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10 Best Motorcycle Mirrors (Updated Reviews) in 2022

When you’re looking for motorcycle mirrors, you will notice right away that there are numerous models available, and that could hinder your choice. To make your quest for a perfect pair easier, we put together the following list featuring the critically-acclaimed models now available.

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1. Mictuning Universal Hawk-Eye Motorcycle Convex Rear View Mirror

There is a definite advantage convex motorcycle mirrors have, and that is the perfect vision for the rider using them. These mirrors have large 6.1-inch glass lenses, ensuring that you get not only the superior vision but also clarity so that you have enough time to make a decision based on what other drivers do.

Adjusting the mirrors is easy as a breeze since they come equipped with a ball-type connecting joint that allows you to rotate them a full circle. Therefore, customizing their position is a walk in the park, and the advantage is that you will get excellent viewing angles as a result.

These motorcycle bar end mirrors are also very attractive, due to their hawk-eye design. However, you should know that the manufacturer thought about adopting this design not only for looks’ sake but also because the mirrors will create less wind drag at high speeds.


You know you made a sound investment when you buy these mirrors because of the high-impact ABS construction that also comes with a steel stem for superior durability.

If you’re searching for a universal fit, you will be pleased with this model as it is compatible with various bike models, such as Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki, as well as ATVs and dirt bikes.

The streamlined design of these mirrors makes them ideal for long rides when there’s nothing but you, the road, and the wind in your face; the low wind drag highly recommends them.

Feel free to adjust the mirrors as you see fit with the help of the connecting joint that is based on a ball design to ensure smooth manipulation.


Although these mirrors are ideal in many aspects, there is something you should know: the arms are a little short, so wider bikes may not match that well and cause some visibility issues.

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2. Doubletake Mirror - Indestructible Motorcycle Mirrors - Adventure Set

The first thing you should know about these motorcycle handlebar mirrors is that they are made with adventure biking in mind. The manufacturer took great care of creating a pair of mirrors with the unique destination of being used on adventure motorcycles.

As you well know, when you ride on an adventure bike, you need to make sure that your mirrors don’t start vibrating as that affects visibility. To eliminate this problem, the manufacturer used stiff joints that make the mirrors stable even at three-digit speeds. The RAM-mount components used for this model contribute to its superior durability.

Still, when you need to fold the mirrors out of the way or remove them, you will notice that you can do so with excellent ease. This happens because there are two ball joints used instead of one. These mirrors offer a perfect universal fit, too.



The body of the mirrors is made from glass-filled Zytel, a material that enjoys an excellent reputation for being virtually indestructible, something that you can count on when you go adventure biking.

Also, the RAM-mount elements bring their contribution to the overall durability of this model, and you can rest assured that you made a sound investment.

You will love how easily the mirrors fold or can be removed when you want them out of the way, due to the two ball joint configuration available.

Because of the stiff joints, vibration at high speeds won’t be an issue, no matter how fast you go, and visibility will remain the same.

Due to the adjustable tension, you can pick how you want the mirrors to be placed for maximum visibility.


While you may get pumped up about these mirrors, something that might dampen your enthusiasm is the price, which is steeper for those than for other models.

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3. MZS Motorcycle Mirrors Rear View Universal

What sort of bike do you ride? If it’s a Honda, a Suzuki, a Ducati, or a Yamaha, you should know that these motorcycle rear view mirrors will fit like a charm. Also, if you happen to ride an ATV, a scooter, a street bike, or a cruiser, these mirrors will fit, as well. Because of the universal design, they work on anything.

The ABS housing is durable and can take a lot of wear and tear. Also, the HD glass used for the lenses, and the steel stems make these mirrors almost indestructible. Another thing that will convince you that they are universal is that they can accommodate 8mm and 10mm bolt thread size.

Increasing your visibility and awareness or other drivers and obstacles, these mirrors contribute to your safety on the road. You can set the mirrors in such a configuration that you eliminate all the blind spots that could favor the occurrence of accidents.



