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9 Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers (Reviews) in 2022

To help you choose the right handlebar mounted speakers for motorcycle use, we put together a few of our favorite alternatives currently available for sale in a list of reviews aiming to point out their most useful features.

1. GoHawk RD8 Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

Featuring a stylish design, these speakers are available in various colors so they can easily match the rest of your motorcycle. Thanks to the new mounting clamp, you can install the speakers on various sizes of handlebars without too much effort. 

The dual speakers boast an aluminum stereo main unit that ensures excellent resistance against wear, tear, and water, which means you can enjoy your favorite tunes or radio show in all weather conditions, even when it’s raining or snowing outside. 

They can be easily paired with your Android or Apple device via Bluetooth and wireless so you can stream your playlist directly from your phone. The speakers also support USB and microSD cards where you can upload your favorite MP3s. 

They come with a user-friendly interface and a clock LED feature, as well as easy access to all main functions with just a push of a button. 


Thanks to their sturdy design, the speakers will last wear and tear, which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor use. 

They can be easily mounted on bike handlebars of various sizes but will also work for jet skis, ATVs, UTVs, marine boats, and other vehicles. 

The speakers come with all necessary hardware and wiring, as well as easy-to-follow instructions on how to mount them. They feature a standard 12V connection. 

You can pair them with your smartphone, be it Android or Apple, via wireless and Bluetooth so you have access to your favorite radio show or playlists whenever you’re on the run. 


The product might not be loud enough for powerful motorcycles, especially when you also add wind to the equation. Given that you’re going to wear a protective helmet too, you will barely hear any sounds coming from these speakers.

The mounting clamps could be made of sturdier materials. 

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2. Boss Audio MC720B Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker Sound System

If you’re looking for a pair of reliable Bluetooth motorcycle handlebar speakers, then this model is indeed worth considering while you’re searching. By using this device, you can play and control music and apps like Spotify wirelessly, via Bluetooth.

They are powered by a compact, weatherproof Class A/B amplifier and have a 3.5 mm aux-in that is compatible with many other devices you might already own, such as an iPod or an iPhone.

For the customer's comfort, besides the two 4-inch chrome speakers, the packaging also includes one two-channel amplifier, one inline volume control, and adjustable brackets to help you mount the speakers.

The adjustable brackets will fit any model of a handlebar that measures between 0.75 to 1.25 inches, so we recommend you check your handlebar size before buying.  

Another aspect worth considering is the three-year warranty offered to the customers that purchase this product online.


These handlebar speakers have a great advantage of working with Bluetooth technology, making things easier without extra wiring.

These speakers also have a glossy and compact design to make your motorcycle look more stylish.

The class A/B amplifier is resistant in harsh weather conditions so it is a durable product.

Coming with a 3.5-mm aux, the sound system is compatible with different devices like an iPhone and an iPod in order to connect them to music apps like Spotify.

The product comes with some extra features like a two-channel amplifier, adjustable brackets for easier mounting, and inline volume control.


When you buy this product you have to make sure the handlebar size is compatible with these speakers as they are not a universal model.

If the engine of your motorcycle is too loud, you may not hear the music as wanted so you’ll need an amp.

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3. Kicker DS 35 Koax System

If you’re in search of the loudest motorcycle handlebar speakers out there, then perhaps you should consider checking out this model from Kicker, given that they are built with excellent sound performance in mind.

They’re great for any vehicle that has handlebars they can be attached on, including ATVs and motorcycles. The audio system itself is enclosed in a durable chrome case, complete with handlebar mounting hardware.

The outer shell makes sure that these speakers are protected from outside factors such as unfavorable weather conditions.

They work best with 50 Watts of recommended power. Given their small size, they have excellent sound quality, but if you want them to be heard over loud exhaust pipes, you should try using them with an external amp.

Last but not least, the affordable price and favorable customer reviews make this product worthy of your attention.


The main reason to pick these speakers is the sound performance they provide, as this product is known to be very loud for its minimal size.

Despite the fact that the speakers have a wide volume range, the design is very compact.

They are also versatile as they can be mounted on any kind of handlebars from motorcycles to ATVs.

With this product, you can listen to your favorite music while you are on the road on apps like Spotify.

For more protection against weather conditions, the speakers come with a chrome case and an outer shell.

The mounting process is very easy and it doesn’t need any additional tools.


It is recommended to use an amp for a better music quality at over 50 mph.

The durability is not a strong point as it may vary depending on the conditions in which the speakers are used.

