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8 Best Michelin Motorcycle Tires (Updated Reviews) in 2022

If you’re looking for tires that come with excellent grip and are resistant to tear and wear, showcased below you can find a list of affordable Michelin motorcycle tires reviews of some of the most sought-after models on the market.

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1. Commander II Front FLHTCUSE 2009-2013

Designed with performance in mind, the new Michelin Commander II tires feature high-quality rubber compounds that deliver a remarkable grip even on wet asphalt, without compromising durability. The square bead-wire package will improve casing rigidity, allowing you to easily install and handle the tires at all times.

One of the latest technologies in the field, the Amplified Density offers a highly dense and more rigid tire casing designed to deliver excellent handling and feedback in all conditions. In other words, these tires are created to last you a long time from now on.

Thanks to the Silica Rain Technology (SRT) that integrates silica into the compound of the tire tread, this product absorbs extra moisture better, ensuring an excellent grip on wet and slippery asphalt.

These tires are more rigid to improve maneuverability without feeling too heavy. Therefore, you will enjoy a smooth ride with your motorcycle, even at high speeds, without sacrificing safety.

Unlike cheaper tire brands, Michelin is in for the long run, meaning all the products benefit from excellent quality and resistance to wear, even after 15,000 miles. Depending on the road conditions and how aggressive your riding style is, these tires can resist up to 25,000 miles.


The tires are made of high-quality rubber designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures without breaking or losing their qualities.

They provide a remarkable grip on wet asphalt without compromising durability, making them trustworthy allies during the rainy season or from early spring to late fall, all across the country.

The Amplified Density Technology delivers a more rigid tire casing for improved feedback and handling in all road and weather conditions.

Integrating silica in the tire tread, the Michelin Commander II absorbs extra moisture and prevents all forms of uneven wear for long-lasting performances. Besides, it improves maneuverability and keeps the tires lightweight.


Given that Michelin is one of the most reputed companies in the world with 130 years of experience, we cannot think of a single flaw for these tires that is worth mentioning. However, we suggest that you measure your wheels carefully and pick the right size of tires as there might be slight differences in measurements that can alter the final fit.

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2. Pilot Road 2 Sport Touring 120/70ZRF17 F

After reading this Michelin motorcycle tires review you’ll easily understand why the Pilot Road 2 represents one of the most popular choices for bikers who enjoy long roads.

Boasting the latest technologies in the safety field, these Michelin tires provide the best combination of wet grip and tread life, confirmed by multiple independent tests. The tires are available in no less than 12 different sizes, covering almost 95% of all sport touring radial fitments for increased performance and an excellent fit.

Keep in mind that these tires are mainly designed for touring and sports activities, so you should test their limits when riding for long distances or participating in off-road competitions. The Pilot Road 2 is the only dual-compound tire in the sport-touring segment and features innovative front and rear tread designs for extra stability and improved performance.

With this product, you’ll have the best of both worlds, without having to sacrifice durability or grip. It integrates a soft rubber compound on the tread shoulders with a wear-resistant compound in the middle.

The tire mileage is incredible too, according to most customers, so you can count on it to last you a long time from now on, even on wet asphalt or when touring the country.


The innovative front and rear tread designs help absorb shocks better, delivering increased safety even at high speeds.

The tires are available in 12 different sizes to cover the needs of almost all sport touring radial fitments, so you will enjoy the best fit.

These Michelin tires come with a great combination of tread life and wet grip, confirmed by independent testing, so you’ll never have to choose between safety and speed when going on long journeys with your bike.

They boost the rider’s confidence in challenging weather conditions, meaning they can be used on almost all types of terrains and in all weather conditions, even when the roads are wet and slippery.


These tires are mainly designed for long journeys but you should break them in before starting your trip to decrease their rigidity and make them more flexible, especially for roads with many corners.

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3. Anakee Adventure Rear Tire 170/60R-17

The product is designed to deliver outstanding performance in almost all road conditions. Therefore, it is both suitable for on-road journeys as well as off-road trips, as long as the field is not too difficult. In other words, these tires are 20% designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and off-road trips.

