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Dunlop Elite 4 Motorcycle Tyre

The main pros

The Dunlop Elite 4 Motorcycle Tires come with many advantages, and this is the reason why they are preferred by many motorcyclists all over the world for different types of travels. However, there is one feature that makes the difference when it comes to taking them to another level: the tread pattern.

Dunlop has managed to exceed even the most pretentious rider’s standards with the Elite 4 Motorcycle Tires by designing a tread pattern that has become a must for everyone who wants to purchase high-quality tires. The manufacturer has designed a multi-tread pattern that comes with a lot of advantages that make every biker happy.

The center of the tire has a long-wearing compound, and both lateral parts feature grip compounds on every shoulder, which allow you to go for many miles without compromising the quality of your rides. 

The design of the pattern of the Elite 4 ensures that the tires wear evenly in order to prevent accidents and you will also be able to safely ride on wet roads due to the way that the water is drained off the tires, which is a great advantage especially for experienced riders who are not afraid to ride during rainy days.

The main cons

The main minus of the Elite 4 tires is that they have a poor performance on tar snakes. This means that the speed will be lower, and the power will also decrease. This happens because of the rubber used to produce these tires, which is harder than the regular one.

However, all the other advantages that these tires come with that we are going to detail further in this article overcome this tiny inconvenience, which will be overlooked by most experienced riders. So even if you will not be able to avoid tar snakes all of the time, you will still be happy with this product.

Main features explained 

The Elite 4 are long-lasting compared to their competitors

Dunlop has managed to offer high levels of durability by combining different features that contribute to making these tires long-time partners. One of these features is the construction of the tires, which is radial. But what does this mean in terms of lifespan, and why is it important?

Radial tires are made of steel belts that run at an angle of 90 degrees if you take into consideration the centerline of the tread. This is great because the center of the tires is stronger, and it is not easily bendable, so the overall construction of the tires is tougher and sturdier.

Due to this construction, tread life is also lengthened because the tread pattern is also designed in such a way that the tires wear evenly. Furthermore, they have depth indicators that will allow you to see when you have to change them. 

The multi-tread (MT) technology, which uses a center that is harder and has a strong lateral-grip compound on every shoulder, will prevent the tires from deteriorating quickly, which is great news, especially for those who want high-quality tires.

The dual-compound design also has a great impact on the lifespan of the tires, especially because the middle compound is made of a tougher rubber than what the sides are made of. Dunlop has tested this design for a long time and has used it before with great success. 

Due to the fact that they have great performance on different types of surfaces and during any weather conditions, you might not want to change your tires very often. Well, the truth is that we are talking about premium tires here, and one of the major qualities of these tires is the fact that they take a long time to wear out.

Great performance under any weather conditions

As we have previously said when talking about the main advantage of the Elite 4, the tread pattern does a great job of providing a good grip even during rainy days and on wet pavement. The design of the tread prevents the tires from retaining water and offers great performance even when the rain is pouring.

They have a great performance even when the water is relatively deep on the road. The rubber compound, which is really hard, offers excellent grip during this type of weather, and this is really great news because most motorcyclists avoid riding during rainy days, especially because they fear slipping off the road. 

Ok, so they behave really well during heavy rain, but do they have the same performance levels when the roads are frozen? The answer is yes, and all the tests have proven the Elite 4 to rise to the highest levels of proficiency. 

Also, everyone that has reviewed these tires has been pleasantly surprised to see that this is not a myth, they are very steady on frozen roads as well. The only time when they are not the best is during light rain when they don’t have the same adherence as they do when the rain is heavy.

Dry surfaces do not represent a challenge for Elite 4, even if you might think that the hard rubber will not do the job, especially when you have to handle curves. However, the stability is the same, and the tires will make you feel more grounded, offering a great grip and control during warm weather as well.

The only thing that will be uncomfortable is adjusting to these tires, especially if you have been using a different type previously to change them with Dunlop Elite 4. Other than that, they will offer you a great level of safety and comfort during any weather conditions.

Excellent stability and control

This is one important feature that all premium tires should have, especially because people who decide to buy them are already experienced riders who are looking for tires that help their motorcycle perform better in any type of weather. Stability and control are usually offered by the design of the tread pattern.

In this case, the professionals at Dunlop outdid themselves and have come up with a design that combines many key features that ensure performance. We are going to enumerate here a few aspects worth mentioning that are going to bring some light on why these tires are a great asset for your bike.

What we should consider here is the tread pattern. It is directional, which means that they come with better-wet traction mostly because they prevent hydroplaning. This happens because the pattern allows the tires to evacuate the water faster than other tread patterns do.

You don’t have to look very closely at the tires to see that the tread design makes a V-shape that helps evacuate the water. 

Another important aspect that you need to consider is that the directional tread pattern also ensures a better grip when you are riding at high speeds, which might happen a lot when you go cruising around the country.

Also, the Multi-Tread technology developed by Dunlop is a key feature that contributes to the stability offered by these tires. This technology improves strait-line and cornering stability, which is a big plus, especially when we are talking about high levels of performance for motorcycles.

The Multi-Tread technology also ensures a strong grip even for wide angles, and you will be impressed by the way that these tires behave under any weather conditions, especially when the road is wet, not only when it is dry during the warm season.

Maximized mileage

This is one of the features that stand at the core of the Dunlop Elite 4 Tires, and it is a feature that is highly advertised by the manufacturers. To be fair, they are right in making such a big deal out of it because, first of all, the product delivers and will not disappoint and, secondly, being able to ride for a long time without usage is a great feature that all premium tires should come with.

After various tries and a multitude of tests done by Dunlop and, after the release of the product, by many other motorcycle enthusiasts, everybody has come to the conclusion that the Dunlop Elite 4 Tires behave really well for about 15,000 to 18,000 miles, which is impressive.

To be fair, this is the result of years and years of research in which the manufacturers have been able to develop the Multi-Tread technology which makes the tires very stiff and hard in the middle and a little bit softer on the sides, while still keeping a great balance. 

By using this technology, Dunlop has managed to expand the lifetime of the tires, as we have said in a previous section of this article, but also to be able to increase the resistance of the rubber on any type of pavement due to the even wear of the tires. Compared to many of their competitors, these tires take riding to another level in terms of mileage. 

This is a little bit different than durability because durability is often related to specific types of usage. The tires can deteriorate even if you don’t use them that often because the material that they are made of can deteriorate due to extreme temperatures. Mileage refers to the usage produced by the contact of the tire to the road.

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