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10 Best Motorcycle Speedometers (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Are you looking for a speedometer for your beloved motorcycle, but there are too many models that you’re not sure which one to choose? To help you out, we’ve selected the top speedometers on the market and wrote reviews for each one so that you’ll find it easier to choose the right one for your bike.

1. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Tachometer Rev Counter Speedometer

The package of this device doesn’t have just a speedometer, but also one LED backlight motorcycle tachometer, which will prove to be very useful. You may need a tachometer either way, so in this case, you can just get two for the price of one, which is a nice deal to have, at least from an economic point of view.

For those who don’t know, in the auto world, a tachometer and a speedometer are the same things, just with different names. The difference in the name comes from the fact that one is used to measure the speed of the vehicle, while the other is used for the engine. The differences really appear once we talk about more serious engineering stuff.

Making sure that the product fits is really important, so take the measurements carefully. Even though this device seems to fit many of the available motorcycles out there, you can never know when you are the exception.


The package has both a speedometer and a tachometer, so you can use them for the engine and to check the speed of the vehicle.

The fact that it has a universal fit means that it is highly likely the device will fit your motorcycle as well.

With a size of about 60 mm * 56 mm, the device is not going to inconvenience you in any way and it won’t make riding the motorcycle more difficult.

It is very easy to read the markings on the devices as they are written in bold white letters on a black background, so you can see them anytime.


Even if the device can be seen as being accurate enough, it does take time until it manages to build revs. This thing can be frustrating or confusing for new riders who still haven’t figured out what speed they are riding at without checking out the speedometer often.

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2. SAMDO Universal GPS Speedometer With Odometer For Motorcycle

A speedometer that can be used for more than only one device can be really useful, as you may look for one that is not only made for motorcycles, but also for other vehicles. This device right here is a prime example of such a speedometer, which you can use for the motorcycle, as well for the car, boat, or off-road vehicle.

This also lets you move the device from one vehicle to another, in case you need one urgently and you don’t have time to buy another one. The speedometer comes with many cool features, such as the anti-fogging one or the dustproof feat, which are pretty important when you are on the foggy and dusty road.

On top of that, the mileage is similar to how a car works, meaning it’s not going to reset itself, but instead, it will continue to add miles, just like how a car works.


The universality of this device is one main factor for which you should care about it, since you can use it for the motorcycle, car, boat, etc.

The features that are included should make things easier for you on the road; these features include waterproof, rainproof, and dustproof qualities.

The mileage works similar to that of a car, so you will be able to tell how many miles you’ve ridden overall, in total, not just for the latest ride.

The signal for the device is coming directly from the satellite signal receiver via the GPS Speed Sensor, so you should be able to use it better.


When you ride in an area that has really tall buildings or tall trees, the signal may get a bit blurry or even be completely lost, which can be a problem, naturally, as you would like for the signal to work at all times.

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3. LATNEX Universal Digital GPS Speedometer Waterproof

An easy installation is super nice to have and this device has it! It only uses two wires, a Positive and a Ground, so no matter how unprepared you are when it comes to installing such devices, in this case, you’ll prove to be a pro! As it’s so easy to install, in case you should want to move it, that will also be done quite fast!

Among the features that come with this device are the fact that it’s waterproof, it uses satellite positioning, it lets you know if you are above the speed limit, it can reset the maximum speed, it keeps watch on your driving in real-time, and many others, that make using it really helpful.

The design is also presented as being unique - we can’t tell if that is the case, but it surely has a nice, simple, and modern design, that makes it stand out in any crowd.


The features that are included in the device are super useful and modern, such as the fact that you are announced when you are above the speed limit.

Being waterproof is pretty much a must for such products, as they are regularly exposed to humid situations such as a rainy day or riding through puddles.

As it only has two wires, the installation shouldn’t take you more than a couple of seconds or minutes, making it time-saving.

The design of this speedometer is really straightforward, but also elegant, in a way, while keeping it modern and cool, at the same time.


In the case that you are using the speedometer when you are on a boat and you are moving slowly for one reason or another, in some cases, the device may not be able to pick up your movement at all, so the signal needs a bit of work on it.

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4. ELING Waterproof GPS Speedometer with Backlight

A speedometer should be very easy to read, with no obstructions or gimmicks that could distract you from seeing the speed you are reaching. In this case, this device is one you could rely on, as it has the classic black numbers on a white backdrop and a red sign that lets you know the speed even with the corner of your eye.