Thanks to the new silica tread compounds, you will get an improved wet grip for added confidence on slippery wet roads. Thus, these tires are perfect for wearing in almost all weather conditions, without worrying about slipping or losing control when the asphalt is wet.

Thanks to the Michelin Block Technology introduced in the latest generation of tires, combined with the Michelin 2CT+ Technology, you will get improved on-road stability and enjoy high-quality tires that are designed to last for a longer time, even if you plan on using them on a regular basis.

In addition, the optimized profile combined with the brand’s 2CT compounds and the new tread pattern will deliver precise handling and long-lasting performance. In other words, what we liked the most about the new Anakee Adventure tires is their ability to match the latest technologies in the field, delivering high-quality results and increased stability in all weather and road conditions.



The item is designed to meet the needs of most on-road riders but also provides stability and performance for off-road trips, making it one of the most appreciated combination tires on the market right now.

Thanks to the new technologies involved, the Michelin Anakee Wild tires deliver a new level of on-road stability.

The optimized profile of the tires delivers precise handling and long-lasting performance.

Unlike other tires that are designed for wearing in certain weather conditions, the Anakee Wild tires are created to deliver outstanding performance in all types of weather, making them a suitable choice all-year-round.


As a general rule, you should understand the limitations of these tires and the terrains they are designed to enhance their performances. That being said, although they can meet some of the requirements of off-road tires, they will remain better on the road rather than in off-road conditions.

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4. Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Rear Tire 110/90-19

After an extensive three-year testing and developing program, the French brand Michelin fine launched the new StarCross 5 range of motocross and off-road tires designed to deliver outstanding performance in various field and weather conditions. This latest line of tires introduces new technologies to deliver exciting and competitive two-wheel segments.

In other words, the new Michelin StarCross 5 tires were designed to deliver high-quality features in extreme conditions, making them a suitable choice for both world champions and amateurs alike. The product is available in four versions, ranging from hard to sand, designed to meet even the harshest weather conditions and deliver the same qualities as a pair of regular tires.

Therefore, the new Starcross 5 represents a suitable choice for both on-road and off-road applications. These tires are slightly lighter than other previous generations, catering to the needs of motorcycles that boast high power standards.

What we liked the most is that this new generation of tires was designed based on the feedback received from riders of all age categories and qualifications, from newbies to world champions, who are often riding in harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the new generation of Michelin tires responds to the needs of all riders.


This tire was designed based on feedback from riders, both amateurs, and riding champions, meaning it caters to their needs and provides a customized fit.

The Starcross 5 represents the perfect tire for motocross and off-road riders, delivering high performance in all terrains and weather conditions.

It is available in four versions, from Hard to Sand, ensuring a perfect grip on various types of ground conditions you can encounter during your motocross and off-road competitions.

It is lighter than other similar tires, delivering more flexibility and boosting your bike’s power, allowing it to reach full speed faster while remaining stable on the ground.


Keep in mind that these Michelin tires are mainly designed to withstand harsh environments and road conditions so they won’t be a good match for cruise riders or those who are looking for all-year products. You won’t be able to test their performance on regular asphalt and, even more, you will wear them out faster.

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5. Michelin Commander II Front Tire MT90B-16

Available in various sizes to meet the needs of metric and American cruisers, this tire is one of the most popular in its category, according to more than one Michelin motorcycle tire review. The commissioned third-party tests show that this product delivers a new standard in cruiser tire longevity, delivering two times more mileage than other competitive cruiser tires without being too heavy.

Thanks to the brand’s Amplified Density Technology, the new Michelin tires feature a more rigid tire casing designed to provide excellent feedback and handling, even when you’re a less experienced rider.

They are made of high-quality rubber compounds to deliver exceptional grip on both dry and wet roads, as well as remarkable durability. In other words, the new Commander II tires won’t wear or tear easily, even if you prefer riding your bike early in the morning when there is dew on the ground or when it’s raining outside.

