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5 Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets (Updated Reviews) in 2022

While these helmets are first and foremost priced for their ability to replicate the looks of the ones that were actually in the movie, we also made sure to choose products that are able to safely get their user from point A to point B without giving up any required qualities in favor of looks.

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1. HJC Star Wars Storm Trooper Full Face Helmet

Not only is this a very good stormtrooper motorcycle helmet due to the striking resemblance to the original one found in the famous movie but it’s also built to offer real comfort and security for riders on the road. The combination of quality polycarbonate shell and CAD technology ensures that the amazing stability is not affected by an increase in weight.

Furthermore, the helmet is oval-shaped so it will fit on the head easily so as not to strain the biker. Tests have shown its capability to absorb heavy impacts so if the unfortunate event of an accident should happen, you will know you are very well protected against any slips, falls, or crashes.

The added anti-scratch material will also come in handy as will the face shield that blocks most of the UV rays from reaching your face, ideal for those long days on the road. Furthermore, since outside noise can be a problem for bikers, the manufacturer has included a two-step closure system that should take care of this issue.

Moreover, the product also comes with an advanced ventilation system that will keep the head cool and dry, with the ventilation points included for added comfort, making this a helmet that definitely takes home all the marbles when it comes to stormtrooper motorcycle helmet reviews.


While the search for the most awesome Star Wars motorcycle helmet is difficult, this is quite the helmet to own if you’re a fan of the series, especially since it even is DOT-approved and comes with a 3-year warranty that should take care of most of your issues.

The product is available in six sizes so, while it may be better to do some research beforehand to find your fit, you should still be able to find a good one for you, especially since they all contain plush nylon linings and paddings.

You will also notice the very nice cheek pads that make sure your face remains stable and contoured, preventing any damage to it.

Last but not least, the high-quality design has ensured this is a lightweight and compact product, with ample space to install Bluetooth speakers should the user desire to do so.


The helmet is shaped in such a way that some riders who are used to a wider type of headgear might feel it is a little tight in the beginning.

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2. Star Wars Poe Dameron Electronic Pilot Helmet

If you’ve ever wanted to resemble Poe Dameron as a member of the Resistance Starfighter Corps and you also own a motorcycle, here’s your chance with this stylish, reliable and decently-priced helmet.

This is so good that some famous racers like Jorge Navarro and Julian Simon have been seen wearing it, a fact that can only lend more credibility to an already-trustworthy name.

When it comes to comfort, this unit will surprise you with an advanced supercool fabric that works wonders not only when comforting the rider’s head but also when it comes to preventing sweating because it creates an airy environment.

Fine silver weaved inside the helmet’s fabric will increase its overall durability while the fact that you can simply take out the entire lining and clean it separately when it gets dirty constitutes a nice bonus.

Since the material is also antibacterial, not even the hottest weather and the longest ride will allow bacteria or algae to grow inside your helmet and your head will smell daisy-fresh too.

The drop-down visor is able to be adjusted to three different positions so you can opt to be a pilot that only covers the eyes, half the face or, when the fighting gets tough, the entire face. Technology-wise, you’ll have a button that allows you to remove the entire thing with a mere press while the visor is both sunproof and scratch-proof.


It’s going to be hard to go wrong with this Star Wars motorcycle helmet since you can be sure you will be safe due to the fact that it is DOT-approved while also boasting a 3-year warranty that should get you through the next movie as well.

Furthermore, the item also offers a very good ventilation system that simply repels any and all bacteria while the double-visor system is everything a rider will ever need.

If you’re worried about the sun because you like to take those long, summer rides, you should know that this product is able to block 95% of U.V. rays so you won’t end up with a half-tan on your face after a few hours of being on the road.


Due to its shape, this helmet may not be all that suitable for people with a bigger head as they may feel it's a little uncomfortable.

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3. HJC Unisex Open-Face X-Wing Pilot Helmet

When it comes to Star Wars motorcycle helmets, this is another one of those hard-to-go-wrong-choices, especially since it comes from such a popular brand like HJC, with a time-tested quality.

Looks-wise, the product is an exact replica of what you saw in the movie, while also proudly boasting some qualities that make other helmets jealous such as great protection and comfort for the rider.

The unit is made from a polycarbonate shell which has become the go-to material for any high-end motorcycle helmet because it is very durable. Thanks to it, you will be able to take your product into the desert, the North Pole, or even into the Star Wars universe without fearing any damage.

