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10 Best Motorcycle Seat Cushions (Updated Reviews) in 2022

If you want to find more about the best motorcycle seat cushions, we have gathered the top-rated models in this line and showcased them below for you to examine. These products come in different shapes and sizes, and they offer unique features so that you can easily find the one that meets all your requirements.

1. Airhawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion Cruiser

This option uses the Airhawk patented Air Cell technology that is designed to prevent pressure injuries, and it can adjust to the unique anatomy of your backside for a customized and comfortable fit. Instead of having just one pad, this model features several air-filled cells, and even though it may look funny, the design works, and it delivers a high level of comfort.

Adjusting the seat cushion is also surprisingly easy since, after inflating it with your mouth, you only need to sit on the cushion and release the valve until you sink into the pad. This allows you to set up the cushion just the way you like it since you have full control over the adjustment process.

The unit also comes with a sleek cover that is not only stylish, but it is also made of a breathable material so that you don’t risk overheating and sweating when riding for long hours in the summer heat.


It is very easy to install the cushion on your motorcycle since it is held in place by two straps that run underneath the seat, and they’re effortless to set up.

The breathable spandex and spacer mesh will allow air to flow through the seat to reduce heat buildup.

The seat is usable on most bikes so that once you purchase it, with proper care, it can serve you for many years, and you can bring it with you on countless rides.

The unique design of this option will relieve pressure points on the prostate, scrotum, and tailbone, and this can have a positive impact on your body over time.


The main flaw with this option lies in the quality of the mounting straps since they can break easily even though a bit of needlework can bring them back in working order.

When braking or accelerating, the constant movement of air between cells can make you feel unstable in the saddle.

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2. Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Cushion

This model uses the Airhawk Air Cell technology to prevent pressure injuries and let riders stay on the road for longer without any pain. It is available in a large size, and this makes it suitable for people who need more coverage for themselves and their passengers.

The cells are positioned strategically so that their height lowers on the front area of the cushion to let more room for the legs to sit naturally. This design choice also has the benefit of allowing more airflow under the rider so that the underside of the legs isn’t at risk of overheating.

The cover that shields the air cells is made of durable polyurethane, and it has a non-skid bottom to keep it glued to the bike even when making sudden turns, braking, or accelerating. The ergonomic design will have your hips, neck, back, and joints feel less pressure so that you won’t feel as stiff after a long trip.


The air cell technology can control vibrations from the engine and absorb shocks from the road so that you can enjoy a smoother riding experience.

Inflating the cells is fairly straightforward, and you won’t need special equipment since you can inflate them by mouth in just a few seconds.

The cover is made of durable yet light Polyurethane, and the cushion is fluid-proof so that you can use it in all seasons without worrying that it will get damaged.

Another advantage of this model comes from its design since it blends effortlessly into most motorcycle seats, and this makes it less conspicuous.


The cushion does increase the seat height, and even though it is just by a little, this may present a challenge for shorter riders.

Since this model requires to be adjusted by each user, it may take longer and some experimentation until you find the best setup.

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3. Ergo21 Liquicell Original Seat Cushion

This versatile option is designed with innovative liquid-filled membranes instead of air, gel, or foam, and they help promote better blood circulation while also supporting a good posture. It is designed to handle a total rider weight of up to 190 lbs. The cushion can also be used on cars, at home, for scooters, office, and more.

By combining the density of polyurethane foam and a layer of proprietary LiquiCell membrane, this model can maintain blood flow under the tail bone and prevent hot spots and vertical pressures on the sitting bones. To add to that, the cushion is also made of very durable materials that can handle use in all types of weather.

The cover is water repellent, and this makes it very easy to keep this product clean after a long ride. All that you need to do is wipe it using a damp cloth, and you’ll be good to go.


This model is designed, developed, and crafted in the USA, and you can trust it to deliver premier quality from start to finish.

The liquid-filled membranes in the seat are designed to fortify blood flow and circulation, and they provide soft and relaxing support for your bones and spine.

This multi-purpose seat cushion can also be used at home or work, and it is a perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down.

The quality of the customer service is on par with that of the product itself since the company is very quick when it comes to solving any problems that you might have with the unit.


The liquid membranes will start to lose some of their effectiveness after around one year of constant use.

This option can support a total weight of up to 190 lbs., which means that it is not a good option for heavier riders.

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4. Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Cushion Pad

This is a high-quality model from Airhawk that features the Air Cell technology, but it is slightly different from other models since it has a slimmer shape that is designed specifically for dual sports bikes that have a narrowed seat. It comes with straps included for a more secure fit, but even without them, the rubber underside prevents the cushion pad from sliding.

