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10 Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves (Updated Reviews) in 2022

The right heated motorcycle gloves should offer you more than heat – they should also come with various cool and new features that really make it worth their while. Check out our list of some of the top picks of the moment and choose the models that fit your needs the best.

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1. Savior Electric Heated Gloves for Men Women

These gloves have the external layer made of 60% polyester and 40% lambskin, which makes it resistant to water and wind, plus it’s easy to breathe in. The interior of the gloves is created using a soft pearl cotton insulation layer where you will find the important heat elements, plus a pair of 2200 mAh lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable.

All of these things work together so that you will feel comfortable and warm at all times. To increase the level of protection you are feeling, the back of the gloves has a carbon fiber protective shell that will keep your joints out of any danger. This model also has three different heating levels.

These heating levels can be used for you to adjust the temperature that you need the most, depending on how the climate is, so you can easily turn them to maximum power as the outside temperatures increasingly drop.


The combination of polyester and lambskin makes these gloves more resistant to being worn out, to the wind, to water, plus it lets your skin breathe much better.

The interior of the gloves has 2200 mAh lithium-ion batteries that you can recharge so you can always feel warm when wearing the product.

The back of the gloves has a carbon fiber protective shell that aims to keep your joints out of any injuries, in case of an accident.

You can pick from the three different levels of heating, based on how cold it is outside; this way, you won’t feel like you are overheating in them.


Based on how cold it is outside, the gloves can take longer than expected to warm up. While that’s not really a problem if it’s just slightly cold, if you experience really cold weather, you may have to wait up to around 10 minutes until they will reach their full thermal potential.

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2. VELAZZIO Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves

This pair of gloves is made of polyester, which is known for being a resistant material to being used over time and when it comes to dealing with water. On top of that, to ensure that water really doesn’t affect you, the product has a durable water repellent treatment applied, nicknamed DWR, and moisture-wicking fleece lining so you won’t have any problems in that regard.

You can choose one of the 3 heating levels that are available - low, medium, and high - so you’ll have complete control over your heating needs. This also has an impact on how much the batteries can last. A smart technology included in these gloves makes them preheat at high power for around 5 minutes, after which it automatically turns to the medium setting.

The model has a rechargeable battery of 7.4v, which is a really high capacity, plus a carbon fiber heating panel that was built-in.


These gloves are water-resistant thanks to the use of polyester, but also thanks to the various other features included, such as the DWR, so you won’t have moisture problems.

The product has 3 available heating levels (low, medium, and high) so you can easily control the level of heat that you want to feel while riding the motorcycle.

You have the option of preheating the gloves at the highest level for 5 minutes, after which it will return to the medium setting. You can turn off this option by yourself.

The inclusion of a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 7.4v means you can always be ready to use the gloves.


In some cases, in which the outside temperature was really low, these gloves didn’t completely raise up to the occasion, but they seem to be able to do their job if the weather is a bit chilly.

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3. WAMTHUS Heated Electric Gloves Waterproof

These heated electric gloves are really easy to start the heating on, as you only require 3 AA batteries and you have them ready for action. You can also rely on 3 different heating levels which you can adjust by taking into consideration the temperature level that is outside, so you can turn on the low level when it’s just chilly and the high one when it’s freezing.

A cool thing about these products is the fact that you can use them for various other activities, not limiting yourself to only riding the motorcycle. They are equally good for mountaineering, hunting, snowboarding, skiing, climbing, ice fishing, hiking, and many other wintery activities when you wish your hands would be warmer.

The pair also has a nice and pretty modern design, which is going to go very well with any outfit you are wearing, considering the fact that the gloves are black.


In order for you to use these gloves, you only need 3 AA batteries and you can be ready to go outside and face the cold.

The gloves have 3 heating levels, a low one, a medium one, and a high one, all useful for different types of weather, considering how cold it is outside.

The universal usage of the gloves is another plus, as you can use them for motorcycling, ice fishing, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and other activities specific to the cold season.

The interior has extra heavy cotton, while the exterior has reinforced PU leather, superior stitching, and a waterproof coated fabric, so you won’t have water getting into them.


Although the gloves will heat up and your palms won’t suffer from any cold, it seems that your thumbs may be a bit more exposed to the low temperatures, especially in the case that it is really cold outside.

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4. SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Gloves Electric Ski Motorcycle

This pair of gloves can offer you a lot of the things that you would expect from such a product, which is really good. One of them is the resistant and waterproof material, which is a must for this type of product, as in this case, the gloves are made out of polyester and sheep leather, both very good at doing the aforementioned jobs.

