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10 Best Motorcycle Panniers (Updated Reviews) in 2021

To find motorcycle panniers that really fit your bike and also offer you the desired storage space, you will have to wade through dozens of products. We want to help you save time by providing you a list of the most popular models that are hot right now.

1. Nelson-Rigg Black SE-3050-BLK Sierra Dry Saddlebags

Among the many saddlebags for motorcycles currently available, this model shines through. First of all, you should know that the bags are 100% waterproof, as even the seams are heat welded to prevent moisture from getting inside.

When it comes to mounting your saddlebags to your bike, you will be pleased to see the 4 quick-release buckles and the pull straps available that make sure that your luggage won’t become undone while you’re riding fast.

Due to the presence of 2 lightweight liners, you can pack any luggage in such a manner that it will always be protected. Just remove the liners, pack the contents, and put them back, and you will not have one worry about them getting wet or damaged. When you need to clean them, the UV coating makes your job easy. Also, it must be said that the compression straps provided are ideal for mounting extra saddlebags.


You can easily mount these saddlebags on motorcycles, snowmobiles, and PWC, and this versatility makes them popular with customers everywhere.

The 24oz tarpaulin PVC used for the saddlebags is highly resistant and will go through all weather conditions without a glitch.

Furthermore, the seams are heat welded, which means that the bags are 100% waterproof, and not for one moment, you should worry that water might get in.

The back plates are rigid, and they help the bags to maintain their shape, so you will be able to use them for a long time.

For secure mounting, the manufacturer provides for each bag 4 quick-release buckles and double pull straps.


While it’s a great thing that the buckles are made from high-quality materials, that also makes them rigid and not so easy to unbuckle.

Also, the straps need to be repositioned when you want to use them in a different way, and it can be challenging to do that in the dark.

Buy from Amazon Now ($154.07)

2. Tusk Off-Road Aluminum Dual Sport Adventure Panniers

Unlike soft motorcycle panniers reviews, these hard-case models are ideal for those people who need their saddlebags to sustain any wear and tear conditions imaginable. They are sold in pairs, and the great news is that you will get a lot of storage space. If you get the large version, you will benefit from 74 liters of storage. If you opt for the medium size, you will get 54 liters of storage.

Besides the impressive storage capacity, these panniers offer incredible value due to the high quality of the materials used in their making. It must be noted that durable aluminum makes these boxes stand out. They will maintain their shape no matter what, and they appear to be resistant to water.

It is important to notice that these boxes are also powder-coated to ensure that the action of weather elements won’t cause the aluminum to blacken. Both boxes have locks and keys so that you can keep more valuable things locked away from prying eyes.


For the most extreme adventures, nothing beats this set of aluminum boxes, created to sustain extreme weather and other challenges while on the road.

You shouldn’t worry about the boxes being heavy; the aluminum structure is lightweight, yet durable at the same time.

They will work with most of the pannier racks currently available, so they present easy compatibility with the model you have at hand.

Keep more valuable things inside without worry since the locks and keys supplied will make sure that you won’t have any problems with thieves.

The footman loops installed on the lid offer you the possibility to hook other items to your boxes for extra storage capacity.


Unlike soft bags, these boxes will weigh some, even if they are designed to be lightweight; a large box weighs around 11 pounds, while a medium box weighs almost 9.5 pounds.

If you ride an older motorcycle, you will have to purchase the mounting hardware separately.

Buy from Amazon Now ($242.99)

3. Issyzone Motorcycle Saddle Bags

It is possible to get cheap motorcycle saddlebags if you look around for some great deals. These saddlebags from Issyzone are a possible answer, as they present many excellent features but without overcharging you. They offer you the possibility to keep close by some water bottles, your wallet, keys, and snacks, as each has a capacity of 7.4 liters.

You don’t have to worry about them losing their shape, because there is a rigid plastic liner inside that supports them. Also, you will appreciate the side flaps that can keep drizzle from wetting the things stored inside.

One of the best things about this model is how easy it can be installed. A cord is provided so that you can fasten the bags to your motorcycle without a problem. Also, since there are quick-release buckles present on the bags, you will find it a breeze to use them.


For storing food, water bottles, your wallet, a raincoat, or other things of value that must be accessed quickly, this model is ideal.

Each of the two bags included in the set can hold up to 7.4 liters in capacity so that you will have plenty of room for small items and valuables.

The cord you get with your purchase is there for fastening the side bags quickly to your motorcycle, which only means that the installation is a breeze.

Accessibility is importable for panniers of this size and purpose, so you will be happy for the side flaps and buckles that make everything easy.

In terms of compatibility, this model is ideal for most motorcycles, so only if you ride an old model, there might be some issues.


You can’t count on these bags to be completely waterproof, as the material will soak if there’s a torrential downpour.