Before you can use the cushion, you will need to inflate it, and the process is very simple, the only trick is not to overinflate it. This won’t be a problem since once you’ve filled it with air and you start to sit on it, it will be very easy to notice if you’ve put too much or too little air in the cells.

The scientifically proven design of this option will distribute the weight and pressure of the driver or passenger over the entire seating area, and this will reduce pressure points that would otherwise cause pains and aches.


The innovative design of this option increases comfort whilst riding, and it relieves pressure points so that you can stay on the bike for longer without unpleasant side effects.

It is also designed to absorb shocks from the road and the vibrations from the engine so that you can immediately notice improvements as far as comfort is concerned.

You can adjust the firmness and height of the air cells so that you can configure them just the way that you like it.

The cushion is tapered, and this will minimize unwanted leg pressure and will help keep your underside cool and dry.


As is the case with most Airhawk models that use Air Cell technology, it can take some adjusting to get the air inside the cells to the optimum level.

If you have sciatic nerve issues, this option is not the ideal choice since it can make your pain worse.

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5. Skwoosh Classic Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

This model is built with a wider fit latitude, which means that it can fit stock and reduced reach seats, and it is capable of delivering the comfort and performance that most customers demand. Even if the cushion doesn’t fit a seat exactly, it is constructed to drape the contours of the seat so that it can still maintain the ergonomic design of the seat and fit securely on top of it.

The cushion boasts a breathable AirFlo mesh fabric, and it has air channels that will redirect the airflow to the areas where it is needed the most so that you can stay cool and dry when riding long hours in the summer. The gel has a very soft feeling, and it will help relieve pressure on the bones.

The bottom is non-skid, which means that the unit is guaranteed to stay in place even when riding aggressively. It also folds into a more compact shape for easier storing and transporting.


With this model, there’s no height to adjust or bulk to contend with since you simply need to attach it to the seat using the clips, and you can enjoy your ride.

The gel pad is shaped specifically so that it can reduce pressure points and provide much-needed relief to your tailbone.

It is available in two different sizes, long and short, so that you can get the one that works best for your bike since both variants share the same features and performance.

This model is designed to maintain the ergonomic design of your motorcycle seat, so it won’t look out of place once attached.


It takes a little time to get used to since it sits a bit high, around half an inch, and for shorter riders, in particular, this can be a big disadvantage.

The surrounding material allows some of the gel to move around.

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6. Airhawk AH2SML Small Cruiser Pad

This model uses an inflatable polyurethane air pad that helps deliver an adjustable sitting area so that users may easily customize the feel of the pad. To get the unit up and running, all you need to do is inflate it by blowing into the valve. There’s no need for fancy equipment since you can effortlessly inflate the cells using your mouth.

Once you’ve filled the pad with air, you can place it on the bike seat and release air out until the pad has filled all the gaps between your body and the seat. The process is relatively fast, and even though it may take you a few tries to get the perfect inflation, it is still worth it in the end since the pad will feel very comfortable, seeing as it will conform perfectly to your anatomy.

This model also boasts open-mesh side panels that will circulate the air to allow your skin to breathe and not have to worry about perspiration becoming an issue.


The Air Cell technology used is a major reason for getting this product since it reduces pressure points and gives better support to your body so that you can ride for miles and still be comfortable.

The tapered design will improve leg comfort, and it has almost no effect on rider height, which is a feature that shorter riders will certainly appreciate.

The product has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from previous customers thanks to the impressive quality of the cushion and the durable materials.

The non-slip bottom allows the cushion to stay glued to the motorcycle seat, and the unit is also equipped with elastic straps that provide even more security.


As is the case with most Airhawk products in this line, it can take a few tries for you to find the perfect inflation.

Make sure to inspect the elastic straps from time to time since they can tear with use.

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7. CONFORMAX Topper Excel Ultra-Flex

This option is designed to fit most deep profile touring bike and cruiser seats, and it will provide superior comfort so that you can enjoy riding for the entire day without having to deal with pains and aches once you get off the bike.

It attaches to your seat quickly with the help of the adjustable strap system, and it comes equipped with both a universal D-ring/ear tab and a loop fastening system. It is up to the user to decide which strap system to use, but as always, more freedom to the user is always worth praising.

The unit is designed to conform to the shape of your body, and it distributes the weight evenly across its surface so that you won’t have to deal with pressure points that can hurt your lower back and buttocks. The top surface is very durable, and it can handle heavy use in most riding conditions.


The cushion uses a protective gel that will conform to the anatomy of the rider, and this will help reduce and equalize pressure points.

Attaching the product to your bike seat is very easy, especially since the manufacturer gives the user the freedom to use either the Velcro hook & loop fastening system or a D-ring/ear tab.

This product is a great bargain since it is an affordable option that manages to deliver the level of quality that you usually find on much more expensive models.

