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10 Best Skull Motorcycle Helmets (Updated Reviews) in 2022

If you’re looking for an affordable skull motorcycle helmet that also looks cool and protects your head from injuries, you have come to the right place. Showcased below you can find some of the most sought-after products on the market right now, together with their in-depth reviews to pick the perfect skull face motorcycle helmet for you.

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1. Torc T50 Route 66 Smoke Skull Lucky 13

If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to complete your motorcycle gear while riding on the iconic Route 66, this new helmet from Torc is everything you need. It is available in numerous designs and prints for the “bad boy” look that matches your Harley bike and your cool leather jacket.

The helmet is available in countless sizes, ranging from X-Small to XX-Large so finding the perfect size and fit should be easy. It is DOT approved, meaning it is safe to wear and will protect your head from injuries in case of accidents.

It is made of high-quality materials and features ultra-soft padding made of a suede fabric to provide more comfort, absorb moisture, and prevent scratches or bruises caused by a hard helmet. The five-button snap system and 3-snap peak included ensures easy putting on and taking off, as well as a secure ride, regardless of how hot or humid it is outside.


The product is available in no less than 13 different cool styles so you can easily match it with the rest of your motorcycle gear.

Finding the perfect size and fit shouldn’t be too hard as the helmet is sold in seven sizes, ranging from X-Small to XX-Large.

It is DOT approved, meaning it is specifically designed to protect your head from injuries and absorb shocks in case of accidents on the road.

The five-button snap system allows you to easily put on the helmet and take it off, as well as adjust it so it perfectly fits on your head.


When it comes to this sort of vanity accessories, style and design are amongst the most important criteria but they shouldn’t be above the overall fitting of the helmet. This particular item runs at least one size small, so we suggest opting for a bigger size.

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2. 1Storm Adult Motocross Road MX BMX Mechanic

Impressing the crowd is easy with the help of this awesome skull cap motorcycle helmet from 1Storm. The product is available in plenty of colors, including variations of black and white, so finding the perfect style for you should be easy. It is made of lightweight, durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy and is DOT approved, meaning it will absorb shocks and protect your head from injuries in case of accidents.

The inside is heavily cushioned, providing increased comfort and protection at the same time. It absorbs extra moisture and is well-ventilated, ensuring maximum airflow. Moreover, the lining is also removable and washable in the washing machine, helping you to keep it clean and bacteria-free.

The glossy UV finish adds protection to the helmet, preventing discoloration and damage caused by harmful UV rays. And, if you worry about the fit, this product can be purchased in no less than six sizes, meaning you can easily find the right one for you.


The helmet is made of a high-quality aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy that resists against wear and tear, protecting your head from injuries in case of accidents.

It is designed to absorb shocks and provide increased comfort for your head in all weather conditions. It is well-ventilated so it won’t cause overheating or sweating.

The interior features a heavy cushion that adds increased comfort and protection and that can be easily removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

The glossy UV finish protects against the harmful effects of sun rays, including damage and discoloration.


Unlike many other similar helmets, this one doesn’t come with a shield, meaning you will have to buy at least one on your own. We suggest opting for a black shield designed to protect your eyes from the sun, cold air, wind, dust, and debris.

According to one skull motorcycle helmet review, the product runs on the small side so we suggest sizing up.

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3. 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Dual Lens

Judging by the multitude of positive online skull motorcycle helmet reviews, we can tell you that this model from 1Storm is one of the most popular and appreciated in terms of style. It is available in a wide array of colors and prints, so you can easily pick one to match with the rest of your motorcycle outfit. It also comes in five sizes, ranging from S to XXL, meaning it is great for both women and men.

This product will certainly make you stand out in the crowd while also providing the necessary level of protection against injuries resulting from impacts. It is compliant with all DOT norms, meaning it will absorb shocks and prevent scratches, cuts, bruises, and more severe head injuries.

