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20 Best Motorcycle Gloves (Reviews) in 2023

Since we cannot pick out an item for you, we will offer you a helping hand in deciding what to buy. We have written some motorcycle gloves reviews that take customer feedback and product specifications into account, evidencing some of the key features and more important aspects, including price, which some of the top rated motorcycle gloves that we came across.

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1. Tour Master Deerskin Mens Leather Cruiser Motorcycle Gloves

The Tourmaster Leather Riding Gloves is the item that came up most often while we were doing the research for the article. They are designed to satisfy even the most exigent buyers, and their price is kept low, making this product one of the most desired of its kind.

Using Grade A high-quality deerskin leather, the manufacturer offers a very good pair of gloves that are guaranteed to last long and provide comfort. A Velcro-backed leather wrist strap was used to ensure a secure fit and to prevent accidental removal, while perforated fingers were used, to help riders keep their hands cool in high temperatures.

Ergonomically designed, the palm configuration is fitted with special gel pads that help ease fatigue during long rides by reducing vibrations and shocks. The stitched palm and upper part maximize comfort and functionality. Users have appreciated this increase in the level of comfort and their impermeability, yet some have complained about the bleeding dye that was used, which, in heavy rainfall, will bleed onto their hands.   


This choice was made of high-quality deerskin leather and it features a wrist strap made of elastic, hence, it can provide you with a perfect fit.

Plus, the palm and the upper are out-seam stitched so that its users are supplied with the necessary level of comfort.

The palm of the glove was specially designed to be ergonomic. The added padding eases fatigue and makes this option suitable for long rides.

The thumb and the knuckle areas are also padded for increased protection and durability. This way, the product can resist wear.


One buyer said that the gloves that he received felt cheap and that, as a result, he decided to return them. This was the only reviewer who complained about this aspect.

Some customers considered this product rather expensive. However, most owners argue that the item is worth the extra money. As a result, many riders recommend it. 

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2. Premium Men's Motorcycle Leather Perforated Cruiser Protective Gel Gloves

Although not a pair of cheap motorcycle gloves in terms of quality, this is a much cheaper choice is this pair of motorbike gloves, designed and manufactured by Jackets 4 Bikes. Without sacrificing the important features that a glove should possess, they are for sale at an affordable price of just $22.

Top quality perforated Aniline Goat leather was used to manufacture these products, this material is known for its durability and comfortable use. The fingers and upper part are perforated, the natural flow of air is thus used to cool the rider’s hands in hot weather and sunlight. The comfortable liner was fitted on the back of the palm, reinforcing it but also increasing the levels of comfort.

A secure fit is provided by a Velcro backed wrist strap that keeps the items firmly in place. Around critical areas, a double stitch was used to further increase safety. Gel pads reduce the amount of vibration and absorb shocks in this pair of motorcycle riding gloves. Customer feedback points to their appreciation of the good value for the money and to the sensation of security and comfort they offer.


This alternative was manufactured from top-quality perforated goat leather, a material that is known for being durable. Its design is eye-catching.

Besides, the hook and loop strap that this model includes is fully adjustable and, consequently, these gloves can perfectly fit on your wrists.

Leather stretch panels have been added to the construction of this product so that you are supplied with increased flexibility.

To protect you from vibrations, these gloves have been padded with gel. This way, your wrists won’t suffer. 


One issue that former buyers have noted is that these gloves might stain your hands. Not many cases where users were confronted with this problem have been reported so far. The stain goes away after washing your hands.

Another customer noted that these gloves are not as comfortable as the seller suggests. It is unclear whether or not this owner had selected the right size. Instructions are provided by the seller. 

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3. ScorpionExo SG3 MKII Men's Long Gauntlet Sport Gloves

These modern models are a successor of the acclaimed SG3 design, which was appreciated by professionals and civilians alike for their performance and price. Featuring a strong, high-quality build and a full-length gauntlet, they are some of the best products in this category currently available.

Premium goat leather was used for this item, thanks to its suppleness and outstanding abrasion resistance and protection. A full-length gauntlet was added for extra protection, as the products are designed for sports motorbikes. Carbon fiber reinforced knuckles defend the back of the hand from wounds, and KNOX SPS palm sliders allow the hand to slide along rather than catching the grip and throwing the rider over his head. As a bonus, the fingers are touchscreen compatible, so you don’t have to take them off to use the GPS or phone.

Besides from high-security results, they are also comfortable and do not restrain the rider. They have great dexterity, and special lining absorbs and reduces shocks and vibrations.


These gloves are the newer version of the SG3 model distributed by the same manufacturer. They are durable and well-liked by fellow riders.

What is more, this model was made of goat leather and it has carbon fiber reinforced knuckle protectors for increased sturdiness.

For extra protection, this choice has an added gauntlet. So, you can wear it when riding sport motorcycles as well.

The KNOX SPS palm sliders that it features enable one’s hands to slide easier and, thus, they provide the buyer with a better grip.


It has been claimed that some of the products delivered by this manufacturer have small design defects. If you receive such a model, you can always ask for a replacement.

One drawback that a handful of buyers noted is that this option runs a bit small. So, you might want to consider ordering a size up. This aspect is not regarded as a deal-breaker.

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4. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Gauntlet Riding Gloves

With a classic, old-school design, these ones are another customer's’ favorite, thanks to their comfortable design and variety of sizes they are made in. The affordable price is also another factor that shows where the item gets its popularity from.

Featuring a Velcro backed wrist strap that guarantees a secure and firm fit, the items are meant to offer protection against wounds that can occur when falling of a chopper. They are made out of soft leather that offers some insulation against cold weather, making them also pretty comfortable during longer rides. They have a Milwaukee stamp, but this is only a design detail without immediate functionality.

Riders have appreciated their good value for the money, considering that they are some of the cheapest items available on the market. However, to increase comfort, the extra lining should be purchased, and to waterproof them, a special solution can be acquired for a modest price. Many also favored their retro-style design and elegant, simple look.