With over a dozen different sizes to choose from, it is very easy to find the perfect seat cushion for your motorcycle.


The cushion is a bit thick, and it can raise your height a little, which can become problematic if you prefer a lower seat.

At first, the cushion may feel a bit stiff, and it takes a few rides for it to break in and reach a more desirable level of comfort.

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8. Miss Moly Crocodile Leather Seat Cushion

If you’re in the market for a seat cushion that will not only keep you comfortable but will also help your motorcycle stand out, then Miss Moly has just the product that you need. This model is made from crocodile skin leather, and under the durable leather, the cushion is filled with a soft foam that feels comfortable to sit on even after long hours of riding on the road.

This particular model is designed to be compatible with the Harley Davidson Sportster Chopper Bobber, but it will also work with other brands and motorcycle models. For the full list of compatible models and brands, you can take a look at the product page.

The package includes all the accessories that you need to mount the seat on your motorcycle, including a bracket and four steel springs. You can also choose between eight different colors and select the one that suits your motorcycle, riding gear, and style.


This stylish seat cushion can be used to decorate your motorcycle and make it stand out without sacrificing comfort and performance.

It is easy to get the product that will look best on your bike since the seat comes available in eight different colors, and they are all covered in the same high-quality crocodile leather.

The seat cushion has a lot of padding inside, and it is big enough to accommodate riders of up to 250 lbs. comfortably.

It is a surprisingly affordable option, especially when compared to some of the other options on the market that don’t look half as good.


It is a custom seat cushion, which means that it is only compatible with certain motorcycles, so make sure to check the product page for more information about compatibility.

The product doesn’t include installation instructions, and this means that for new users, installing the seat onto the bike can turn out to be quite difficult.

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9. Skwoosh MSAF0910 Black Breathable Seat Pad

This cushion is filled with a comfortable gel that will keep you cool and dry during long rides since the design of this option puts a big emphasis on cooling. Throughout the pad, there are air channels that have the sole purpose of allowing fresh air to flow into the cushion so that your skin and muscles can experience a cooling effect.

To add to that, the top cover is also made of a breathable material that is very easy to keep clean since you can wash it if it ever gets stained. Thus, this is a great model to get if you tend to spend most of your days riding for long hours in the heat.

It is also very compact, seeing as it weighs only 9 ounces, and it has a foldable design so that if you leave your motorcycle in the parking lot, you can simply pack the cushion and take it with you once you no longer need it.


The gel inside the seat pad will move with your body instead of resisting your movements, and this translates into improved comfort and better protection against spinal injuries.

The air channels inside the cushion help deliver an improved cooling effect so that you can stay cool and dry even in the scorching summer heat.

There are elastic snaps on both sides of the pad that make it easier to fasten it to the seat, and since the snaps go around the motorcycle, it allows the cushion to fit perfectly.

You can use this option with confidence even when riding on bumpy or curvy roads since the bottom material is non-slip.


It doesn’t offer a lot of support for the pelvic bones, and if you prefer a softer feel, this cushion is stiffer than other models on the market.

The gel padding is not very thick, and for heavier riders, in particular, this can be an issue.

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10. CONFORMAX Topper Excel AIRMAX Seat Cushion

This model uses a combination of both foam and gel to deliver better comfort than what gel or foam alone could offer. The set has an ergonomic design, and it will keep your back supported through even your longest rides so that you won’t have to worry about developing a backache once you get off your bike.

This product also has a low profile, and it is only 1-1/4 inches thick, which means that it won’t add too much extra height to your motorcycle. It attaches to the bike using a secure and adjustable strap system, and the cover has a grippy bottom that will keep the cushion in place even when you’re fidgeting on the seat.

The seat cushion provides excellent ventilation to keep the rider cool and dry on both long and short rides. The ventilation system also minimizes heat build-up when the seat is parked in full sun.


The pad has enough room inside to let air circulate freely and cool you down so that you won’t ever have to cut your journey short due to sweat making you feel uncomfortable.

It is long enough to fit most motorcycles, and getting the right fit is not an issue since the cushion can be adjusted using either a Velcro or ear tab strap.

The product weighs only 3.8 pounds, and this makes it very easy to carry it around with you in a bag if you don’t feel comfortable keeping it on your bike when it’s parked in public.

By using gel-on-foam technology, this model can deliver better comfort than other options that use foam or gel alone.


The cover is made of a material that allows water to infiltrate inside, and this means that for rainy days this option won’t be as efficient.

It is not an affordable option, so potential buyers will need to be willing to pay more for it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding cheap motorcycle seat cushions is certainly not an easy task once you take a look at the huge amount of models that are available on the market. It is good to have a wide variety of choices, but this wealth of alternatives can also make settling for just one product more difficult.