The battery placed in the gloves is rechargeable and it’s the lithium polymer type with a power of 7.4V 2200 mAh. To charge it, it will take around 3 to 4 hours and the discharge period varies between 2.5 to 6 hours, depending on how much you are using the gloves and at what level they are placed.

Of course, you have 3 heat level settings that you can use, so for chilly weather you can try the warm version, while if it’s freezing, you can try the highest available level.


Water resistance and overall resistance to multiple uses is a must and this product delivers just that thanks to the combination of polyester and sheep leather.

The gloves include lithium polymer batteries that you can recharge; their power can reach up to 7.4 V 2200 MAH.

You can change how much heat you will receive by picking one of the three available options, from low to medium to high, depending on how the outside temperature is.

A really cool thing is the fact that the gloves have a touch sensor that allows you to use your smartphone without having to take off your gloves.


This pair of gloves seems to have a harder time heating up your fingers as well as your palm. As a result, if the weather is really cold, there is a chance these gloves won’t be up to your expectations, but they seem to do well if it’s not completely freezing outside.

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5. Autocastle Electric Battery Heated Gloves

This pair of gloves has a large heating area with a power of 4.5 V. The heating areas are placed on the palms and on the back of your hands. As the gloves start to warm up, the created warm temperature has the possibility of spreading across your entire hand. It should be worth noting that the heating effect is not extremely powerful.

This means that if the temperatures drop quite a lot and it feels like you are freezing outside, this pair will not rise up to the occasion. But the product is made out of high-quality spandex and cotton so you will feel cozy. The gloves work using a rechargeable Li-ion battery which makes them really easy to use.

Some cool features that these gloves include are the non-slip palm grip and the adjustable elastic wrist band, so you will be able to fit them properly to your hands.


These gloves are made out of spandex and cotton, two fabrics that you know they will make you feel comfortable while wearing them at all times.

These fabrics also have other advantages, such as the fact that they retain heat and they are waterproof, so they will do well in the winter weather.

The model comes with a non-slip palm grip, so if you are riding your motorcycle, you won’t need to worry about losing the grip.

You can recharge the Li-ion type battery that is used for these gloves with ease so they will always be ready for your next adventure.


The heating is focused on the palm and the back of the hand areas, which makes your fingers and thumbs more exposed to the cold. On top of that, these gloves don’t reach a really high temperature when you are trying to heat up, so they are good only in some types of climates.

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6. HEAT WARMER Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

This product has a rechargeable Li-Po battery that has a high capacity of 2200 mA. This allows you to use one of the three heating options that you have available so you can set the temperature for how it is more fitting based on the weather. Since it’s operated by a battery, the gloves are really easy to recharge in just a couple of hours.

The batteries are connected with a series of wires that you can find in the pocket of the gloves. By pressing the On/Off button you’ll get the red light, which indicates 100% heat. Pressing the button again will turn on the green light, which represents 75% heat and if you press the button again you’ll get the blue light with only 50% heat.

By pressing the On/Off button again, you will turn off the heating system of the glove, so really, it’s highly simplistic to use this product.


You have three available options to control the heat, and all levels are signaled by different colors so you’ll never forget at which level you are using the gloves.

The product has a rechargeable Li-Po battery with a capacity of 2200 mA, which you only need to charge after you’ve used it for a couple of hours.

These gloves work under the one size fits all rule, so men and women, adults, and teens can all try this product on and it’s very likely that it’ll fit.

The gloves are made of different fabrics and materials, such as carbon fiber heating material with leather in the palm area, so you’ll feel warm at all times.


The downside to this pair of heated motorcycle gloves is the fact that most of the generated heat is focused on the palm area, with very little of it actually going all the way to the fingers.

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7. Alritz 7.4V Rechargeable Heated Gloves for Women

This pair of gloves from Alritz has two rechargeable batteries with a power of 7.4V 2600 mAh so you will feel warm during the cold months of winter. These gloves, thanks to the power of batteries, can last anywhere around 6 hours, depending on the level of temperature that you have set for them during your ride.

The gloves have 3 heating levels available. You can activate the one you want just by pressing a button. Low temperature is represented by the color blue and it reaches around 110 ° F, the medium temperature is represented by the color white and will reach 130 ° F, while high heat is represented by the color red and it can reach up to 150 ° F.

For the product to be more resistant, the manufacturer has used materials that are known to last, such as sheepskin leather and Polar fleece lining.


You have 3 available heating levels and all of them are represented by a different color; this way, you’ll remember easier which level is right for a certain temperature.

The 7.4V 2600 mAh power of the batteries that you will use for these gloves makes them last for around a quarter of a day.

