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5 Best Harley Davidson Belt Buckles (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Rest assured as we’re not the type of people who would simply blindly recommend some products, especially since we’re talking about something so important as make-it-or-break-it vintage Harley Davidson belt buckles. Instead, we’ve used our theoretical prowess as well as thorough analysis to ensure that we only show you items that definitely have that ‘’it’’ factor.


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1. Harley-Davidson Mens Willie G Skull Buckle

If you’re looking for an affordable Harley Davidson belt buckle this is just the one for you as it will not break the bank but it’s still a very nice product, a mark of the legendary skull that has shaken the world with its popularity.

No matter if the image is scary and foreboding, the antique silver color coupled with the high-quality, polished belt buckle sends out a clear and loud message about the brand that stands behind the name.

The haunting eyes and nose cavities will be the center of attention and make your entire outfit everywhere you go. You will also notice the Harley Davidson lettering arcs across the top while the word ‘’Motorcycles’’ is enclosed at the bottom and all of this is set on raised polished metal.

The entire setting is finished on a black matte background that serves to complete the image of this product. You should also know that the buckle should accurately fit all Harley Davidson standard-sized belts that can be detached so you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity of adding it to your collection.

Last but not least, don’t imagine that this will simply be mailed to you. Since this is not the company’s style, you will get it in a (what other color could it be?) black gift box that looks so good it could stand out all on its own.


Buying this, you will receive a very good-looking Immunity Fire Skull Belt Buckle that sports a wonderful design and a sleek choice of colors.

Regardless of this, though, the antique silver color and vintage look should not fool you as the material used to craft it is really high-quality and will make this a staple of your outfits for years to come.

The black gift box is so nice that it does not only protect the product from breaking on its way to you but it can be used as a standalone collector item.


Some people who prefer softer materials may not always like the rough feeling they will get when touching this belt buckle.

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2. Harley-Davidson Men’s Sculpted Belt Buckle

If you’re into collector belt buckles, you cannot go wrong with this one as it not only represents everything right about the famous brand but it’s also a very high-quality item in its own right. Style points will also pair up quite nicely and this goes great with a distressed leather belt and is the perfect accessory for those wanting to sport the whole ‘’Biker-Up’’ outfit.

Furthermore, the unit is quite heavy-duty and it stands out due to its sheer size, especially since you’ll also see the sculpted and engraved design that has a sleek touch of an antique silver finish.

It is a vintage piece sporting the two letters that have made the brand famous but it looks so good that it will never go out of style. This is a good thing because the materials used are so good that the belt buckle will likely last for a long time so you should better hope that social fashion will still allow you to wear it.

It will also fit any 1 and 1/2” Harley belt, allowing you to have one belt buckle that will go well with anything in your large collection. Therefore, if you’re looking to expand it, this is as good as it gets when it comes to choosing what to buy next.


This is a high-quality product, made from fine materials and carefully designed to allow you to enjoy it for a long time.

Furthermore, the design is everything you would expect it to be as it has been sculpted and engraved to perfection.

Even more than that, the size of it will make you become very noticeable so if you’re aiming for brand recognition, this is what you are going to get.

Last but not least, the product comes in a very sleek and fashionable box that does not only look good but it protects your belt buckle from any harm until it gets to your home.


When it comes to matching belts, every owner should be extra-careful that the belt buckle fits whatever they are trying to put around their waist.

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3. Harley-Davidson Men’s Skull Bars & Flames Belt Buckle

When it comes to the finest Harley Davidson belt buckles, this product gives everything else a run for their money due to the way it is presented, in a beautiful black case that stands out even by itself.

Once you upon the case, you will have a moment that will forever be etched into your memory as you will be gazing upon Willie G’s logo in all its glory, boasting biking handlebars nicely situated under a bed of flames, just a shade under a very scary-looking Harley Davidson logo.

Moreover, the buckle details were not simply thrown there but the item was sculpted in such detail that even the brake and the clutch levers are discernible upon a closer look at them. Therefore, any rider who has had some experiences and, metaphorically speaking, has been to hell and back again, will be able to rediscover his or her spirit in this product.

If you’re into vintage things, you simply cannot go wrong with this Harley belt buckle since you will notice the distressed styling and the awesome finish in antiqued nickel.

Vintage or not, the belt buckle is still heavy-duty, just like the bikes themselves so it will go quite nicely together with a black belt. Even better, the item will fit any 1.5-inch belt and the size is just perfect for those looking to make a statement or an impact.


The belt buckle’s overall design is a very noticeable pro since the manufacturer managed to obtain an effect that is both vintage and cool at the same time.

The level of details found here will make even the most pretentious of belt buckle buyers feel quite satisfied with the product they’ve spent their hard-earned money on.

Regardless of the looks, the materials used in its construction make this product a high-quality one, that will be in your closet or drawer for years to come, ready to answer your call.


People who are just starting to get into buying this type of item should be aware that this is a rather large one, so be prepared when it arrives on your doorstep.

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4. Harley-Davidson Men’s Eagle Rider Belt Buckle

This shiny belt buckle will make you stand out wherever you are because it’s sharp looking and the tin quality box you will receive it in is so special that it can act as a Harley Davidson memorabilia all on its own.

The order also comes faster than expected, mainly due to a historical committed effort by the manufacturer to deliver on things better than the customers would expect. The sculpted eagle and the V-twin engine make for the perfect belt buckle design while the black enamel fill background is not only perfectly suited for them but it looks really cool, too.

For people who like vintage things, this is an awesome Harley belt buckle as it looks like it withstood the test of decades and centuries while it’s actually a high-quality item that is guaranteed to be in your drawer for years to come and enrich your outfits for a long time.