This is why proper research is needed, but very few people have the kind of time on their hands for such an endeavor. To make things easier for you, we’ve looked at motorcycle seat cushion reviews, consumer surveys, and other specialized resources to compile a comprehensive guide. Take a look below if you want to find the best motorcycle seat pad.

Cushion material

One of the most important features to consider when prospecting the market for the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides is the material that the cushion is made of. There are several different materials available, and each one offers a slightly different performance.

Foam is the option that you will find in most seats on the market since it is an affordable material that offers a good level of cushioning. If you want to get a cheap motorcycle seat cushion, then you ought to look for one that uses foam.

The downside of motorcycle seat cushion foam is that it is compressible, so for long journeys, your body may end up pressed against the hard bottom of the seat.

The gel is a material that is very efficient in eliminating numbness since it doesn’t have any pressure points. It is the same material that is found in medicinal wheelchair cushions. If you want better support for your backbone, then a motorcycle gel seat cushion is your best option. The downside is that it is heavier, and it can hold in heat during the summer.

Lastly, some brands also use air as a cushion, and this technology is very efficient since it equalizes pressure and prevents painful hot spots from forming. Air cushions are also proven to be very good at absorbing shocks and vibrations.

A motorcycle air seat cushion is usually affordable since most models come with a nozzle that you can use to inflate the seat pad yourself. We’ve looked at the Airhawk motorcycle seat cushion, which is the most popular product in this range, and we found that the only downside with this technology is that it can take a bit longer to find the right inflation level for your needs.


Cover materials

Once you’ve considered the cushion, you also need to take a quick look at the quality of the cover materials. Most of the affordable motorcycle seat cushions on the market have covers made from either neoprene, polyester, or polyurethane.

All of these materials offer a similar level of durability, and they can all be meshed. What’s important is to get the one that feels most comfortable to you. Similarly, depending on the quality of the material that the manufacturer uses, the cover may or may not be waterproof.

If you tend to ride in bad weather frequently, this might be a feature that’s worth considering. A waterproof cover is also much easier to keep clean. Check some motorcycle seat pad reviews to see what other buyers have to say if the seller doesn’t mention if the cover is waterproof or not.


Last but certainly not least, you also need to consider the size of the pad. While most products tend to come in different sizes to make it easier to get the one that’s best suited for your bike, this is not always the case.

Thus, make sure to check the product description carefully and measure your bike so that you can determine what size of the motorcycle seat pad will fit your bike best.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How can I make my motorcycle seat more comfortable?

The easiest way to make your motorcycle seat more comfortable is to install a seat cushion on it. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, we have an Airhawk motorcycle seat cushion review that you might want to take a look at.

Another way to make the seat more comfortable without spending money on an extra product is to change the seating position using the rear pegs. It may take you a bit of time to find the right adjustment, but this is a free solution that can have a big impact on the comfort that the seat offers.

You can also make the seat feel more comfortable by wearing the right riding gear. Wearing padded bicycle shorts under your riding trousers is a cheaper way to add some cushion between your muscles and the motorcycle seat. The best solution remains to get a gel motorcycle seat pad, but if you can’t afford one, these suggestions are still worth considering.

Q: What type of foam is used in motorcycle seats?

There are two main types of foam used in most motorcycle seats, and these are open-cell and closed-cell foam. Open-cell foam is made of little broken cells, and this design choice allows air to flow freely between the cells to provide a soft cushioning effect.

This type of foam has the advantage of being very flexible, and it is often what you’ll find on the seat’s top cushioning layer. However, without a good cover, open-cell foam is susceptible to water absorption, and it can start to deteriorate over time.

Conversely, closed-cell foam has cells that are sealed and filled with a special gas. This creates a denser cushion that is a bit stiffer. Some seats may be constructed entirely out of closed-cell foam since the stiffer feel of the foam provides a superior grip. For racing motorcycles where the rider needs a superior grip, closed-cell foam seats are more common.


Q: Do gel pads work on motorcycle seats?

Yes, you can use a gel seat cushion for motorcycle since the polymer gel does a very good job of cushioning your body and relieving pressure points. Not everyone is a fan of gel pads since the material has a different feel than foam, and some riders don’t like it.

Furthermore, gel pads are heavier than foam and air pads, and this can be a concern if you like to travel with them. Another disadvantage is that during the summer they can get really hot, and once they compress, you’ll begin to sweat, and we don’t think we have to tell you just how uncomfortable that can become.

Thus, if you want to stick with gel pads, it is best to get a product that uses a mix of gel and foam so that you can still use it on long journeys and in the summer heat. If you’re not certain about which model to get, then you should take a moment to read a motorcycle seat cushion review and see which product offers the features that you need.

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