The sun-shield is also fairly advanced since it will put your worries to rest when it comes to protection against U.V. rays. It is very easy to slide up and down, while the rest of the helmet’s interior is equally cool. Even if it’s not one of those custom stormtrooper helmets, it’s still good enough to have a moisture-wicking interior that sports an anti-bacterial fabric.

Even better, the cheek pads are specifically designed to keep your face comfortable and intact in case of an accident, even though both they and the liner are completely removable so you can clean the entire interior of the helmet and then simply put it back together.


Like any good helmets these days, this one is also DOT-approved so security-wise you can rest assured it is up to the highest of standards.

The anti-bacterial fabric ensures you won’t get algae or bacteria in it, no matter how long your ride is going to be or how hot the weather.

The high-quality material used in the construction means this helmet is both durable as well as lightweight, while also being available in five sizes that should cover pretty much any type of head.


While this helmet is built to be comfortable and protect the rider’s head against any damage, the sizing system as a whole might offer some challenges to some users, as they may discover what felt comfortable in other helmets might be quite tight on this one.

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4. HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader Helmet

If you’re looking for a Darth Vader motorcycle helmet, then you’ve probably found the product just for you. With this helmet, motorcycle enthusiasts will be able to pay tribute to their favorite movie while still being very well protected due to the product’s reinforced materials.

The manufacturer used carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fabric to create a unit that is not only an affordable Star Wars motorcycle helmet but a very good one in its own right.

Because it is quite shock-resistant while still providing great comfort and reduced weight, riding with this helmet on your head is going to be a pleasure, no matter how long your ride lasts for.

You will be the envy of your friends, not only for your motorcycle but now also for the cool headgear that will provide durability and support no matter where you are at. Built to allow you to rule the galaxy, the 3D-engineered, moisture-wicking interior will also rule over bacteria and algae, completely banning their entrance.

HJC went for the Advanced P.I.M. Plus shell technology in an added effort to obtain a modular helmet that can be both exceptionally strong yet still lightweight.

You can rest assured as even if this is a Star Wars-themed product, it is still completely fine by all safety standards and certified by DOT.


This Premium Integrated Matrix Plus does not only sound good but it is an amazing feature that manages to achieve an aerodynamic shell structure that targets top-notch performance at maximum speeds.

The manufacturer also went for a wider eye-port that will, therefore, offer riders a better experience when it comes to peripheral vision.

Both the chin bar and the face shield benefit from an innovative one-touch system that allows them to be opened and closed with either hand, even when the rider is wearing gloves.

Even better, the helmet also features an integrated pin-lock that works as an ultimate anti-fog system and completely protects you from it.


Due to the form of the helmet, some users may feel it is a little bit too tight for them and rate it as ‘’uncomfortable’’.

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5. HJC Unisex Pro Kylo Ren Helmet

This is a product that aims to build on the hugely successful former model by obtaining an even better finely-tuned helmet for motorcycle and riding enthusiasts. While not a cheap Star Wars motorcycle helmet by any means, the advanced aerodynamic shell structure coupled with a ton of smaller improvements really takes home all the marbles.

Since there’s no air in space, you’d expect this helmet to ignore this particular problem but the glove-friendly dials on each vent make sure you won’t get too sweaty or sticky, no matter how long you’re going to be riding for.

The manufacturer took great care to also optimize the eye-port by making it wider and therefore providing a better view of the road for the riders.

Even better, the whole inside of the helmet is designed from antibacterial fabric that is not only very efficient but also completely removable and washable, as are the crown and cheek pads. According to Star Wars motorcycle helmet reviews, you also get a very valuable shield dual lock system that works very well in high-speed racing conditions.

Furthermore, the breath guard is included in the package while the anti-fog insert lens has already become standard practice throughout the world of quality helmet manufacturers.


As we said, this helmet impressed with a more refined shell, a better ventilation system, an added forehead vent and an improved field of view.

The fiberglass composite shell features a solid blend of carbon fiber, aramid, and fiberglass that serves to offer a unique structure that is both durable as well as visibly lighter than previous models.

The improved cheek pads are also an added bonus as they can serve as a quick and efficient rescue should an emergency situation ever arise.

This product is also officially licensed as a Star Wars Ltd. product so you can confidently add it to your collection of Star Wars helmets.