This choice was made of soft leather and it features a Velcro wrist strap that ensures that the gloves stay on securely on your hands.

On top of that, these gloves can protect your hands from injuries you might sustain when falling from your ride. 

Insulation that keeps your hands warm during the colder months of the year has also been added. So, you can wear them no matter the season.

This option also stands out due to its eye-catching retro design. If you have a biker friend that likes old school accessories, this is the perfect gift you could get!


Because these gloves are not waterproof, users have to independently purchase an extra layer of liner or a solution that makes leather water-resistant.

A handful of prior owners said that this product runs small in size. So, it might be a good idea to order a size up, especially if you have somewhat larger hands.

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5. BMW Genuine Motorcycle Motorrad GS Dry, Ladies' Gloves

These high-quality products are made for ladies. Featuring a strong and durable build, enhanced comfort and offering increased protection in case of accidents; they are one of the most popular women’s motorcycle gloves available on the market.

Made out of a leather and textile blend, these items have a triple-layered structure that includes a Gore-Tex membrane. This special build ensures a perfect fit and easy wearing, while the outer layers are extremely resistant to abrasion and protect your hands in case of a high-speed fall. It also ensures a complete wind and waterproofing, while allowing the skin to breathe and stay at a comfortable temperature.

Colored with a special dye that is water resistant, their design looks pretty cool and professional – the color is a mixture of black, gray and red that is aesthetically pleasing. In order to increase comfort, the lining was made using memory foam, and the knuckle protector is soft but tough enough to resist impacts and damage.


This product was specially created to be used by female riders, and, consequently, it is a great fit for all lady bikers looking for new gloves.

They are made of a combination of leather and abrasion-resistant fiber and they are very much comfortable and practical no matter how cold it gets.

According to the seller, this product is waterproof, windproof as well as breathable so that your hands won’t sweat. 

The choice delivers a perfect fit and it is effortless to put on and take off. The gloves have adjustable wrist closures and soft knuckle protectors.


A small number of the previous buyers argued that this product is somewhat pricey. Therefore, not all those interested in these gloves might be able to afford them.

Those riders who are looking for a model that is completely made of leather might be a tad disappointed with the dual construction of this option.

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6. ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

If you want to protect your hands when practicing your favorite outdoor sport and still look stylish at the same time, this pair of gloves from ILM represents an excellent choice. The gloves come in four standard measures, from Medium to XX-Large, and in five different color choices and designs to perfectly match your personality and the rest of your gear. 

They are designed from a combination of heavy-duty materials and feature alloy steel protection parts made by injection molding to provide maximum protection. Engineered to closely follow the lines of the human hands, the gloves feature reinforced parts for anti-collision protection for the joints and knuckles. 

The palm is designed using 3D classic plastic to strengthen the anti-slip protection and help you always stay in control whether you’re riding a motorcycle, a dirt bike, or planning a paintball match with your buddies. The mesh panels on the sides ensure increased air ventilation and prevent your hands from sweating and overheating. 


The gloves are available in five colors and four different sizes, so finding the right fit to match your hands and your personality is going to be easy. 

They are made of a unique combination of materials, including alloy steel protection parts by injection molding to provide 100% protection and shock absorption in case of accidents. 

The mesh panels on the sides provide maximum air circulation and breathability so that your hands stay cool and dry throughout the day, no matter how hot it is outside. 

The anti-slip palms ensure a comfortable and secure grip and won’t make your hands slip or slide. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing control of your vehicle, no matter how hot, sunny, or rainy it is outside. 


Despite their cool look, the gloves are a bit rigid and won’t provide too much comfort for your hands when wearing them for long hours. 

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7. Cortech Men's Scarab 2.0 Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Cortech offers riders a specially designed glove that aims at keeping a low price, without sacrificing any of the features found on professional products used by competitive pilots. Only high-quality materials were used while making them and extra protection features were added, to increase safety and abrasion resistance.

Drum dyed goatskin leather was used, as well as a Hipora three-layer waterproof liner that allows your hands to breathe. They are abrasion resistant and will survive falls occurring at higher speeds. In cold weather, the original Thinsulate insulation will provide useful, as it will protect the back of your hands from freezing and becoming numb.

Fingers and palm are protected by Hitena wrapped PU foam pads, providing extra security. Besides from all these features, the index and thumb fingers are conductive and therefore can be used on a touchscreen. 2mm fleece liner is also provided, as well as a TPR shield wiper blade and reflective piping.


This pair of gloves was made using high-quality materials such as dyed goatskin leather and waterproof liner and insulation.

Because it was manufactured using a breathable and waterproof liner, this alternative can be used no matter the weather.

The wrapped PU foam protectors that this choice includes on the fingers makes it very comfortable in the long run.

Besides, this unit includes 100G 3Mtm of top-notch insulation that can deliver all the protection and warmth one might need during the colder months of the year.


One buyer was quick to point out that, differently from what the seller argues, these gloves are not suitable for cold weather. Not all customers agree.

Another former owner remarked that these gloves are a little big. Still, according to the reviews that this item has received so far, this is not a drawback that other users of the product noticed.

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8. ScorpionExo SGS MKII Men's Short Cuff Sport Gloves

Short cuff products have not yet been listed; this is the first item of its kind reviewed here. The SGS MK II is the successor of the best-selling SGS classic design, which was widely used by riders looking for good value for the money. Offering an increased level of protection and comfort, these ones are appreciated by customers worldwide for their tight fit and abrasion resistance.

Being a direct successor of the previous SGS type glove, the products are an upgraded and improved version of the earlier design. Made from high-quality goat leather, a standard material in the field, they combine abrasion resistance with waterproofing. SPS palm sliders are included, and many users have confirmed that this feature saved their hands in accidents.

The short length does not leave out any important features. However, many people have claimed that their actual size is smaller, so riders are advised to buy the next larger size than what they are usually wearing. Otherwise, they are very good for their affordable price.