The connection process is very simple, as the device only has three wires: one for Power, one for Ground, and one for Lighting. As a result, you will be able to take care of the installation by yourself, without any worries that you won’t be able to do it. That’s really important as not everybody is tech-savvy when it comes to these things.

The device has the ability to work directly with the GPS sensor, without you needing to rely on using sensor cables that would complicate the installation.


It’s a product that is very easy to install, since it only has 3 wires. These wires are for Lighting, Ground, and Power, so anybody could install them with ease.

You can mount the sensor with ease at any position you’d like, or, if you please, even under the dashboard, which is really helpful.

The design is a plus, as it relies on the classic black numbers on a white background, while the sign is red, which makes it super easy to be read!

The speedometer shows you the current speed you are reaching, plus there is also an odometer that you can not reset.


In the case of this device, we’ve noticed that occasionally it can be slightly off on speed, but even then, the difference is small, of about just 2 mph, which doesn’t make a whole lot of difference and you can easily get used to it for future use.

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5. ELING Universal MPH GPS Speedometer Odometer

This device is similar to others from the same company, to a certain degree, but there are enough differences to make them be treated as separate devices. This speedometer is also very easy to read, since it uses white characters on a black background and a red indicator, so you’ll see things very clearly at all times.

Similarly, the installation is a very simple process that anybody can get behind, as the speedometer also has just 3 cables (1 Ground, 1 Power, 1 Lighting), which makes it an easy operation for everybody and anybody. That is really useful since many people are not that mechanically-inclined and think they’ll need help to install it - well, not in this case!

You’ll also notice that the speedometer connects with the GPS sensor, which means you won’t need any types of cables for sensors, keeping the area neat and clean.


You needn’t worry about the installation with this unit, as it just has 3 cables (1 Ground, 1 Power, 1 Lighting), so you will be able to do it all by yourself.

The fact that the device doesn’t need any other sensor cables and just connects to the GPS Sensor is a huge bonus, as it keeps the motorcycle free of clustering cables.

The speedometer can be installed in any position you prefer, or you can even put it under the dashboard if that works better for you.

Being able to read the speed easily or be able to glance at it with your peripheral vision is really important with a speedometer, and this device lets you do just that.


There are some cases in which the backlight does come on, but neither the speedometer nor the odometer starts, which makes them work only intermittently - basically, something that can be very frustrating for anybody.

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6. SAMDO Universal Speedometer With Odometer Tachometer

This speedometer has a really nice and modern design, using white letters on an all-black background, while also having a white arrow. Not only does that make the device easy to read, but we also have the added benefit of the light that comes from underneath it, which means you will be able to read the sign even when it’s dark outside.

Whether we measure distance with or without the metric system makes a world of difference, so it’s super nice to see that this device lets you set a converting system from Mph to Kph or Kph to Mph so you will use the system that you are familiar with; this feat is rather rare among these devices, but highly welcomed.

So, looking overall at this speedometer, what are the pluses and what are the minuses when it comes to actually using it? What makes it stand out in the bunch?


The fact that the device has a light means you will be able to read the signs on the speedometer at all times, even when you are riding at night or in foggy weather.

The change from Mph to Kph or vice versa is something really useful, that not many speedometers have, despite the fact that it should be required.

The speedometer fitting can be done for tires that have various sizes between 10 inches and 21 inches - make sure you take the right measurements.

The device can be used on a single-cylinder, two-cylinder, or four-cylinder motorcycle, which gives it a sort of universal appeal.


The installation process is not that easy, there are several wires that need to be connected and the instructions that come in the package are complicated and not really easy to understand for somebody who doesn’t deal with these situations often.

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7. iztor Motorcycle Black Odometer Speedometer and Tachometer

This package is a more complex one, as it comes not only with an odometer speedometer, but also with a tachometer and a PC bracket. The product is created from stainless steel and has the color black. You can use the device not only for your motorcycle, but also for related vehicles, such as the ATV or the scooter.

This device also has a black line lock for positive electrodes, a green line lock for negative electrodes, and a yellow line for contact signals. In some cases, you could need to use a high voltage signal line in order for things to work properly, as they should, but that’s a minor inconvenience if we can even call it that.

So, looking at the features of this device, is this something that you could invest your money in? Does it have what it takes to warrant the money? Let’s see for ourselves.


This device doesn’t feature just a regular speedometer, but an odometer speedometer, a PC bracket, and a tachometer, making it one of the more complex products of this kind.

The products are created using one material on which you can count, stainless steel, which means that resistance comes with the territory in this case.

