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10 Best Motorcycle Trunks (Updated Reviews) in 2022 

Whether or not you plan on traveling light, you need to find the best motorcycle trunks to secure your belongings and carry your essentials with you to the destination point. Showcased below, you can find some of the most sought-after models on the market, together with their in-depth reviews to help you easily find the most reliable and trustworthy motorcycle trunk bags for your needs. 

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1. Emgo 72-32440 Travel Trunk

Made of durable black ABS plastic, this product is resistant to wear and tear. It is designed to be mounted on most luggage racks and its universal construction allows you to use it on almost all types of motorcycles, regardless of their brand, power or design. 

It is delivered with all the necessary mounting hardware, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions so you can easily install it without requiring professional help. To help you protect your belongings at all times, the trunk also includes a lock and two keys. 

It is big enough to store all your traveling essentials, including another set of gloves, your wallet, phone, charger, and some tools in case you need to perform some quick repairs to your bike. 

The plastic construction is designed to withstand various weather and road conditions without changing its shape or altering its protective properties. Therefore, it is waterproof, dust-proof, and will keep the dirt away. 


The product is lightweight yet durable. The shell is made of strong ABS plastic that is resistant to wear, tear, and shocks, so it will keep all your belongings safe in case of an accident. 

The plastic construction ages well and will also protect your essentials against rain, dust, dirt, debris, stains, accidental spills or snow. 

It is delivered with all the necessary hardware to easily mount it on the back of your motorcycle without requiring professional help. 

The universal design works on almost any type of bike as long as the luggage rack is large enough for the base to attach to.


Please be informed that this trunk doesn’t come with additional padding for the passenger to lean on. And, since we are talking about a plastic construction, we wouldn’t recommend adding too much pressure or weight on top of the item to prevent cracks. 

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2. Comie Motorcycle Tour Tail Box

This product holds your accessories in place while acting as a cushioned backrest for a smooth and more comfortable ride for your passenger. It offers great support to your back and is molded to fit waists without any effort. 

The sturdy construction will keep all your belongings safe, without a single scratch, even when riding on rough roads. Besides, the trunk will protect the content from rain, dust, dirt, debris, stains, and heavy winds. 

If you’re tired of the same old black color, you will be pleased to know that the Comie Tour box is available in four attractive color combinations, which makes the item the perfect combination between style and functionality. 

We also liked that it contains a unique gel that reduces the effect of road buffers to protect your belongings from shocks. The core lock is made of copper and you’ll receive two keys to have easy access to the interior of the trunk. 


The product features sturdy construction, designed to absorb shocks and reduce the effect of road buffers thanks to the unique seismic gel it contains. 

It provides great support for your back and comes equipped with a cushioned backrest to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. 

The large 48-liter capacity is big enough to store all your riding essentials, including a full-size helmet, an additional pair of gloves, and even a jacket and some tools. 

The LED lights attached ensure increased visibility in all lighting and weather conditions, so you can be seen from afar and prevent accidents. 


Keep in mind that the measurements provided by the manufacturer are given for the full trunk on the outside, which may differ by a couple of inches from the measurements of the interior. In other words, certain items that you thought might fit inside the trunk will be too big for the actual dimensions of the product. 

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3. Yescom 30L Motorcycle Tour Tail

If you’re looking for a small yet reliable trunk, this product from Yescom can hold a lot more than it shows. It has a total capacity of 30 liters, which means it is big enough to hold most of your essentials during a short ride. The product is efficient and takes little space to mount, while it can hold many trinkets together securely in its compact compartment. 

Since it features a universal fit, you can easily mount it onto almost any type of motorcycle with the help of the included hardware. We also liked that this affordable motorcycle trunk is equipped with reflectors, which will enhance your visibility during the night on a highway. Therefore, they might reduce the likelihood of accidents. 

Unlike similar items, this trunk from Yescom comes with a detailed instructions manual, which means assembling becomes an easy task. And, as a bonus, you won’t require any drilling either. 