The resistance is an important factor; as this product uses premium lambskin leather, you won’t have problems with the gloves tearing apart easily.

You can use the pair for more than just motorcycle riding, as they’re also good for hunting, skiing, cycling, ice fishing, climbing, snowboarding, and why not, dog walking.


Although these heated motorcycle gloves have plenty of qualities, those don’t seem to extend to heating your fingers properly, but it does look like the palm and the back of your hands will enjoy enough heat at any level you have chosen.

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8. SAVIOR HEAT Electric Heated Gloves for Cycling Motorcycle

This pair of gloves has a really cool ability, one that lets the gloves heat up almost instantly. In just 30 seconds after you have turned on the button, the heater should be able to start doing its thing. You can control how much of it you want as you have 3 levels available through the smart temperature controller.

The gloves have two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with a power of 2200 mAh and which have imported heat elements also included. Thanks to this, it should only take you between 2 and 3 hours to completely charge the gloves, a much faster time than other heated motorcycle gloves out on the market at the moment.

You can use these gloves for a variety of tasks, from riding the motorcycle to skiing, skating, hiking, ice fishing, hunting and any other similar outdoor sports or activities, making the pair basically a universal one.


It only takes around 30 seconds for these heated motorcycle gloves to reach the point in which the heater does its job at full power.

As it is common for many heated motorcycle gloves, you have 3 levels available and using the smart temperature controller will let you select which level is more fitted for the current weather.

The 2200 mAh batteries of the gloves can be recharged and you can do that pretty fast, in only around 2 - 3 hours.

They are universal, as you don’t have to limit yourself to just riding the bike, but you can also hike, hunt, fish, etc. while using these gloves.


While the temperature can reach its highest level in only 30 seconds, it seems that the difference between the heated gloves and non-heated ones is quite small - to the point where you have to check again if you really turned them on.

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9. Loiion Rechargeable Heated Winter Snow Gloves

This pair comes with 2 new and improved rechargeable 7.4V 2500 mAh Li-Ion batteries that can last up to 6 hours. As a result of these powerful batteries, the heat can reach a level of 150 °F in just under 5 minutes after you have turned the indicator on. You also have 3 available options for the level of heat.

These products are waterproof and windproof and are created from high-quality soft nylon which is going to wrap around your fingers with ease and make it feel like it’s actually cotton. The fabric is elastic, but don’t worry, it will not be too snug. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the fingertips of the gloves are made out of soft leather.

Furthermore, this pair of gloves seems to do just fine when used by people who have arthritis, as it can actually relieve the pain that you would feel in your hands.


The batteries have a power of 7.4 V 2500 mAh Li-ion and, as a result, they can last up to 6 hours of usage. This also lets them reach 150 °F in only 5 minutes.

As it is to be expected from a quality pair of heated motorcycle gloves, these also are windproof and waterproof, so you won’t feel the cold on your hands.

A really important factor is the fact that people with arthritis seem to be able to use these gloves without any problems and have the pain normally relieved from their hands.

You can use these gloves for various tasks and activities, not limited to just riding the motorcycle as you can also use them for hiking, skiing, boating, etc.


The heating element for these gloves is placed on the back of your hand. This makes them look a bit on the cheaper side and they won’t be as great for keeping your fingers warm.

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10. Gamegie Battery Rechargeable Electric Heating Gloves

Compared to other models on the market, this one stands out quite a lot as it has a 6 layer lining, while the general models have only about 3 layers. In order for them not to get too heavy, the manufacturer has used “Thinsulate” cotton which is very light, so the gloves themselves are lightweight as a result, plus they are also warmer.

The gloves seem to do a really good job for people who suffer from various ailments, such as poor blood circulation, arthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and others. They are also rather good for general comfort, even if you don’t have such problems. You can use the gloves with no problems for motorcycling, skiing, hiking, hunting, camping, etc.

The batteries are really strong as they have a power of around 3.7V 7000 mAh and they are rechargeable. You can pick from the three levels to set the temperature that you are most comfortable with.


The batteries are some of the strongest you can find, as their power can reach about 3.7V 7000 mAh, way above the average, and they are also rechargeable.

These gloves do a really good job to help people who suffer from poor blood circulation, arthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, etc. from feeling the usual pain.

You may use the gloves for a multitude of tasks, not just for riding the motorcycle, but also for camping, hiking, skiing, hunting, etc.

In order for you to feel as comfortable as possible, these gloves are also waterproof and windproof, so you shouldn’t worry about strong winds or rainstorms.


