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7 Best Scooter Engine Oils (Reviews) in 2023

Brands spend a lot of time and resources to compete against each other in creating the greatest oils and thus products like Castrol, Ravenol or Shell scooter engine oil appear. It is our duty to check the quality of each of them and provide a precise report. We did that by reading experts’ opinion, checking the sales figures and the consumer reports and reading all the possible scooter engine oil reviews.

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1. Maxima 27901 Scooter Pro 2-Stroke Synthetic Premix/Injector Oil

We recommend this engine oil because it’s made of special synthetic lubricants enhanced with advanced additives and because it’s designed to help your engine have some outstanding performances. At the same time, it helps to maintain your motor clean and it eliminates exhaust smoke, so you'll only have to worry which scooter helmet to get from this recommended reading.

You can use this blend of synthetics for both injector and premix. This engine oil meets and exceeds API-TC certification standards and it’s safe to use on your scooter as a premium oil or, if you want, in oil injector systems. As the market standard implies, this product does not come with gasoline so you will have to mix them both yourself.

This engine oil is made for small motors and scooters and it is recommended by most mechanics. If you’re looking for a scooter under 200 and you need to oil its engine, this product should work. Even if you have a smoking engine, this oil will drastically reduce the exhaustion smoke. It’s also nicely packaged and weighs 2.1 pounds.


This Maxima engine oil features a special formula that includes advanced additives designed to help your vehicle’s engine reach superior performance. 

Furthermore, if you decide to give this product a try you will notice that the engine is kept clean for a longer time, thus ensuring its durability. 

The oil can be used for both the premix and injector, which means that its versatility also makes it a cost-effective solution for your vehicle. 

You will probably be happy to know that this product exceeds the known certification standards, which says a lot about its quality. 


In one case the product leaked in the package, but this sort of issues are extremely rare, so you don’t need to worry about it. 

This product doesn’t ensure ethanol protection as other engine oils do, but this depends on your vehicle’s needs as well, so if you have any questions you can talk to a specialist. 

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2. Royal Purple HP 2-C High Performance 2-Cycle Oil

If you want to avoid wear on your scooter motorcycle engine, try this oil. It’s a high-quality blend that improves performance and should be used in two-cycle gasoline engines. You can also use it as a pre-mixed oil. When putting it in oil-injected gasoline engines it works well for motorbikes, outboard motors, jet skis or chainsaws.

It’s great because it helps you reduce fuel consumption while increasing the engine’s horsepower. It has a positive impact on eliminating heat and emissions, and it slows wear. Because it has a synthetic solvency, it maintains the exhaust ports and spark plugs clean too.

Royal Purple has developed a special additive technology called Synerlec to increase the engine’s performance. It also maximizes the oil film strength. You can use this oil as a premix for snowmobiles as well, although a special oil for cold weather is recommended in this case.


This Royal Purple product can be used as engine oil, as well as pre-mixed oil, depending on what type of performance you want to obtain out of your vehicle. 

Thanks to the high-quality formula it includes, if you decide to try this particular oil out, you will see a significant improvement in the engine’s performance. 

Its versatile blend also means that it can be used for a wide range of pieces of machinery, not just scooters, such as jet skis, outboard motors, and even chainsaws. 

If you want to optimize costs as well, then you’ll be glad to know that this oil helps reduce fuel consumption, but at the same time increases the unit’s horsepower. 


This oil should only be used for two-cycle gasoline engines, so this is something you should be aware of before placing your order. 

Some users have perceived it as being somewhat expensive within its category. 

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3. Castrol 06103 GO! 10W-40 4T Motorcycle Oil

To protect all the important zones of the scooter, this oil comes with a Trizone technology capable of keeping the engine, clutch, and gearbox in good shape. Due to the formula used, it offers maximum protection against thermal breakdown or viscosity.

It is an oil made to care for the engine, it slows the wear rate, and it has a high film strength, ideal for high revving motorcycles and scooters. So if you have a very powerful ride, you will want to choose this product. You might also want to get a moped helmet to keep you safe during fast riding.