Regardless of the looks, it’s a heavy-duty buckle that you can simply receive and go out riding with, no further preparations required. The polished silver finish only adds to the overall classy and cool look and makes for a great accessory to your biker outfits.


The way the manufacturer managed to conflate vintage and new elements makes for a great looking belt-buckle, that should stand out anywhere you are.

Furthermore, it’s not only about the looks as a whole but the entire product received a level of attention to details that will make any buyer happy about owning it, especially since it is quite shiny and the black background makes it stand out without too much effort.

While the looks may seem aged, this is one large and heavy-duty belt buckle that has a guaranteed level of quality simply due to the brand that stands behind it.


If we would be very picky, we would notice that when looking at it from a certain angle, the belt buckle seems to be slightly off-centered, but maybe that’s just us.

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5. Harley-Davidson Men’s Chrome Bar & Shield Belt Buckle

While not a cheap Harley Davidson belt buckle, this unit is not one of the most expensive ones either and, to be quite honest, it looks so good that it is worth every penny.

Each one of us has to face a lot of different challenges in our daily life, but Harley riders have to take on a tough one. Choosing which Harley belt buckle to attach to his or her belt is one of the more challenging ones out there, especially if the Men’s Chrome Bar & Shield Belt Buckle is among the top picks.

The product is manufactured from a zinc-aluminum casing but finished in polished chrome for an added touch of quality and looks. Since it works with any 1.5-inch Harley-made belt, you have the option to go for a myriad of inter-look changes until you get it right the way you like it.

To make everything better, the buckle also comes with the iconic, never-ending Bar & Shield logo that will be recognizable around the world, for as long as there are bikers, roads, and motorcycles.

The shipping process is also known to be quite fast so you can expect to be in the possession of your new belt buckle in a short amount of time, just perfect for that ride you were planning to do.


The chrome finish is one of the best things about this product as it really amplifies the entire message the manufacturer is trying to send.

It does not only fit any 1.5-inch Harley belt strap but it is an officially-licensed Harley Davidson product, a staple of this belt buckle’s quality.

The product will look very nice on any waist and it will continue to do so even after several years of use due to the quality materials.

The case you will receive your product in is a nice touch all by itself and it’s very possible you might want to keep it around.


Compared to other similar buckles, that are large and even heavy-duty sometimes, this one is actually rather small and this may surprise some people who buy it and expect for something that covers their entire waist area.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Belt buckles have long been one of the most carefully-selected and versatile clothing accessories that a man can have. This is even truer if we’re talking about a biker’s belt buckle since they do not only represent fashion choices but can often times be used to express something that had an impact on the rider or a brand that’s particularly special to him/her.

As we all know, bikers, in general, have a soft spot for showing off a collection of accessories of all types, from boots and belt buckles to leather jackets and cowboy hats. The belt buckle is chief among them when it comes to which one is the most important.

While belts have traditionally been used to hold a man’s pants on his waist, times have decidedly changed and, with them, the perception of what a belt buckle can be has changed as well. A lot of people nowadays use belts and belt buckles for aesthetic purposes and as full-blown aids to complete their overall outfit.

Recognizing quality

While there are a lot of brands of belts that boast a very nice quality and are made of different materials like suede and wool, the premium, top-notch ones are made of leather. When making belts, there are two popular variations that manufacturers like to use, and we feel this is important information to have when choosing your belt buckle later on.

As we were saying, manufacturers usually go for cowhide or calfskin. While cowhide is the stronger and more durable of the two, it is also heavier and looks quite formal when compared to calfskin.

A good belt buckle is, therefore, a necessity not only in regards to expressing one’s personality but it also has to fit nicely with whatever the belt is made of.


Types of belt buckles

While there are a lot of popular types of belt buckles out there and all of them are pricier or cheaper, the following are some of the most enjoyed ones, at least according to Harley Davidson belt buckle reviews.

The box frame belt buckle sports a metal that makes the connection between the belt and the belt buckle. The second choice is called the clip buckle, this category usually encompassing those large, decorated, heavy-duty items.

The frame style belt buckle is the oldest type of such a product, having been invented a long time ago. This is simple and efficient to use and consists of a prong.

The plate style buckle is the older sister of the frame style one, as it sports not one but three prongs to get the job done.

Last but not least, there’s the good ol’ traditional belt buckle that is a time-tested classic and also stands a good chance of being picked first in the “oldest belt buckle ever” category.


Style always matters

While regular belt buckles also have quite a number of styles to choose from, biker belt buckles come in a myriad of ways and designs since you can usually opt for an item that has name tags on it, like the name of the manufacturer for instance, or something with some designed embellishments.

Most of the biker belt buckles, just like the Harley Davidson ones, have the name of the manufacturer written loud and clear coupled with historical designs like the Bar & Shield logo that is instantly recognizable in pretty much any biker community in the world.

Why would you buy one?

Another important thing to take into consideration is the fact that biker belt buckles have long ceased to be simple fashion accessories but they are very much a collector’s item nowadays. Especially when it comes to famed brands like Harley Davidson, there are a lot of people out there who will simply buy out of an emotional affiliation with the brand.

This should not mean that you should purchase any and all belt buckles you see, even if they are vintage ones. Remember that the perfect one will tell a lot about your personality and riding style so while there are indeed many options to choose from, finding one that suits you, not only fits you, is a difficult job.

Furthermore, while a biker’s belt buckle is fashionable pretty much all the time, that does not mean it goes well with every single outfit every single time you get on your bike. Therefore, maybe some fashion guidelines would help before taking on the complex task that is incorporating a new belt buckle into your biker outfits.





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