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Dunlop D404 Motorcycle Tire

The main pros

A versatile tire, the Dunlop D404 is an ideal choice for most bikes. If you ride a standard motorcycle, you will find this tire to be an excellent choice for your needs. Also, it is ideal for cruisers, and people who own older models will discover that this tire works for their rides, as well.

The manufacturer warns that this tire is not intended for Harley Davidson bikes, but that’s pretty much the only exception listed. That means that you can rest assured that you can’t go wrong with this model, regardless of what kind of bike you ride.

The Dunlop D404 provides excellent all-around performance, and that’s one of the most important things to remember when you go shopping for this type of product. In case you need to replace just the rear tire, or both, you should know that this model is available in both versions. Also, its versatility is based on a wide range of sizes provided by Dunlop.

If you are looking for a tire that offers good performance at a reasonable price, this model is an alternative to bear in mind. Since it works on most bikes, it is most likely that it fits yours, too.

The main cons

Dunlop is a company with a long-lasting reputation in the field of bike tire manufacturing, and that, in itself, recommends this product. However, before hurrying to make a purchase, it’s always a good idea to check the downsides, too. In this case, the Dunlop D404 appears to wear out faster than other models.

However, since it is sold at a reasonable price, the somewhat limited lifespan may not be a make or break issue for you. Aspects such as reliable handling and superior wet grip could be enough to convince you that this model is for you and your bike.

Main features explained

Excellent grip makes it an exceptional choice for most bikes

One of the first things you must learn about this tire is that the tread compound used is capable of providing you with an excellent grip. The gummy sensation of the tire that sticks to the road also gives you a sense of safety that is anchored in reality. You will not experience the usual problems that come with a tread compound that can’t ensure this effect of having the bike as glued to the road. At high speeds, in particular, this aspect matters much.

The tread is the soft area present on the tire where, practically, it gets in contact with the road. It has multiple roles, such as to cushion the impact between the bike and the pavement and to provide proper grip. Both aspects are of great importance because they say a lot about the overall performance of the tire. It is clear that Dunlop knows how crucial they are, as its tires, such as this one, are modeled with a tread compound that can truly take a beating.

Dunlop is among the companies that have invested a lot in the improvement of tires over the years, and this tire is an example of the dedication to innovation and performance manifested since its beginnings. On both tracks and standard road conditions, this tire will behave as you expect it, and while it is not made for speed or touring, it is still an impressive feat of performance, which should interest you most when searching for replacements for your old tires.

Since it provides such a good grip, this tire may wear off a bit faster than others. While that’s a drawback, as shown a little earlier, it comes with the territory, and if you don’t want to compromise your safety, it is a disadvantage riders could live with.

Water evacuation is outstanding

There are many things that can be said about the tread compound used, but just as equally important is how the tread pattern is presented on this model. In this case, you will notice that the tread pattern is designed in a unique manner. That’s not just a style statement the manufacturer might be aiming for. This part of the anatomy of a tire actually has a functional role, as you will learn right away.

Dunlop didn’t create this tire only to ensure perfect grip and stability on dry roads. In wet pavement conditions, the D404 behaves just as well, and that happens because the tread pattern is designed in such a manner that the water is evacuated easily. There will be no rainwater sloshing, trapped in the tread pattern, which helps keep more of the tire making contact with the road. Water evacuation is fantastic on this tire, and that is why wet grip capabilities are outstanding, too.

At first glance, the tread pattern is pretty much what you would expect from a tire created to be employed on American-style cruisers. Since many people ride cruisers, standard bikes, and old models, this tire is ideal for them. Obviously, looks are not the only thing they can appreciate about it. The tread compound, together with the tread pattern, creates the perfect combination for ideal grip, regardless of weather conditions.

You won’t notice any hydroplaning when you use this tire, and that’s also a safety trait that makes it a good choice when compared to other models on the market. As long as you don’t want a tire made for speed, you will find this model to be right up your alley. Its role is clearly defined, so make sure you are well aware of its limits, as well as its benefits, before reaching for your wallet.

It ensures a smooth ride, due to the bias-ply construction

There is another crucial benefit that comes with this tire that cannot be overlooked. The D404 comes with a bias-ply construction that has as the primary role to provide a smooth ride all the time and regardless of road conditions. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a good fit for cruisers and mainly recommended for them. However, it must be said that any rider who values comfort and safety over speed will find this model a good choice.

The load-carrying capacity is superior, again, because of the bias-ply construction. There are many benefits associated with this type of design, and that’s why you will also discover it to be a good fit for your bike and riding style. In case you didn’t know, this type of construction was the standard for many years before the radial design arrived. The body cords are laid down from bead to bead and displayed over the tire as a net of alternating layers.

There’s a strong reason why this particular design is still appreciated by riders. The stiff sidewalls of this type of construction make sure that heavy loads won’t be a problem. If your ride is a cruiser, that’s clearly an advantage. Also, because of the stiffness of the sidewalls, the tire doesn’t present the same signs of wear and tear as a radial model.

Another thing that should be added here is that this construction is the single one characteristic to only-tube designs. When you ride off-road, spoked wheels – which work just with such a design – offer more sturdiness, and they don’t wear off as easily as others. Cast wheels can’t provide the same performance, which is why spoked wheels are still in fashion. As long as they’re here to stay, bias-ply tires will be here, as well.

The offset center groove provides superior straight-line stability

This good performing tire presents other advantages, and they all come from the various design elements available on its construction. For instance, the offset center groove is there with a specific purpose, which is to improve straight-line stability. All the other features described above work together to create a reliable, dependable product, and the offset center groove is that another piece that completes the images of the D404.

Imagine that you ride on wet pavement. Hydroplaning could become a problem, especially if you’re pushing your bike. However, the gummy feel of your tires manages to keep the bike on the road. Still, if the design of the tire is not made for straight-line stability, your bike might start to wobble, and controlling it could quickly turn into a serious problem. That’s precisely the type of scenario Dunlop must have kept in mind when designing this tire, as well as others.

On wet pavement, the offset center groove will minimize tracking so that you can keep a straight line and ride in good safety conditions. The same thing happens when you ride on an irregular pavement; struggling to keep a straight line can be a troublesome issue, and that’s what this particular design takes care of for you.

When it first introduced this design to the market for motorcycle tires, Dunlop launched an innovation that would later be adopted by other manufacturers, as well. Over the years, while Dunlop has diversified its range of products, it still kept some of the features that continue to work, the offset center groove being one of them. Over wet roads, irregular pavement, and steel-grate bridges, this tire will take your bike and help you keep a straight line, which is an important safety aspect.

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