It features a quick-release system that allows you to carry the trunk easily and with increased convenience. 

Thanks to the attachment located on the sides of the trunk, you can open the product quickly and easily, in just a few seconds, granted you have the right key. 

It features pre-installed reflectors to provide increased safety when riding in all lighting and weather conditions, especially when it’s foggy or night outside. Therefore, the trunk makes your motorcycle more visible for other people and can reduce accidents. 

Although it has a limited capacity of only 30 liters, the product is bigger than it might look, so it represents an excellent choice for those who want to travel light but still need a place to store all their road essentials. 


The reflector could be brighter to assist bikers during the night or whenever they ride in foggy weather. That being said, the reflector still provides enough visibility for around 50 feet, depending on the lighting conditions. 

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4. EGO Bike Black Trunk Tour Pack Luggage

This trunk comes equipped with everything necessary to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. It features a nicely shaped and upholstered backrest, as well as a functional steel top rack for added storage space. It is extremely spacious and can hold up to two full-size helmets or a wide array of accessories, tools, and other gear pieces that you might require during a long journey on your bike. 

The product is made of premium materials, with the top rack and backrest being of ABS plastic. Therefore, the trunk is resistant to water, dust, dirt, debris, spills, and heavy winds, ensuring maximum protection for your belongings inside, even on a bumpy road or in case of mild accidents. 

The premium locking system comes with 2 spare keys to provide easy access to the interior of the trunk. What we also appreciated is that it is delivered with assembly instructions and the necessary mounting accessories (screws, nuts, and washers). 


If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable product, this trunk from EGO Bike represents an excellent choice that will not fail you in time. 

One of the things we liked the most is the spacious interior that can hold up to two full-size helmets or most of your riding gear and accessories, including snacks, water, repairing tools, a flashlight, phone charger, a leather jacket, an extra pair of gloves or boots, and others. 

It features a nicely-molded and upholstered backrest to provide increased comfort and pain relief for your back when riding for a longer time. 

We also enjoyed the functional steel top rack that you can use as extra storage space.


Please keep in mind that drilling is required to mount this trunk. It is not custom-made for any type of bike so make sure it fits your motorcycle model before purchasing it. And, since it doesn’t come with installation instructions, we recommend asking the help of a professional. 

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5. Autoinbox Universal Motorcycle Box Tail

This efficient piece of equipment is large enough to fit your full-face helmet, gloves, and other accessories that you deem as mandatory for a motorcycle ride. The product is easy to mount and comes with the necessary installing hardware, which means it doesn’t require professional help or expensive tools to mount it on any type of compatible motorbike. 

The two attached keys make assembling and disassembling a breeze while also providing easy access to your belongings at all times. And, if you still find it hard to use or install, the much-needed instructions manual will make the entire process easy. 

The trunk’s total capacity is 47 liters and, thanks to the high-quality and impact-resistant shell, all your personal belongings will fit safely inside, away from shocks, dirt, dust, debris, water or heavy winds. 

The product also features a handle for convenient carry and storage, as well as two reflectors to allow your motorcycle to be seen from a distance by other drivers. 


The item is easy to install and, thanks to its universal design, will fit most models and brands of motorcycles or Powersports. 

It has a total capacity of 47 liters, enough to store your helmet, gloves, keys, wallet, phone charger, tablet, some snacks, a water bottle, a couple of tools, and other accessories you might consider useful during your journey. 

It comes with an attached handle for increased convenience and two reflectors that will keep you safe in traffic, no matter the weather or lighting conditions. 

The hard case is made of quality materials and is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-absorbent to keep all personal objects safe during the ride. 


Although we appreciate the ease when mounting the trunk, this product features a big red button that becomes an irresistible attraction to kids and strangers. Unfortunately, once you push the said button, you can easily walk away with the case. 

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6. EGO Bike Motorcycle Hard Trunk Case with Backrest

The sleek design of this piece will make you instantly fall in love with it and want one. It features an upper curvature and big reflectors for increased visibility in all lighting conditions, allowing you to be seen from a reasonable distance by other drivers and potentially avoid accidents, especially when it’s foggy, rainy or dark outside. 

