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7 Best Motorcycle Gas Tank Sealers (Updated Reviews) in 2022

We know that it is not easy to find the best motorcycle gas tank sealer, which is why we’ve selected some of the critically and commercially acclaimed products and showcased them below for you. This list of diverse motorcycle gas tank sealer reviews will certainly help you find the product that you need.

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1. POR-15 49216 Fuel Tank Sealer

POR-15 is a brand that is known for the care it puts in its products, and this option is no exception since it delivers exceptional performance, and it is designed for professional use. This means that you can trust it to keep your tank protected for a long period and to seal seams and pinholes.

It is very easy to apply the sealer since it bonds to metal surfaces chemically so that you can quickly cover even the spots in the tank that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Once applied, the sealer will stop corrosion, leaks, and rust.

What’s more, this product has been formulated to be impervious to all fuels, and this includes the new Stage II fuels that have high alcohol content. Thus, the formula is compatible with a wide range of fuel tanks, including but not limited to just motorcycles. Make sure to clean the tank properly before applying the sealer.


The product has been developed and formulated to meet the demand for a high-tech sealer that is resistant to all fuels, additives, solvents, and alcohol.

It chemically bonds to metal surfaces so that you can cover all sides of the tank without having to worry that the protective layer will be uneven, or that some surfaces will be left uncovered.

The formula has a light gray color, which enhances visibility and makes it easier to inspect the tank and see if the interior is properly coated.

It is designed to stop corrosion, rust, and leaks permanently so that with a single-use, you can keep your tank protected for years.


Make sure to mix the formula well since there are lumps of solid substances that need to be broken down before you use the mixture.

It is difficult to open since the lid recesses deeply into the can.

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2. Kreem Products Fuel Tank Liner Combo-Pak

The Combo-Pak contains all the products that you need to get your tank ready to be sealed, and this makes it an excellent purchase for users who don’t want to waste time purchasing each item individually. The kit includes two bottles of tank preppers, namely a cleaner and a conditioner, and a bottle of fuel tank liner.

With these products, you can strip previous liners or coaters, and they can also be used to dissolve rust and etch the metal for better adhesion of the liner. There’s enough formula in this pack to treat one 3-gallon tank. Once applied, the liner will stop leaks and prevent corrosion and rust.

The protective layer is designed to last for many years, seeing as it is formulated to withstand high temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as vibrations so that it won’t chip if you take your motorcycle on bumpy roads regularly.


The kit contains all the products that you need to clean your tank and get it ready so that you can start coating it with a protective layer of sealer.

It is easy to tell if you’ve covered the interior of the tank evenly since the liner has a great color that is very visible.

The long-lasting formula can handle heavy use, including the high temperatures and shocks that are inevitable when riding your motorcycle.

You can use the tank prep bottles to remove previous coaters or liners, as well as to dissolve rust so that the metal can be better prepared for the liner.


Make sure not to use the Tank Prep B indoors since it contains Methyl Ethyl Ketone, which is a very volatile and noxious substance.

It takes a while to prepare the tank properly for the liner, but it works, and the results are worth the extra time.

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3. Caswell Dragons Blood Red Gas Tank Sealer

This versatile option is formulated to be compatible with a wide variety of tanks made from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and even plastic. Thus, you can use this sealer on virtually all the types of motorcycle tanks that are available on the market, and this has helped it garner a lot of customer appreciation.

There’s enough formula in this option to seal tanks that are up to 10 gallons in size. This product is also referred to be impervious to alcohol additives, fuels, and most solvents. Another advantage of this option is that there’s no need to use additional solutions to remove rust before sealing.

The Caswell alternative can seal rusted tanks, and once applied, it will prevent corrosion or rust from reappearing so that you can bring new life into any old tank. Using the product is very easy and fast since it takes as little as 24 hours to cure the metal walls.


The formula has a bright red color that is very striking, and it makes checking the coverage of the coating much easier, even in the dark corners of the tank.

It is very easy to use and effective, and this has helped the product garner a lot of positive feedback from buyers.

Depending on your needs and preferences, there are three sizes to choose from as well as six other colors, including red, clear, grey, black, blue, and teal.

The formula is compatible with all the types of motorcycle tanks available on the market, whether they’re made from steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or plastic.


The bad news is that this option costs a bit too much, especially once you factor the shipping cost to the already high price of the product.

Try not to mix the formula before use since you risk creating small air bubbles that won’t go away once the coating dries.

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4. KBS Coatings 5300 Gold Standard Tank Sealer

This ready-to-use sealer is formulated to adhere to the inside of metal, fiberglass, and aluminum tanks and seal pinholes and weld seams permanently to prevent fuel leakage. It can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit as well as shocks and vibrations since once it dries, the coating is flexible and can continue to expand and contrast.

