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7 Best Motorcycle Gas Tank Sealers (Updated Reviews) in 2021

We know that it is not easy to find the best motorcycle gas tank sealer, which is why we’ve selected some of the critically and commercially acclaimed products and showcased them below for you. This list of diverse motorcycle gas tank sealer reviews will certainly help you find the product that you need.

1. POR-15 49216 Fuel Tank Sealer

POR-15 is a brand that is known for the care it puts in its products, and this option is no exception since it delivers exceptional performance, and it is designed for professional use. This means that you can trust it to keep your tank protected for a long period and to seal seams and pinholes.

It is very easy to apply the sealer since it bonds to metal surfaces chemically so that you can quickly cover even the spots in the tank that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Once applied, the sealer will stop corrosion, leaks, and rust.

What’s more, this product has been formulated to be impervious to all fuels, and this includes the new Stage II fuels that have high alcohol content. Thus, the formula is compatible with a wide range of fuel tanks, including but not limited to just motorcycles. Make sure to clean the tank properly before applying the sealer.


The product has been developed and formulated to meet the demand for a high-tech sealer that is resistant to all fuels, additives, solvents, and alcohol.

It chemically bonds to metal surfaces so that you can cover all sides of the tank without having to worry that the protective layer will be uneven, or that some surfaces will be left uncovered.

The formula has a light gray color, which enhances visibility and makes it easier to inspect the tank and see if the interior is properly coated.

It is designed to stop corrosion, rust, and leaks permanently so that with a single-use, you can keep your tank protected for years.


Make sure to mix the formula well since there are lumps of solid substances that need to be broken down before you use the mixture.

It is difficult to open since the lid recesses deeply into the can.

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2. Kreem Products Fuel Tank Liner Combo-Pak