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Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

The main pros

Because of its design, the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs is the ideal choice if you are a musician, concert lover, or motorcycle rider who wants to protect his/her hearing from harmful noises. The model can effectively cut out any excessive sound, without compromising your ability to do your favorite activities.

When compared to other earplugs made of foam, this product stands out as it won’t muffle the sound in any way. On top of that, the deal includes not only one, but two pairs of earplug shells of various sizes so that you are provided with the perfect fit. 

The earplugs are made of a soft, non-toxic kind of silicone that is comfortable when worn for hours on end. Therefore, this choice won’t cause you any type of itching or pain due to excessive pressure. 

For increased practicality, the model is shipped alongside an aluminum case that you can store on your keychain. Because the interior of the case is made of an anti-stick material, you will always find it practical and easy to remove the earplugs from it. The case is waterproof and it can come in handy, especially if you are on the go a lot and you need an easily accessible product. 

The main cons

If you consider the high-quality materials that this product is made of, as well as the numerous features that it includes, its price should not come as a surprise. 

While these earplugs are a bit pricier than other alternatives, especially those made of foam, they are quite appealing as they come provided with a fancy, space-efficient case that is weather-resistant as well as with plenty of handy features that make them simple to use and highly comfortable.

Additionally, this product has received numerous positive reviews. Each set of earplugs includes two different shell sizes so that you get the right fit at all times. 

Main features explained

Comfort and efficiency

Finding a pair of earplugs that can provide you with the right level of sound protection is quite challenging, as many of the units that you can find for sale are designed in such a way so that they sacrifice the sound quality to provide you with higher levels of ear protection.

Given their design, the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs offer a much-needed balance between the two. The product is highly comfortable as it is made of hypoallergenic silicone, a very soft material. As a result, these earplugs nestle gently in your ears and, because they have a minimalistic design, are imperceptible to others. 

To make sure that you have no difficulties wearing and removing them, the manufacturer has designed them to include a pull tab. Once the earplugs are in, they cut off any excess sound that might make it difficult for you to enjoy your favorite activities. 

Even though these plugs reduce the noise evenly, you will still be able to hear what is going on around you. Besides, the voices and the music that you are listening to won’t sound muffled, as it often happens in the case of foam plugs.

When shipped, this product comes alongside not only one, but two shells of various sizes. Consequently, the model can supply you with a good fit, no matter the size of your ears. However, if you have particularly small ears, you should know that Eargasm, the manufacturer, also distributes the product in a small size, that might offer you a better fit. 

You can use the model for a wide array of applications. Besides, given its design and appeal, you can also offer it as a gift to that friend of yours who is a rider or who enjoys going to music festivals. 

Volume adjustment

As we have mentioned before, when it comes to the performance of earplugs, an important factor that you should not overlook is sound quality. This model is worth your time because it allows for volume adjustment.

If you intend to wear a pair of earplugs to a concert, you probably don’t want a product that will completely cancel out the music. Because these earplugs have a noise reduction rating of around 21 decibels, they are suitable to use at concerts. This is possible because of the innovative attenuation filters that they were designed to include. 

Moreover, in time, as you get used to how these plugs work, you will most surely learn how to position them in order to block more or less noise, depending on your needs. In a way, it could be argued that wearing these plugs is similar to having your own volume knob to the world around you!

If you are a musician, this product might be the right option for you, especially if you are looking for some plugs that allow you to hear the music that you are playing when practicing with your band. They can be used by instrument players, as well as vocalists. 

Given their design and practicality, these plugs are not only suitable for musicians, but also for concert-goers, bikers, and many others who need some extra ear protection. The model is simple to use and it is basically invisible to others, given the discrete design of these earplugs.

Because these plugs are made of silicone, they won’t cause you any type of discomfort, including when you decide to wear them for hours on end. On top of that, the product has a special construction that won’t make you feel itchy or any type of pain due to pressure. 


From the first glance, the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs will most likely catch your attention because of their minimalistic and discrete design. The plugs are made of transparent silicone and, once you insert them in, others won’t be able to tell that you are wearing them.

Even though the silicone that was used to make this option is soft, it is worth noting that the texture of the plugs is not too mushy. Hence, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable fit, no matter the size of your ears.

The discrete design of the product is also in line with that of other similar products of this sort. Still, it should be noted that, differently from the two-tier shape of most plugs that you can find on the market, this option manufactured by Eargasm has a three-tier conical shape. 

Because of the three levels, these plugs can provide you with a better and more comfortable fit. Therefore, once you insert them, you won’t be able to feel them. This is a highly-acclaimed feature of this particular product that should not be ignored, especially if you intend to wear the plugs that you invest in for hours on end. 

Moreover, while the outer part of the shell is made of transparent silicone, the actual filters are manufactured out of a blue material. The contrast between the two materials adds to the overall appeal of the choice. Plus, because these plugs are not made entirely out of see-through materials, you won’t find it difficult to find them in case you place them on the desk or if you accidentally drop them on the floor.

Besides, it could be added that the blue part of the product can also prove handy at masking the earwax buildup that is, in a way, inevitable when it comes to wearing earplugs. 

The case is included in the deal

If you are a regular earplugs user, you probably know the feeling of dread that losing your new plugs can cause. This often happens because of their small design. To prevent this from happening, the Eargasm provides all customers with a very handy case that they can use to store their plugs.

The case is small enough to fit on your keychain. In fact, when it comes to its design, it is worth adding that this case is 35% smaller than the ones provided by other brands.  A very handy ring that you can use to attach this canister to your keychain is included in the price. So, you can set it up and use it right out of the box. 

Durability-wise, this case is made of high-quality aluminum, a material that is both sturdy and incredibly lightweight. So, consequently, it could be argued that this product is perfect for those who enjoy traveling a lot.

Even more so, this ergonomic case features an anti-stick interior. As a result, you can be sure that you won’t find it difficult to remove the plugs from the case whenever you need to. Because the case has a rubber seal, you can use it no matter the weather. No debris or dust will penetrate the seal and affect the quality of the plugs.

For added protection, a special threading has been added to the exterior of the canister so that any damage to the earplugs is minimized when you open and close it. Therefore, if you value portability, this might be just the type of product that you need!

Because of the case, you can be sure that you won’t lose your earplugs any time soon, and, hence, you won’t have to repurchase them. The case is spacious enough for the model to fit.

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