Thus, you can be certain that the KBS product will keep your tank protected for a long time, and off-road riders won’t have to worry about durability since the protective layer won’t chip. Furthermore, the formula is impervious to all types of fuels, additives, alcohol, and most other solvents.

The 1-pint container has enough formula to seal up a 12-gallon tank, but if you need more or less product, the brand offers this model in other sizes as well so that you can purchase only as much or as little as you need.


This option has very good sealing abilities, especially when exposed to today’s fuels so that you can trust it to deliver a long-lasting seal.

Once applied, the pinholes and weld seams will be sealed permanently to prevent rust, corrosion, and clogged carburetors from returning.

It can withstand vibrations and high temperatures since the rock hard finish is still flexible so that it can handle the repeated expansion and contraction of the tank without cracking.

It is a high-value purchase since it is available at a competitive price point and in cans of different sizes so that it can meet everyone's needs.


It seems that the sealer can get on the inside of the lid and make it permanently sealed in place, and that will require you to cut a hole into the can to empty the contents.

For people who’ve never used a tank sealer before, the instructions lack detail, which can make using the product quite difficult.

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5. Eastwood Motorcycle Gas Tank Sealer Kit

If you’ve ever wondered how to seal a gas tank, but you never got to it because you thought it was too difficult, this option provides a convenient solution to your problems. You can use the sealer kit to get rid of damaging rust inside your tank by applying a layer of a protective seal to make sure that your fuel will remain clean.

What’s more, the tank sealant will also help seal minor leaks or punctures so that you can quickly fix a damaged tank without having to get out of your way looking for a replacement or spending a lot of money for a restoration project.

The formula is tested to work with aluminum, steel, and some fiberglass gas and diesel tanks. With just one pint of the product, you can quickly treat tanks of up to 12-gallon capacity. Do keep in mind that you will need to remove the rust before using the product.


It covers minor leaks or punctures so that you can restore your tank without having to fork a lot of money for a restoration project.

The formula is versatile, and it is proven to work with steel, aluminum, as well as some fiberglass gas and diesel motorcycle tanks.

It comes in a plastic bottle that is convenient and easy to use, especially when compared to some of the metal cans that can prove frustrating to open.

You can trust this affordable option to deliver great results since, despite the lower price point, most customers who’ve used it have reported impressive results.


One major drawback with this formula is the fact that it is not recommended for use with fuels that have an ethanol content of more than 10%.

It takes a bit longer to dry compared to some of the other options on our list, namely 48 hours at the minimum.

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6. Permatex 09101 Fuel Tank Repair Kit

This affordable repair kit contains all the products that you need to make professional-quality repairs on your metal fuel tanks in just a matter of minutes. You can use it to repair exterior damage on the tank without the need for dangerous and complicated welding. It can cover and repair cracks that are up to 4 inches long and holes with a diameter of 0.37 inches.

The resin hardens very quickly, in just a matter of 8 to 10 minutes, and it cures in 30 minutes. For the best results, it is recommended to make repairs at temperatures ranging from 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperatures are lower, the resin will cure at a slower pace.

It is easy to use even for amateurs since the package comes with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions that will go step-by-step through the entire process so that you can complete it without fear of messing anything up.


It is a simple repair kit that can help you cover and repair cracks and holes, and it is applied to the exterior of the tank, which makes it easier to use.

Once applied, it takes only 30 minutes for the resin to harden and cure so that you can then refill the tank and use your motorcycle as usual.

It is a versatile product that can be used not only on motorcycles, but on any vehicle that has a metal tank such as cars, commercial vehicles, light trucks, and more.

Even if you’ve never used this type of product before, the easy-to-read instructions come with detailed images that explain every step so that you never feel out of your depth.


If you use the kit in higher temperatures, the resin will harden too quickly, so you’ll need to work fast.

It is only meant to work on metal tanks, so you can’t use it to repair other types of fuel tanks.

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7. Caswell Black Magic Gas Tank Sealer

This product uses a formula that is able to withstand permanent immersion of many harsh fuels, oils, and solvents so that once applied to the walls of the tank, it will stay in place and protect the interior of the tank for many years to come. It also has a better bond strength, which reduces the need for a clinically clean surface, and it can still bond successfully to a rough rusty surface.

It can adhere to steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic gas tanks to repair them permanently and keep corrosion and rust at bay. There’s enough formula in this product to seal a tank with a capacity of up to 10 gallons.