These mirrors will behave well in all weather conditions, and the smooth surface of the lenses won’t get damaged easily.

You will be pleased to learn that they work with both standard and reverse bolt configuration, for universal fitting capability.

Due to the convex mirror design, they will create a wider field of view for the rider while making the objects seem smaller so that you can get a better feel of road conditions and obstacles.

Users should find the installation a breeze, as all you have to do is to bolt the mirror directly into the mounting points available on your bike.

Their overall appearance is stylish, and you will love how nice your bike will look once they’re mounted on.


One thing that’s missing from these mirrors is a set of instructions on how to mount them on your bike, but there are plenty of online tutorials that can help you with this.

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4. Rich Choices Black Rectangle Motorcycle Rear View Side Mirrors

These attractive black motorcycle mirrors will catch your eye right from the get-go. The housing and stem are made from aluminum for increased durability, and they have a beautiful black finish that makes them an excellent choice for someone interested in style, besides sturdiness and functionality.

Another element of design that contributes to the overall appeal of these mirrors is the smoke blue glass used for the lenses. You will be able to tell from the first glance that these are not your ordinary pair of motorcycle mirrors.

Fitting them on any chopper cruiser, regardless of brand, is a breeze, but it is always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure that you get the right model for your motorcycle. Adjusting the mirrors left and right, and up and down, is easy, and you will like that the manufacturer includes 2 10mm adapters, 2 8mm adapters, and 1 10mm reverse adapter.


Due to the aluminum housing and stems, these mirrors are sturdier than many others you can find on the market, yet they are still lightweight.

The beautiful smoke blue tint of the glass used for the lenses will draw your attention from the first moment you see them.

You will receive all the required adapters for mounting the mirrors on your bike without a glitch.

As far as fitting is concerned, you can rest assured that these universal mirrors will work for any chopper cruisers, including models made by Honda, Yamaha, Harley, Suzuki, and many others.

The mirrors are easy to adjust up and down, left and right so that you can achieve the perfect viewing angle.


Bear in mind that these mirrors are on the smaller side, so they might not be to your liking.

Also, it takes a bit of time to align them well, and some trial and error work may be required.

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5. Surpassme Universal Chrome Motorcycle Rear View Side Mirrors

When shopping for universal motorcycle mirrors, you will find that some models are better than most, as is the case with this pair that will fit on your vehicle, regardless of whether you ride a street bike, a cruiser, an adventure motorcycle, a dirt bike, an ATV or a UTV. As you can see, this company truly makes universal mirrors, and you can use them for different brands of motorcycles such as Harley, Kawasaki, or Honda, among many others.

These 10mm mirrors are great for wide viewing, and you will also be pleased with the excellent image stabilization that doesn’t allow them to shake even when you ride at high speeds.

You will find the mirrors easy to install, and their durability will convince you they are a sound investment. Seeing how such mirrors can increase your safety on the road, it is a good idea to get a model that fits on your bike and is also dependable.


Made with chrome stems, these mirrors are particularly durable, so you will know that your money is put to good use.

The mirrors are universal, so they fit on most motorcycles, regardless of brand, as well as on a wide range of other similar vehicles, as well as ATVs and UTVs.

You will get proper viewing range on these mirrors, so the overall safety factor is increased, and you can rely on the clear image they reflect.

Even more, the image stabilization is superior, and you won’t experience the usual shakiness when you ride at high speeds, as it happens with other mirrors.

Users will discover that the installation is straightforward and simple, as all the necessary hardware, such as two 10mm adapters, is included with your purchase.


You won’t receive any instructions with the mirrors, so you will have to figure out how to install them.

Some image fuzziness is possible at high speeds.

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6. Kemimoto M8 M10 Threaded Bolt Double Take Mirror

These mirrors are designed for heavy-duty use, which is why you will find them a great pick if you are the type of rider who often goes on trips. You will like the fact that they are also stylish, and they will make your bike look great. Also, it must be noted that these are affordable motorcycle mirrors, so you won’t have to break the bank to buy them.