We would also want to talk about the innovative longitudinal tread pattern that is designed to efficiently evacuate water and provide a better grip on wet roads so your bike won’t slip or slide, putting your life at risk. The tires are also easy to install and feature increased casing rigidity.


The Michelin Commander II increases the quality and performance standards in the cruiser market, delivering two times more mileage than you would expect from competitors.

Boasting the brand’s latest Amplified Density Technology, the tire features a dense, rigid tire casing that improves handling and ensures excellent feedback, regardless of your riding skills or experience.

It is designed to meet the needs of both wet and dry roads, keeping the rider safe. The high-quality rubber compound provides exceptional grip without sacrificing durability. Thus, you will get to enjoy the same pair of tires for a longer time.

The square bead-wire package allows you to easily install the tires.


As with all other cruiser tires designed for long-term use, we suggest breaking the tires before taking them on a long trip to make sure they are flexible enough, especially if the road ahead has many corners and you’ll often have to turn right or left.

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6. Commander III Cruiser Rear Tire 150/80B-16 Reinforced

Going through many online reviews, you will easily see that the Commander III represents a popular item in the cruiser category. Benefitting from Michelin’s reputation, the tire represents the newest addition in the Commander family and is designed for all types of touring bikes and V-twin cruisers.

It is made of the highest quality rubber to provide outstanding performance without sacrificing speed or stability, meaning you can use the tires on various types of grounds, both wet and dry. It provides a better grip on wet asphalt and the shortest stopping distances in the same wet conditions, helping you prevent accidents and remain on the saddle.

Similar to the previous generations of the Commander, the Commander III Cruiser is equipped with Michelin’s Amplified Density Technology (ADT) that provides a dense and rigid tire casing, ensuring great handling and feedback. As a result, the tire is more durable and resistant to wear and tear, so it can last up to two times more than similar tires from competitors.

It is the perfect partner for bikers who love long rides and enjoy the scenery. It is also easy to change, even if you’re not a professional mechanic.


The third generation in the Commander family, this cruise tire is designed for all V-twin cruisers and touring bikes.

It is equipped with Michelin’s latest technologies in the field to provide an exceptional grip on both wet and dry roads, ensuring increased stability without sacrificing performance.

Thus, you can wear the tires almost all-year-round, without worrying about riding on slippery roads in late fall or early spring.

According to the results of internal tests, it provides the shortest stopping distance in wet conditions among leading competitors. In other words, it is safer than other tires and will potentially prevent accidents.

Boasting the Amplified Density Technology, the tire delivers improved handling and feedback.


It’s not advisable to take a pair of cruising tires on a long trip before breaking and wearing them on a few short rides before, especially if you expect to encounter many corners on the road

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7. Pilot Road 4 Front Tire 120/70ZR17

The Pilot Road 4 is one of the latest additions in the Michelin tire family, delivering increased security while riding, no matter the conditions. It is marketed as a sport-touring radial tire and is mainly designed for professional riders and newbies who have a passion for speed and want to test the limits of their bikes.

Regardless if it’s rainy or shining outside, the Pilot Road 4 is the perfect tire for your motorcycle, helping you ride with more confidence.

Equipped with XST+ technology, the product includes transverse sipes to deliver increased braking in wet conditions. The chamfers added to the sipe edges allow the tire to wear evenly on both sides during extreme conditions to prolong the life of the tire and its overall performance.

The item is made of high-quality rubber, featuring two different compounds for ultimate performance. The rubber compound located in the center of the tire is harder and will withstand braking and aggressive acceleration, while the softer rubber compound located in the shoulder will maximize grip when the bike is leaning.

Thus, you can rest assured the Pilot Road 4 is the perfect choice for you and your motorcycle, even if you prefer riding it when it’s hot or rainy outside.


One of the features you will enjoy the most about this particular tire from Michelin is the grip provided in all weather conditions, including on wet and slippery roads. You can count on this tire to keep your motorcycle steady and prevent accidents caused by wet roads.