This affordable counterpart is also quite durable and well-liked by former buyers. It can provide its users with high-end protection and comfort.

Also, this choice was made of top-quality goat leather and it features TPU knuckle protectors that were manufactured out of carbon fiber.

SPS palm sliders have also been incorporated into the design of this product so that you are supplied with the needed comfort.

This option was DOT certified and it was specially created to be used by those riders who live in warmer climates. It allows air to go up the sleeve for increased comfort.


One issue that some users have remarked is that these gloves run somewhat small. So, just to be safe, it might be a good idea to order a size up.

There was one buyer who said that that small Velcro wrist strap that this model includes does not seem very durable.

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9. Joe Rocket Men's Café Racer Motorcycle Gloves

A glove doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be good and efficient. Joe Rocket’s Motorcycle Gloves prove just that. With a classic retro styling and articulated fingers, this item offers protection and comfort while keeping an incredibly low price.

A classic styling makes them suitable for those who ride choppers and vintage motorbikes, but their looks do not alter the performance. The fingers are articulated with a Full Flex panel that offers mobility and enhances motorcycle operation, one of the key features that riders are interested in. The pre-curved ride-friendly design is a comfort feature that adds value to this product.

High-density pads are mounted on knuckles and thumbs, increasing protection and acting as a kind of supplementary armor. A YKK zipper ensures a tight and firm fit and also easy wear. The liner allows for removal without pinching it, and putting the glove back on is easy and fast.


If you have a soft spot for retro-looking gloves, this product should definitely find its way to the top of your list.

The item has a pre-curved design that is, according to the seller, rider-friendly. On top of that, it has a zipper entry that includes a gusset.

To supply you with all the needed mobility, this product has specially designed cuffs. Many buyers appreciate this feature.

The option also includes high-density padding in the thumb and knuckle area. Because of this, the gloves are highly protective and comfy.


Because these gloves are made of a rather thin material and given that they have no insulation, this product is not suitable for winter use.

Some customers pointed out that the zipper that this choice includes is prone to break rather easily, even when handled with care. This was not an issue that many owners had with it.

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10. Joe Rocket Men's Eclipse Gloves

One of the cheapest models available these days is this product manufactured by Joe Rocket. This inexpensive design offers enough protection and comfort, having a good value for the money.

Protection comes from the TPR reinforced knuckle and the tough build that these ones have. A Velcro wristband makes them stay firmly on and prevents accidental removal, therefore increasing the level of security. A utility grade span/poly chassis was also used while manufacturing the item.

Comfort comes from the pre-curved design and padded leather palm, making this item a good everyday rider’s option. Besides, the conductive index fingers are touchscreen compatible, offering instant access since removal is not needed. They are suitable for spring and summer seasons (they might as well be the best all season motorcycle gloves), as they are not windproof or waterproof. Without a thick lining, wearing them in cold weather is not as comfortable, and the manufacturer does not recommend it. Customers, however, appreciate the low price and the quality offered for so little money.


These gloves were made of a special conductive material that enables the rider to utilize his index finger for touchscreen access. So, you can use your phone while wearing them.

Plus, this option has a padded leather palm construction and TPR reinforced knuckles for increased durability and protection in case of impacts.

The design of the fingers is pre-curved so that you have no issue handling the direction of your bike with using them.

What is more, this product includes a utility-grade poly chassis that increases the sturdiness of the choice. 


Because of the low-cut design, some buyers argue that these gloves are not as protective as they had expected them to be. Not all consider this a drawback.

It has been argued that, at first, these gloves might feel somewhat uncomfortable. According to most reviewers, this changes after you wear the gloves for a couple of times. 

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11. ScorpionExo SGS MKII 

Without being expensive or too pretentious, these ones are perfect for everyday riding and, moreover, are suitable for more riding styles and situations. Their modern design is appreciated by customers, as is the higher level of protection they provide.

Being a successor of the SGS series, a previous best-seller, the gloves borrowed key features found on that design and include many other upgrades that were needed. High-end protection does not compromise dexterity as they are not restrictive, and all this is fitted in short, easy-wear design. The materials used are goat leather for the palm and upper part, while carbon fiber armor was also added to the knuckle area.

Abrasion resistance is essential when riding at high speeds, so Knox SPS palm sliders were mounted on this glove. Besides, the pair itself is robust, and the leather is abrasion-resistant, guaranteeing a high level of protection even for aggressive riders who like traveling at high speeds. This product is dyed in red and white, with a cool and fashionable design.


This model is suitable to be worn in areas where the weather is warmer as it includes shorter cuffs that allow for airflow.

The gloves can supply you with the necessary protection given the carbon-reinforced knuckles that they feature.

If you already like the SG3 MK II choice distributed by ScorpionExo, you will be happy to find out that this unit is its short cuff version of it.

Moreover, this option also comes fitted with high-quality palm sliders. It is likely to pass the test of time given that it was made of goatskin.


There was one reviewer who said that the seams of the product can be rather hard on the inner fingertips of the user. As a result, they might irritate your nails.

Some other buyers have asserted that the seams are not of high-quality and that they tend to come undone, especially when the gloves are worn by riders with long fingers.

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12. Cortech Men's Heckler 

Leather models are still a rider’s favorite, even in these days when textile materials have become cheaper, more resistant and available. The classic café racer design conceals some impressive levels of protection and armor that make the item safe to use and efficient in doing its job.

Goatskin was used to make these model; the 0.7-0.8 millimeters layer is durable. The material was used on the backhand, palm, fingers, and fourchettes, while the knuckle incorporates special paddings that offer increased protection but also fulfilling an aesthetic function. The palms are lightly padded, while the index and thumb have supplementary reinforcement, thus guaranteeing safety.