Buy from Amazon Now ($49.99)

4. Kemimoto Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Another pair of affordable motorcycle panniers that makes it to our list is this one from Kemimoto. While they are soft-case models, they do not lose their shape because of the hard liners placed inside. Even if they are empty, they will maintain their usual aspect, which is a plus for many people.

One thing to bear in mind is that these are middle size bags for motorcycles, so don’t expect the same high capacity of storage as you have seen so far. They are ideal for storing things you would use all the time, such as your gloves, a raincoat, or your phone or wallet.

They are water-resistant, so they will behave reasonably well in a drizzle. The compartmentalization is something to write home about, as there’s a cup holder that’s ideal for keeping a water bottle at hand. Inside there is also a zipper net pocket for holding small things such as your keys.


The manufacturer provides 4 ropes to make it easy for you to install and fasten the saddlebags to your motorcycle.

Due to the hard liners employed inside each bag, they never lose their shape, regardless of how full or empty they are.

You will appreciate the raincoats provided for the bags that will serve you well for keeping water at bay when you need to ride through a drizzle.

Easy accessibility to necessary items is made possible by the presence of a cup holder and a side pocket.

Also, you will get an extra interior pocket that’s what you need for keeping your keys, your wallet, and other small valuables apart from the rest.


You shouldn’t expect these saddlebags to be waterproof, as the provided raincoats only keep moisture away when there is light rain and nothing else.

Also, if you plan longer trips for which heavier luggage is essential, you shouldn’t opt for these pretty small bags.

Buy from Amazon Now ($32.99)

5. Wild Heart Waterproof Motorcycle Saddlebag

Some riders can’t be stopped by bad weather, and, if you are one of them, then this model might be right up your alley. The set contains two motorcycle saddlebags, each one with a capacity of 50 liters, and they are waterproof. With an IPX6 rating for waterproof capacity, you can expect these bags to resist in heavy rain conditions without a glitch.

Another excellent thing about this model is that it can be mounted on a motorcycle, a horse, or other means of transportation that can accommodate such items. No matter where you want to go, you can rest assured that bad weather won’t be an issue.

Also, you will be pleased with the multi-adjustment design available that lets you modify the distance between the two bags so that they fit any configuration. Also, if you want to use just one bag, that’s also possible.


If you want a pair of saddlebags that can hold quite a bit of luggage, this set with a total capacity of 50 liters is an ideal choice.

The IPX6 waterproof rating tells the entire story about how well these bags will behave in heavy rain conditions.

You can adjust the distance between the two bags so that they can fit a motorcycle or the back of a horse, for maximum convenience.

Due to the tight compaction design, you can opt for reducing the volume of the luggage placed inside by using this feature.

Resistant to cold, the high-quality materials used for the hardware allow you to enjoy these bags for a long time.


There might be some rubbing against the back tire when you travel at high speeds, and the bags are not full.

Also, while the buckles are generally of good quality, under a lot of tension, they might snap.

Buy from Amazon Now ($128)

6. Kemimoto Brown Motorcycle Saddle Bags

These are ideal for mounting at the back of your vehicle so that you can easily have access to necessary items. They are also quite good looking so you will love having them attached to your motorcycle. However, you should bear in mind that these are only middle size, so there’s not a lot of room available inside.

Still, for regular items, like small valuable, as well as water and snacks, you can successfully use them. The manufacturer will provide a pair of raincoats for the saddlebags, so, in bad weather, you can cover them to prevent the water from getting inside.

Some pretty neat features make these saddlebags worth considering. For instance, you will get a cup holder for your water bottle, and a side pocket that will serve for small things that you need to access quickly. Inside, there’s another zipped pocket that’s ideal for your keys.


You will receive all the hardware necessary for installing the bags on your motorcycle, including 4 ropes.

The raincoats included with your purchase are there to protect the content of the saddlebags from water in case you encounter wet weather along the way.

Users may appreciate the multi-pocket system provided that allows them quick access to a water bottle or small items that should be kept close by.

The bags won’t lose their shape, due to the hard liners employed inside each one; if they are empty, they won’t sag, either.

For your keys, there is an individual zipped pocket located inside each bag that allows you to rest assured that you won’t lose them.


The most crucial downside is, without a doubt, the fact that these bags are not waterproof, and not even the raincoats provided can truly keep water away in heavy rain.

Buy from Amazon Now ($30.99)

7. Tusk Off-Road Aluminum Dual Sport Adventure Panniers

Made from aluminum, these adventure motorcycle panniers are ideal for bikers who want nothing but superior durability and convenience. With a capacity of 37 liters for each box, the total volume you can carry with this set is 74 liters, which is a lot, especially considering what other offers exist on the market.