With the package delivered by the manufacturer, you will also receive 5 bolts, which are necessary for installation so that you don’t have to purchase anything separately. A great thing is also the ABS construction that makes them lightweight, yet durable.

The stems are bent so that you don’t have to worry about the stability of the mirrors, and you will also experience less vibration and image shakiness at high speeds. Adjusting the mirrors is a breeze, as you can rotate them completely.


The aggressive look of these black mirrors will work great on your bike and will make it appear more stylish and interesting.

All the hardware you need for installing the mirrors is included with your purchase, eliminating the need for extra expenses.

You will like how the stems of the mirrors bend sharply as that offers higher stability at high speeds, therefore making them more useful for safety purposes.

A great thing about these mirrors is that they can be adjusted in such a manner that blind spots are eliminated, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Made from ABS, the mirrors are highly durable, and also the glass used for the lenses is ultrathin and has an innovative design that helps with visibility.


You might discover that the mirrors don’t extend too much, and that can be a downside if you want to adjust them like this.

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7. Katur 7/8Inch 22mm Motorcycle Handlebar End Mirrors

What do you need most in a mirror for your motorcycle when you go on a trip? Visibility is high on any rider’s list, and that’s precisely what this model from Katur offers. The image clarity is excellent, and also the mirrors offer a superior range of vision, which, again, contributes to your overall safety when on the road.

It must be mentioned that the lenses are made with 4 inches of anti-glare glass so that you don’t experience mishaps such as the sun reflecting too much into your mirrors. The mirrors swivel 360 degrees, which makes adjusting them a real breeze.

Their durability is remarkable, too. As they are made from machined aluminum, they are lightweight, but also sturdy. You will be pleased to see how stable they remain even when you go riding on bumpy roads. The mirrors are universal and fit on a broad variety of vehicles.


You don’t need to make any modifications to your bike or the mirrors, as they are delivered with the necessary adaptors for straightforward installation.

The machined aluminum used for the housing is anodized so that weather conditions of any kind won’t cause it to deteriorate with time.

Whether you ride a chopper, a dirt bike, a cruiser, a scooter, or an ATV, you will discover that these mirrors are a universal fit.

If you have to adjust the mirrors for better viewing angles, you only need to move them up and down and left and right, as the 360-degree swivel allows it.

Even on bumpy roads or at high speeds, thesAlthough they fit on many vehicles, there are specific models on which these mirrors don’t work, but fortunately, the manufacturer provides a list of exceptions.e mirrors won’t vibrate or make the image shake due to their stable construction.


Although they fit on many vehicles, there are specific models on which these mirrors don’t work, but fortunately, the manufacturer provides a list of exceptions.

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8. XYZCTEM Modern Stylish Custom Black Side Review Mirrors

There are many great things to say about this pair of mirrors, but the first should be their stylish appearance. These custom motorcycle mirrors come in black, and the blade design will catch your eye from the first glance. You won’t get a better chance to make your bike stand out from the crowd than by installing these cool looking mirrors on it.

Another thing you will undoubtedly notice is that these mirrors take up less space than stock mirrors, and that is a plus since many riders consider the standard options to be bulky and inconvenient. So the sleek profile of these mirrors is not just for show and actually has a practical purpose.

Ideal for heavy use, they are made with billet metal, a material that will withstand a lot of wear and tear and will also help maintain the stability of these mirrors when you ride on bumpy roads.


The sleek design will impress any rider from the start, and the great part is that it is also more functional than what standard stock mirrors can offer.

You can install these mirrors on a street bike, a cruiser, a naked bike, or a chopper with great ease, as both 8mm and 10mm adapters are included with your purchase.

Image quality is assured by the clear white glass used for the lenses; you won’t experience any image distortion or other mishaps.

Easy installation adds to the appeal of these mirrors, and you will be glad to learn that there are no modifications needed.

The sturdy metal used will ensure that there will be no vibration at high speeds or when road conditions are less than ideal.


Although there are adapters included in the package, these might not work for all bikes, and in some cases, you might have to get longer screws.