This trunk is also equipped with taillights that are used as turning lights or brakes, depending on your requirements. 

The product features a superior-quality ABS plastic construction which makes it resistant to shocks and most outdoor harsh weather conditions. It is rustproof, waterproof, dust-proof, and will keep your belongings safe inside, no matter the road or the weather outside. 

It is designed to provide increased comfort for your back whenever you need to stretch after a long ride. Therefore, all you have to do is incline on the backrest attached to the trunk.


One of the things we liked the most about this motorcycle accessory is its sleek and elegant design, making it the perfect addition to any type of bike, be it a chopper, a cruiser or a more speed-oriented motorbike like the ones from Yamaha or BMW.

It is easy to mount without requiring professional help or hard-to-find tools, and, thanks to the detailed instructions and the included mounting hardware kit, you can complete the action on your own in less than one hour. 

The item is made of high-quality ABS that is resistant to scratches, rust, wear and tear, which means it will keep your personal belongings safe even on bumpy roads or when it’s cold and raining outside. 

Whenever you feel like taking a moment to rest your back or stretch a little, you can incline on the attached backrest.


Although we appreciated the overall construction of this device, it isn’t big enough to fit a full-size helmet inside.

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7. Ecotric Classics Motorcycles Trunk Luggage Street

If you’re looking for a cheap motorcycle trunk to help you store some of your essentials while on the road, this product from Ecotric could prove the right choice for your two-wheeler. 

The trunk is big enough to fit most of your essentials while on a short ride with your bike, including an extra pair of gloves, some tools, and your personal belongings. One of the biggest advantages of this compact product is that it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware so you can easily install it on most bikes, regardless of how old or new they are. 

The trunk also features a leather-cushioned backrest that adds increased comfort and helps you rest your back for a while in-between the riding sessions. At the same time, the cushion supports a correct body posture and helps relieve tension. 

The extra grilled rack on top of the trunk makes for additional storage space in case you need to fit another bag or backpack. 


The item is made of quality materials that won’t break, chip or wear in time, ensuring increased protection for all your personal belongings inside the trunk. 

Despite its ergonomic design, this motorcycle accessory has enough room to fit most of your riding gear and a few extras for the road. 

It features a cushioned backrest made of faux leather that adds protection to your back, ensures good ventilation, and also helps you rest and stretch your back so you won’t have to worry about lumbar problems in the future. 

It is delivered with all the mounting hardware necessary for easy installation, without requiring the help of an expert. 


You are expected to drill some holes to make the trunk fit on the rack of your bike, which makes the entire mounting process slightly more complicated and time-consuming. 

It is relatively small, so don’t expect to have enough space to fit your motorcycle helmet and an additional set of clothes in case you’re spending the night on the road. 

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8. Comie Motorcycle Tour 32L Storage Case

Going through this motorcycle trunks review, you will easily understand why this item from Comie represents one of the public’s favorites.

It can be purchased in three different colors and has a total capacity space of 32 liters, enough to fit a full-size helmet, a pair of gloves, and your wallet. If you take out the helmet, you can use the trunk space to fit in most of the essentials you would have to pack for a weekend journey on your scooter. 

The trunk comes with a soft backrest that provides the necessary back relief after riding for a long time. It is designed to support a correct back posture and reduce tension and aches in your lumbar area. 

Another thing we liked is that the trunk is delivered with the complete mounting kit, including screws and easy-to-follow instructions that ensure a hassle-free installation in the shortest possible time. 


The new Comie trunk is designed to fit most small to mid-sized scooters and motorcycles, providing a total storage capacity of 32 liters. 

It features a sturdy ABS design that will protect your belongings from rain, dust, dirt, debris, accidental spills, and shocks in case of accidents. 

It is delivered with all the necessary screws and hardware to easily mount it on your motorcycle, as well as detailed instructions on how to do so without requiring the help of an expert.