The whole device is really modern-looking, way above the average design for a speedometer, which makes it ideal for people who know how to use it.

This device also uses the classic color in this area, meaning it’s making use of black, white, and red, for you to be able to see things clearer.


In this case, the speedometer only reads in km/h. While that may not affect everybody, when it comes to people who only use miles, reading this device can be quite difficult and not very easy to understand, unless you are good with quick math.

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8. Qiilu Universal Motorcycle Dual Speedometer Odometer Tachometer

Is design everything? No, but it sure adds to the value of a product. Case in point, this device looks something closer to a console than a classic speedometer, which makes it much more appealing. Playing a bit with designs can be a good opportunity for manufacturers to get your attention and, in this case, it surely works.

The device, naturally, also has the features to prove that it’s not relying on design alone, but it does also deliver the goods. One of the things that would interest you is the high sensitivity, which is going to give you a much better accuracy when you are riding or driving. The multifunctions also help, such as the various displays it has.

Among them, we can mention the gear display, the mileage display, the neutral gear light one, the headlight one, and the turn signal indicator, which are all so very helpful in so many different ways.


The device has many functions that aim to help you, such as the various displays it has for mileage, gear, neutral gear, headlight, and turn signal indicator.

The design is one of the coolest and most user-friendly you can find on the market, that much is for sure.

The speedometer was designed with backlight, which makes it very easy and simple for you to do the data reading.

Not to mention, the product also has other benefits, like durable metal, plastic housing, resistance to corrosion, and it is also shockproof.


As cool as this device is, if you are not good at reading the metric system, you will be at a disadvantage, since it measures the speed in km/h, not in mp/h. That may not be a minus for people who know the metric system, but unless you are used to it, you are bound to have problems dealing with this device.

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9. ELING MPH GPS Speedometer Odometer For Motorcycle

If you are looking for a more classic design, but with a modern twist, then this product may be somewhat of interest to you. It has the classic round shape of a speedometer and it uses the white numbers on a black background aesthetics with a red arrow, but the silver coloring on the sides makes it stand out anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

As we mentioned above, being able to connect the device easily is very important for many people who don’t really know how to do such a thing, which is why this device is so cool, because it lets you do it very simply, only by using 3 wires: 1 for Lighting, 1 for Power, and 1 for Ground.

Plus, the device has the ability to connect via the GPS sensor, which means you won’t have to deal with lots of cables like the ones for sensors, making for a cleaner design.


Like with the other models from this manufacturer, the installation process is really simple, as it relies on you making 3 wire connections, one for light, one for ground, and one for power.

You have the ability to mount the sensor at any position you want, or just under the dashboard, depending on what your preferences are.

In order to get the signal the first time, you will need to wait for about 30 seconds, but following that, it should be able to light up in just 3 seconds.

In the case that the signal is missing, the easiest way to reconnect it is available to you: reconnect the wires and restart it!


The odometer can’t be reset and there is no trip meter. Not everybody would need one, but in case you need one, you will have to buy it separately; fortunately, it’s not an expensive product, so at least you won’t spend a lot of money on it.

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10. Runleader RL-SM001 Waterproof Digital Gps Speed Meter

With a cool design, cool features just have to be a part of the device as well. This product proves just that and how important it is to give the people interested in a speedometer more than just one thing that they need - give them a whole lot more, and a whole lot more will come to be interested in the device.

This product uses a velocity system that relies on satellite positioning in order to determine the monitoring of your device in real-time, to figure out what the current driving speed is, and it lets you check the maximum speed, while the maintenance time can be set with SVC, so all of these things are interesting enough to make you curious about the device.

So, taking a look at it, what are the main pros and cons when it comes to this product? We’ll find out together in the following rows, below.


The device includes cool features, such as the velocity system that uses satellites to determine the position in real-time, the monitorization of the driving speed, etc.

The clock function is also important, even if it’s highly underrated; in this case, the GPS has the ability to position UTC by itself, instantly.

The design, as you can see, is really something special, to which we must add the fact that installing this device is really easy and you can do it even if you feel like you don’t have enough experience with such tasks.

You don’t need an external antenna to make things work, you just need to make a connection to the DC 12-24 Volt and, voila! Things are working as they should!


In order for the syncing with the satellites to start, you may have to wait for a couple of minutes; during this time, obviously, you are not going to get any speed output.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When looking for the best speedometer, you need to pay attention to a series of things that will pinpoint you to the device that is actually worthy of that title. While personal choices or taste play a part in choosing a speedometer, there are also some traits that you should keep in mind when dealing with these products.