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4. Kicker PXiBT1002 BT Control with 100 watt amp 

This pair of enclosed handlebar speakers is built for excellent sound on any vehicle that has handlebars where they can be mounted. They are powered by a 100 Watts amp and are also waterproof making for a durable construction.

The speker units come in sturdy chrome enclosures, designed to protect them from outside factors such as harsh weather conditions or mechanical shock that may ensue during a motorcycle ride.

They work best with 50 Watts of recommended power. No radio is necessary, given that they can be connected via Bluetooth and controlled indirectly.

The Bluetooth receiver also allows you to stream music directly from the amplifier. Another aspect worth considering is their illuminated display that will enable you to change the track or adjust the volume.

This device can quickly be hooked up with a factory radio or aftermarket because it has a wide range of input options.



One of the most important features of these enclosed handlebar speakers is the waterproof construction that makes them durable and resistant in time.

The speakers are powered by a 100-Watts amp so you can enjoy the quality of the sound at its finest.

They are a great choice for your motorcycle since they are resistant to shocks and harsh weather conditions thanks to the protection chrome case.

You can operate this model via Bluetooth so you can choose your favorite music from your device.

The music can be streamed directly from the amplifier thanks to the Bluetooth receiver.

Adjusting the volume or changing the track is very easy due to the illuminated display.

The input levels allow the product to hook up with a factory radio.


The design is not as compact as other products.

The recommended power is 50 Watts if you don’t use the amp.

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5. Lexin LX-S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Boasting an elegant design, these bullet-shaped bar-mount speakers will deliver a very loud volume and high-quality sound. The 3-inch stereo speakers include built-in Bluetooth technology so you can easily pair them with your phone to listen to your favorite FM radio tuner or music. 

They are easy to install - all you have to do is pair them or plug them to play. The new metallic housing with polish chrome treatment will fit perfectly on your bike, regardless of its style or color. And, thanks to the fully waterproof design, you will enjoy your favorite music in all weather conditions, even when it’s pouring or snowing outside. 

The Bluetooth A2DP wireless stereo system is suitable for racing, cycling or biking safely at maximum speeds of 80 mph. The USB port can be used to charge your phone or play music directly from a memory stick, ensuring improved versatility and ease of use. 


The first thing that you will notice about these speakers is their bullet-shape that makes them lightweight and compact so they won’t add too much weight to your bike. 

They are made of quality materials and feature a waterproof coating that prevents corrosion or breaking in time, which means they are an excellent choice no matter the weather outside. 

The speakers are easy to install and come with all wiring necessary so you won’t need additional tools or accessories to make them work. 

The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows you to listen to music directly from your phone, so you have access to all your favorite tracks every time you‘re on the road. 


You cannot hook an amp to the speakers to get more volume but luckily, they are loud enough to allow you to hear even when wearing a helmet and when the wind is blowing heavily. 

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6. GoHawk AR4-Halo LED Waterproof Stereo Speakers

Made in the United States, these speakers from GoHawk feature an innovative mounting design. The mounting clamp supports bars of various sizes for increased convenience and comes equipped with all necessary hardware and wiring. 

The speakers feature an all-waterproof design, which makes them a great choice for those who ride their bikes in all weather conditions. They support Bluetooth and wireless connection up to 45 feet, which means you can easily pair them with your smartphone and listen to your favorite music at all times. 

They are also compatible with both Android and Apple devices, which makes them more versatile. Unlike many models on the market, the GoHawk AR4-Halo speakers come with a built-in amp for increased volume.

The user-friendly interface is easy to pick on and, what we like the most is that the speakers come with remote control for increased comfort and portability. They are compatible with most motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and 4-wheelers, including Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Ducati. 


The speakers feature an easy mounting clamp that supports bars of various lengths, which makes them a great choice for most motorcycles and other vehicles like ATVs and UTVs. 

The accessible interface ensures easy access to all buttons to adjust the volume and switch the track. 

You shouldn’t be worried about the maximum volume of these speakers - the built-in amp solves this problem so you can listen to your favorite music or Radio show even when riding your bike at higher speeds.

The all-waterproof design makes the speakers resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion, which means they will last you a long time, even when it’s snowing or raining outside. 


The modulation is rather low, so you will struggle to hear the music playing when wearing your helmet. We don’t recommend hitting the gas pedal at speeds over 60mph as there might be some interference due to the heavy wind blowing. 

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7. Kicker Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

This series designed by Kicker features high-efficiency speakers that require a low current draw. They do not drain the battery life of the device, but they still manage to maintain a convenient volume that you can hear over the various noises that you might encounter on the road.