The back red signaling light is bright enough to be seen from approximately 50 feet away, ensuring increased visibility for your motorcycle in all lighting and weather conditions. 


Although we appreciate the backrest, it could have been padded to add increased comfort when riding. The one that is currently installed on the trunk doesn’t feel soft enough to reduce tension. 

Closing the lid may be a bit difficult due to the locking mechanism. 

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9. Chase Harper USA 4502 RipStream Tail Trunk

If you fancy soft luggage instead of a regular hard-case trunk, this item from Chase Harper USA is the right choice for you. It is made in the United States out of industrial-grade ballistic urethane-coated nylon. 

As a result, it is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and incredibly durable, which helps you store as many things as you want for a short journey, without worrying about leaving some of the essentials at home. 

The non-slip rubberized material at the bottom not only prevents scratching but will also ensure a good grip, keeping the luggage away from sliding in case of sudden turns or brakes. 

The rigid foam walls will maintain the teardrop aerodynamic design even when empty, which means increased protection for your fragile products stored inside. However, this product remains flexible and allows you to add more, from your daily protective motorcycle equipment to another set of clothes, shoes, food and water supplies, tools, and others. 


The item is made of high-quality urethane-coated nylon that makes it resistant to tear, wear, and water, which means it will keep all your belongings safe no matter the temperatures or weather conditions outside. 

The rigid foam walls maintain the product’s original structure even when the bag is empty, ensuring more protection for your fragile personal belongings. 

The full-length zipper compartments are located on each side to add extra storage space and quick access to your traveling essentials such as wallet, phone charger, and map. 

The secure webbing loops sewn to the bottom corners accommodate various mounting methods and configurations for maximum versatility and utility. 


The seat straps look kind of flimsy, which is why you should take precaution measures and add another set of straps to secure the bag to your motorcycle and ride stress-free even on bumpy roads. 

As big as the bag looks, you shouldn’t expect to fit half of your house inside it. Keep in mind that you don’t want to make your bike heavier than it already is as it will be more difficult to control.

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10. MMG Motorcycle Scooter Top Box Tail

Boasting a total capacity of 51 liters, this heavy-duty trunk is big enough to store two full-size helmets and other essentials for your road trip. 

The product is recommended for both motorcycles and scooters and is made of strong and durable plastic that provides increased protection for your belongings. The case is water-resistant, shock-absorbent, and won’t allow dust, dirt, debris or accidental spills to damage the products you choose to store inside. 

It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware to ensure easy installation without the help of professional tools or people. Besides, the locking system offers increased security and comes with 2 keys to keep your belongings away from curious eyes. 

Although you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the trunk, keep in mind that you’ll still have to drill some holes on your own to make the product fit on your bike’s rack. 


While most other trunks boast a total capacity of 20-30 liters, this one holds up to 51 liters or the equivalent of two full-size helmets and some accessories. 

The case is made of strong and durable plastic to provide increased protection for your belongings from dust, dirt, wind, rain, spills, and even shocks in case of impact. 

The product comes equipped with all the necessary mounting equipment and, thanks to its universal fit, it is suitable for most motorcycle and scooter models and manufacturers. 

Thanks to the smart locking system with two keys, no one but you will have access to the contents of your trunk. 


Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide spare parts in case anything is wrong with your trunk, which means that you’ll either have to come up with a DIY solution or purchase another item. 

The lock seems hard to open so you might have to apply moisturizer or a spray for easy handling. 

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When picking the right motorcycle trunk bag, you need to take into account various specifications to make sure the item you want ticks all the boxes you need. If you want to bring home the perfect product for your next short-term motorcycle journey, here are the most important aspects to consider.

Hard luggage vs. soft luggage

The type of luggage you choose can also influence the accessories and essentials you are carrying with you, as well as their weight and dimensions. Soft luggage is lightweight and can be easily rolled up or collapsed when empty. 

It is versatile and slightly expandable, which means you can fit in more stuff. In addition, it also features pockets of various sizes that ensure easy access to some of your most beloved belongings, including a map, a set of additional gloves, your phone charger, riding goggles, phone, and others. 

