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10 Best Kids' ATVs (Updated Reviews) in 2022

We know how complicated a task can be to choose the right toys for your children. That is why we spent a lot of time reading kids’ ATV reviews, comparing products, and selecting those models that are, indeed, ideal for young riders. You will find them all below.

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1. Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Vehicle

If you want to get a kids' electric ATV that looks as close to the real thing, and yet presents the same safety features you would expect from a toy made for children. Together with a proper youth moto helmet, this model is an excellent option. Its quad geometry makes it stand out from the crowd, and the black styling is something that many parents and kids alike will love.

Something that requires close attention is the rear suspension. Designed to navigate any terrain, this model has a rear suspension that makes your kid's ride as smooth as possible. Its terrain-tracing capabilities, along with the droop-travel design, make it as reliable as this.

Your kid will be able to use this toy for a long time, as the battery can be recharged up to 250 times without fail. Pneumatic tires, adjustable handlebars, and other similar features make it quite the toy for a young rider who wants to learn how to drive an ATV and it's a great way to spend time with your kid while you work. You can also try these out to better show him how to use a spreader.



The authentic quad geometry is what makes this vehicle look as close as possible to an ATV geared toward adults so that your little one feels great riding by your side.

One thing that makes this model stand apart from the rest is its droop-travel rear suspension equipped with coil shock that provides a smooth ride, regardless of the terrain.

Its pneumatic tires also contribute to a smoother ride so that your kid can have as much fun as possible.

With a battery that resists to up to 250 cycles, you can expect this model to entertain your kid until he or she outgrows the toy.


There is no reverse, which means that the child driving it must get out and pull it back each time he or she gets in a situation that would require driving in reverse.

You will notice that one charge of the battery will last only for 20-30 minutes, which might not be enough for active kids.

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2. Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Citrus

Since Peg Perego has such a strong reputation for making products geared toward children, in particular during their first stages of development, it should come as no surprise that this kids' ATV is made by the same brand. The vehicle works at two different speeds, 2-1/2 and 5 mph, and your child can also drive it in reverse.

Equipped with all-terrain wheels, it will help your little one navigate any situation with ease, and you will be happy that you can expand his or her horizons by allowing small adventures that may go a little off the beaten track.

Addressed to kids aged 3 to 7 years old, the ATV has a weight limit of 85 pounds, which means that your growing child will be able to enjoy it for a long time. You can control the speed of the vehicle to ensure that your baby doesn't start riding too fast.



One of the highest selling points of this model is its realistic design that includes numerous details, such as shocks and fenders, which make your kid believe he or she is driving the real thing.

Your kids can drive the toy ATV at 2-1/2 or 5 mph, and there's also a reverse function, so they will be able to get the hang of the basics of driving in a fun and pleasant way.

It addresses kids aged 3 to 7 and has a maximum weight capacity of 85 pounds, so it is ideal as a gift.

The all-terrain wheels will take your kid anywhere, under your supervision, of course.


To make it go in reverse, the switch must be held, and that means that the kid must remove the hands from the wheel, which can be annoying.

It appears that the manufacturer doesn't include clear instructions regarding how to assemble it, but, fortunately, there are only a few parts, and overall, putting it together is not difficult.

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3. Best Choice Products Kids Battery Powered ATV

There are two things that an ATV geared toward children should be: safe and fun. You will be glad to learn that this model is both, and it also comes with several features that make it a hit with parents and kids alike. For instance, you don't have to worry that your child might develop a taste for speeding up beyond his or her capabilities, as the maximum velocity on this model is capped at 2 mph.

It comes with a 12V battery you can recharge time and time ago to give your children hours of fun. Many kids will love this model as it comes with multiple realistic features, such as a horn, LED headlights, sounds, and music.

This ATV is more than just good looking. For instance, the treaded tires will behave well in any conditions, and dirt and grass won't be real challenges. The weight limit capacity is 66 pounds.


With a maximum speed of 2 mph, you can rest assured that your child will not be in any danger of accelerating too hard and too fast.

A gear switch allows proper maneuverability for this vehicle, as your kid will be even ready to put it in reverse when needed.

Due to the treaded tires, there will be no issues with riding over sand, grass, or dirt, and your kid will have the time of his or her life.

Multiple features make this ATV such an excellent toy for kids, as there are sounds imitating the noise of an engine, bright lights, music, and a horn.


The directions offered by the manufacturer are challenging to understand and incomplete, but, luckily, assembling the ATV is reasonably straightforward.

Bear in mind that it's for small children and that you should only allow your kids to use it outside, as the plastic wheels can leave unsightly marks on your floors.