All the models in this category boast 20 millimeters neo-titanium-dome tweeters, which might as well be their distinctive feature. They’re usually bridge-mounted over the woofers, given that this particular position preserves the quality of the sound and counters excessive vibration.

With a power rating of 60 Watts peak and 30 Watts RMS and an Impedance of 2-Ohm, these weatherproof models can be used as drop-ins in motorcycle fairings, UTV, ATV, marine or outdoor systems.

Not even wearing a helmet will cover the clear sound of these speakers. They are also very light, weighing 12 ounces each and allowing the bike’s center of gravity to remain low so as to make it easy to handle.


Battery life-drowning is not a problem anymore for you as this speaker model comes with a low current draw.

This highly-efficient product manages to keep a convenient music volume with minimum consumption.

Another specific feature of this item is the neo-titanium dome tweeters that are only 20 millimeters.

To counter the excessive vibration and preserve the quality of the sound, the tweeters are mounted over the woofers.

The power rating of this item is about 60 Watts and it is great for motorcycle fairings, marine, ATV, and outdoor systems.

For better maneuverability, the structure of these speakers is lightweight, weighing 12 ounces.

The sound is clear despite the noises encountered on the road or even when you are wearing a helmet.


This product doesn’t use a Bluetooth connection so you won’t be able to connect your smartphone.

The peak is 60 Watts which is a lower power rating than other models.

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8. JBL Cruise Bluetooth Handlebar Speaker Kit

Are you looking for a pair of speakers to enjoy your favorite music on the go? This set from JBL measures 2.5 inches in length and can be easily mounted on the handlebar of your bike. They feature a mirror integration mount and they are made of durable yet lightweight materials so they don’t add extra weight to your bike. 

The JBL Cruise was specifically engineered for the needs of motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts and is a lot safer than using in-ear headphones whenever you want to listen to your favorite tracks or radio show when riding your two-wheeler. 

You can easily stream music with the help of the Bluetooth connectivity and you should know that the headphones can be paired with devices that use both Android and iOS operating systems for enhanced versatility. When purchasing the kit, you’ll get all the necessary hardware and wiring to easily install the speakers without requiring professional help. 


The speakers are lightweight and portable, so they won’t add too much weight on your bike and make it harder to handle. 

They feature strong Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily pair them with your phone, be it Android or Apple, and listen to your favorite music while riding your bike into the sunset. 

The product is powered with a built-in amplifier that produces a concert-like experience and enhances sound quality. 

The IPX5 waterproof rating means the speakers can be safely used in all weather conditions, without damaging them or affecting the sound quality. Thus, you can prepare your long trip in all weather conditions and still listen to your favorite jams even when it’s raining outside. 


Although not a product flaw, the customer service from JBL might be hard to contact if you have any questions or problems regarding your recently-purchased set of speakers. 

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9. Kuryakyn 2712 MTX Road Thunder Motorcycle Speakers

When you are on the road on your bike, listening to music or taking calls can be an essential part of enjoying your trip. That is why you need a pair of high-quality speakers explicitly designed with this purpose in mind. These speakers connect with any Bluetooth device, so they are straightforward to operate.

Their overall construction is robust. The ABS enclosures offer durability, while the chrome finish adds extra appeal. You will be happy to learn that the pods and controller have an IP66 rating for resistance to weather elements. When it comes to installing them, you will find the process a real breeze.

Another thing that will please you is that the set of speakers comes with all the needed accessories for installing them correctly. You will find a handlebar clamp in the package, a clam shim, a wire hardness, and a hardware kit.


Easy installation is always a plus when installing a new pair of speakers on your motorcycle, so you will be pleased to hear that the process for this process is a walk in the park.

They are compatible with Bluetooth-operated devices, so they are easy to connect with your smartphone so that you can take calls easily while on the road.

You will get both mounting options possible for the handlebar of your bike since both a handlebar clamp and a clam shim are included in the package.

The pods and controller are resistant to weather, as they have the IP66 rating required for such situations.


While they are reasonably sturdy and offer overall excellent performance, these speakers are not the loudest you can get, so that’s something for you to bear in mind when making your selection.

Another thing that may bother you a little is the amount of wiring for which you will have to find a way to hide from view.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you’re looking for a great pair of handlebar speakers and you’re not sure what features you should take into consideration to get the product you want in the fastest and most efficient way possible, then checking out our guide would be an excellent place to start looking.

