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8 Best UTV Sound Bars (Reviews) in 2020

With so many excellent sound bars for sale, you may find it hard to decide on a single one. We want to help you identify that model that will surely satisfy your entire list of requirements. The following list contains popular products that are currently praised by consumers for their excellent performance.

1. HIFONICS TPS10 Powersports Amplified Soundbar

If your UTV rides are incomplete without your favorite music, this soundbar from Hifonics shouldn’t go unchecked before you make your final decision. The product comes packed with features that ensure extended use and noteworthy sound performance. 

It thus features an integrated SUPER HPD (High Power Digital) amp as well as high-efficiency midrange/bass drivers that will work together to get you more volume and 30% more SPL than standard amplifiers. Besides the way it sounds, the product stands out through the quality of the materials used for its construction. 

The heavy-duty cast aluminum structure, waterproof buttons, and all the parts featured should protect the internal drivers and items and allow you to use it for a long time. Thanks to the Bluetooth Memory Sync, the item will remember the most recent device you’ve used. To help you use it immediately upon arrival, the soundbar is coupled with the needed mounting hardware.


Adding your favorite music to your UTV rides is nothing complicated with this soundbar as it was designed to deliver a noteworthy sound performance and ensure easy operation.

To provide more volume and SPL than standard amplifiers, this model is equipped with a SUPER HPD amp and high-efficiency bass/midrange drivers. 

Due to the quality aluminum and materials used to build it, there should be no problem using the soundbar for a long time or even when the weather is not the most pleasant; the item is IPX68 certified for wind, water, and dust resistance. 

Ease of operation is further ensured by the large controls featured as they will allow you to use them even with your riding gloves on. 

The pack also includes mounting hardware so that you can install and use it right away. 


Even if the product features quality materials that should keep up with various elements, it is best to avoid using it when the weather gets unpleasant, such as when it rains.

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2. MTX Audio MUDSYS41 Bluetooth Overhead

When you want to purchase accessories for your UTV, be it that you need a set of UTV tires or a new sound bar, you need to focus on performance and overall quality. The MTX Audio MUDSYS41 checks positive on both points, and it helps you bring the songs you love to listen with you, no matter where you travel, including off the beaten path.

The universal mounting system is one of the essential advantages offered by this sound bar. The roll cages for mounting are included with your purchase, and you won’t need specialized hardware to have the sound bar installed.

You will be pleased to learn that the audio system can be used in any weather, and it comes with a 280-watt amplifier that grants the sound bar the power and volume you desire from such a system. Because it is Bluetooth enabled, this model offers extra benefits, as it can be operated remotely.


One of the biggest advantages of this choice is the universal mounting system that makes it effortless to install. Roll cages for easy installation are also supplied.

This option can be utilized no matter the weather and it is fitted with a 280-watt amplifier that supplies it with the necessary power and volume.

Given that it is Bluetooth enabled, this unit can be operated from afar. This feature adds to its overall practicality according to buyers.

The system includes no less than four 6.5" powerful coaxial speakers that can deliver the music quality that you like so much.


One user noted that the bass that this device delivers is not as impressive as expected. Not all buyers seem to agree with this statement.

Because the battery is located towards the back of the device, it can be a tad difficult to replace it. As a result, you might have to loosen the harness a bit.

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3. Memphis Audio MXASB35 Power Sports Speaker

There are not many things a sound bar needs to do well, but they are essential. The Memphis Audio MXASB35 is the type of product you can rely on to offer everything required for this type of products. You can find many useful UTV accessories on the market now, but a sound bar is indispensable for a music lover who also enjoys ride off the beaten path in his or her travels.

This 35-inch model can be mounted on a boat, a golf cart, an ATV, or a UTV. Also, it is Bluetooth-enabled, which means that you won’t find the sound bar lacking regarding connectivity. Another feature that is integrated into the structure of the sound bar is its 300-watt amplifier.

Straightforward and reliable, this sound bar deserves its place on this list. Whether you want a sound bar that works on a boat or a UTV, you will find this model to be just what you need.


This choice is very much durable as it is made of high-quality materials. So, it can surely pass the test of time.

Besides, this model measures 35" in length and it was specially designed to be used with ATVs, UTVs, and even golf carts.

Given that it has built-in connectivity, the unit is easy to control from your phone. Also, it has a powerful amplifier that can reach 600 watts. 

It comes with a very handy marine-grade mount that can easily fit on your UTV. Plus, users say that the item is easy to install.