That is for the large size set. For the medium size, you will get 54 liters capacity, each box being capable of accommodating a volume of 27 liters. Another thing that contributes to the exceptional durability of this set of boxes, besides the sturdy aluminum structure, is the powder coating that eliminates problems, such as the blackening of the surface.

Bear in mind that the lid on each box is waterproof and comes with footman loops that allow you to attach other items for even more storing capacity. Both boxes come with locks and keys so that you can rest assured that your belongings are safe from thieves.


Some of the biggest panniers on the market are made by this manufacturer, as this 74-liter capacity set demonstrates.

Outstanding durability is ensured by the seamless edge design and reinforced welding; the aluminum sheet used has a thickness of .085 inches.

The boxes won’t suffer wear and tear since the surface is powder coating to eliminate blackening and increase their lifespan.

All your valuables are well protected, as they will be kept under lock and key; each box comes with such features for your peace of mind.

The lids are waterproof, another great sign of a product well made that is guaranteed to offer you excellent value for the money.


Expect these panniers to be an extra load on your motorcycle, as they are heavier than soft-case models, despite the use of lightweight aluminum for their structure.

You can’t ignore their bulky frame, which might not be to anyone’s liking.

Buy from Amazon Now ($214.75)

8. CrazyLeather Motorcycle Side Pouch Brown Leather Saddlebags

Compared to many other models on the market, these saddlebags stand out through appearance alone at first glance. Made from goat leather, they are designed to draw attention, and you will be surprised by the quality of craftsmanship. It is worth noting that these saddlebags are handmade in India, so unique in every way.

The accessories are equally impressive, as they are made from brass and look great. You will love the front pocket design that allows you to reach for items without a problem. You only need to place one bag on one side and a second bag on the other side, and you’ll be able to go.

They are resistant to weather elements, but, like any leather panniers, they are not waterproof, and if you decide to ride when it’s raining heavily, they will get soaked. One thing you will surely love is how leather gets better with time, letting its beauty shine through.


In case you want to purchase an eco-friendly item, besides being durable and beautiful, you just found it in this set of two panniers.

Made from real goat leather, each bag is wonderful and nice-looking and will make for the perfect accessory when you want to travel out of town.

No chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process of tanning the leather, so you can rest assured that the bags are safe for the environment.

Treated with natural oils, the leather is weather resistant and can take a lot of wear and tear.

Even the accessories are made from brass, to add durability.


These bags are small compared to many others on the market, so you will not be able to accommodate a lot of things inside.

There is no rack to keep them away from the back wheel, so you might have to deal with them rubbing against it.

Buy from Amazon Now ($33.99)

9. Kemimoto Fits BMW R1200GS Bag Pannier

For anyone who wants only one bag and not a set of two, this model can be an excellent option. First of all, let’s talk a little about its construction. The industrial-grade fabric will repel dust and water, while the frame stiffeners that come sewn-in will ensure that the bag will not lose its shape. Even more, the company offers a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that this is an item worth considering.

In case you want to carry the bag around, a shoulder strap is included for this particular purpose. That’s not something just any other motorcycle pannier on the market offers, so it is a choice that should be on your list.

The reflector strip is an excellent add-on, as it will signal your presence on the road in low light conditions. Also, the non-slip design helps it stay in place, and you will appreciate its overall sturdiness.


Dustproof and water-resistant, this bag is ideal for facing bad weather and will go through challenging situations without a glitch.

The shoulder strap is a nice touch and will help you use the pannier as a shoulder bag so that you can take it with you everywhere you go.

You will not have to worry about this bag losing its shape since it comes with sewn-in stiffeners that keep the frame from getting damaged.

Excellent storage capacity and compartmentalization makes it ideal for trips by bike when you want to keep some valuables at hand.


You might not be crazy about how bulky this bag is, so it’s something you want to bear in mind before making a purchase.

Also, seeing how you get only one bag, it is not that great a deal when compared to models that come in sets of two.

Buy from

10. Astra Depot Right Side Motorcycle Solo Saddle Bag

Our list wouldn’t be complete without some cheap motorcycle panniers that are ideal for bikers who shop on a budget. This solo saddlebag comes with side storage so that you can use it with confidence even for slightly longer rides. From the first moment, you will be impressed with the overall appearance of this bag.

Compatible with some Harley models, it is an excellent option for storing your valuables in a safe place. The quick-release hardware comes in handy, and it is readily provided so that you can quickly mount the bag on your motorcycle.

The bag is made from PU leather, and you will love its overall feel. The buckle is made from metal and quite sturdy, which means that you will receive a highly durable product. Seeing how it is cheaper compared to other models, you’re getting a pretty good deal for the money.


This bag is a lightweight option to many existent on the market, as it weighs a little over one pound and a half.