Should you be interested in this topic, we can recommend reading other similar articles on our website, such as the one dealing with getting stylish biker jackets or cool Harley Davidson sunglasses & safety glasses.

Materials and construction

The material is what makes a great device. In the particular case of handlebar speakers, the materials used in the manufacturing process should be as high quality as possible, given that the result ought to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions that come along with riding a motorcycle.

Usually, these speakers are made of metal, from aluminum to steel, and they most often have a chrome finish, for various reasons. Aside from giving them a glossy look that will fit nicely with the design of your vehicle, the outer layer adds to the overall durability of the item.

There are a few alternatives out there made using lighter materials, such as PVC, and it’s great because they’re lightweight and they will not affect the weight center of your vehicle, nor will they hinder your movements in any way.

However, you should try to figure out what’s more important to you, whether it’s a more extended lifespan in the form of a sturdier build or an overall lighter design because both come with advantages and disadvantages.


Mounting system and dimensions

If we’ve already stated that the materials used to manufacture a specific device have a significant influence on its overall weight and that might affect the way it interacts with the vehicle, it’s certainly worth mentioning that the way it is mounted might pose similar problems.

First of all, you need to check on the product description file and see if the packaging that is delivered to you includes specific accessories to help you mount your new handlebar speakers or whether they’re included in the design. If not, make sure to purchase them separately because otherwise, the item will be of no use.

Also, be sure to check whether the dimensions specified by the manufacturer match the ones of the vehicle that you want to mount the model on, and if not you should adjust your choice to an alternative that has the proper measurements.


An essential aspect when it comes to motorcycle speakers is the volume of the sound and its overall quality. You probably wish to hear your favorite music over the roar of the engine, regardless the speed you’re going at.

To make sure this happens, carefully check the power of the device and whether or not each of the two individual speakers has an incorporated amplifier since that can help turn up the volume.

Check to see what the recommended power in the instructions offered by the manufacturers is and try to use your device accordingly to avoid any malfunctions.


After you’ve made sure that a particular alternative meets most of your requirements, you need to try and link it with your favorite music. Or maybe you’d prefer listening to the radio, in which case you need to be able to intercept radio frequencies using your speakers.

An efficient way of connecting them to your regular playlist would be to choose a model that has built-in Bluetooth connectivity options, since this way you’ll have complete access to your regular playlist employing the other devices you typically use for playing music, such as your phone or an mp3 player or an iPod.


Other aspects worth considering

You should try to adjust your choice to the budget that you have. Getting a new pair of handlebar speakers shouldn’t cost a fortune, but it won’t be a bargain either, especially if you’re looking for a durable item with high-quality features.

Keep in mind that, as a general rule, the materials used in the manufacturing process and the quality of the sound system are the two main factors that influence the price of the final result, and if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives you shouldn’t be surprised if these two features are affected.


Weatherproof speakers

The job of a subwoofer or a speaker generally is to convert electricity into sound, basically. But in order for that to happen, the circuits need to be in perfect condition so that the electric signal isn’t interrupted or deviated. Worst case scenario – the speaker breaks while you’re riding your motorcycle and this takes your attention away from the road.

You don’t want that to be happening, or anything similar. That’s why you want to find speakers that are immune to any kind of weather, especially water. As you know, water and electricity don’t work well together, so it’s good to look for some handlebar speakers that are well-sealed and don’t let any rain get inside them.

Furthermore, speakers that don’t accumulate humidity in them, even in those foggy days, are the ones you should be looking for. But besides water, you need to ensure that the speakers don’t get filled with dust or anything like that. The dust has the annoying tendency to stick to fine surfaces, and a speaker is full of those.

Sound quality

A powerful system will be one with many watts of power onboard. But that is not the only thing to consider – wattage and sensitivity rating also influence the quality of the sound. You don’t want the speakers to be rumbling or vibrating too much because they can’t withstand their own power. Instead, you want stable speakers that can deliver quality sounds at a volume that you can hear.

When riding powerful bikes, choppers, with the wind in your face, it will sometimes be impossible to hear the music they blast, even if they are at full volume. Speaking of that, it is ideal if you can also adjust the volume of the speakers. Most models should let you do that.

Another thing to consider is the fact that most speakers have a certain “focus point” where the sound they project is best heard. If the installation process doesn’t tell you about this focus point, make sure that you adjust the speakers by yourself, until you find the perfect spot. Ideally, this spot will be right where your head sits while you ride comfortably.