Despite the mileage on them, the tires will wear evenly and after a long time. They are great on all types of surfaces, from rocky grounds to broken roads and highways and can easily switch from one surface to another without feeling slippery, flimsy or insecure.

The profiles are rounded, meaning that the tires will perform better when taking a corner, regardless of the speed. Therefore, they provide increased flexibility and safety and make your bike fun to ride.

They are easy to mount and replace even without having too much experience.


Keep in mind that the Pilot Road 4 tires are marketed as touring tires and won’t provide the same grip level as other types of tires so you may want to opt for another pair on track.

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8. Pilot Power 2CT Front Tire 120/70ZR17

Benefiting from Michelin’s two-compound technology, the Pilot Power 2CT tire is intended for sportbike riders who use their bikes on track and on the road. The tread surface is divided into three separate areas, combining two types of different rubber compounds for improved performance on all road and weather conditions.

The softer compound of the tire is located in the shoulder and will deliver improved grip when leaning, while the harder rubber compound in the center is designed to withstand aggressive acceleration and braking without wearing the product too much. As a result, you can count on this new Michelin tire to last you longer than other similar items from rival brands.

As we previously mentioned, the Pilot Power 2CT provides the best of both worlds, ensuring an excellent grip and speed of response on both dry and wet surfaces, which can potentially prevent accidents and help you enjoy a safer ride.

On the other side, depending on your riding style, the tire might feel a little stiff and rigid and it will take you a while to break it in and make it more comfortable. Also, some of the pieces used to manufacture the tire are identical to the ones for car tires.



Versatile and designed for multipurpose use, the Pilot Power 2CT will perform equally well on both wet and dry surfaces, increasing your level of confidence and helping you feel safer when riding.

It is designed to meet the needs of any sportbike riders but can be easily used on both the road and track for days, without feeling any difference in grip or glide.

The product is made of two different types of rubber - a softer part located in the shoulder that enhances grip when leaning, and a tougher compound in the center to withstand braking and aggressive acceleration without wearing in time.

It is easy to install and change when worn out.


For some riders, the Pilot Power 2CT might feel too stiff at the beginning and harder to control. If this is the case, we suggest breaking in the tire on a few short trips before bringing your motorcycle on the track.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


As there are many suitable options on the market, finding a good Michelin motorcycle tire could prove a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field. To help you easily pick the right choice for your bike and your riding style, here is a list of features you should consider before deciding on an item.

New tires vs. second-hand tires

If you’re looking to score some cheap Michelin motorcycle tires, there is also the option of used products. However, picking second-hand tires is tricky and we only recommend buying from trustworthy companies.

You also have to pay close attention to the tires and inspect them carefully for any cuts and signs of wear, even if they are superficial. Generally speaking, a good pair of second-hand motorcycle tires shouldn’t have more than 4,000-5,000 miles to maintain all its safety marks and features.

If you’re not sure of what you are buying, ask a professional mechanic or go through extended Michelin motorcycle tire reviews to read the opinions of other customers.

The riding style of the previous tire owner may also tell you a lot about the quality of the tires you’re about to buy. Aggressive riders who appreciate speed or drifts will often have tires that display signs of wear and tear, especially on the sides.

Other things to look for in used tires are marbling, scratches, punctures to the sides of the tire, deformed or visible beads, as well as deformed or unstuck tread rubber. If the tires you are about to purchase display any of these signs, keep away from them as they are not reliable anymore and need to be changed.


All-season tires vs. seasonal ones

Most motorcycle fans love taking their vehicles out for a ride even in the colder mornings but few of them will have the guts to go on a journey during the wintertime. Motorcycles are less used than regular cars in the colder months so seasonal tires are not as popular. However, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to ride without proper winter gear, including winter tires, antifreeze, and chains.

If you don’t plan on riding your bike when it’s cold or snowing outside, you don’t necessarily have to invest in a pair of Michelin winter tires. Most of the company’s products provide excellent grip and performance even on wet and slippery roads, so your all-season tires should do the trick even if it starts snowing and you’re a few miles away from home.