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4. Uenjoy 12V Kids ATV

Ideal for kids aged 3 to 8 years old, the Uenjoy 12V Kids ATV is the right choice when you want to purchase a gift for your toddler or young child. Your kid will enjoy many songs and stories, so this is more than your usual ATV. These are only the presets available on the console, but you can also use other mobile devices with the console, using the USB port or the MP3 port present.

Controlling the vehicle is ease, as your baby will only have to use the foot pedal. There are also two available speeds, aptly named high-hair and low-tortoise. What we should also add in this kids' ATV review is that the ride is smooth, and your kid will be able to get the hang of using it in no time.

Another great thing is that your kids will be able to ride on any terrain, such as grass, dirt, concrete, with the same great ability, while having a lot of fun.


A spring suspension system adds convenience and makes for a smooth ride, something that all kids can appreciate as they will only focus on having fun.

When starting the ATV, a motor-like sound can be heard, which will make the driver feel like he or she is behind the wheel of a real vehicle.

The handle in the back is an added plus, as it allows parents to grab the vehicle with ease when it runs out of power.

Use the available USB and MP3 ports to connect the console with portable devices that allow your kid to listen to whatever music he or she likes.


You may find the instructions difficult to apply, and some pieces of hardware provided might need a bit of adjusting as they might not fit well.

Unless you purchase it for a very young child, you will have the unpleasant surprise to find that your kid will outgrow this ATV quite fast.

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5. Dongfang TAO TAO 110cc ATV Fully Automatic

A fully automatic kids' ATV 110cc, this model is an interesting choice, as it is gas-powered with electric start. The technical specs on this vehicle will show you what it is made of, and how it can be used in perfect safety by a young rider.

For instance, an element you should be aware of is that the seat height is 14.5 inches, and that will serve you to decide whether or not your kids can use this model. The overall measurements are those of a regular ATV, and you should also know that it comes with an automatic clutch and a transmission chain.

As it can reach pretty high speeds, this is the kind of toy you should consider buying for a pre-teen child and even a teenager. As we strive to cover all the age groups in our selection, it should come as no surprise that we included this model on our list.


A toy for older kids, this ATV is pretty much as close to the real thing as possible, since its 110cc engine qualifies it for this title.

The fully automatic clutch makes it an excellent choice for pre-teens and teenagers who want to learn how to control such a vehicle.

It is a gas-powered, but has electric start, while its fuel capacity is 2.4 liters, which means that your kids can drive it around for a while.

With a maximum speed of 34 mph, it

Be aware of the fact that the unit doesn't seem to crank fast enough to start when the temperatures drop, and it will take some patience to see it working as expected.

Some issues with missing hardware parts are possible, and you will have to find a way to replace them so that you can put together this ATV.

is not a toy for small kids, but your older children will love it.


Be aware of the fact that the unit doesn't seem to crank fast enough to start when the temperatures drop, and it will take some patience to see it working as expected.

Some issues with missing hardware parts are possible, and you will have to find a way to replace them so that you can put together this ATV.

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6. ICEbear TAO TAO 110cc Gas ATV Fully Automatic ATV

Another kids' 110 ATV that makes it to our list is this model from ICEbear. The aggressive style and black finish will draw your attention right away, and you will feel compelled to take a closer look. For starters, you should know that his model is gas-powered, which means that the freedom of movement is limited by the fuel capacity and not by an electric battery.

It is ideal for beginners, as it is extremely easy to maneuver. At the same time, the model comes with a remote kill function, so you will have nothing to worry about. The 6.7-HP motor makes it powerful enough so that older kids can enjoy it, too.

Featuring a maximum speed of 28 mph, it is more than just a toy, so it can be an excellent opportunity to teach your kids how to be responsible when they are behind the wheel.


The ATV comes equipped with a single-cylinder motor that has air cooling, which ensures a pretty good lifespan.

Its steel frame, along with the steel rims, makes it more robust than toys for kids.

Because of its ease of maneuverability, it is an excellent option for beginners, so if your kids have never ridden an ATV, this model offers all that's needed for them to start.

The automatic transmission is a great thing to have, as it helps the rider control the vehicle better.

It is gas-powered, and the oil capacity is 0.75 gallons, so your kids should have enough to ride around to their hearts' content.


There could be some cosmetic flaws as the finishing doesn't appear to be top-notch at a closer inspection.

Be aware that this model is not made from particularly robust materials, so some issues with durability can appear with regular usage.

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7. Best Choice Products 12V Kids 4-Wheeler ATV

Your kids will love going on an adventure once they find themselves behind the wheel of this rugged model. Although it is created for very small children, its design is as close to the real thing as possible, and you will love looking at this miniature ATV that seems to have everything to help your kid have a lot of fun.

And the resemblance to real-life vehicles doesn't stop here. Your kid will be able to drive it as if it were a full-fledged ATV, as it has a foot pedal accelerator, a reverse function, and the ability to select between two speeds. The maximum speed is 3.7 mph, so you don't have to worry that it might go too fast.

