What To Wear When Dirt Bike Riding

What To Wear When Dirt Bike Riding

  • Updated: 2023-07-30

According to experienced riders, one should not even attempt to go dirt riding without wearing the proper gear since this is more than just a matter of comfort, it’s one of safety, which should always come first. However, there are many different accessories on the market, so we’ve decided to help you choose by putting together a list of the main ones.

This way, even if you are new to this, you will know what to look for as you browse through the various gear options.

Full face helmet

Wearing a full face helmet is not optional since this item needs to do the most important job when you go riding, namely to protect your head. Crashes are not fun and they can happen, so you should never even think about skipping this step.

Full face models also come with jaw protectors, which are essential given that dirt riding does pose more risks than other types of motorcycles activities. Keep in mind that dangers are everywhere, so you can never be too careful. Since everything happens at a face pace, you never know what branch might head your way without you noticing it.

Half-shell helmets are not a suitable option for this activity because in the event of a crash, there is a high chance that the rider gets to face plant, and if the jaw protector is not there, things can get really messy for teeth, jaws, and other facial areas.

For this reason, you also need to make sure that you choose a high-quality helmet model that can withstand most impacts. If you are not sure how to choose, you can always start by looking at the top-rated manufacturers on the market.

If you want to go into more details on technical aspects, you can look for models that feature improved systems such as elastomeric dampers that reduce rotational forces placed on the brain in the event of a crash. Of course, we are talking about latest technologies and helmets that are increasingly more effective in protecting the rider.

Choosing a comfortable helmet

When it comes to helmets, there is another aspect that you need to be careful about when you choose your next one, namely that it’s certified. There are various standards and regulations that these items need to meet in order to be sure that they pass the safety tests, so this should not be overlooked.

Safety might be the first item on the priorities list, but comfort is most probably the second one. You want to be as comfortable as possible when you go dirt riding, in order to enjoy the experience.

Ventilation is one of the key factors of a high-quality motocross helmet, and since overheating can become a threat, this too should be carefully taken into consideration. Also, the more a rider can see, the better it is for the overall experience and for his or her safety, so helmets that offer a wide peripheral vision should be preferred.

Dirt bike boots

Another important part of the gear, dirt bike boots went through various phases and evolved a lot throughout time. You can choose from a wide range of options that can offer both comfort and protection during your adventures. In case you think that a regular pair of boots might work as well, we are here to tell you that this is not quite true.

It’s important for you to choose specialized footwear because you need to keep your feet protected all around, including the ankle and the lower leg. Dirt biking means that your feet get exposed to a wide range of risks and potential injuries, and in the case of a crash, if you don’t wear appropriate boots, things can get very serious.  

Among the things you need to consider when choosing such a pair of boots is that they should fit you correctly to ensure the right amount of protection. What you can do is go to a specialized store and try more models in order to see which style suits your needs and which models feature the high-quality construction that you need.

Depending on the materials used, dirt bike boots take a little while to give in and become more comfortable. They also need to ensure the right amount of space at the front of the leg in order to fit the knee braces you are going to need as well.

In case you are wondering why you need protection during rides, besides taking all the measures to protect yourself in a crash, you also have to think about the rocks and branches that might end up hitting your legs as you ride. That’s why lots of brands use sturdy materials to manufacture this type of footwear that prevents twisted ankles.

Dirt bike pants

This type of pants is another piece of gear that you should not avoid getting since they are specially designed to ensure the necessary protection and to keep you comfortable. They are usually made of polyester since this material has proven to be durable and breathable throughout time.

While this might seem odd, you should not be surprised that dirt bike pants normally include leather as well in their construction, around the inside of the knees. This area is particularly important because it is where a lot of contact is made with the bike itself, and leather proved to be an effective solution that can withstand the constant rubbing while also improving grips.

Dirt bike pants are usually shorter than regular ones, so you don’t need to worry if they seem like they don’t fit at first. They are made this way to avoid bunching them up within the boots. They should also be as adjustable as possible through straps and buckles, for your comfort.

Other pieces of gear

The shirt you are going to wear should be specially made for dirt riding since your skin needs to be protected against branches, dirt, sunburns, and other elements. Even if you choose to not spend money on a dirt bike shirt, you should still consider wearing a long-sleeved model.

Your eyes also need protection during riding. In fact, this is one of the most important things you need to take into account and choose high-quality appropriate items, such as specially made goggles. Bugs, dust, branches, water, and many other things can hinder your riding session if you don’t properly protect your eyes.

Gloves are your best friends if you don’t want to deal with poor hand endurance since a lot of vibration is involved in this type of activity. With the right pair of gloves, you will also prevent abrasions, burns, and blisters that might otherwise make you feel rather uncomfortable.

Last but certainly not least, every rider should wear knee braces since this area is one of the most exposed ones in any type of sport, including in dirt biking. Choose a model that is highly adjustable so that you can make it fit your knees just right for enhanced protection and comfort.