If you live in warmer climates where winter temperatures rarely go below freezing, you can ride your two-wheeler throughout the year but you should consider investing in a pair of winter tires too, especially if you cross the state border.


Speed rating

We have already mentioned that riders who love putting their bikes at work will require more powerful tires, capable of withstanding increased friction due to high speeds. Generally speaking, there is a letter code on the tire that will tell you the maximum speed that the product can reach without losing any of its characteristics or putting your life in danger.

The letter “H” stands for a maximum speed of 130 mph, while the letter “W” will provide safety and comfort for bikers willing to test their vehicles’ limits at speeds up to 168 mph. At this speed, we’re already talking about Michelin motorcycle race tires that should only be used by professional race riders.

All-road vs. off-road tires

Unless we are talking about dirt bikes or professional riders who enjoy some fun participating in off-road competitions, you won’t need a pair of off-road tires. However, many Michelin tires are designed for high-performance in many road conditions, meaning you will get a decent grip on other types of roads apart from asphalt.

However, we don’t recommend testing your tires’ limits by riding exclusively in desert lands or mud as you might get stuck or risk wearing the wires a lot sooner than anticipated.


Weather-proof design

Riding on the highway with nothing but the wind blowing through your shield as you watch the sunset might be an iconic image many riders have in mind when they’re thinking about the perfect ride. However, the reality is far from ideal, which means you might encounter dangerous weather and road conditions that might affect your bike unless you opt for the right Michelin tires.

You will want to opt for tires that are not only made with the highest-quality rubber but also with safety features enabled for wet and slippery roads. One of the most recent technologies developed and implemented by Michelin, the Silica Rain Technology (SRT) integrates silica into the compound of the tire tread, absorbing extra moisture and ensuring an excellent grip on wet and slippery asphalt.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long do Michelin motorcycle tires last?

The answer to this question depends on various factors, including how often you use the tires and the type of motorcycle riding you prefer. However, as a general rule, no motorcycle tires should be worn for more than five years as certain components might wear or tear in time, especially because of harsh weather and road conditions.

All Michelin tires come stamped with a Born on Date at the time of manufacturing so you can easily keep track of when they were produced and have a general idea on their lifespan. Similar to many other items, tires age differently in a regular storage area as opposed to a temperature-controlled environment.

A tire stored in a climate-controlled warehouse, regardless of its brand, can remain fresh and preserve all its original features and qualities for up to six years. It is also the case of Michelin tires that are perfect for long-ride motorcycle journeys for approximately 4 years in harsh weather and road conditions.

Q: Where are the Michelin motorcycles tires made?

Michelin is amongst the most reputed companies in the world, with a history of over one century. Based in France, the brand is known for many things, including its Red and Green travel guides, the exquisite guide of the best restaurants in the world, its roadmaps, and the famous company mascot, also known as the Michelin Man.

In September 2008, Michelin became the world’s largest tire manufacturer after closely competing for years with Bridgestone. Currently, the French company has factories around the world, producing some of its most beloved tires in Poland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Brazil, India, Japan, Thailand, and other countries.

For instance, the popular model Commander II is largely manufactured in Thailand but some versions of it can also be produced in the United States. At the end of the day, as long as all the company’s high standards are maintained, it doesn’t matter exactly where your tires are made.


Q: Is Michelin a good brand for motorcycle tires?

As we have already mentioned, the French company has been in the business for around 130 years, becoming both an innovator and a developer of the modern motorcycle and car tires. Over the years, the company developed by brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin built a reputation by using high-quality rubber to deliver an unparalleled fuel economy for each of their tires.

The marshmallow-like mascot of the brand is as popular as the tires, being present on most merchandise sold by Michelin today. The French company has maintained its number one place in the world for decades, being above other popular rivals like Pirelli, Goodyear, and Continental.

When it comes to motorcycle tires, Michelin is known for its quality, durability, and performance in all weather and road conditions, making it a smart choice in the long term. The company’s tires might be pricier than other similar products but they won’t wear as easy or fast as them.


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