The helmet’s shell is made of durable aerodynamic thermoplastic which is lightweight enough to ensure a great level of comfort when wearing it. The padding is breathable and designed to absorb extra moisture, keeping your head cool and dry regardless of the outdoor temperatures.



The product excels in terms of style and design as it is available in no less than 11 colors, finishes, and patterns.

Finding the right size is easy as you can buy the helmet in one of the five available sizes, which makes it a great choice for both men and women.

The product features a UV protective finish and is 100% weatherproof meaning it will keep your head warm and protected from extreme temperatures, heavy winds, snow, and rain.

The dual visor feature is perfect for riders who want to focus on the road all the time, regardless if it’s sunny or dark outside.


Even though the product is great in terms of design and graphics, it doesn’t come with a chin guard, which makes it harder to adjust it to get the perfect fit. Moreover, the air seems to flow from under the chin into the face of the helmet, making it quite difficult to ride when you’re on the highway.

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4. LS2 Helmets Powersports Skull Rider Spitfire

Achieve that “bad boy” look on your bike by completing your gear with this new helmet from LS2 Helmets. It comes in a variety of colors and designs and it is perfect for both men and women.

It is made of high-quality materials that meet or exceed DOT standards, meaning it will provide maximum protection to your head against injuries in case of accidents. The secure full metal latch features a DOT approved quick-release chin strap that is easy to open with just one hand, even if you’re wearing gloves. Thus, you can put your hat on and take it off in a matter of seconds.

The 3D-laser-cut padding adds comfort and it is hypoallergenic. You can easily remove it and wash it every time it gets dirty so you prevent the risk of infections and skin rashes. Besides, the fabric is breathable and ensures increased air breathability, keeping your head well-ventilated and preventing it from overheating.


The product is designed to withstand shocks and impacts and even exceeds most DOT safety standards, meaning you can rest assured it will protect you from injuries in case of accidents.

It is made of high-quality materials that won’t break or chip easily and, thanks to the UV coating on top, the helmet will maintain its original color and design for a longer time.

The padding is 3D-laser-cut to add more comfort and is hypoallergenic. You can quickly remove the lining and wash it any time you want.

The helmet features a built-in two-position sun shield for increased eye protection from all angles.


Although it does a decent job covering your eyes from light rain, we don’t suggest wearing the helmet when it’s pouring outside. And, even though the sun visor is perfect for day riding, it may be too dark to wear it if you plan a motorcycle trip after sunset.

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5. Bikeraccess Low Profile Novelty Harley Chopper Half Helmet

If you’re a fan of the former TV show “Sons of Anarchy”, its spin-off, “The Mayans” or any other show involving motorcycles and clubs, you are most definitely familiar with the popular half helmets.

These accessories are mainly intended for professional bikers or those who don’t take their bikes for a ride more than a few times a year. Although the half helmet design provides maximum air ventilation and prevents you from sweating or overheating, it won’t protect you from injuries as good as a full helmet.

This particular product from Bikeraccess is available in four sizes, from Small to Large, and the shell is made of high-quality fiberglass which is more resistant than plastic and other alloys. However, it doesn’t meet DOT safety standards and this is why we only recommend you wearing it when riding at low speeds and in the summertime.

It features a quality matte black finish to protect it against harmful UV rays.


Unlike many similar half helmets made of plastic or cheap alloys, the shell on this one is made of fiberglass, absorbing shocks better in case of impacts.

It features a padded chin strap with a quick-release ratchet clip so you can easily put the helmet on, take it off, and adjust its fitting in a matter of seconds.

The cushioned inside liner creates good suction so the helmet won’t ride up.

We also liked the quality matte black finish that protects the helmet from the harmful sun rays.


Keep in mind that this helmet is not compliant with the DOT safety regulations so it may not provide the necessary level of protection against injuries. We don’t recommend using the helmet when riding on the highway or at speeds exceeding 40 mph.

The strap on the helmet is rather wonky and too loose to provide a tight fit when needed.