Comfort comes from the interior linings and perforated fingers for increased ventilation. Since the airflow is permanent, the glove is not recommended for winter or fall, is more suitable for warmer weather. Customers have appreciated the quality of this product, as well as its durability and resistance. The looks also mattered in this situation, with people hailing their cool design.


This product has a retro-looking design that many of its previous owners like. It is durable as it was made of 0.7-0.8mm goatskin.

Additionally, the knuckles have been padded with extra material so that your hands are well protected during the long rides that you enjoy taking.

Because of the design of the choice, you can use these gloves for mild and warmer weather. Yet, they are not suitable for the colder months.

The palm of each glove is also lightly padded for increased support and comfort. The fingers are perforated for ventilation.


One issue that numerous buyers have spoken about is that these gloves do not offer sufficient protection to the buyers during the colder months of the year.

Other customers have argued that it is recommended that one orders the choice in a larger size for a perfect fit. Not all users agree with this suggestion.

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13. Cortech DX 2 Women's Textile 

Women’s designs are not substantially different from those worn by men. They have to fulfill the same roles, only that their sizes are different, as well as their thickness and coloring. This particular design is durable and resistant, as well as comfortable and protective.

The Clarino 0.8 millimeters palm has internal foam padding, making it ergonomic and allowing a steadier and better grip on the handlebars. The Clarino panels are located on the thumbs, to reduce wear and tear produced by grip flanges. Protection comes from the specially designed neoprene knuckle and wrist panels that provide not only great security but also comfort and a firm tight fit.

Thermoplastic rubber, a material that is durable and also lightweight, was used for the molded fingers increase comfort and ease fatigue, while the stretch elastane fourchettes help maintain dexterity making it easier to control the motorbike at higher speeds. Dyed in pink and black, the items have a cool design that some customers seemed to appreciate more than others.


To come to the rescue of interested customers, the manufacturer of this model has made available a sizing chart that is easy to follow.

The product has an innovative design. Even though these gloves are made of textile, they are very much protective and sturdy.

Because it was designed to be used by women, this alternative is the perfect choice for all female riders out there looking for accessible riding accessories.

Some buyers have said that the gloves can be used for street riding as well as for motocross. Therefore, this item is rather versatile.


Given that  these gloves are not made of a material known for its durability, such as leather, they might not pass the test of time. 

Even though this product comes fitted with plenty of features that ensure protection, some buyers are skeptical about the quality of its construction. Not many agree with this point of view.

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14. Joe Rocket Women's Velocity 2.0 

These are some of the cheapest women’s pairs currently available for sale. The features included offer security, protection, and comfort, making the product desirable and appreciated. It incorporates some of the key details found in similar design for men, but with a different design and smaller size.

Comfort comes from the use of a padded palm, which mimics real leather but is ecological and also easier to maintain. The utility grade span/poly chassis offers protection while the pre-curved design makes the product easier to wear and increases dexterity. To further increase comfort, conductive materials at the fingertips were used to make them touchscreen compatible. You no longer have to remove them to use your phone or GPS.

Protection comes from the reinforced fingers and knuckle; the thermoplastic rubber used is known for its properties in this field. The design is lightweight and looks pretty good, making it attractive and fashionable.


This alternative has a pre-curved design that makes it rider-friendly. This is the reason why many seasoned bikers recommend it.

It has a padded synthetic palm as well as TPR reinforced knuckles and fingers that make this choice highly protective and durable.

The model was manufactured using conductive materials that make it effortless for its users to access and use a smartphone with a touchscreen.

It comes in numerous color choices and sizes that you can select from. The item is well-made and it has an accessible price.


Just like the previous product, these gloves are not made of leather. So, they cannot provide the user with the same level of durability and quality.

A handful of reviewers said that the product is not as protective as the seller suggests. This is not an option shared by all customers and, thus, you should not be discouraged by it.

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15. Gerbing Men's T5 Heated 

When winter comes, most riders will prepare their vehicles for long-term storage and will impatiently wait for the return of spring, a time when they can hit the road once again. However, with this heated pair, you no longer have to worry about your hands freezing in cold temperatures, and it is easier to ride your motorcycle in cold environments.

The Gerbing model has all the protection and security features of a normal glove but is also heated with an electrical system that is wired directly to your battery. They are made out of good quality leather and have armor paddings and thick layers of insulation as protective elements. They are just as safe and comfortable as any other product.

The heating system has to be wired at 12 Volts. These gloves for motorcycle heat up pretty fast, preventing your hands from freezing even in long rides at temperatures below zero. Waterproofed, these are also suitable for rainy seasons or for light snows. However, some customers have claimed that their dexterity is reduced by the thickness and big size of this pair.


This heated option can be powered from the ride’s electrical system or, if you prefer, you can invest in a lithium-ion battery pack. 

It was made of tricot lining, leather, and nylon, a combination of materials that guarantee that these gloves will surely pass the test of time.

A Y-harness, as well as two 12V batteries and a charger are included in the deal so that you don’t have to make any additional purchases.

The gloves can stay heated for up to four hours at a time, provided that you connect them to the battery of your vehicle.


As expected, given all the innovative features that this choice is equipped with, the model is somewhat expensive when compared to other similar options.

These gloves are available in three different sizes. However, due to the limited number of sizes, it might be a tad problematic to select a pair that fits you perfectly. 

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16. FirstGear Rider Men's Heated 

Featuring a top quality build with top grain, drum dyed leather as the main material, these products are everything one might need when riding in cold temperatures. They are also affordable and do not sacrifice any important features, while a built-in heating system keeps your hands warm and enables you to enjoy winter rides just as much as you would do in summer.

The items have special wrist straps that ensure a tight and firm fit. The classic design has been reinvented, and now includes pre-curved fingers and supplementary armor in the knuckle and thumb area.

Thinsulate insulation was used on the interior to protect against the permanent flow of air. Porelle waterproof and breathable membrane allows your skin to breathe, and this comfort feature is appreciated by many customers, potentially making these the best bike riding gloves.

