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10 Best Harley Davidson Batteries (Updated Reviews) in 2019

We know that being in the market for the best battery for Harley Davidson can be a bit overwhelming, given that there are many products that fall into this category so figuring out which one is the right choice can be a difficult task. However, our selection below showcases the top choices in this line with detailed reviews, so you can take your pick.

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1. Renegade Battery RG30L-WS Ultra Premium Harley Touring Battery 

In case what you need is an excellent Harley Davidson motorcycle battery that comes with everything you need to start using it right away, this Renegade unit is the one you should set your eyes on. Besides the fact that you will be able to use it straight out of the box, it’s also a completely sealed model, so you won’t need to deal with any spills.

There is no acid filling included either, so this is not going to be a potential problem either. What makes Renegade Battery models an excellent choice is the fact that they are thoroughly tested and charged before leaving the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Its high-quality construction also means that you will be able to rely on this Harley Davidson battery for a long time. Another aspect that any user should know is that this is an OEM battery compatible unit, while the AGM construction ensures a completely sealed product that will not corrode or leak.



The case and cover are impact-resistant, so you won’t need to worry that you might accidentally damage it before you install it on your bike.

Thanks to its construction, this Renegade Battery model offers optimum performance even in extreme weather conditions, which can be crucial depending on the area in which you live.

You will surely appreciate the fact that you’ll obtain extra cranking power if you decide to try this battery out for your vehicle.

Each unit comes with an analysis report as well, which means that you can be fully confident that it’s going to work the way you want it to.


Make sure that you check the motorcycle’s dimensions to see if this battery fits the designated space the way it should.

This particular model doesn’t work for Harley Davidson Softails, so do check out the bike models it’s compatible with.

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2. ThrottleX Batteries TX30L - Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery 

We all know that finding a good Harley Davidson battery replacement is not such an easy task, but your quest is probably going to be over if you give this ThrottleX product a try. One of the first things you should know about the TX30L is that it fits a wide range of bike models, so you probably won’t have any trouble using it for your own.

Of course, if you have any questions, you should still make sure that you have all the necessary details before buying it, but nevertheless, we’re talking about a well-built battery that can be used for various types of motorcycles.

Another piece of information that might make you give this unit a try is knowing that it’s built in the same manufacturing facility as various pieces of original Harley Davidson equipment. For this reason, you shouldn’t worry that it might not offer the same power and quality as Original Equipment Battery.


The technology that makes the TX30L model a very good choice is the fact that it features porous microfiber separators that work to fully absorb the acid.

You can rest assured that this is a leak and spill-proof model, so in case this is a concern you have, you shouldn’t let it keep you from trying this unit out.

This is practically a maintenance-free alternative according to the manufacturer, so this is not going to be a problem.

Thanks to its design, the battery is ready to be installed and used right away, while its construction includes a heat-sealed cover as well as stainless-steel bolts.


Given that there are certain motorcycle models with which this battery is not compatible, you should double-check that there is no problem when it comes to this.

You may have to use a trickle charger if you need to store it.

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3. Twin Power DLFP30HL-BS-H Lithium Ion Battery 

If you need to get a good Harley Davidson lithium battery, then this Twin Power model might be the right solution for you, given that it features advanced high-power technology, as well as a lightweight construction.

What you need to keep in mind about this model is that it’s specially made for 1997-2017 Harley Touring bikes and Tri-Glides, so if that’s what you own, you won’t have any difficulties using it. Despite its lightweight construction, this battery ensures 625 high cranking amps, so you’ll have the necessary power for your rides.

It’s interesting to note that this unit is actually much lighter than a standard lead-acid battery, its weight being 1/3 of that at only 6.2 pounds. The manufacturer also offers an optional charger that can be purchased separately. Such a charger works very well as a bike tender in order to keep the battery fresh and ready-to-use at all times.


This battery for Harley Davidson models includes cylindrical cells that can store energy in order to ensure a higher output.

Thanks to the built-in equalizing and charge protection board, you won’t have to worry that it might overcharge, which is something that ensures a longer product lifespan.

In case you live in an area with very low temperatures, the good news is that this battery is suitable to face such conditions and still work according to your needs.

The unit features a superior and vibration-resistant construction, which means that you can install it in multiple directions without the risk of damaging it.


This battery requires a BikeMaster charger, as it cannot be used with a standard one for recharging purposes.

If you plan on storing it for a longer period, make sure that you take all the necessary measures to ensure its maintenance, as otherwise, it might be difficult to recharge.

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4. Banshee Lithium-Ion Li 625 Cranking Amp 

This Banshee model is an affordable Harley Davidson battery that features a completely sealed construction, and that comes with many other benefits that make it an alternative to keep in mind. If you are tired of handling extremely heavy batteries, then you should know that this is a lightweight product that won’t be so difficult to install or move around.

Furthermore, given its high-quality construction, as well as its durability, this is a product that ensures superior performance and it’s highly reliable. Another aspect worth noting about this Banshee unit is that it lasts a lot longer than standard batteries. In fact, according to the manufacturer, you can expect to use it three times longer than you would a traditional unit.

If you decide to give this battery a try, you won’t be disappointed by the results you will get, so don’t hesitate to see what such a model has to offer.


This Banshee product is a motorcycle battery for Harley Davidson models that you can rely on, given its fully sealed construction and high-quality craftsmanship.

You will surely appreciate that the battery features a lightweight construction and that it weighs only 6.3 pounds, which makes it easier to handle than traditional models.