On the other hand, hard luggage provides limited storage space. The case is often made of high-quality and durable materials that can withstand shocks and provide increased protection for your fragile belongings. 

Unlike soft luggage, hard cases can be mounted on the saddle and remain in the same position, offering maximum stability even when riding at high speeds. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about accidental spills or making a sudden turn and losing your luggage on the way. 

Hard cases are often made of plastic, ABS or other similar materials that can be used in all weather and temperature conditions, without altering the goods you choose to store inside them. 

Therefore, it can protect your clothes, gear, tech devices or tools from cold temperatures, rain, and snow, as opposed to most soft luggage that will retain moisture and potentially destroy your goods in case of heavy rainfalls. 

A leather motorcycle trunk can also prove a great choice, should you have the budget to invest in one. This luxurious fabric is breathable yet durable, keeping your essentials safe and in perfect conditions, even when it’s windy, rainy or snowing outside. 


The size of the trunk

If you decide that a hard trunk will meet most of your requirements, you now have to consider its size. Generally speaking, a case that has a total capacity of 30-40 liters is suitable for short rides when you only need to pack some essentials or a few of your personal belongings. 

If you plan on traveling for more than one day, you should opt for luggage with a total capacity of at least 70 liters, enough to carry a set of additional clothes, a flashlight, some snacks, a phone charger, and other essentials. Don’t forget to also have room for a spare beanie and a pair of gloves in case the weather isn’t as friendly as you would have hoped for. 

Universal fit 

The good thing about hard trunks is that they are almost universal, which means they can be easily mounted on all types of bikes. They often come with the included mounting kit and all necessary hardware so you won’t spend more than half an hour installing the trunk on your motorcycle. 

However, some products are only designed to meet several models or brands of motorcycles, so make sure the one you opt for will fit your two-wheeler. 

If you still have doubts about choosing the right product, we suggest you go through several online motorcycle trunks reviews and read the opinions of other customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it hard to install a trunk?

The answer to this question depends on the trunk, its size, and the accessories that are included with your purchase. As we previously mentioned, most items are sold with all the necessary hardware for easy mounting, which means you won’t have to spend more than an hour to get it installed, even without experience and without professional help or professional tools. 

Apart from the universal fitting kit, you must also take into account the base which should be wide and large enough to fit the trunk of your choice. 

Some cheap motorcycle trunks may be installed on a base made of plastic which means they will be prone to breaking, especially in case of impact. To avoid this from happening, we suggest you take a closer look at your bike and the product you plan on purchasing to see if they will be a good and long-lasting match. 

Q: Why get a motorcycle trunk?

As we have mentioned earlier, the main downside of a two-wheeler is the limited storage space, which means you have to only pack your essentials, especially if you plan on riding for a few days or weeks. 

However, no matter how much you ace the light packaging, you’ll still need some form of luggage with you to store all the necessary tools and accessories for a safe ride. Motorcycle trunks are available in various sizes, depending on your needs, and represent the best way to travel without having to worry about safety. 

Most of these affordable motorcycle trunks feature a lock and two keys so you can keep your belongings away from curious eyes. Another reason why trunks are a better storage option than other types of luggage is due to their sturdy, rough construction that can absorb shocks and protect the content of the trunk from various changes in weather, climate or road. 


Q: Are all motorcycle trunks universal?

While most trunks are designed to meet the needs of all motorcycles, you still need to pay attention to some details such as the construction of the base and its size. 

The trunk you plan on installing on your two-wheeler needs to fit on the vehicle’s mounting rack that already exists on your bike or else you won’t get a perfect fit and the trunk might slide and even fall from the motorcycle after a sudden turn or brake. 

That being said, to avoid any inconveniences in the future, we strongly suggest carefully checking the model of your trunk and reading its specifications to see which types of bikes it will fit on. 

The good thing is that major brands of motorcycles, including Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Harley Davidson come with universal racks so that you can easily mount any type of trunk, as long as it fits the rack’s size. 

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