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6. Billys Biker Gear Skull Graveyard German Novelty

With a retro vibe resembling the helmets used by the German soldiers during World War II, this skull helmet is perfect for when you’re riding your bike in the summertime. It is available in various sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, so finding the perfect fit should be easy.

The shell is made of high-quality fiberglass and is extremely lightweight so it won’t add extra pressure on your head when wearing it for long hours. It features a Nylon Y-strap with a quality retention system and an adjustable, quick-release chin strap for added comfort and ease of use whenever you need to take off the helmet.

As with all other products with a similar design, this one doesn’t provide too much protection in case of an impact, so we suggest you don’t wear it for rides longer than 20-30 minutes. It is great for keeping your head and eyes protected from the sun but won’t do a good job when it’s rainy outside or the temperatures are low.


If you’re looking for skull design motorcycle helmets with high-quality shells, this one from Billys Biker Gear is the right option for you.

The half-head design will protect your head and eyes from the harmful effects of sun rays and help you stay focused on the road while also ensuring maximum air ventilation to prevent sweating and overheating.

The helmet features an adjustable quick-release chin strap for added comfort and a snug fit when riding.

The steel rivets secure the Y-strap to the shell to provide increased protection and prevent the helmet from falling off.


Bear in mind that this type of helmet does not meet DOT standards and cannot provide the level of protection of a full helmet in case of accidents. It doesn’t protect your eyes from rain, dust or debris so you’ll have to wear a pair of high-quality sunglasses or riding goggles.

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7. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

If you’re planning a romantic ride on your bike on the roads of Daytona Beach in Florida, what better way to pay your respects for this iconic place if not with a Daytona helmet? This product is amongst the few that are approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and safe to wear all day long.

Available in various sizes from 3XS to 4XL, this helmet is perfect for both men and women, regardless of their head size.

It is made of high-quality materials and has passed DOT certified lab tests, meaning it can protect your head from injuries caused by accidents on the road. Also, it won’t change its color or chip after prolonged exposure to the sun. Matte colors and glossy ones are guaranteed to remain the same for years so you don’t have to worry about sticky paints.


One of the best features of this cool helmet is the fact that it is available in a wide array of sizes, ranging from 3XS to XXX-Large. This means it is suitable for both men and women, regardless of their weight and body type.

Unlike many other half caps, this one is DOT certified, meaning it will protect your head and skull from injuries in case of accidents.

The chin strap is made of high-quality nylon and is fully adjustable to obtain the perfect fit that won’t feel too tight or too loose when riding. Moreover, the position of the chin strap can be adjusted backward or forward to prevent pulling your hair and causing discomfort.

It allows maximum air ventilation, preventing sweating and overheating during the hot summer days.


A mushroom head helmet cannot offer the necessary level of protection for your face and head at speeds over 50 mph. If you plan on riding on the highway or for a longer time, you should use a full-head helmet for safety reasons.

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8. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Dull

If you are a professional rider who enjoys maximum visibility and freedom of movement when riding a motorcycle, you should already be used with this style of helmets from Daytona. This particular product is available in no less than 10 different sizes, making it the perfect choice for men, women, and youngsters.

Unlike many other helmets in a similar style, the Half Helmet Skull Dull not only meets but also exceeds DOT safety standards FMVSS 218, meaning it will protect your head and brain in case of accidents. The product is made of high-quality materials that won’t break or chip easily, providing increased protection against the sun when riding.

The open design ensures maximum air ventilation for breathability, eliminating overheating and sweat due to high temperatures. And, thanks to the quality top coating of the helmet, you can rest assured its color and finish will remain the same, regardless of how often you wear it and how much time it spends in the sun.


It is compliant with DOT safety rules meaning the helmet will provide certain protection against head injuries in case of impact.

It is made of quality materials that will maintain its original shape and color intact, no matter how often you wear the helmet or how much time it spends enduring high temperatures or rain.

Unlike many other similar products, the helmet can be purchased in ten different sizes, making it the perfect match for all clients, regardless of their age, gender, head shape or size.

The chin strap is also made of quality materials and is fully adjustable and you can change its position to make it more comfortable for your hair when riding.


