Top 9 Most Impressive Snowmobile Trails

Top 9 Most Impressive Snowmobile Trails

  • Updated: 2023-07-05

If you’re thinking that the best way to spend winter is to sit by the fireplace and drink some hot chocolate, you are wrong! Winter is the time to get out and do activities just like in all seasons! Get outside, put on the helmet and zoom your way out of sight with your snowmobile. 

If you like some thrills, check out some woods; if you’re in a more chill mode, why don’t you go and check out some beautiful scenery? The U.S. has many beautiful snowmobile trails that you can visit so let’s read about some of them and see where you will go next, shall we?

West Yellowstone, Montana

Top 9 Most Impressive Snowmobile Trails

Near Idaho and Wyoming, in Montana, lies West Yellowstone, the closest town to Yellowstone Park. This area seems to have been created for snowmobiling thanks to the presence of what seems like immaculate trails that have no end. The natural elements that make up these trails seem to defy beauty standards as you’ll just want to stop and take in the view again and again.

You’ll be amazed and surprised by the beauty you can find here. You can go on a guided tour to places like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

As you go further up and reach an elevation of 2,000 feet, you’ll notice the so-called “tree goblins”. These are trees that go past the trail that snow has managed to cover to the point where they don’t look like trees anymore. This is a trail that manages to combine sightseeing with thrills and you won’t be disappointed!

Moran, Wyoming

For the second stop, we’re not going to move from the Yellowstone National Park and talk about the third-largest forest in America outside of Alaska, the Bridger-Teton National Forest. If you’re a bit of an expert in snowmobiling, then you already have heard about the wonderful scenery and the 600 miles of trails.

You can take a rest at the Togwotee Mountain Lodge as most people who try this sport for the first time do. Here you’ll also meet motorcycle riders from all over the place who come for the off-trail courses.

The snow that covers everything, the straightaways and the deep backwoods are only a couple of the features that can be mentioned that make this area a dream come true for many.

Priest Lake, Idaho

Not going incredibly far for this one either as we just have to talk about the area around the Priest Lake of Northern Idaho. As it’s not very far from the Canadian border, you’ll surely meet some friendly Canadians on the trail. The trails measure hundreds of miles and are kept groomed so you can have the best possible experience.

These trails can go up to about 7,000 feet above sea level where you’ll be able to see all of the marvelous scenery that this area has to offer especially since it’s so far into the woods. You’ll find two warming huts that can be used as pit stops and find some info about the rest of the road or the closest place where you can eat.

Mount Snow, Vermont

Just the name says it all. Once you get there, you’ll know exactly what you can find and let me tell you that your expectations will be far met. The area is full of hills and valleys especially on the southwest part which makes it a really popular spot for people who come to the Green Mountains.

Here you can also benefit from tours, every day of the week, and you’ll have the chance of seeing the area with no rush from others. You can also go wild and go by yourself! This is a perfect place for beginners and for those who have some experience but aren’t completely masters of the craft!

Heber City, Utah

Utah has some really beautiful places if you know where to look for them. In this case, you don’t have to look very far from Salt Lake City in the northern part of the state. In this area, you’ll discover way over 200 miles of trails for you to go snowmobiling on.

The great news is that these vary from beginner to expert so you can go without a worry regarding your experience. You can also go with a group of friends or in a team-building group as everybody can go on the trail they feel most attracted to and then you can meet later at the cabin to share your experiences.

Once you’ve arrived here, you simply can’t miss the breathtaking Strawberry Valley or Strawberry Ridge. Here you can also benefit from a guide which is great news if you’re new to this!

The Katahdin Region of Maine

This region benefits from a series of curated trails that can stretch out over an area of 400 miles. If that doesn’t sound interesting already, you should know that the outback is nicknamed “Maine’s Wilderness Jewel” which should give you an idea about what you can find here. Beauty and fun, both wrapped in one!

Going for a ride with the snowmobile is actually part of this area’s tradition so you will easily find many stops that will help you in your journey like repair shops, parking for your snowmobile, plus plenty of organized rides on probably all trails.

Because snowmobiling is so popular in the area and it also helps tourism, you’ll notice that these trails are some of the best kept in all of America. This is made possible by the help that dedicated volunteers give to the area to which we add snowmobile clubs plus the overall implication that this community has to give their very best to the trails.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The tourism in the small town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado is basically relying on the Steamboat Ski Resort that is placed on Mount Werner in the east part of the town. The Howelsen Hill Ski Area deserves a mention as well.

The people living in the area like to call this “Champagne Powder” and here is where you’ll find some of the best snowmobile trails that you can only dream about. If you want to go on a tour, you can pick a two-hour, four-hour or a full-day tour on some of the most adventurous trails that you can find in North America.

Of course, beauty is also involved. If you manage to get past the highly difficult terrain of the Routt National Forest, you will see an amazing area that stretches way across the horizon. Don’t forget to take photos as these are surely memories that you will never want to forget.

Brainerd Lakes Area, Minnesota

The trail system of this area is interconnected and has a length of 1,200 miles! This is reason enough for people to be attracted to this Midwestern hub as fun is all but guaranteed by these trails that will seem endless – just like the joy and adrenaline you’ll experience on your ride!

The city of Brainerd has over 500 lakes that freeze during the winter months so you should get ready for a cold trip, but one that is worth every penny and every chill that will run down your spine if you’re not dressed accordingly.

The area pretty much lacks trees so you can go on races all you want with the minimum risk of crashing into something. Furthermore, the longest continuously paved state trail of Minnesota, named the Paul Bunyan Trail, with a length of 115 miles, now lets snowmobiles get on it too so you’ll have even more places to go and check out!

St. Germain, Wisconsin

The winters in St. Germain are divided into three main activities: snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. This is mostly a remote area in the northern part of Wisconsin and you just have to try the Bo-Boen Snowmobile trails that are open to the public.

They are maintained by the Bo-Boen Club which is the biggest snowmobile club in the state while many people volunteer to help you with guidance on-trail as the network of trails can leave you confused for a second at first.