The fingers, thumb, and back of the hand are heated with an electrical system that yields about 15 watts per glove. In the case of passenger designs, the palms are also heated. The high-quality materials, reliability, and comfort provided in cold weather are features appreciated by those who purchased the item.


Another heated model of gloves that you should check out is this 2014 model distributed by Firstgear, a manufacturer that has made a name for itself in the bike business.

The choice was specially designed to be used by male riders and it includes a built-in heater that is very efficient and practical.

It has a wrist strap that is easy to adjust. Once you put the gloves on, you can be sure that they won’t fall off unexpectedly.

The back of the hand, the fingers as well as the thumb are heated. Each glove is powered by 15 watts of power. It is perfect for the winter season.


Because this is an older model, it was first released in 2014, some of its buyers argue that it does not feature innovative features such as touchscreen control. 

The model is not by all means cheap. Yet, many of its owners have argued that this model does its job well and that it is durable.

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17. Volt Motorcycle Heated 

Perfect for cold weather and rainy days, the Volt Motorcycle Heated Gloves are some of the best items you can get at this price. Powered by the motorcycle’s electrical system, the heaters are going to keep your hands warm and comfortable at low temperatures without putting safety aside.

Constructed to defend your hands against serious injury in case of falling off the motorbike, they are made out of digital leather that helps increase the grip on your handlebar. Further paddings were used to offer extra stability while armor protects the hands in the case of a crash. Besides, a longer gauntlet was used to guarantee a tight fit.

The heating function is provided electrically, via direct wiring on the battery. Using a patented Zero Layer Heat System means you get a better heat transfer, while a temperature controller enables you to permanently modify the heat settings – there are three levels. Illuminated buttons allow you to easily operate the device in low light conditions.


This model comes provided with no less than three heat control settings so that the rider can select the one that best suits his/her preferences.

It was made of a combination of leather and polyester that makes these gloves durable and comfortable. 

Given that this product is both windproof and waterproof, it can be utilized in harsh meteorological conditions.

The option was CE certified and, therefore it is rather safe. Plus, keep in mind that it is also backed by a one-year warranty policy that many buyers appreciate.


As it happens with most products of this kind, some buyers argued that the sizing is a bit off. So, the gloves might not be suitable for users that have smaller hands.

Because this choice runs on batteries, you have to recharge them time and time again. This aspect might be considered somewhat impractical by some riders. 

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18. Joe Rocket Burner Heated Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves

These models are designed for men and feature a heating system that helps you keep your hands warm in cold winter weather. A cool design and efficient protection are what made the glove popular, besides from the specific cold-weather features.

A stainless core heating system is used; this is, however, not directly wired to the circuits on your motorbike, and it requires a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (it is included in the package, so no further expenses are necessary). The 3 stage heat settings allow you to opt for up to 4 hours of continuous heating or for a shorter time of operation on a more intense level. Besides, they are waterproof and windproof, but the membrane is breathable. The battery charger is included as well.

Heavy duty nylon was used for the outer construction, making these not just cool motorcycle gloves, but also practical. Full-Flex wrists increase mobility and reduce fatigue, while the silicone palm offers superior grip and control. Robust and abrasion resistant, the items offer increased protection in the eventuality of a crash.


If you are a fan of Joe Rocket bike gear, this pair of gloves might also suit your expectations. The model is heated and it can be used during the colder months.

It has a simple black design and it provides users with an innovative 3 stage heat setting that delivers up to four hours of capacity.

Because it was manufactured from conductive materials, the fingertips supplies riders with instant touchscreen access. This feature is highly appraised by users.

The choice is made of materials that are breathable, windproof and waterproof. The outer layer is made of heavy-duty nylon.


One former customer noted that it takes a while until the gloves heat up and that the user has to keep them on high to feel the necessary warmth.

Given that the battery pack compartment is placed under the wrist, in the same place where the Velcro strap closes, some argued that the design can be improved. 

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19. Milwaukee Men's Summer Cruising Retro Motorcycle Gloves

Summer models are usually thin motorcycle gloves that are light compared to other types and are designed to offer comfort during hot weather. The Milwaukee Cruising Gloves are designed for long-distance traveling, featuring comfort and protection features specially designed for this pair.

Made out of abrasion-resistant premium leather, the items are easy to wear and comfortable. The gel padded palms reduce shock and vibrations, an important feature when talking about riding oldschool motorbikes. With their vintage design, they target a certain sector of the market that appreciates these aesthetic details.

Customers have used them in many situations, including at work or on ships traveling the open seas. They appreciated the fact that the membrane is breathable and you will not overheat even when standing still. Good for all-around riding purposes, they are not dedicated to racers or dirt riders. Besides, they also work at lower temperatures, keeping your hands at a comfortable temperature until you reach warmer climate again.


These gloves were manufactured of premium leather and they feature a gel-padded palm for increased comfort during longer rides.

Furthermore, this product is available in a wide array of sizes so that all those interested in it can find an option that fits perfectly.

The choice also comes provided with a very practical wrist strap that keeps the glove fitted on the wrist of the rider at all times.

Fellow bikers pointed out that this unit can deliver a great fit around the fingers, which is a plus if you hate tight-fitting models.


When worn in the rain, there is a chance that your hands will get stained a bit. However, the color goes away if you wash your hands thoroughly.

One issue that some users have noted is that these gloves include no ventilation. So, they can get a bit uncomfortable when worn during warmer days.

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20. Milwaukee Leather Premium 

These summer items are designed for cruisers and for those who enjoy long-distance excursions. Milwaukee delivered a medium-weight design that aims at offering comfort while keeping a low price. Their cool design is appreciated by riders, and it combines functionality with aesthetics.

Made out of premium leather, a high-quality material commonly found in them, the Milwaukee product also has perforations, allowing a natural flow of air to keep your hands cold. The padded gel palms of these brown leather motorcycle gloves are offering comfort by reducing vibration and fatigue. They are known for being durable, stylish and comfortable.