There is an available AUX port that you can use for plugging in other devices so that your kid can listen to music and have even more fun while riding this ATV.


Not only this toy vehicle looks like a real ATV, but it also comes with large treaded wheels that can ride over any surface, including grass and dirt.

Your kid will have a blast using the horn, while the LED highlights add to the overall fun factor that is through the roof for this model.

With a weight limit of 66 pounds, it can accommodate young riders with ease.

Made from durable materials, such as ABS plastic and metal, it is a durable model, and you won't have any regrets spending money on it.

With a run time of 1-2 hours, this model is superior to many others you can find on the market at the moment.


As much fun as this 4-wheeler is, there are chances that your kid will outgrow it within a short span since it is a good fit only for very young riders.

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8. Kid Motorz Monster Quad

Most probably, the first thing you will notice about this ATV for kids is its nice design that will surely appeal to your children, as well. Ideal for kids aged 3 years old and older, it is a good pick for anyone who wants to instill a love for riding in his or her children. The weight capacity is 66 pounds, and that allows your kid to grow with this toy.

When navigating the ATV quad, your kid might end up in a tight spot, and that is when the forward/reverse function found on this model will come in handy. As far as speed is concerned, the 3 mph limit will convince you that there's nothing to worry about.

Another thing you can surely appreciate about this model is that its battery ensures a run time of almost one hour. That means that your kid will have plenty of time to enjoy the vehicle.


The sealed lead-acid battery is convenient and powerful as it can provide 50-60 minutes of continuous operation, which is more than what you usually see in other similar products.

On the front panel, there is the forward and reverse switch, so it is easy to access, and your child will be able to learn how to navigate tight spots without too much guidance.

You will notice the detail stickers that make the quad quite good looking and undoubtedly attractive to young riders.

Don't ever worry about your kid being able to speed up, as there is a hard cap on this model of 3 mph.


Make sure that you supervise your toddler while playing with this ATV, as the acceleration is quite fast and can lead to small accidents.

It seems to work on the carpet just fine, but on hard floors, it doesn't appear to do the same good job.

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9. Huffy Kids Electric Battery-Powered Ride-On ATV

Easy to use and maneuver, this electric ATV for kids is the ideal choice for a gift for a child aged 3 to 7 years old. As long as your kid weighs less than 65 pounds, he or she will be able to drive this toy ATV. Kids only need to push a dashboard button, and the engine will start right away. As you may well know, that's a great advantage compared to gas-powered vehicles that may take a while to start.

There is an audio jack included, allowing your kid to listen to MP3 songs while riding, for maximum fun. Equipped with front and rear suspensions, this toy quad will feel pretty much like the real thing for a young rider, and riding over more challenging terrain is not an issue.

With 40 minutes of continuous operation for a battery charge, it is a pretty good choice if you want your kids to have fun with this type of vehicle.



Created for having fun outdoors, this model comes equipped with suspensions for both front and rear, so a genuine 4x4 experience is guaranteed.

The roaring engine noise adds a realistic feel to this model, and your kids will also love that there is a horn that can be used for more fun.

It is worth mentioning that the vehicle also has LED headlights that make it appear as close to a full-fledged ATV.

There are two speeds, 2-1/2 and 5 mph, so your kid will be able to ride faster or slower without any issues.

Accessing the gear switch on the front panel is easy, and children will learn how to use the forward and reverse function to get out of tight spots.


Assembling this ATV is a bit difficult, and you will need more than one person to put it together.

Be aware of possible hardware missing from your package.

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10. Costzon Kids Ride On ATV

From its realistic appearance to its safe design, this electric kids' ATV is an ideal choice for a gift, and also it is perfect for parents' peace of mind. It has bright headlights, and also there is music to entertain your child during the ride, so there is little you could ask from this ATV and not having it deliver it.

The model comes equipped with a spring suspension system that will reduce vibration so that your child can enjoy a smooth ride all the time. Also, the rugged wheels will be able to navigate different terrain conditions.

With a maximum speed of 2.6 mph, it won't be a threat to your kids' well-being, and you can also rest assured that speeding up won't happen. Due to the forward and reverse function, your child will learn how to get out of a tight spot, with minimal intervention on your part.


Your kids will love this model as they can accelerate using the foot pedal, and use the handles for changing direction.

In less than several minutes, a child can get the hang of using this vehicle, and then he and she can start having fun.

There are multiple fun features, such as an MP3 player, a USB port for connecting other devices, and a TF card slot, allowing the child to listen to music or stories while riding.

Easy to operate, the model is ideal for young riders, and kids as young as 3 years old can ride it without a problem.