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9. Generic Black Folding Motorbike Side Mirrors

In case you don’t want anything fancy, these folding motorcycle mirrors are an excellent option. Their regular appearance and good quality make them a great addition to any bike, and the good news is that they fit on almost all motorcycle models currently available.

Aside from the non-assuming looks, these mirrors offer many other advantages, such as a wide viewing angle and superior image definition. You will surely feel safer on the road when your motorcycle is equipped with these accessories.

The stems are made from aluminum and, therefore, highly durable, w

There is a great advantage when you purchase folding mirrors, as you won’t have to worry that your bike won’t be able to squeeze through crowded places.

You will be able to see cars and other obstacles while riding because the mirrors provide wide vision and also have a clear definition, without blurring details.

Users can rest assured that these mirrors are built with durability in mind, as the housing is made from ABS, and the aluminum stems are durable, as well.

If you prefer regular looks on your motorcycle, these classic mirrors will make a great impression on you right from the start.

Feel free to equip your motorcycle, scooter, or ATV with these mirrors, as they are a good fit for a wide range of vehicles.

hile the housing is made from ABS, also created with sturdiness in mind. You will know that your investment is put to good use once you take your bike for a ride. The entire installation process is straightforward so that you won’t encounter any issues with that, either. Because they fold, they can be moved out of the way when you need to park your motorcycle.


There is a great advantage when you purchase folding mirrors, as you won’t have to worry that your bike won’t be able to squeeze through crowded places.

You will be able to see cars and other obstacles while riding because the mirrors provide wide vision and also have a clear definition, without blurring details.

Users can rest assured that these mirrors are built with durability in mind, as the housing is made from ABS, and the aluminum stems are durable, as well.

If you prefer regular looks on your motorcycle, these classic mirrors will make a great impression on you right from the start.

Feel free to equip your motorcycle, scooter, or ATV with these mirrors, as they are a good fit for a wide range of vehicles.


Although the mirrors are sturdy, they don’t appear to be particularly stable, and there will be some image shakiness when you ride at fast speeds.

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10. Kemimoto ATV Side View Mirror

One look at these mirrors will convince you that they are a great buy. The attention to detail is superior, as the rubber sleeves are there to protect the interfaces from weather elements. When the structure of the mirrors is protected like this, you will be able to use them for a long time without the need for replacement.

They can be considered ideal Honda motorcycle mirrors, but they work on many other brands, such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Suzuki. And that’s not all; you can install them with ease on a dirt bike, a scooter, an electric bike, and even on a wheelchair if need be.

As the housing is made from high impact ABS, you can expect excellent durability. Also, it is worth mentioning that the coating applied to the mirrors is resistant to scratches. Due to the high definition of the lenses, you will be able to see cars and other obstacles when riding without impediments.


Sturdy rubber sleeves protect the interfaces, so they will not be affected by erosion, and they will also be protected from rain, snow, mud, and all other weather elements.

Adapting the mirrors to the configuration you want is easy, as the ball-type 360-degree adjustments work like a charm.

An excellent field of view makes these mirrors a contributing factor to your safety on the road, along with superior image quality.

With the ABS housing and shock protection coating, the mirrors are created to resist regular wear and tear, too, which makes them a sound investment.

Last but not least, these mirrors are cool looking, and their attractiveness adds to their overall appeal.


Be aware that the mirrors do not come with instructions on how to install them, so you might have to search for additional information so that you can mount them on your vehicle.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide



Whether you want to get a pair of motorcycle mirrors with turn signals or one that attaches easily to the bar ends with collars, you surely consider that having good quality mirrors is essential. That is why, before you decide to invest money in a model, we have a few recommendations for you.

Decide on a mounting style

You may look at a motorcycle mirror and wonder what sets it apart from the rest. The first immediate thing to notice is the mounting style. Some models can be mounted on the front fairing, and you will need some special bolts to attach them.

Then some models are mounted directly on the bar, with the help of collars made particularly for this purpose. Furthermore, there are bar end models that allow you to attach the mirrors as far away from your elbows as possible; if you have troubles with visibility, this configuration might be just for you.