Those who have used these are enthusiastic about their tight fit, the sizes being easy to calculate by using a special chart found on the producer’s internet page. The products have a reasonable price, but some have complained about the thumb being shorter than usual. However, most opinions agree on their efficiency in hot weather, as they really do keep your hands cool.


This affordable alternative is also suitable for those looking for gloves that can be worn during the warmer months of the year.

Plus, this model is perforated so that all customers are supplied with the necessary ventilation. A palm gel padding has also been added for comfort.

The knuckles were constructed out of a soft material that makes this model very flexible and practical.

Overall, the gloves weigh 4.8 ounces and they come in an all-black design. Besides, the item is available in numerous sizes. A sizing chart is available.


There were buyers disappointed that this product cannot be used during the colder months of the year. Yet, this aspect is not seen as a major deal breaker by most users.

When used regularly for years on end, the Velcro wrist strap might come loose. Most say that this can be fixed by sewing it in.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Because purchasing the best motorbike gloves can be a time consuming and disorientating task, we offer you a helping hand in understanding what features to look after when looking after the perfect item for your needs. Read the buying guide below to understand how different features impact overall performance and have a clue about what you should look after.


The hands have a delicate and frail anatomy, with thin bones and skin, making them prone to injuries in any situations, let alone in the unfortunate eventuality of a crash or fall. In order to prevent harm, gloves have been developed for as long as humanity has started taking protection and security into consideration.

The second most important protective gear (with the first being a tough helmet), motorbike models are vital and can make the difference between walking away with minor bruises and scratches or spending some time in the hospital. So, their main purpose is to increase protection.

Another important thing they do is easing fatigue and numbness of your palm, as both can appear while riding for a long time because of the position, vibrations, shocks and cold.

Comfort is therefore increased, and driving will become more enjoyable. They play a role in other health-related issues, such as waterproofing; keeping your hands wet at those wind speeds will surely cause pain and might, over time, lead to other affections.

Last but not least, they serve an aesthetic purpose. This is why so many designs are available, even within the same series or brand with identical features. The looks matter and can make your time outdoors more enjoyable.


Type of rider

Motorcycle glove manufacturers have specialized their products for various riding styles and environments. All-purpose models are rare and expensive, and they usually are not very well balanced, so many customers have several pairs, each for a certain situation.

If you are an urban rider who uses the motorbike to get to work and in other places in or around the city, you will not need an extremely fancy and expensive product. A well-made pair of leather gloves or an inexpensive textile design is more suitable for casual drivers, offering enough protection at lower speeds and the level of comfort demanded by one or two hours of riding.

Keep in mind that in this situation it is necessary to have some sort of waterproofing, in order to be able to use them every day when commuting.

Aggressive riders who like to crisscross the streets and ride at high speeds will surely need extra protection and a very abrasion-resistant item that will save their hands in case of falling off the motorbike. Usually, this category will purchase multi-layered items which include reinforced synthetic material and supplementary armor paddings. Comfort will likely be neglected by these riders, but it is not a must.

Dirt riders do not usually go at fast speeds, so they require less abrasion resistance and more padding and thick lining, to protect their hand against shocks and bumps. They usually opt for synthetic materials, with thick and resistant inner lining. It is not recommended to use dirt gloves while driving at high speeds or on asphalt, as they might not be enough to save your hands.

The best gloves are those that can be used for more than one driving style. In this situation, versatility is a feature that you want to look after. Knowing exactly what you require will considerably narrow the search path, making the task of buying them less time-consuming.

Types of gloves

There are a lot of models available on the market, and their type usually designates their purpose and the riding style they are most suitable for. Short designs, for example, are usually made out of leather; these offer a level of protection below that of a racing or adventure design and are suitable for good weather rides over shorter distances, usually in urban environments.

Racing items are designed to withstand serious impact and have supplementary armor, besides from multiple layers of material. Heavily padded and lined, they usually tend to be expensive but worth the money. Gauntlets are wrist covers incorporated into the product, usually met on racing and touring products.

These offer additional protection in the eventuality of an impact and play a role in weatherproofing. Touring items are used for long rides and, most often, feature enhanced comfort by using thicker linings and pads, as well as weatherproofing.

Usually made out of textile materials that allow a natural flow of air to cool your hands in hotter weather, they tend to be a little bit pricier due to the extra features needed by the situation; besides, almost all modern products are touchscreen compatible.

Extra features found on models are usually adaptations demanded by the environment. Heating can be included in winter items; these are either heavily insulated or with electric heating systems, which can be connected to a set of batteries or to the circuits on the motorbike itself.

Extra thin designs are used by those riding in hot, arid environments where cooling is a must – more expensive because they are made out of ultra-lightweight materials, they are definitely worth the money as the comfort is considerably increased.

Budget, material and other things to take into consideration

Before you start prospecting the market, think about how much money are you willing to invest in protective gear. The price varies quite a lot, but a decent item can be as cheap as $30. The best cheap motorcycle gloves are usually in the $50 price range, usually having good value for the money. These are not heated and are usually made from leather, but textile designs are also common in this range. The latter include supplementary armor.

Of course, you have to spend more on racing and gauntlet models; those with extra features also seem to be pricier, but usually, they are worth the money and definitely worth buying if the situation imposes it.

Materials commonly used on the exterior are leather and Gore-Tex, reinforced with armor pads and Kevlar fiber. On the inside, cotton or Thinsulate form a lining and keep your hands warm in cold weather, while also reducing vibrations and easing fatigue. Other more expensive materials can also be found in the high-end products that are ultra-lightweight but also very resistant.

Apart from riding style, the environment is also to be taken into consideration. The features found on a winter glove will prove terribly annoying if riding on a hot spring day, while a thin desert glove is basically useless during winter.

