What Is Kevlar And Why You Should Consider Motorcycle Apparel Made Of It

What Is Kevlar And Why You Should Consider Motorcycle Apparel Made Of It

  • Updated: 2023-08-05

If you are a biker, you have probably already heard of apparel made of Kevlar. Because items made of this material are worthy of your consideration, we have prepared an informative article that you might like to check out.

What is Kevlar and why is it so popular?

Kevlar is a synthetic fiber, or better yet, a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer that is known for being strong and heat-resistant. Usually, Kevlar is used in the making of tires and other rubber products.

Another feature that makes this fabric stand out is that it is relatively light, which is why many manufacturers choose to make motorcycle gear form it. According to the researchers, Kevlar also has a pulling strength ratio that is eight times greater than that of steel wire.

Plus, differently from most plastic materials, this option does not melt. In fact, it only decomposes when it is exposed to 850°F. Although it can resist being exposed to heat, unlike a similar material called Nomex, Kevlar can be ignited. However, it usually stops burning relatively fast once the fire source is removed.

What is more, cold temperatures do not affect this fabric. Kevlar is also durable even when exposed to UV light. Still, the rays of the sun can cause the fibers to lose their color. The material is also resistant to moisture, and it can withstand the attacks of numerous chemicals. Yet, if exposed to strong acids for a long time, it starts degrading.

Even more impressive, Kevlar is recognized as a great anti-ballistic material (as in bullet and knife resistant). Because this fabric was first produced relatively recently, scientists keep testing new ways of making it even more sturdy and durable.

Does it have any downsides?

Just like any other material, Kevlar has its weak points as well. For example, although it has a pulling strength that is quite high, it has a poor compressive strength. In other words, although it can resist being pulled on, Kevlar is prone to break when squeezed or squashed.

Due to this disadvantage, Kevlar is not generally used as an alternative to steel in the construction industry. Therefore, you should not expect to see it utilized when constructing bridges.

Safety gear

Most experts out there recommend that bikers invest in safety gear made of Kevlar. Because bikers cannot rely on the body of the vehicle for protection, armors made of this fabric are regarded as a safe alternative.

Even more so, it should be pointed out that this fiber is also used when manufacturing protective gear for soldiers.

Clothing pieces

Another use of this fabric is for riding clothes. For example, you can invest in gloves, jackets and even pants made of Kevlar. For more convenience and increased comfort, it is also advisable that one purchases apparel made out of a combination of Kevlar and another material.

This way, you will be comfortable but also protected in case of an accident. Kevlar is additionally used as a reinforcement fabric in the construction of garment pieces and body armors. What makes so many people like the items of clothing made of this fabric is the fact that, in case of an accident, they won’t tear apart. Kevlar is most commonly used when it comes to making riding jeans.

Numerous seasoned bikers that have tried clothes made of the fabric had many positive things to say about it, which is why many of them recommended them to other interested riders that consider safety a priority.


When used in the construction of tires, Kevlar makes the final product lighter in weight and reasonably more durable. As a plus, these tires are puncture resistant and, thus, they are likely to pass the test of time.

As some studies have shown, a tire made of Kevlar is likely to have a tread life warranty of about 60,000 miles, which is 20% longer than regular tires. What is more, these kinds of tires are said to perform excellently on all types of terrains.


In the light of the advantages of this material, it should not come as a surprise to find out that Kevlar is also used for helmets. These helmets are preferred by many bikers because they are highly protective and because they are light in weight.


Boots made of Kevlar are also available. Footwear constructed form the material is highly durable and comfortable. Also, when constructed from a combination of the fabric and leather, this type of shoes are highly protective and equally breathable. Therefore, wearing them for an extended period won’t prove, in any way, uncomfortable.

Brakes and cables

Chopped Kevlar has also been used by manufacturers in the making of brakes. The fiber was utilized as a replacement for asbestos, a material that produces a toxic dust. Besides, you can also purchase ropes and cables that were made of this material.


Although Kevlar is, by all means, a sturdy material that can be utilized in the production of numerous items, it is worth pointing out that this fiber does not come cheap. As a result, if you decide to purchase a piece of equipment made of Kevlar, you should expect to pay some extra dollars. The reason why it is so pricey has to do with the manufacturing process of the material itself.

However, given the fast pace that the technology evolves at, maybe in a couple of years items made of Kevlar will be better priced. As a plus, regardless of its price, all apparel made from this synthetic fiber is protective and durable. So, many argue that it is an investment worth making.

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