Since this is an open-cut helmet, it doesn’t come with visors or protection on the sides, meaning we don’t recommend you wear it when riding at speeds over 40 mph. Heavy winds may make the helmet hard to remain on your head even when the chin strap is tight.

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9. AHR Open Face DOT Helmet German Style Cruiser

The German-style helmets are very popular amongst lifetime motorcycle riders because they add more flexibility and freedom of movement for your head. Their small dimensions also make them lightweight and perfect for rides during the summertime.

This particular product from AHR features a retro, classic German-style design and is available in sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large. The shell of the helmet is made of high-quality ABS that is lightweight and wear-resistant.

It features a protective layer of high-density EPS that acts as a buffer, absorbing extra moisture and shocks in case of accidents, protecting your skull. That being said, the product meets DOT safety standards.

The chin strap is fully adjustable thanks to the Velcro Strap while the interior of the helmet features a thick lining complete with mesh panels on the sides to ensure maximum air breathability and absorb extra moisture.


The shell is made of quality ABS that absorbs shocks better while keeping its shape intact. It is also lightweight so it won’t add extra pressure on your head when riding for long hours and won’t wear in time.

The helmet meets the DOT safety standards meaning it can protect your head from injuries in case of minor crashes and accidents.

The interior features thick padding to provide even more cushion and shock absorption while adding more comfort. The mesh panels on the side retain extra moisture and prevent your head from sweating or overheating during the hot summer days.

The chin strap is fully adjustable thanks to the Velcro closure and will keep the helmet in place.


Due to the massive padding inside, the product may not sit on your head as tight as it is supposed to, meaning it cannot provide the same level of protection against potential injuries.

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10. Skid Lid Biker Skull Original Helmet

Available in a beautiful matte black shade and boasting a killer skull design, this biker helmet will definitely stand out from the crowd. It comes in sizes from X-Small to XX-Large, so finding the right fit for your head should be easy, regardless if you’re a man or a woman.

The clean, minimalistic styling makes the helmet lightweight and easy to store whenever you are not using it. It is made of thermoplastic alloy and meets or exceeds DOT safety standards, meaning it can protect you from head injuries in case of crashes and accidents.

The open-cut design allows maximum flexibility, visibility, and freedom of movement, especially during the hot summer months.

The retention straps with D-rings secure the helmet in place and are completely adjustable so you can find the perfect fit for your head and neck without worrying about friction marks or minor cuts. The helmet also features thick padding for extra protection against injuries.


The product meets DOT safety standards for a half-helmet, meaning it can protect your head and skull from injuries in case of accidents.

The padding is thick to provide a more comfortable ride and features mesh insertions to absorb extra moisture and keep your head cool and dry throughout the day.

The product is available in various sizes and can easily be used by both men and women who enjoy riding their bikes in the sun.

The chin strap is made of quality materials and features D-rings for a secure, tight, and adjustable fit.


Keep in mind that this is not a full-face helmet so it may not protect your face or skull in case of severe crashes and accidents.

It doesn’t come with visors like the best skull motorcycle helmets, so we suggest wearing night riding goggles or quality sunglasses if you want to protect your eyes when riding during the day or night.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding a cheap skull motorcycle helmet is easy if you only worry about the design, as there are countless options on the market. However, if you’re also looking for protection and comfort, you might have to invest more. Here is a list of features we reckon you should take into account whenever shopping for skull motorcycle helmets.

Size and fit

The most important thing to consider about your brand new helmet is to find the right shape, size, and fit for your head. We suggest you carefully check the manufacturer’s sizing guide and measure your head’s girth before wearing to make sure you get a perfect size.

If you fall in-between sizes it is always best to order a size up. All helmets come with adjustable straps to secure a tight fit so fitting should be easy.

As a general rule, the helmet should run just a little loose on the head. If it is too small, it may cut down blood circulation and cause migraines, headaches, and put extra pressure on your skull when riding.