Look at their build too – it should be robust but not too restrictive, reducing your ability to control and steer the motorbike. Return policies and warranties are also desirable, in case you are dissatisfied with the original product.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle gloves


Q: What is the difference between summer and winter motorbike gloves?

Summer motorbike designs are needed to keep your hands protected against serious injury, but they must have a sort of natural ventilation system, to prevent overheating and sweating.

Usually, textile materials are used for these items as they are breathable and sometimes they have special orifices for natural ventilation to take place. High-tech materials are lightweight and thin – these are usually found in products for arid environments.

Winter designs are much thicker and usually have internal insulation (usually Thinsulate). Some more expensive products are also heated; sometimes, too much padding and lining can make it difficult to feel and operate the controls, so it is best to test the pair on an actual handlebar, to see if they are not too restrictive.

Q: What size motorcycle gloves do I need?

The size obviously depends on how big your hands are and on what you like to wear in order to feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable is extremely important especially for long trips when fatigue, pain, and numbness in the hand can cause a lack of attention and make you more prone to accidents.

Sizes are usually marked with letters, like clothes, but keep in mind that they do tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you cannot personally test them, read customer reviews concerning the fit and size. Something too tight is not desirable, as they will be restrictive, while loose models can fall off or they can allow air to run up your arm – again, this is not desirable.


Q: Why wear motorcycle gloves?

Wearing motorcycle designs offers you a series of advantages. It is important to wear them all time, as even at reduced speeds a fall or minor accident can leave you with a permanent injury in their absence. Gloves are abrasion resistant and have special armor and lining to reduce shocks in accidents and when falling off the motorbike.

Their materials are an anti-slip and increase the grip on your handlebars, so, in tougher weather or rainy environments, the bike is easier to handle and control around corners. Comfort also increases when wearing them, as most items have interior linings and insulation, to keep your hand warm in winter; textile designs allow a natural flow of air over your hands, and therefore you will not sweat while wearing them.

Last but not least, these products are fashionable products that come in a lot of colors and designs, so there is certainly something for your taste in clothing.

Q: What are motorcycle gloves made of?

Motorcycle designs were usually made out of leather, but in more recent years, due to the development of reinforced textile materials such as Kevlar, Gore-Tex, and other fibers, they too have started being used in protective motorcycle accessories, including gloves.

More and more producers integrate textile items in their catalogs, as they are efficient in terms of waterproofing and offer the benefits of natural ventilation, thus increasing the comfort level.

Materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber and hardened plastics are used in some items as armor, to increase protection. There are also many leather designs that include synthetic armor; leather itself can be of several types: cow, deer, goat and other more exotic animals.


Q: How much do they usually cost?

Usually, they are not outrageously expensive, and there are a lot of motorcycle gloves for sale, each with a different price tag and specific features. The price depends on how many extra features you want and on how tough, and resistant they are.

High tech materials will make a product more expensive, but also safer and more comfortable. Going too cheap is not recommended, as the level of security offered by such items is reduced; preventing injury is much cheaper and healthier than treatment. Basic models are in the $30-$100 price range, with cheap products being available for as low as $10.

Expensive, heated and highly protective designs can exceed the $150 mark, but, as we have previously mentioned, you can get the best budget motorcycle gloves.


Best motorcycle glove brands


This company is dedicated to manufacturing protective gear for motorsports and casual riders, ranging from gloves and helmets (another great brand for helmets -> Scorpion) to jackets, trousers, and visors. Founded in Italy, in 1963, the brand has since made many innovations in protective gear and clothing, today its products being popular best-sellers, known for their reliability, resistance, and cool designs.

They have special lines specialized in MotoGP, motocross, mountain biking and other sports, as well as a series of products designed for civilian, everyday use. It sponsors many outdoor racing events and riders, being a household name in this field. They produce leather and textile products, incorporating the latest technologies and inventions in terms of armor, padding, and lining, to offer great comfort and protection at the lowest prices.



BMW is a company based in Munich, Bavaria, Germany that has been producing automobiles and motorcycles, as well as aircraft engines until 1945. It also manufactures a variety of accessories, including models for motorbikes.

They are known for offering extremely high-quality products, designed to withstand the worst weather conditions and to offer protection in severe crashes. Being a brand product, they are also fashionable, regardless of their materials – textile or leather. Appreciated for reliability and strong build, they are a must-have for those riding BMW motorbikes and not only, as they are sold worldwide to a variety of civilian and institutional customers.



This US-based manufacturer is active in the fields of protective gear, clothing and other accessories for riders and other sportsmen. They aim at enhancing performance while keeping the price as low as possible. While conceiving their products, customer feedback and professional opinions are taken into consideration, in order to improve the designs.

Cortech manufactures abrasion resistant pairs that offer enough security and comfort to be used by a variety of professional riders worldwide. Many of their items are long and used only textile materials, but leather models are also available. The price range is pretty wide, offering something for any budget. The company is a riders’ favorite as their products have good value for the money.   



Joe Rocket is another company specialized in manufacturing protective gear for riders and special clothing, offering a catalog with many items for men and women alike. The items they design are made out either from leather and textile materials, sewn together or from leather only.

What is striking about this company is that they offer a lot of different designs, with prices varying greatly and suitable for every budget, and the properties are also different and molded to the personality types found in riders. Joe Rocket manufactures products for old-school riders as well – these are usually long models made of leather, having a classic and simple design.



The most important new brand is Scorpion Exo, also known as Scorpion Sports. Its products are the next wave in terms of protective gear design and manufacture, including the latest technologies into their products.

Scorpion Exo produces a variety of options, including some with gauntlet and others with special reinforced armor to withstand falls and accidents occurring at high speed. Made out of leather or textile materials, they are known for offering protection and reliability, all for affordable prices. These designs have a good value for the money and are appreciated by many riders around the world who want to have a quality product and not spend a fortune on it.



