action camera, like this one, you should never neglect to check the audio performance, as well. You will be happy to hear that in this area, the Hero 7 impresses, as well. With an extended dynamic range, the audio performance on the Hero 7 manages to deliver a natural bass sound, while brighter tones mark the mid-range.

As expected from this manufacturer, there have been some interventions on the hardware, as well. The microphone membrane went through an overhaul for this model, and that translates into having fewer vibrations to worry about. At the same time, the camera is capable of capturing subtle sounds with superior efficiency, especially when compared to its sibling, the Hero 6.

It is also a fun to use camera because of the Voice Control feature. You don’t have to touch any controls or operate display panels since you can just tell your camera to snap pictures or start recording. There are 16 different commands you can use, and they cover all the basics, so, in a nutshell, the Hero 7 is straightforward to use. Although there might be some responsiveness issues, such features are a lot of fun to use.

You may also enjoy the fact that the Hero 7 has some smartphone-like functionalities when you need to access various features and modes. For instance, if you want to switch from a shooting mode to another, you can do so by pressing a special button installed on the side of the camera, or you can swipe to achieve the same results. Portrait orientation is another feature that may appeal to smartphone users.

An intelligent feature for snapping pictures, the SuperPhoto

Although you may mainly use the Hero 7 for video recording, let’s not forget that it can be a very useful tool for taking pictures, too. A particular feature on this model aptly named the SuperPhoto does all the work, and you will be more than pleased with what it can offer. What you should know about this feature is that it makes your job of snapping photos really easy because it automates more processes involved with this type of activity.

For instance, when you need to use a wide dynamic range, you might want to add HDR; you won’t have to do this manually because of the SuperPhoto feature. Also, the functionality makes sure that the pictures you take in low light conditions won’t appear grainy, as it runs on a superior noise reduction engine. All these happen without having you adjust the camera so that it adapts to such conditions.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re no longer in charge of the creative process. There is another feature that will help you take care of these aspects. The ProTune lets you customize exposure compensation, sharpness, white balance, and ISO range, among many other things. You can also snap raw images if that’s something you want, or you can shoot JPEGs. Another thing you are allowed to do is to capture bursts of pictures at 30fps.

You will decide how many photos will be recorded over a specific time. Let’s not forget that you can also use the camera to live-stream if you so choose. At the moment, it works with Facebook, but you should expect it to work with other social media platforms, as the manufacturer continues to update the system with new and exciting opportunities.

Rugged construction that is guaranteed to make it withstand wear and tear

There is another thing that you might have come to expect from any GoPro camera, and that is the ability to endure demanding conditions so that you can shoot videos in any weather, at any time. As expected from a motorcycle camera, this model comes with rugged construction. The body is covered in rubber to protect it from shocks and reduce vibrations. However, you may be a little surprised to see that the surface is smooth, not ridged.

However, such differences are not essential, and the Hero 7 gets the same protection as its older sibling. Overall, you will notice that the camera feels like it has a solid body that won’t suffer damage with ease. Another thing that must be said is that this camera is waterproof, and the manufacturer even goes the extra mile to ensure that it will behave well regardless of what weather it will have to face.

The camera can be submerged 33 feet underwater, and that if you don’t use the Super Suit, an extra option you can purchase separately. There is nowhere this camera can’t go if you so choose. In terms of durability, this model is an excellent choice for anyone in the mood of recording his or her adventures in the wild.

That shows in the multiple mounting options provided. A flat adhesive stand comes with it, and it’s pretty standard, but that’s not the only method you can use. There is also a curved adhesive stand, and a mounting buckle, so, all in all, you will be able to use this camera in any position you want and how you want. Be aware that mounting the camera may appear a bit challenging at first as everything seems to be pretty tight, but that’s because the entire system is built to resist the harshest shocks.

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