On the contrary, if the helmet runs loose, it won’t provide the necessary level of protection in case of impact and won’t protect your head from injuries or strong winds and bad weather when riding.



Since we are talking about a vanity item, style is important. Luckily, there are thousands of good options to compare when searching for the best skull motorcycle helmets. From daring colors to unique designs, skulls, flames, roses, Grim Reaper, and others, there are plenty of choices for all tastes and pockets.

If you’re considering a statement helmet we recommend keeping the rest of your motorcycle gear in dark, plain shades, to really make the helmet stand out. A simple leather jacket, a pair of good jeans and some rider boots would suffice.

However, if style is the most important aspect for you, you can match the helmet’s pattern and color with the one from your leather jacket.

You also have the option of purchasing a regular helmet and paint it on your own or use decorative, UV-resistant and weather-resistant stickers. The main advantage would be the versatility of the helmet, meaning you could opt for a new design as often as you want.


Materials used

A lot has changed in the safety department in the past decade, meaning that riders have now multiple options to choose from, depending on their requirements. However, there is no price for safety so you should choose a helmet made of lightweight yet durable materials instead of hard plastic.

Fiberglass and EVA foam alloys are amongst the best options available on the market. They are lightweight and easy to handle without adding too much pressure on your head when riding. However, they will also absorb shocks and protect your head from injuries in case of accidents.

No matter your choice, make sure the helmet is crack-resistant and weatherproof so it won’t be easily scratched, chipped or harmed by extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Don’t forget that the product should also meet or exceed DOT safety standards.

Breathable and comfortable lining

All helmets feature fabric lining to add more comfort and prevent minor injuries when wearing the product for long hours. Make sure the fabric is thick enough to provide the necessary level of protection yet lightweight enough to ensure increased breathability and absorb extra moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When should I change my motorcycle helmet?

There is no exact answer to this question as it depends on various factors, including the materials used to manufacture the helmet, how often you use it, for how long you had it, and whether or not it was involved in crashes or accidents.

Most helmets are designed to withstand crashes and minor impacts and accidents. They should also be 100% waterproof, sun-proof, and resist high winds, abrasions, and other harsh riding conditions. As a general rule, you should replace your old motorcycle helmet as soon as you notice big signs of deterioration, including cracks, chipping, visible discolorations, and deep cuts.

If you have been involved in an accident, whether or not the helmet shows signs of wearing or tearing, you should replace your old accessory with a new one. Even when the cracks are not visible, the helmet might easily break the next time you expose it to crashes or drops.

Q: How tight should a new motorcycle helmet fit?

We have already covered this aspect in the previous buying guide. Sizing and fitting are extremely important when buying a new skull motorcycle helmet full face so you need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s sizing guide.

To find the correct size for the helmet, you should carefully measure the girth of your head and then compare the results with the sizing chart provided by the helmet manufacturer. If you run in-between sizes, it is always good to go for a size up.

As a general rule, helmets will feel a bit tighter on your head the first couple of times you wear them but they will loosen up a bit in time. The helmet should feel snug and perfectly mold on the shape of your head to provide maximum protection and keep you away from injuries. However, if the helmet is too tight, it may cut off blood circulation and cause headaches and migraines.


Q: What can I use to clean my skull motorcycle helmet?

Most helmets can be washed and cleaned using mild soaps, detergents, and water. Depending on the surface, wet wipes can also be a good solution to easily remove dirt, dust, debris, and minor stains. You can also use a soft cloth to clean any traces of dust and dirt after each ride to keep your helmet in good condition for a longer time.

Even though helmets are made of high-quality materials designed to withstand all weather conditions, temperatures, and several grades of impact, this doesn’t mean that abrasive or corrosive substances won’t affect their structure. That being said, avoid using bleachers, powerful chemicals or other substances that might remove the helmet’s anti-UV and weatherproof coating.

However, since every helmet is unique, we recommend reading the product’s instructions and the manufacturer’s guide on how to properly clean and store the accessory to keep it in perfect shape for years.



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