This manufacturer is another company with tradition, having been around in this field of activity for over 40 years. It is owned and operated by Carroll Companies Inc. and specializes in manufacturing leather apparel, footwear, and other accessories. Every product they create is designed and crafted with the intention of offering the best quality at an affordable price.

Their designs are made to be as comfortable and fashionable as possible, featuring a strong and robust build, as well as a sleek and elegant look. All their products are made out of leather and are sold at prices varying from $10 to $40. Appreciated by those looking for a vintage item with abrasion resistance without spending a fortune on it, Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Co. delivers a variety of designs which match different tastes and personal preferences.




The anatomy of a motorbike glove


The anatomy of a motorcycle glove is important and you should know it before starting the search. The anatomy brings all the components into the discussion, and their role and usual build types. Brands do not usually vary this, and if they do, it is with no significant impact on the safety features.

Some of the main components are now going to be discussed. The upper part is the one that covers the back of your hand. It is usually insulated, to keep you warm in cold weather, and it is much thicker and tougher.

It has the role of protecting the hands against debris that might hit you while riding, and in the case of a crash. It can be made of leather or high-denier textile materials, the latter usually being a little bit pricier. The palm is thinner and can be made out of natural hides like goatskin or again textile materials.

It is responsible for offering a comfortable wear, and it must allow better feel on the controls while offering extra grip. Armor is used to provide extra protection against scraping and impacts. It is made out of synthetic pads, usually made from foam, carbon fiber or thermoplastic urethane.

On expensive designs, steel or titanium may also be encountered, but these materials are rarely met due to their high price and increased weight. The lining enhances inner comfort and usually varies in thickness, depending on the purpose of the glove (one designed for long trips is usually going to use thicker lining, while dirt riders do not require this feature).

All these are held together by stitching. It is very important, as it holds the parts together at all time. Kevlar or other durable fabrics that have been recently developed can be used for this, and critical areas usually feature double stitching, to guarantee extra safety.

The closure must be strong and durable, to ensure a tight fit and to eliminate the risk of accidentally losing them. The cuff includes wrist protection, such as pads or armor, and has waterproofing properties. The fourchettes are strips of fabric that are used by the more high-end designs to connect the upper part to the palm, in between the fingers. Usually ventilated, they are also pretty important comfort features.


Leather or textile?

All products are made of leather or textile materials, and sometimes, combinations of the two. There are certain differences between the two, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on personal taste and preferences.

The leather is known for the abrasion resistance, and it can provide a more comfortable fit, as it molds to the rider’s hands. It does not have the same results against extreme weather conditions that textile materials offer, so in case you are riding in cold or rainy places leather might be outperformed by Gore-Tex.

Professional riders will choose the latter for their better performance in harsh environments. In normal, day-to-day situations, leather items are recommended, as they are also usually cheaper and perform well enough.

Another thing that matters is style and aesthetics. Leather has an old-school appearance, and it is usually more elegant, and leather designs have simple, single-color designs. If you are looking for something futuristic and modern, you can opt for the textile items.

These can be delivered in many colors, and they tend to have a more professional and modern design, suitable for those riding speed bikes or off-road motorcycles. Cruiser riders, those who own classic choppers, are most likely to opt for leather items or for simple textile ones, in case that they want the extra comfort provided by padded and Thinsulate lined Gore-Tex products.




Why you should always wear motorcycle gloves


Motorcycle models are some of the most important accessories that you can buy. They act as real lifesavers and are certainly very useful. Apart from being simple fashion statements, most of them incorporate technologically advanced materials and other features that are included by following the principle of safety first.

Gloves are designed to keep your hands out of harm’s way. Remember when, during your childhood, you were riding a bike without any protection and fell? It was pretty painful, and that happened at a low speed.  

A minor incident can permanently damage your hands, if you are riding at higher speeds, without protective models. Pick up the right product, to eliminate the risk of bruises and scrapes. Besides, stones and other small debris can be flung at you by those driving in front, and at those speeds, such impacts can cause permanent injuries.

Comfort is usually offered by the lining and special foam pads that reduce shock and absorb vibrations. Besides, most high-end items are naturally ventilated, keeping your hands at a normal temperature, and they are also waterproofed, a helpful feature if you live in a rainy environment.

Besides, they offer better grip. You can operate your motorcycle controls a lot easier and safer, thanks to the adherence between your hands and the handlebars. Last but not least, bad weather can influence handling characteristics, this being a moment when they will come in handy.



Unavailable products

Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex Men's Street Motorcycle Gloves


Featuring a high quality build, specially designed features that enhance comfort and increase protection and all for a decent price, these brand motorcycle gloves are excellent for those who are ready to invest a little bit more in these necessary items.

A multi-layered construction is what makes this alternative well worth the money. The palm is made out of goatskin leather, while a Gore-Tex membrane turns this into a water and windproof glove. Stretch polyamide was used for the upper construction. These materials increase the resistance to abrasion and also offer a tight and secure fit so that accidental falling is not possible.

Thinsulate thermal insulation keeps the back of your hand warm in colder weather, while the inner linings offer great comfort while riding over long distances. Reinforced with foam paddings in the key impact zones, they will surely protect the rider in the eventuality of an accident. Moreover, they are touchscreen compatible, so, in order to use smart devices, they do not have to be taken off.



This alternative has a dual construction as it features a goatskin leather palm and a durable stretch-polyamide upper.

To supply its users with the necessary grip, these gloves were constructed using thumb and palm reinforcements with foam padding.

Fabric modeled knuckle protectors have also been added into the design of the product. This way, you will be supplied with abrasion and impact protection at all times.

The fingers of the gloves have been pre-curved so that rider exhaustion is minimized. Additionally, because of this feature, the product is very comfortable.



Some previous owners have pointed out that this product is sized smaller than expected. This is why some recommended buyers to order a size up. However, this opinion was contested by other customers.

It has been said that considering the overall features of this choice, the model is rather expensive. As a result, not many might be able to afford it.




1) Perfect Fit

2) Why wear them?




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