To add to that, this option can also be used to seal pinhole leaks that can happen along the seams, and it is designed to handle both heat and vibrations so that the protective layer won’t crack under heavy use. What’s more, this formula is also ethanol resistant.


The deep black color of the liquid will make it easier for you to check if the sealer has covered all the corners of the tank, or if you need to spread it more.

It is resistant to ethanol and most of the additives that are used in fuels so that you can rest assured knowing that once applied, the protective layer will serve you for a long time.

It is a versatile product that can also be used for other applications since it adheres to almost anything except polyethylene so that you can repair leaks in concrete vessels, make high-quality molds, and more.

Once applied, it will stop leaks, corrosion, and rust permanently, so you won’t have to re-apply it.


Customers who are in the market for an affordable option will need to look elsewhere since this product is quite expensive.

The sealant is a bit messy to use, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Replacing a faulty fuel tank is expensive, but you can save a lot of money by sealing it with a cheap motorcycle gas tank sealer. If you don’t know which product to choose, and you don’t have the time to do research on your own, then reading this buyer’s guide can help you get the right fuel tank sealer for the job.

To make it easier for you to get the fuel tank repair kit that you need, we’ve compiled a list of the key features and factors one ought to consider when purchasing this type of product.

Specifications and versatility

When prospecting the market for an affordable motorcycle gas tank sealer, the first step that you need to take is to make sure that the product on hand is compatible with your vehicle. You can either get a product that’s designed specifically for use on motorcycle tanks or a multi-purpose alternative.

Regardless of the product that you decide to purchase, what’s important is to make sure that the formula is compatible with the material that your tank is made of and with the fuel that you intend to use. Most options on the market are compatible with steel and aluminum tanks, but there are also some models that can adhere to fiberglass and even plastic.

Making sure that the formula won’t interact with your fuel is just as essential since otherwise, the durability of the protective layer can be compromised. The fuel could also get contaminated if the sealer gets damaged, which in turn may end up affecting the performance of your bike.

Thus, make sure to take the time and inspect the label or the product description of the gas tank repair kit that you intend to purchase. Many options on the market are impervious to all fuels and additives, such as the POR 15 motorcycle gas tank sealer, so it is not that difficult to find a versatile product.

You’ll also need to make sure that you have enough product to coat the entire surface of the tank. Here things are quite simple since most sellers will advertise how big of a tank their product can seal. It is always better to have more sealer available just in case. Thus, if you have a 6-gallon tank that needs to be coated, try to get a product that is rated for tanks bigger than that.

If you intend to apply the sealer in an enclosed area such as a garage, you should do well to try and avoid options that contain Methyl Ethyl Ketone. This substance is very volatile and highly flammable, so make sure only to use it in areas that are well ventilated and to use protective gear so that you can avoid direct contact with it.

The good news is that there are plenty of options that use environmental-friendly and non-flammable formulas that are more appropriate for home use. Options that use Methyl Ethyl Ketone are very effective indeed, but they are better used by professionals with proper equipment and safety precautions.



With this type of product, you can’t tell how well it will work just by looking at it or reading the product description since it all depends on the quality of the formula. Each manufacturer has its own formula, and even though the ingredients may be similar, the way it is developed in the laboratory can make it deliver better or worse results.

Price is a good indicator of the performance and quality that a gas tank sealer offers, but judging by price alone is not always reliable. As we’ve found after examining the market, there are still plenty of cheap motorcycle gas tank sealers that offer good quality for the price. Thus, as long as you have the time to look at more products, you can still find a good option for all budgets.

So how can you tell if a product can deliver good performance? A good start is to stick to reputable brands that are already known for the care that they put in each of their products. Some of the brands that you can consider include names such as POR-15, Eastwood, KBS, and Kreem Products.

The next step, whether you’re considering a product from a reputable brand or a lesser-known one, is to take a look at some customer reviews and ratings. Don’t settle for just one motorcycle gas tank sealer review, but read both positive and negative reviews so that you can get a better idea of what you can expect from that particular product.

Furthermore, while with most sealers on the market, you will need to clean the tank thoroughly before you can seal it, that’s not always the case. You can also find some high-quality options that can adhere even to a rusty tank. They tend to cost just a bit more, but the convenience that such a formula offers may make it worth the higher price point.

You can find such formulas by looking for thixotropic as the keyword since this term means that the sealer can hang very well on the tank walls during the coating process, including on a rough rusty surface. This way, even a messy tank can end up looking as new in almost no time and with minimal effort.



A gas tank sealer motorcycle is designed to cover rust and seal any small leaks so that it can make an old damaged tank perform just as well as a good one. As such, the formula needs to provide long-lasting durability since once applied, you won’t be able to apply another layer without scraping the old one off.