For a smooth ride, the manufacturer thought about equipping this model with a spring suspension that guarantees that your kids won't feel the bumps in the terrain.


The white paint might get dirty fast, and you will need to clean it more often than you would another model.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


A fun toy will make you a hero in your child’s eyes, which is why parents always strive to get only what’s most innovative and fun for their kids. An excellent option is an ATV, as it is tons of fun and also helps children develop specific abilities. If you want to know how the best ATV for kids should look like, see our buying guide offered below.



Age recommendations, weight capacity, and other considerations

Several aspects should be addressed before you start browsing through the available offers. The most important is the age of your child, as what works for a 3-year-old won’t be a good choice for a pre-teen, for instance.

Manufacturers always include the age limit for their products, and that’s the first thing you should get informed of. Then, you should check the weight capacity, since that, again, will tell you whether the model you’re looking at is a good pick for your child or not.

Last, but not least, take into consideration the emotional development of your kid. If he or she is ready to try such a toy, go ahead and get one. But you must be sure that your child is capable of understanding how to use it and use it safely. This recommendation is geared toward parents with toddlers in particular, for obvious reasons.


Gas-powered or electric?

While looking at affordable kids’ ATV options, you will quickly notice that there are mainly two categories, depending on how the model is powered. Some work with gas fuel, and others work on batteries. Depending on each type, there are different things to discuss.

For instance, gas-powered models are more likely to be more powerful, and therefore, geared toward older kids. Usually, you should get a kids’ ATV 125cc model only if they are teenagers and can fully control such a vehicle.

For electric models, aspects such as the battery lifespan and run-time are essential. These are available for toddlers and young riders, and they can vary a lot. A battery should have a few hundred of recharging cycles available and a run time of at least half an hour to be considered.


Speed limit

As long as they are made for small children, ATVs are made to be quite safe. However, for your peace of mind, you should check a simple feature: speed limit. You will find a cheap kids’ ATV or more that run at a maximum of 5 mph, so they are generally safe.

However, you should not forget that you are required to monitor your child all the time while he or she rides in such a vehicle, even if it’s just a toy.

Ease of use and other features

For your kid to have all the fun possible with this type of toy, the ATV must be easy to use. That means that the child should be able to reach the foot pedal for acceleration and the handlebars. Another useful feature is the gear switch on the front panel so that the young rider can get out of tight spots without too much assistance.

Other features can be geared toward the fun factor. For instance, ports for attaching mobile devices so that your kid can listen to music and stories, are helpful. Also, a cool looking ATV with headlights and a horn will surely be more fun for your kid.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How old should a child be to ride an ATV?

The rules and regulations regarding the use of ATVs with motors exceeding 90cc are clear. Only teenagers who are at least 16 years of age can use them, and they need to wear a helmet. However, the rules for ATV-kids oriented vehicles are different. Usually, the use of such toys for children under 6 is not recommended, but some models cater to the physical and emotional development of toddlers, as well.

As a parent, you have to supervise your kids all the time, especially during their early stages of life. To ensure that your kid is prepared to manipulate such a toy, be aware of a few aspects. For instance, make sure that your child can use the handlebars and that they are not too far apart for his or her arms.

Also, the kid using an ATV should be able to reach the footrest. Don’t forget that discipline plays a role, too. A kid with a greater understanding of rules will be more ready to use a toy like this than one who doesn’t.



Q: Are ATVs safe for kids?

As mentioned in the previous section, it must be made a difference between full-fledged ATVs and similar vehicles created for kids, and with their specific needs in mind. Here is a reminder regarding ATVs designed for adults: children under 16 should never drive them, and many states stipulate such rules.

As for ATVs explicitly manufactured for kids, it is of the utmost importance that you always supervise your kid’s play. Also, while you can allow a bit of harmless fun in the backyard, you shouldn’t let young kids take their ATVs on dangerous trails or try to drive too far.

Common injuries are often associated with the use of ATVs. However, it should be kept in mind that the statistics refer to the full-fledged ATVs and not the ones made for kids. As it’s the case with many other things, common sense plays a significant role in avoiding accidents.


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose an ATV for my child?

Your child’s age, along with his or her physical and emotional development, matters a lot when you decide to get an ATV that he or she can use. The engine size is essential, and the smaller, the better, but as a reference, you should know that kids aged 6 and older can usually handle an ATV with an engine size of 48cc to 70cc.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the clearance between your child’s pants and the seat when standing, which shouldn’t be greater than 3 inches. That helps you match an ATV with your child’s height and physical abilities.

Also, your child should be able to reach the handlebars, the brake lever, or other parts that require manipulation. Choose a model that is limited to slow speeds to avoid accidents. Check the offers provided by the manufacturers to see which ones offer the most safety features.



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