Because you don’t want any build-up of harmful deposits in your engine, this mixture contains some specialized additives that prevent that from happening. It’s important to know that the oil exceeds API SG and JASO MA-2 quality standards.

Castrol’s heritage of 120 years in the industry allows it to create quality engine oils and it makes high-quality products capable of being used in motorsports.



This Castrol oil features the Trizone technology, which is specially developed to ensure all-around protection of the vehicle, including the gearbox and the clutch, besides the engine. 

You don’t need to worry about thermal breakdown either, as the formula was developed to prevent such an issue, or about higher-than-normal viscosity that might otherwise appear. 

Thanks to the high film strength that the formula ensures, this oil significantly reduces the wear rate and can be used for powerful scooters and motorcycles. 

This oil features special additives specially included to prevent deposits that might otherwise form within the engine and that might reduce its performance. 


Even though this was previously sold as a 12-pack, you can now get is as a 6-pack which is good to know before purchasing, depending on how much you need to use. 

In very rare cases, the product might spill during delivery, but this is not something that really happens.

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4. Maxima Scooter 4T Oil

Unlike other oils on the market, this one is specially formulated for scooters and mopeds and it’s made from a premium petroleum base that will help modern and free-revving scooters to achieve their greatest potential.

It contains a blend of anti-wear and high-performance additives that make your engine run smoothly and efficiently in any season. The detergent system incorporated makes the engine withstand difficult situations easier.

This oil represents a solution for those who drive a lot in the cities and are constantly the subjects of stop-and-go traffic. It lets your engine stay in shape during long idling periods. If you want to look better and stay safe in the city traffic, you can also have a look at some scooter helmets.

You can rest assured that your engine will be clean and it will start fast, with no issues. As it’s the case with quality oils, this one also exceeds JASO-MA and API SG standards. Please note that this is a one-pound bottle so you might consider getting more than one if you have a bigger engine.


If you want to get an oil that is specially created for mopeds and scooters, then this Maxima product is what you should go for. 

The formula includes multiple useful additives, including high-performance and anti-wear ones, which means that you will be able to keep your engine running smoothly and with superior performance. 

You might also want to know that this oil is particularly recommended to those who are driving a lot around crowded cities, in which the driving involved a lot of stop-and-go. 

In terms of quality, this oil both meets and exceeds the JASO-MA and API SG standards, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. 


The product is sold in a one-pound bottle, so you might need to purchase more if your vehicle has a large engine. 

Some say that this is not the cheapest alternative on the market, but its performance is worth the small extra cost. 

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5. Ravenol J1V1101 2-Stroke Scooter Oil

Made in Germany, this fully synthetic blend meets API TD, ISO-L-EGD, and JASO requirements. It’s designed to work best for scooters, particularly air and water cooled 2-stroke engine models. However, it can also work on models with water cooling systems only, and with self-mixing or separate lubrication systems.

The formula used will clean the intakes and the exhaust ports and will help with eliminating the combustion residues and deposits on the sparks plugs. Because it provides a more efficient combustion, it has a positive effect in maintaining a low emission regime for the engine. At the same time, it offers excellent lubrication to all the engine parts.

This oil is intended to be used for high-speed and heavy load scooters that employ a 2-stroke gasoline engine. To achieve the most performance out of your engine, the manufacturer advises that you don’t mix this product with other oils when using it.


One of the first things you should know about this Ravenol oil is that it’s made in Germany, a country known for its engine know-how. 

Specially formulated for scooters, the oil works great for both water and air-cooled engines, which means that you can probably use it for more than one vehicle. 

The formula is specially created to protect the engine and ensure superior performance, but this also means keeping it clean, so any combustion residues are eliminated by this oil. 

If your vehicle is a heavy-load and high-speed one, then this oil is the right choice according to the manufacturer and the many positive reviews it got. 


The oil should be used for 2-stroke engines, so this is something you should take into consideration. 