The heat has a harder time getting to your fingers completely, especially once the temperature drops somewhere below 20 degrees F. As the temperature drops below that, you will begin to feel the cold starting with your fingertips which is rather unpleasant, as you can imagine.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


So you are out there looking for some heated motorcycle gloves. But with so many options out there, which one should you choose? Checking out heated motorcycle gloves reviews can be of great help, as they’ll let you know if the best heated motorcycle gloves with rechargeable batteries really represent what you are looking for.

What are the differences?

Let’s take a look at the gender differences first: what makes heated gloves for men that much different from heated gloves for women? As you can imagine, the main difference is in their design, but even that is a pretty small one. 

Actually, the vast majority of motorcycle riding gloves that you’ll find in stores today are unisex, so you needn’t bother with that aspect.

Should you invest in a cheap heated motorcycle glove or focus on the more expensive models? The truth is that you can be pleasantly surprised by some affordable heated motorcycle gloves and have a less pleasant surprise from some cool and expensive battery heated gloves.


Battery or electric?

One of the main differences that you’ll find in heat gloves is how they get their power. There are electric heated gloves and battery powered heated ones. The electric ones are connected to the motorcycle in order to charge, while the battery ones use, as you can imagine, batteries. Both have their pros and cons.

Cheap heated motorcycle gloves will be the ones that rely on batteries, while electric gloves are more expensive. Battery heated motorcycle gloves are preferred by some because you can charge them easily anytime and anywhere and you can use them even outside motorcycling.

Pretty much all of these products are part of the rechargeable heated motorcycle gloves category, regardless if you recharge them using batteries or your own motorcycle. Generally speaking, heated gloves for motorcycles will be more expensive than the regular ones which only rely on fabric to keep you warm.

The size

The best heated gloves are clearly the ones that fit you properly. While many companies have a size chart that you can check out, it is often the case that those charts are rather inaccurate when it comes to being applied to real life. Check out any heated motorcycle gloves review and you are bound to find out if the chart is accurate or not.

Some companies go after the one size fits all type of design, which has some pros, we can’t deny. They will fit both men and women, adults and teens, so that is clearly a big improvement. 

Still, not all motorcycle heated gloves can fit literally all people so, especially if you have smaller or bigger hands than most people, it’s better to consult with somebody else.

An affordable heated motorcycle glove model shouldn’t cost you too much, as, in general, you can find plenty such gloves that have a much cheaper price than what you would expect. The trick is to find out which is the best heated motorcycle glove on the market and go for it while it is still in stock.

All in all, the price, the design, their size and the way they get their power should be your main interests when you are looking for motorcycle heated gloves and if you keep all of these things in mind, you will have a much easier time finding the right pair for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: How do heated motorcycle gloves work?

When you first hear about heated motorcycle gloves, it sounds like a rather dangerous device. How do they work? Is there a risk to catch on fire? Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous and it’s not really complicated either. Basically, these gloves will have some sort of battery inside of them, in a special pocket.

When you turn the battery on, electrical currents will pass through wires in the gloves and they will start producing heat. Heating elements are sewn into the fabric of the gloves which is done to ensure that the produced heat is going to be spread evenly across the entire glove.

In many cases, you can work to adjust the level of heat that is emitted so that you will feel comfortable at all times, regardless of how much the weather conditions outside will change. While such a feature is not obligatory, it is of great help.

Q: Are heated gloves safe?

When talking about safety concerns regarding heated gloves, any risk can be easily eliminated with a bit of patience and attention. Electric heated motorcycle gloves have to be plugged into the battery of the motorcycle. This means that the wires can get caught very easily in your clothes or the handlebars of the motorcycle as you ride.

In order to make sure that you eliminate this risk, create a very good setup which will lead to as few problems as possible.

Battery-operated gloves have the disadvantage of risking to run out of battery when you are still on the road. That will make your hands feel cold, but if you want to avoid that, simply have a portable charging device with you at all times.

But, if you are wondering about the risk of electrical shock or short-circuits happening, that is basically impossible as these products were created to shut down if something malfunctions.


Q: How do you wash heated gloves?

In order to wash your heated gloves, you’ll need to get a little old school. That’s right, you can only do it properly and risk-free by washing them with your bare hands. But, it’s not as horrible as it sounds. Don’t forget to first remove the batteries from the gloves so you won’t encounter any problems.

Gently start cleaning the exterior of the gloves using just a slightly damp microfiber cloth. It is not recommended to start washing too much of the inside and don’t be too rough. After you have finished, let the gloves dry in a warm place that is not in direct sunlight or close to any powerful heat source.

It is forbidden to wash the gloves using the washing machine, to tumble dry them and you also shouldn’t use bleach on them or iron them as all of these procedures can have negative effects on the product in the end.

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