Positioning the speakers so that the sound waves from them meet right in the point where your head sits will ensure that you get a full stereo experience and you get the loudest volume possible with the clearest sound.



Your handlebar speakers could have the best sound, could be the most reliable ones ever, but if they don’t look good, you won’t really like them. Some people have this idea that they only buy things that they like the look of. That is a fair thing to do, taking into account that the human mind is so much focused on what the eyes can see, sometimes ignoring other senses.

There are some speaker models that look like mirrors, and those ones are a popular choice, as they make you look like you’re running two sets of mirrors, and they look stylish.




I’m a big fan of music, but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about listening to my favorite tunes while traveling by bike. Just as I like music, I love my motorcycle, too, and riding is the type of pastime I try to indulge as often as possible. However, since wearing headphones or earbuds is a no-no when riding a bike, I wasn’t sure what I could do to add an excellent soundtrack to my rides.

Of course, I heard about speakers plenty of times, but I was skeptical about them. The one time I had the chance to listen to a friend’s handlebar speakers, the muddled sound, and the loud volume that made music sound like a complete cacophony put me off.

However, that changed when I was invited by my girlfriend’s family to join them on a road trip that would take us from one coast to the other, with multiple stops along the way. Since they are huge fans of riding, I wanted to prove myself worthy of being included in the family.

Before embarking on our trip, I proudly presented my ride, a Ducati Sport 1000S. While my girlfriend’s parents congratulated me on choosing a cool bike, her mother asked me what kind of speakers I preferred.

I didn’t want to sound uncool, now that they had seen my ride, so I tried to wave it off, saying that the road was all I needed for an enjoyable experience. Apparently, my girlfriend’s father had barely waited for a chance to talk about his speaker system.

As I said, my opinion of motorcycle handlebar speakers was already formed, but for the sake of politeness, I listened to him and allowed him to present his ‘baby’ with all its accessories. He was so excited about telling me about the audio system he had installed on his bike that I just couldn’t tell him ‘no’.

Imagine my surprise when my girlfriend’s father began streaming some music from his smartphone directly to the speakers, to show me how they work. The sound volume was high, but the quality was there, too, so I was impressed. Plus, he chose ‘Born to Be Wild’ to make his demonstration, so he proved to be an all right guy in my book from the get-go.

I asked him if it was challenging to install the speakers, and he told me that the set came with a kit, and all he had had to do was follow the instructions. To convince me, he dismounted the speakers and then mounted them again, so I was impressed with the ease of installation. Then, he showed me how he used Bluetooth to stream music from his iPhone to the speakers.

“But what about when you’re on the road?” I asked.

“You can still feel and hear the road,” he replied. “Only that you can listen to music, too.”

Needless to say, I was convinced. I got myself a kit complete with handlebar speakers and a mounting system. Mine works with Android, too, and it’s so easy to use that I cannot believe I postponed it so long to get one.

Frequently asked questions


Q: Are motorcycle speakers waterproof?

Handlebar speakers should be made to withstand all kinds of weather, and that includes rain, fog, or other conditions that can cause speakers to accumulate humidity. Although there are some models out there that are not suited for all types of weather, these speakers are usually cheap and aren’t made to last.

Quality speakers should be constructed of good, durable materials that don’t let water trickle through. Whatever you do, don’t choose a set of speakers that you would normally use indoors to put on your motorcycle. Furthermore, don’t try to modify a pair of car speakers to mount them on your bike. Of course, the initial result can be the same, but they aren’t made to withstand the punishment of outdoor conditions.

Unfortunately, there are some cases when speakers manufacturers say their products are waterproof but that proves to be fake over time. Initially, these speakers don’t let water set in, but their biggest flaw is the fact that they aren’t immune to humidity building up in them. They aren’t as sealed as they should.

That is why it’s often difficult to choose a new set, and it’s best if you go and check all the possible models and read all the forums, reviews, or guides you can, before making your choice.

Humidity will eventually settle into almost all speakers. The older the model, the more likely that is, but what matters is how much time they last. Otherwise, you won’t like it when the sound suddenly stops and you won’t have any idea why.

Q: How many watts should my speakers have?

Wattage is often a deceiving stat, as it doesn’t show the full picture. Some speakers that aren’t of the best quality but have a decent wattage level will often showcase that power, fooling those that don’t really know how speakers work.

Although the number of watts suggests the raw power a speaker can deliver, it’s the decibels that matter, when it comes to volume. And speakers measure these decibels and display the value as something called “sensitivity rating”.