In order to benefit from all of the qualities this oil has, it shouldn’t be mixed with other types within the engine. 

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6. Suzuki ECSTAR R5000 Motorcycle Mineral Engine Oil

This one is not a synthetic blend but rather a mineral one. It provides an option for those people who know that their engines have issues with synthetic oils. It’s specially made for Suzuki motors but can work on similar engines too.

A big advantage that this oil provides is that it offers more protection in cold weather, so if you know that you have long and cold winters in your area, you might want to get it. A small issue that a conventional oil like this can have is that you need to change it more often, and if you care about your scooter you should not forget to do that.

And because you need to change it often, the manufacturers ensured that you get a big package of one gallon of it. The oil offers low volatility and that means it helps with reducing consumption.


Even though it’s specially formulated for Suzuki motors, this oil can be successfully used for many other scooter models thanks to its versatility. 

The blend is actually a mineral one, which makes it a great option for engines that don’t work that well with synthetic oils in terms of obtaining a superior performance. 

If you live in an area that has long periods of very low temperatures, then this Suzuki oil is just what you need, given that it ensures additional protection during such conditions. 

This blend also comes with a low volatility performance, which means that it actually reduces consumption for a more cost-effective use of your vehicle. 


Given its special formula, this oil might need to be changed more often compared to other conventional products on the market. 

Some of the users feel that this alternative is not the cheapest one in its category, especially since it needs to be changed more often. 

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7. ForcedField Motul 100963 Transoil Expert

Are you looking for good engine oil to smoothly run your scooter and prevent engine problems? The new MOTUL is known as a first-class lubricant of premium quality that will keep the engine of your vehicle run smoothly. 

With over 150 years of experience in the market, this is one of the most reputed brands that focus on innovation and technology, delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. The oil is made locally, in the United States, and backed by various international certifications and releases, so you can rest assured it works perfectly for your vehicle.

Synchronized with the latest demands on the market, the Motul 100963 will protect the engine and keep your vehicle running smoothly for a longer time, without worrying about weird noises. Enhanced by ester compounds, the special multi-area gear lubricant makes easy switching possible. It is designed for engines with a separate wet clutch and gear lubrication. 



With over 150 years of experience, Motul continues to produce high-quality items at affordable prices, so you can rest assured of this lubricant’s quality. 

It is synchronized with the latest demands on the market to provide increased protection for your engine and keep it running smoothly for a longer time. 

Used regularly, the product will prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary trips to the mechanic. 

It is backed by several international certifications and releases and proudly made locally, in the United States.


Designed to improve shift quality on various types of scooters and motorcycles, we cannot tell you that this product will 100% match your motorcycle. You should only use factory-recommended oil to make sure the fluid matches your vehicle’s requirements. 

Also, keep in mind that Motul 100963 is created for engines with separate gear lubrication and wet clutch. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Once you’re familiar with the specifications of your scooter’s engine, and you know whether it’s a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke one, you can get into a more detailed analysis of the oil you need. Your motor might be fine with running on cheap scooter engine oil, or you might need some special synthetic blend for it. Read the following guide to get an idea of how to choose the best scooter engine oil for you.

Types of oil

First of all, you need to know that there are three types of engine oil, each with slightly different characteristics. The first of them is the classic, mineral oil. It’s a product that comes as a result of refining crude oil and it works best for vintage bikes. Because of its composition, it is usually the more affordable option.

Full synthetic is another type of engine oil. The formula used in this kind of oils is represented by a man-made liquid composed of a mixture of different chemicals. The chemical processes employed in the making of this oil give the molecular structure needed for a quality oil. And due to the attention that’s given to it when produced, synthetic motor oil has better capabilities than mineral oil.

It can perform better in both hot and cold weather. If you’re concerned with the scooter engine oil price, it’s slightly more expensive, but it requires to be changed at longer intervals. However, synthetic oil is not always a good scooter engine oil for you, and depending on your scooter you should always check with your mechanic and see which is the best choice for you.