Many users appreciate the quick-release system that allows them to mount the bag on a bike with superior ease.

Since it doesn’t have a lot of space for storage, it is a good thing that comes with a side option for holding bottles or cans.

The reinforced leather sheet used is there to increase durability and also ensure that the bag doesn’t lose its shape.

A metal buckle completes the picture and helps with the durability factor, which might not be superior to many on this model.


Seeing how this is a cheap model, you shouldn’t expect extraordinary durability, and particularly the straps don’t appear to be that sturdy.

It is quite small, so you will have to be judicious about how tightly you pack each item that you want to keep there.

Buy from Amazon Now ($27.31)
Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


What are you looking for when searching for the best bike panniers? If you don’t know exactly what features are more important than others, we are here to offer you all the needed information for making a purchase that you will love.


Whenever you go shopping for the best panniers, you must observe what materials are used. There are a few categories, which is why that’s the first thing to decide. There are models made from canvas, which are soft-case boxes that work great when you want to stuff a lot of things inside.

If you care about style, leather panniers can be an excellent choice. However, you should bear in mind that these cannot be completely waterproof, and if you ride in heavy rain, they will get soaked eventually.

The sturdiest options, aluminum panniers, are another choice to consider. They can be waterproof, but they are also bulky, so they might not be for everyone. On the upside, they don’t lose their shape, and, if they are made from a reputable manufacturer, they come powder-coated to ensure that the surface doesn’t blacken.


Easy mounting

No matter what option you pick, you should also check if the bags are easy to mount on your bike. Some models come with quick-release hardware elements, while others use a cord. The latter is quite convenient because it allows you to adjust how the bags should fit on the sides of your bike.

The most important aspect is that the process of putting the saddlebags on and taking them off is easy and that anyone could do it. After all, you will need to manipulate them with ease so that you can pack your items carefully and carry them to the point of your destination.


Shape-holding features

That’s not an issue for aluminum models, and surely the best motorcycle saddlebags don’t have a problem, either. However, if they are made from canvas or leather, you should check for features that help them maintain their original shape.

Some come with sewn-in stiffeners for the frame, while others have a rigid lining inside that doesn’t allow external forces to damage the structure. Such aspects are vital if you are interested in getting nothing but the best.

Waterproof construction and capacity

Two other aspects that should be addressed before you make a purchasing decision are the waterproof capabilities and storage capacity. You surely want to have your valuables protected from rain, so see what models ensure total protection if you plan on riding in any weather.

Storage capacity is essential, too. If you intend to carry a lot of things with you, it is a good idea to get a system with two saddlebags and not just one. Also, check to see what storage capacity is offered. Aluminum models stand out from the crowd with more than 70 liters capacity in some products. There are plenty of small options, too, if that’s what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are motorcycle panniers?

You might have heard of pannier bags before, but maybe you didn’t think of them being a possible addition to a motorcycle. Since a bike doesn’t have a trunk like a car, there must be a way of transporting your luggage and in a comfortable manner, too. Panniers are precisely that, and that is why there are so many models on the market.

They can come as saddlebags, or as boxes, if they are made from metal, and you will find quite a great selection to choose from. Hard-case models are usually preferred for their high durability, but if you want to remove them easily, soft-case saddlebags are an option, nonetheless.

You can buy them in pairs, or you can buy a solo model, as there are plenty available. Their role is to store all your valuables in such a way that you know they are protected from weather elements and are also easy to access.

Q: What motorcycle panniers should I get?

It all depends on what kind of motorcycle luggage you intend you haul around. For instance, if you only need a place to store the charger for your phone and other valuable items, there is no point in purchasing a set to two hefty aluminum boxes. The chances are that they will weigh more than any luggage you intend to bring along with you on the road.

So, first things first, consider the purpose of the panniers. Do you intend to make a short or a long trip? If you go far from home, it is ideal that you pack at least a raincoat, a jacket, and some additional articles of clothing. Obviously, all this can’t be accommodated by a small leather bag.

Also, you should be aware of weather conditions. If you travel through an area that is known for heavy rains, you must get a waterproof model.


Q: How do I attach my panniers?

Different riders have different tastes, which is why motorcycle saddlebags come in so many versions. Depending on what you pick, you may have various options for attaching the panniers to your bike. For instance, rear panniers can be attached quickly with the help of a quick-release system.

For touring or commuting, models that come with this type of system are ideal. Usually, they can be detached with ease, and you can use them as shoulder bags, too. That’s quite convenient for someone who values such conveniences.

Motorcycle tank panniers are an alternative you may want to consider. They are not attached to the rear of your bike, but the tank. In case you already have the rear occupied with other bags, and there is a lot you need to bring with you, you will find such addition more than welcome. As for how to attach it, panniers also come with specialized cords for tying them in place.


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