Handlebar speakers manufacturers often forget to mention this number, as it is not something that helps their products be promoted. Speakers meant for outdoor use often deliver poorer sound, and that is mainly because they are internally-powered. The conclusion here is that watts don’t really matter if the drivers are of poor quality.

And the quality of drivers is often hard to judge, especially because manufacturers don’t often showcase these details. Furthermore, the driver of a speaker or subwoofer is a sensitive piece of equipment, and when placed on a motorcycle that goes at high speeds, it’s clear that the driver will move a lot and won’t be able to perform the best.

There is a compromise to be made between the sturdiness of the driver and the quality of the sound it can produce. Unfortunately, you can’t judge a set of handlebar speakers just based on wattage. One tip to remember is that bigger models with bigger diaphragms are usually better, and provide more volume, and a clearer sound.


Q: How do I install my motorcycle handlebar speakers?

First of all, you need to choose a speaker system that is suitable for your motorcycle. Don’t forget to think about the weather in your area when choosing them, and also how you are going to store your motorcycle. This could have an influence on how you mount the speakers.

The first step is to get the speakers out of their package and, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, bolt them onto the handlebars. Some speakers are to be strapped there, so, depending on the model, act accordingly, following instructions. Don’t worry about bolts and nuts, as these should be provided by the manufacturer in the package.

After you’re done with placing them, you need to connect them electrically. From the battery, which is usually placed under the seat, run some standard audio power wirings (which should also come with the speakers), and connect the speakers and battery using them. Try to conceal the wires under the tank or under other pieces, as to keep them away from your legs or anything that could break them.

If the end of the cables don’t have a “clicking” system that simply allows you to connect them to the speakers easily, you will need to solder them with care, and then secure them, so the soldering work doesn’t break.

It’s best if the speakers are placed against some kind of surface, as this will give them stability and a good quality sound, as long as they’re not hitting the surface they should be stuck to.


Q: Can I listen to music while driving?

The general answer to that is yes, motorcycle riders are allowed to listen to music while riding. However, there are certain ways in which they are allowed to do so. The main concern of listening to music while riding is the fact that the motorcyclist doesn’t pay attention to the road, or can’t hear what is happening around him or her.

Some of the safest ways to listen to music while riding are with the help of stereo systems mounted on the handlebars or anywhere else on the bike, or with a Bluetooth helmet. Using headphones while riding is a very dangerous thing to do and it is also prohibited in most states and other countries.

Earbuds are also prohibited, and headphones that also serve other functions are considered dangerous too because they can get the rider distracted. There are also helmet inserts that you can purchase and those will allow you to listen to music while riding, but they are also dangerous because the wires in them can come loose.

The stereo system is the safest way to listen to music while riding, however, this is something that some people avoid. That is because you don’t always want others to hear what you’re listening too, either because you want to keep things private or you just don’t want to disturb others.

Mountable handlebar speakers have their weaknesses too, as you can’t always hear them properly, but that also means you will be able to pay more attention to the road.



Want to get a new motorcycle thermometer? Check out our favorite models.



Unavailable products


Rockville 2 RockNRide Metal Handlebar Speakers


Boasting a power of 300W, these RockNRide speakers feature a metal cast that adds sturdiness and a touch of elegance in the construction. The built-in high-powered amp is easy to install and doesn’t leave any exposed wire terminals.

The speakers are extremely powerful and despite their compact dimensions, they were specifically built to be heard over the noisy engine of your motorcycle, even when wearing a helmet and riding at high speeds. The 360-degree free rotation bracket is adjustable to fit handles of various sizes and make sure the sound is heard loud and clear, no matter your position on the bike.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, you will get audio streaming from your phone at a distance of up to 33 feet. The speakers also remember your device and sync with it automatically so you can start listening to your favorite tracks as soon as you turn on the engine of your bike.



The speakers are small, lightweight yet made of durable materials so they can withstand wear, tear, and changes in climate and temperature.

They can be easily paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity with a total range of 33 feet. You can also connect any audio device with the help of the 3.5mm AUX input.

They are waterproof and provide excellent sound quality even when wearing your helmet and riding your bike at higher speeds.

They also come with all included hardware and wiring to ensure easy installation. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided so you can enjoy your favorite tunes when riding your bike into the sunset.



These speakers are mainly designed for cruiser motorcycles so don’t install them on your all-terrain vehicles. They might be sturdy but won’t deliver the same sound accuracy after they’ve gone through mud or dust for a long time.




1) Enjoy the ride


3) Legal aspects

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