The third kind is semi-synthetic oil and it’s a quality blend between the two previously mentioned types. These oils have certain additives in them and are made to perform better than plain mineral oil. They represent the middle-ground between the two kinds, offering benefits that can be found in both of them. It has the performance of a synthetic blend while offering the cost of the mineral oil.


Don’t use automotive oil

Although it may seem fine to use oil destined for four-wheeled vehicles, in the long run, doing this will cause more harm than good to your scooter. That’s because cars require a different composition and oils that offer more friction modifiers.

Because cars need to be more fuel efficient, their motors need to run smoother. To reduce friction during revving or long idling, automotive oil has the to be able to reduce friction. But scooter riders should know that friction modifiers can be harmful to scooter engines.

In engines where the oil is used for lubricating the transmission as well (like usual four-stroke engines), if a high concentration of friction modifiers is found, this can cause issues such as clutch slip. This will lead to damaging the transmission system.

Types of motors

A widely used class of motors, the two-stroke ones require a motor oil that is mixed with petrol when put into use. The mixture is done either by an automatic device that can be found on most scooters, or it needs to be done by hand before fueling the engine.

Unlike other models, these motors don’t have the engine crankcase closed so the mix of petrol and oil is blown throughout the motor while in use. That is how lubrication of the whole engine is achieved.

Labeled as premix or self-mixing oil, two-strike blends come in various qualities, suitable for the daily use on a small electric scooter or for performance engines found in racing environments. They sometimes come with additional qualities like extra resistance to corrosion or water-handling.

For those that have a four-stroke engine, they have to use the adequate oil and they need to keep in mind that different oil “weights” are used for different purposes in these kinds of motors. The “weight”, shortened W on the packages, shows the measurement of the oil’s viscosity.

Most engine oils have different weights written on them, meaning that they are multigrade and work well at room temperature, and at the scooter’s operating temperature. The lower the viscosity number, the more suitable these oils are for cold weather because they can flow better. Low viscosity makes them safe when starting the engine in a cold environment because they lubricate the surfaces quicker.

A higher second number means the oil is better able to protect the motor when in use and when the engine heats up more. Because these numbers can vary a lot it’s essential to consult the manual and talk to your mechanic to make sure you get the oil that suits the needs of your scooter.

Also, in the case of four-stroke engines, the quantity is important. You have to avoid filling the tank to the top. The quantity of engine oil needed is listed in the scooter’s manual and should be respected.



Unavailable products


Motul Scooter Expert 4T Semi Synthetic Oil


This engine oil is designed for scooters with bigger, 4-stroke engines like maxi-scooters or with power ranging from 50 to 600cc. It comes with the advantage that it’s pretty flexible and it works with both leaded and unleaded fuel, and it also functions very well on biofuel engines.

Due to the quality semi-synthetic blend, the Motul scooter engine oil provides resistance to high temperature and that is why it’s suitable for powerful engines. Meeting API SJ standards, it offers a lot of benefits amongst which an anti-corrosion, anti-foam and anti-oxidation formula.

You don’t need to have a big scooter for this oil to work. It is also a good product for daily routine and small scooters that are better suited for urban traveling because it keeps engines in shape even when idle for a long time. The very low volatility helps with reducing consumption. And if you want your town ride to be more comfortable, get a good pair of scooter grips.



For those of you who own vehicles with large 4-stroke engines, this Motul oil is the product you want to take a closer look at, given that the formula was specially developed for such scooters.

Since versatility is important, this oil works with both unleaded and leaded fuel, but you might be very happy to know that the same goes for biofuel engines.

The high-quality semi-synthetic blend ensures the necessary superior performance even at high temperatures, which is what makes this oil great for powerful engines.

The formula also comes with anti-foam, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation capabilities, so your engine is fully protected.



In extremely rare cases, the product might spill a bit during delivery, but this is not something you should be really worried about.

Some of those who have tried this oil out mentioned that it’s a bit more expensive, but the superior results it ensures are worth it.




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