It has been argued that, when taking into account its limited features, this device is somewhat expensive. Not all users agree.

When installed, the model is in aux mode. To switch it back to Bluetooth so that you can start playing your favorite songs, you have to press the power button.

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4. Infinity Kappa 4100msb Amplified Soundbar

One way of finding the right sound bar for a UTV is to check the models available for marine use. While you may feel tempted to think that a UTV could not be as exposed to foul weather and water as a boat, the truth is that a waterproof model is a must. The INFINITY KAPPA 4100msb will work for marine vehicles, just as well as for terrestrial models equipped with a UTV snow plow.

The flexible mounting system is an advantage that should not be overlooked. Your vehicle can attack the most difficult slopes, yet the sound bar will not come loose from its place, due to its secure mounting. Another benefit of this model is that you can split it into two speakers so that you can enjoy excellent sound quality.

Outfitted with Bluetooth capability, a 3.5mm jack, and an RCA output, this model allows you to stream your favorite playlist without a glitch. The beautiful LED illumination system adds to its appeal.


If you want a soundbar that has an impressive design, many current owners claim that this is just the right choice for you. 

The unit has not just one, but two soundbar speaker sections and it comes shipped alongside two mounting brackets that are practical. 

In the deal are also included a threaded rod, two RCA adapters as well as an AVRCP remote control that will surely come in handy.

This device is battery operated. However, the necessary batteries are not provided by the manufacturer and they have to be purchased separately by the customers.


It has been said that this choice might not mount on the front roll bar of your ride because of the bulky mounting brackets that it features.

The biggest disadvantage of this product is the fact that once set up in place, the unit cannot be uninstalled without totally dismantling and un-wiring it.

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5. Wet Sounds Stealth-6 CORE-W Passive Speaker Soundbar

The first thing that must be mentioned about this model is that it is passive, so you will need to buy an amplifier and a receiver to have it work. For those who are looking for a minimalist model, this one is just what they need. You can add the sound bar to your stereo system with ease, or you can use it as a secondary audio device for another sound bar.

What needs to be mentioned is that the attention to detail and in particular to the materials used is outstanding. You will get a rugged construction that will resist inclement weather and a lot of wear and tear.

You can use it for a golf cart, a boat, or a UTV with ease. Don’t forget that you cannot use it as your primary system unless you are willing to spend extra for the accessories needed for it to work.


This alternative has a nice and minimalist design. You can use it with your stereo system or you can utilize it as a secondary audio device.

Because of the materials that were used to manufacture it, it is safe to say that this product is durable. Its performance will not be affected by the weather.

The choice is very versatile. You can install it on a UTV, a golf cart or even a boat. This is possible because of its rugged construction.

It has received positive reviews from those who have used it before. Therefore, it has been vetted by previous buyers.


Because this is a passive device, you will have to also purchase a receiver and an amplifier for it to work as expected.

Some owners stated that this model is slightly expensive, especially given that the buyer has to make additional purchases to use it.

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6. PowerBass XL-800 Marine Certified Bluetooth Soundbar

This option is perfect for outdoor use since it backs eight powerful speakers that are driven by 300 watts RMS, and all the internal components are sealed in a water-tight aluminum body. Each of the eight speakers comes with a marine-grade polypropylene cone and is capable of delivering lots of power at high volume.

You can connect the soundbar to all your favorite devices since this product can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and it also includes an AUX input that can prove very handy. What’s more, you can also use the 2-volt audio outputs to drive other external components if you happen to need that.

The unit comes with a universal L-bracket mounting system that is fairly simple to install on your vehicle of choice. Configuring the soundbar is also straightforward since all the buttons are found in the center of the unit where they’re easy to access, and the layout is very intuitive.



This product is built for the off-road world since it packs a rugged, water-tight aluminum body that allows it to handle use in harsh environments and diverse weather conditions.

It is easy to play music using your favorite device since you can pair the unit with your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, or you can use the AUX input to plug in other audio sources.

The eight speakers are backed by a built-in DSP processor that helps deliver powerful yet low-distortion sound so that you can enjoy clear playback of your favorite tunes.

The package includes a universal L-bracket as well as all the nuts, washers, and tools needed for the mounting process.


The sound it produces is loud and powerful, but this also means that the soundbar will drain the battery fast.

The range of the Bluetooth isn’t great since if you move with your phone more than 15-20 feet, the bar will start to lose signal.

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7. Boss Audio Systems BRRC27 Weatherproof Sound Bar