Type and features

One of the things that are important to think about is whether you want a universal motorcycle speedometer, which may not always be a prime example of a cheap motorcycle speedometer, or a specialized one. 

However, if you wish to use it not just for your motorcycle, but maybe also for your car or even boat, a universal one could be the choice to go for. This is something that any worthy motorcycle speedometer review is going to let you know.

Features like anti-fogging, anti-water, anti-corrosion, and anything you can think about should be a part of the device, especially when talking about a digital GPS speedometer motorcycle one, as they all aim to offer you the best conditions when you are out there on the road. 

And, yes, since we mentioned it, a GPS speedometer is also highly recommended to help you in guiding you on unknown roads.

Of course, you would like to find an affordable motorcycle speedometer, but will that deliver the quality you need? In all honesty, it depends. You can find an analog speedometer motorcycle that is not as complex as a digital motorbike speedometer, which is more expensive. So which one should you choose?

As mentioned above, the best motorcycle speedometer is the one that is able to offer you those features and maybe even many more, so looking at affordable motorcycle speedometers could surprise you. A good guess about the quality of the product is the material from which it was made. Something like stainless steel is sure to give you quality.


Analog or digital?

A digital speedometer is not going to be part of the cheap motorcycle speedometers gang, but these models usually have cool features that make it worth it to invest in them. 

We are not the only ones saying so, as if you check any other motorcycle speedometers reviews online, done by pros or by people who have this as a hobby, you will discover the same thing.

This doesn’t mean that the analog ones aren’t good, but here comes the idea that we mentioned above, regarding personal taste and needs. 

GPS function, weatherproofing

If you are just going for a walk in areas that you know very well, you are not going to need a GPS speedometer for motorcycle, as you aren’t going to get lost. As a result, you won’t have to pay extra for the GPS, if you don’t need it.

Similarly, even features that seem to be really important, such as the anti-water one is deemed rather useless if you live in a really torrid area in which it hardly rains, like Southern California. The anti-fogging feature has the same fate if your climate is not really the one to create much fog in the first place.

This is why, even when talking about speedometers, things can get relative, regardless if we talk about speedometer calibration or GPS motorcycle speedometer. The choice, really, is only yours, so make a list of all the things that you want in such a device and make sure that the one you buy has them all.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How to install your universal motorcycle speedometer

As you remove the speedometer from the package, look for the ground and receptor wires. Using the hardware that may come with the package, try attaching the speedometer to the motorcycle’s handlebars. In case there is not enough space there, you can try using a zip tie for the moment.

Move the receptor and ground wires down the handlebars and frame of your vehicle, all the way to the engine, around the area in which the spark plugs are connecting with the cylinder head. You can rely on zip ties (again) in order to make sure that you secure the cables on the frame with the aim being to avoid any damage that you could cause to them while you are riding.

The next step is to wrap the receptor wire around a spark plug wire and loosen the bolt near the engine a bit and put the end of the ground wire beneath the head of the bolt. Put the bolt back in its place.

Q: Can you calibrate a motorcycle speedometer?

The accuracy of a speedometer is tightly related to the tire diameter, which, as you can imagine, can be greatly affected when we talk about a variety of things, such as pressure, temperature, or load. 

The values are mentioned in the regulation’s testing procedure, and if you wish to make any changes, you are obligated to take that into consideration. Modern-day speedometers use a sensor to calculate the speed from the frequency of the signal. 

While the diameter of the tire doesn’t impact the speedometer, in case that the sensor is in the transmission, when you change the gear, you may change the way the reading is done.

Generally speaking, experts and lovers of motorcycles don’t recommend that you try to calibrate a motorcycle speedometer, especially by yourself, since the results may not be what you wanted, but if you really need to, you can find exceptions to those rules.


Q: How does a motorcycle speedometer work?

Generally speaking, when the wheels start to spin around, the speedometer cable, which is powered by a driveshaft, is going to start turning also. That cable is going to spin the magnet around at a similar speed, which is going to make the magnet rotate non-stop counter-clockwise.

As the magnet starts to spin, eddy currents are going to be created in the speed cup. The eddy currents have the role of making the speed cup also start rotating counter-clockwise so it will have the ability to catch the magnet. The hairspring is going to tighten, which will make the speed cup be able to turn just in one way.

In the end, as the speed cup continues to turn, it leads to the pointer on the dial to start turning, which will show you what speed you are going at. A bit of physics can explain so much, isn’t that so? Fascinating! 

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