Just to be on the safe side, any would-be owner should probably consider using the HJC helmet fitment chart and not try to eyeball the product without trying it on first.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


While iconic-movie helmets are always a sure buy and a favorite of collectors, a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet is starting to become all the rage again. Even if there are many types of ideas and products out there for people looking to buy such a product, cosplay projects have always benefited from having a special item such as a stormtrooper helmet.

Also, any responsible rider will still want to get something that does not just look good because no matter what, safety should always be the top priority for anyone getting in or on a motorized vehicle. Furthermore, since Star Wars or no Star Wars, riders tend to keep their headgear on for a long time, you should always aim to get something that is really comfortable.

On a more specialized topic, stormtrooper helmets that also fit the comfort and protection criteria are pretty hard to come by, even on a collectors market. The best advice here would be to probably try and look at stormtrooper motorcycle helmets for sale but then you run the risk of finding something that may not be durable enough to stay on your head for a long time.

Screening for such an item is always a daunting task due to the large number of things you have to take into account. A seasoned vet will know that such a search takes a long time to complete and choosing the right product can even take up a few days of your time.

Other than the time investment, we should also mention that looking for the best stormtrooper motorcycle helmet will make you see that most of these helmets have the same main disadvantage of being quite expensive due to how famous the Star Wars brand is and how custom they have to be to also fit the safety criteria established by the U.S. government.

The other side of the coin

Since there’s bound to be a situation where people do not want to feel like they are playing a soldier, Star Wars aficionados can still get the chance to ride a bike by looking for a Darth Vader helmet and feeling like a total bad guy.

Since he’s the man that made ‘’I am your father’’ famous, the Knight formerly known as Anakin Skywalker could not remove his helmet without also ending his life and that is what you should look for in your new Star Wars headgear, within certain metaphorical parameters.

Due to how everything looks in the movie, you should probably understand that any helmet will feel tighter than the regular ones but manufacturers usually go the extra mile to create extremely strong and lightweight products that will make pretty much everybody happy.

Design-wise, any and all Darth Vader helmets will probably include a reference about coming to the dark side and will probably be painted in a deep shade of black. Another bonus here is that due to the relatively simple look of the helmet you can add all the cool stickers you want, and it’s an entire galaxy of markets out there!


Good size and buy

While it’s obvious that not all helmets are created equal, so not all of them will fit your head in the same way, we’re not advocating that you have to pay big money to get the protection you need and deserve. Just by paying a little bit of attention, you can get a very good product while only shelling out a decent amount of dollars.

Sure, if you’re looking to buy custom stormtrooper helmets, that will obviously cost you more than a pretty penny. Overall, though, you want to look for something that is able to manage impact in the case of an accident and, if you can, try to get something with built-in slip liners to minimize the risk of injury even further.

A good rule of thumb here is, if you can, try to wear the helmet for about half an hour and see how it feels, then decide whether to buy it or not. While one that is too tight will simply be bothersome and uncomfortable (which is still very bad), too large a helmet can be the difference between life or death in certain scenarios so make your picks carefully.


Why a good fit and comfort are more important than other aspects

If you want a Star Wars design for your motorcycle helmet, the visual appeal shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. As you may well know, Star Wars helmets have designs that cater to fans who prefer certain characters over others. Maybe you prefer a Darth Vader design, or you want to hit the road like a Storm Trooper. Regardless of your decision, your Star Wars motorcycle should provide a good fit and superior comfort.

This is where manufacturers may have to compete for customers’ attention, as some designs may be more limiting than others. Darth Vader models, for instance, may be bulky, and that means that they must be built from lightweight materials so that they don’t end up straining your neck.

Storm Trooper designs also have, usually, an oval shape, which fits most people’s heads. However, if a round design is a better fit for you, maybe you should look a bit further to satisfy your preferences for a complete Star Wars motorcycle gear design.

A polycarbonate shell is ideal for Star Wars helmets. This material is lightweight but highly durable and resistant to shocks. At the same time, it provides the necessary comfort. That’s something to bear in mind for motorcycle helmets in general, as safety and comfort should meet to provide you with the best solutions.

Another thing that should concern you when you examine the comfort of a Star Wars helmet is whether there are any rough edges. The quality of craftsmanship should be superior whether you use a Darth Vader helmet or something that a Storm Trooper would wear if he were a biker.

Why should you get a comfortable fit, besides the obvious reasons? A Star Wars helmet that is too tight or too large also presents an increased risk of accidents.