Riders can also invest in models specialized in eliminating blind spots. These come equipped with large lenses, and they are bulkier than others, but, on the other hand, they can truly keep you safe on the road.

Let’s not forget about motorcycle mirrors with turn signal, which can contribute to your safety on the road even more. They come equipped with lights mounted on their back so that other drivers can see you when you signal about making a turn.


Check out resistance to weather and vibrations

There is something that riders want to see in their mirrors, and that is resistance to vibrations. When you ride at high speeds, the mirrors may start bounding, making it impossible for you to see what’s going on behind you.

Check the motorcycle mirrors reviews that point out at those models that don’t vibrate at high speeds. These come with stiff joints that ensure that the mirrors don’t move when you ride faster and faster. Also, their overall construction is sturdy, and they might not be cheap motorcycle mirrors. However, they are surely worth the price, especially if you are into adventure riding.


Ease of installation

Installing your mirrors should not be difficult. Most models you can find on the market come with a straightforward design that doesn’t leave any room for guessing. However, it is worth looking around for models that are easy to install, to get this out of the way.


Is it possible to adjust the viewing angle?

Adjusting the viewing angle is something that matters a lot for anyone who cares about his or her safety when riding on a motorcycle. Since not all riders have the same height or use the same motorcycle models, the mirrors should be easy to adjust.

Search for models that come with a 360-degree connecting joint that will allow you to move the mirrors in all directions. That helps when you want to use the two mirrors for slightly different purposes. Don’t forget that a large field of view also matters.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need mirrors on my motorcycle?

Some people like to be safer on the road than others, which is why they invest in some extra gear to mount on their rides for this purpose. For instance, they opt for motorcycle turn signal mirrors because of the high functionality of these models. However, you should know that having mirrors on your motorcycle is not a legal requirement everywhere.

Some local state laws demand that you have both left and right rear view mirrors, while others require only one. Various modifications are in place from one state to another, so you should always consult the local laws before taking your motorcycle for a ride.

Q: How do you tighten a mirror on a motorcycle?

Mounting mirrors on your motorcycle is a simple process, but you may want to tighten and adjust them in such a manner that you get the best view of what happens behind you. First, place the mirrors in position, and then tighten the lower bolt using your fingers. Do the same with the outer bolt.

Once you see that the position is correct, you can tighten the outer bolt some more with the help of a spanner. However, it is advisable to avoid over-tightening the bolts. In case there’s no spanner around, you can just slowly turn the mirror clockwise until the nuts are tightened enough.


Q: How many mirrors do you need on a motorcycle?

Legal requirements are one thing, while what’s safe for you can be another. That is why the answer to this question cannot be straightforward. If you live in Nebraska, for instance, you can ride your bike without any mirrors mounted on it, while in California, you need to have at least one.

However, if you want to be the safest you can be, this is the configuration you must try. A pair of mirrors is a great idea, especially if you can adjust them to eliminate blind spots. For instance, you can mount one to help you see what’s behind, and the other for what’s considered your rear three-quarter vision.


Q: Are bar end mirrors better?

If you compare bar end mirrors to stock mirrors, the simple answer is a loud ‘yes’. Stock mirrors make your bike too wide to navigate with ease through the traffic, and that is why replacing them with bar-end mirrors is a great idea. Since they are smaller than handlebar mirrors, they can also make your bike look more streamlined.

When you need to store your bike inside a shed, you will also notice that the low profile of these mirrors helps with getting your motorcycle through the door. Last, but not least, you will find it easier to lane split when using such mirrors.


Q: How do you replace a motorcycle mirror?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to install LED motorcycle mirrors or any other type on your ride. Usually, the manufacturers provide all the required hardware, but little information on replacing your old mirrors.

The main difficulty arises from the fact that the mirrors are mounted using a top nut and a lower nut for each connection. That means that you will need to hold the top one in place while removing the other, and then remove the top one, too. When placing the new mirrors, you must do the same, but in reverse, and having a friend’s assistance might help.


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