Thankfully, as far as durability goes, most of the models on the market, especially those coming from reputable brands, tend to perform very well. Durability is even more important for motorcycle tanks since, as you’re probably well aware, your bike is subjected daily to lots of impacts and vibrations that will transmit to the gas tank.

As such, the sealer needs to be durable yet flexible so that it won’t peel off or crack. The heat will also make the tank expand and contract, and if the sealer is not flexible, then it will only take a few months for it to get damaged.

The protective layer will also last for longer if it is applied correctly. It is recommended to get the sealant in bright colors that are different enough from the interior of the tank so that you can easily monitor the coverage. This way, you’ll be able to tell at a glance if the protective layer is applied evenly across the inner walls of the gas tank.

Get a complete kit

Before you can apply the sealer, you will need to remove any gum, sludge, or varnish from the inside of the tank. This means that you will need special cleaners, and instead of purchasing them separately, you can get a better deal by choosing a motorcycle gas tank cleaner and sealer combo package.

This way, you can purchase a complete kit for cheaper, and you’ll have everything you need to start sealing the gas tank right away. After you’ve cleaned the tank thoroughly, all you need to do is rinse it with water and wait for it to dry. Afterward, you can pour the sealer in, cover all surfaces, and drain the excess sealer from the tank.


Other applications

If, after coating the tank sealer, you’re left with extra formula that you don’t know what to do with, you can store any leftover liquid back in the can and use it for other applications. Most options on the market use Phenol Novolac Epoxies, which is a chemical material that acts as a high strength adhesive.

This means that apart from repairing gas tanks, it can also be used for various jobs around the house. You can use it to repair leaks in containers, broken cups, a split leg on a chair, add fine sand to make a mortar, and so forth.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do you have to seal a motorcycle gas tank?

It all depends on the state of the gas tank since a brand new tank that is of good quality won’t need to be sealed. In general, a tank will not rust if it is used regularly and kept full of gasoline. Thus, for a new tank that’s used often, you won’t need to seal it, unless you know for certain that it is having issues.

Sealing is a good approach when you have a rusty tank or one that has small leaks caused by rust. If the tank is susceptible to rust, cleaning it and applying a coat of sealer will be a good way to prevent rust from becoming a problem again in the future.

For a truly leaky tank, a sealer isn’t a magic solution to your problem, and in this case, repairing it will require a welding job. Sealant alone won’t plug a large leak, and it will only make a welding job more difficult.

Q: How do you seal a motorcycle gas tank?

Before you can seal the tank, you need to make sure that the interior is clean of sludge, gum, varnish, and rust. To clean the tank, it is recommended to use special solutions that are designed specifically for this job. Rust can also be treated with a combination of baking soda and vinegar, two very cheap ingredients.

After you have cleaned the tank carefully, you must drain it and rinse it thoroughly with water. Let it dry and then pour in the entire can of sealer inside. After you have made sure to coat all the surfaces, you can drain the tank and leave it for about an hour to remove all the excess sealer.

Leave it to dry for as long as the instructions recommend. Once sealed, you can use fuel preservation and stabilizers since these are designed to keep the fuel system in working order so that you don’t run into other problems in the future.


Q: How can you get rust on your gas tank?

Rust has become a bigger problem in recent years since today’s ethanol-gasoline blends are much more corrosive than the gasoline of the past. This corrosion often ends up in the gas tank, where it can then flow into the fuel lines or injectors and cause problems to the engine.

You can prevent rust from appearing in your tank by always keeping it full of gasoline and using it regularly. Another way of preventing rust from becoming a problem is to use affordable motorcycle gas tank sealers and get the tank sealed by a professional.

If you’re wondering about how to clean rust once it gets into your tank, you can either purchase a professional solution or use homemade remedies.

One of the most popular options is combining vinegar and baking soda. This combination works because vinegar contains acetic acid that, when combined with sodium acetate, can remove rust very quickly and efficiently.


Q: Is rust in motorcycle gas tank bad?

Having a rusty gas tank is not inherently bad, but the issue is that the rust won’t stay just in the tank, it will find its way in the fuel, and from there it will go into the engine where it can do some serious damage. Even a small patch of rust can get very large quickly since inside the tank, it will continue to be fed with oxygen.

Thus, the only way for you to get rid of the rust inside the tank is to clean it thoroughly with a solution designed to remove rust. You can also get it sealed. It is easier and cheaper to get the tank cleaned, especially since most solutions on the market do a very good job of eliminating rust.

Unfortunately, after cleaning the tank, rust can still reappear, which is why many people prefer sealing the tank since it is a more permanent solution to this problem.

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