Features that will make a Darth Vader helmet stand out

If you want like you are already on the dark side, you must wear a model that represents the iconic helmet of the famous Star Wars villain. A few features can make this helmet even cooler than it already is. For instance, you could have a button for changing your voice so that you sound just like the character from the movie.

Many motorcycle helmets can have a cool visual appearance, although Storm Trooper models might have it easy with the simple white design. But in the universe of Star Wars, it can be more appealing to be the representative of the dark side, hence your choice.

Another cool feature would be the possibility to play heavy breathing sounds. Some Star Wars helmets may even come with playable phrases from the movie. If you intend to take part in a Star Wars convention and cosplay as this character, it would be pretty cool to have such features available.

Your Star Wars motorcycle design wouldn’t be complete without a proper helmet that shows your belonging to the dark side. You can also paint your bike in appropriate colors to give the right vibe about the character you intend to impersonate.


Frequently asked questions:


Q: Why are motorcycle helmets so expensive?

If you want to get the highest protection possible when riding your motorcycle, it is a given that you must invest in a high-quality helmet. However, one major complaint you will hear often is that motorcycle helmets, as a rule, tend to be expensive items.

There are several reasons why this is something riders have to live with. For starters, there is no corner-cutting when it comes to making a piece of gear that could save someone’s life. The materials used are expensive, hence the price of a helmet created with the highest safety standards in mind.

Whether you opt for a full face model or an open face helmet, you may also notice that some models cater to the rider’s comfort. The lining and padding used are of excellent quality. Since these helmets need to comply with strict safety regulations, they have no choice but to be expensive.

Q: How do I clean my motorcycle helmet?

Cleaning motorcycle helmets can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t know how to do it right. The first thing you should do is to remove the padding and the lining, where applicable. These parts of the helmet are usually machine washable, so you will have no problem with them.

It is trickier to clean the shell. Proceed by removing the visor first and setting it aside. Then use a mix of mild soap and warm water to create a cleaning solution for the shell. Never scrub or apply force. On the areas with grime caked in, place a microfiber cloth soaked in the soap solution, and let it act until the dirt becomes easy to remove.

Do the same with the visor. Always apply gentle moves so that you don’t end up scrapping the paint. Use cotton swabs to clean the vents and wipe everything first with a moist cloth, and then with a dry one.


Q: What happens if you drop your motorcycle helmet?

Motorcycle helmets are made to withstand serious damage and absorb the shock generated by a crash. That said, that means that they are pretty durable, and you shouldn’t be concerned with their replacement unless you get involved in an accident, and the helmet suffered extensive damage.

You can tell a helmet is compromised if you feel the foam and the outer shell. However, if you just drop the helmet on the ground by accident, that doesn’t mean that you should rush and buy another. The exterior paint might suffer from it, but in most cases, your helmet most likely survived the drop without a problem.

Still, some factors must be kept in mind. If you drop the helmet from a substantial height and on a hard surface, that might cause some structural damage. Just dropping your helmet from your hand by accident won’t require you to replace it.


Q: How long does a motorcycle helmet last?

One safety aspect of motorcycle helmets that anyone should bear in mind is the lifespan guaranteed for the model he or she purchased. Most models have five-year usability unless they are involved in an accident, of course.

There are certain materials used for the construction of a helmet, such as glue, resins, and others, and they will lose their properties in five-year time. To ensure that your safety is not compromised by wearing a helmet that lived past its time, it is necessary to purchase a new model.

You can ensure a long life for your bike helmet with care and maintenance. To see it serve you for the five years most manufacturers promise for their products, you need to be attentive with it. However, you shouldn’t confuse lifespan with the warranty offered by manufacturers which is, usually, under this value of five years.


Q: Are some bike helmets safer than others?

A full face helmet is considered the safest you can find at the moment on the market. Besides offering proper coverage for your face and neck, a full face model comes with a chin bar, a protection feature that is not present on most motorcycle helmets.

You can also take a look at modular helmets that offer some extra versatility. While they are similar to the full face type, they are not as safe because of the hinge design that is necessary to flip open the visor. This design element also makes them heavier, hence not as comfortable.

Open face helmets are a popular type, but they are not as safe as the other models presented so far. They don’t come with a chin bar, and they also leave your face exposed. You may enjoy the feel of the wind on your face, but you won’t get any protection from debris and dust.




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