Thanks to the low self-discharge rate, you won’t need to worry about not being able to use it after a while, in case you need to store it.

Given that this is a model that works great for Harley Davidson motorcycles, it also features flush terminals for improved compatibility with these vehicles.


If you are driving a Softail model, this battery might not fit it, so double-check this aspect before placing an order.

You may have to straighten the ends of the battery cable during installation, to make everything fit well.

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5. East Penn Deka AGM Battery ETX-30L 

Finding a cheap Harley Davidson battery doesn’t mean that the unit cannot do an excellent job, and that’s exactly the case with this East Penn product. This battery offers multiple benefits that are going to make your riding life easier, such as the vibration-resistant construction which means there’s a lower chance of damaging the unit in any way.

If you have had unfortunate previous experiences with batteries that needed extensive maintenance in order to work properly, then you will surely be relieved to know that this is not the case here.

Another feature worth noting on this model is the fact that it comes with 2 attachment posts for each terminal, which means that you won’t have to double-up on leads or start worrying that they might become loose and leave you stranded in the middle of your ride.



This is a sealed battery which is something that makes it safe and comfortable to handle, while the high-quality construction means that you will get peace of mind on this matter if you decide to use it.

This East Penn unit also features a vibration-resistant construction that renders it both durable and highly reliable.

Thanks to the low self-discharge rate, you don’t need to worry that you might not be able to use it anymore if you decide to store it for a couple of weeks.

Given the 400 cold cranking amps that it ensures, you will be able to use it even in low temperatures, which is always a good thing if you live in an area with rather extreme temperatures.

Given that it gets the job done just as an OEM would for an excellent price, you shouldn’t hesitate to give it a try.


This model works with certain Harley Davidson motorcycles, so make sure that you check out its compatibility with your vehicle.

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6. PowerSource Harley Motorcycle Battery Replacement 

In case you are going through Harley Davidson battery reviews looking for a unit that is both safe and that ensures the necessary power for your ride, you certainly have to take a closer look at this PowerSource model. You can rest assured that you are not going to have any spills-related issues, given that this is a sealed battery.

Furthermore, this also makes it a non-hazardous product, while the fact that it doesn’t need any refilling means that there’s not much left to do in terms of ensuring its maintenance. If you decide to try it out for your bike, you’ll see how easy it is to handle, install, and use.

Plus, its high-quality construction makes it reliable in the long run. You might not be used to having NanoGel batteries installed on your vehicle but if you give this model a try, there’s a very high chance that you won’t be disappointed.



This is a factory-activated and fully sealed battery, so you won’t have to do any additional work in order to start using it right away.

In case you are worried about its maintenance, you’ll be happy to know that none is required, so you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to this matter.

Thanks to the superior construction, this is an ultra-high-performing unit that comes with the necessary starting power to get your bike going just as you want it to.

You should know that this is an OEM-compatible replacement battery, so there’s nothing that you should be worried about when it comes to this aspect.


The warranty offered with this product is a manufacturer one, not a seller one, so keep this in mind in case you need to use it.

Make sure that this battery is compatible with your vehicle.

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7. Renegade Battery REPLACEMENT BATTERY RG30L-WS Wicked Start 

You may be reading this Harley Davidson battery review wondering whether this unit is suitable for a street glide motorcycle, and the answer is “Yes!”, but you might also like to know that this is a highly reliable model, so you can add to your list of future purchases. Thanks to its high-quality construction, this battery ensures all the power to get your bike going right away.

Furthermore, you are going to be very happy about the easy installation process which means that you won’t have to find alternative solutions in order to get the battery working on your vehicle, nor ask for help from an expert.

Given that the batteries offered by this manufacturer are also fully charged and tested before being delivered, you’ll be able to use it straight out of the box. Plus, you’ll also get an analysis report with your unit, which shows that it’s ready to be used right away.


Thanks to the 600+ Cold Cranking Amps CCAs, you won’t have problems using this versatile battery in all sorts of conditions.

The cover and case are impact-resistant which means that you don’t need to worry about accidentally damaging the battery as you are installing it.

This unit features the AGM construction technology, which stands for Absorbed Glass Mat and which is one of the latest developments in this industry.

The AGM construction means that the unit you receive is completely sealed and that you’ll have a liquid-free battery that doesn’t run the risk of corroding or leaking.


This is a versatile battery that works with a lot of different bike models, but you should still check the owner’s manual prior to purchasing to see if its dimensions are correct for your vehicle.

If you are thinking about trickle charging it over the winter months, you should know that the manufacturer recommends charging it every month if it’s not used.

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8. ThrottleX Batteries HDX20L - Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery 

ThrottleX is a company known for the quality of its products, and the HDX20L battery is not an exception, being a unit you can rely on for superior performance. In fact, this is one of the all-time favorite choices among Harley Davidson riders, which makes it an alternative to be kept in mind.

As you can imagine, this model comes with the right Harley Davidson battery voltage to work with these bikes, while the AGM technology renders this unit completely sealed, for safe and comfortable use. If you decide to try it out on your motorcycle, you won’t have to worry about leaks or spills that might damage other elements around the vehicle as well.

Furthermore, thanks to the technology used for its construction, the HDX20L model is maintenance-free. It also comes fully charged and ready to be used right away, thus making any buyer’s life a lot easier when it comes to this matter.



You can expect to get from this unit the same quality and performance that an OEM battery offers, given that it’s specially made for Harley Davidson bikes.

Given that the battery features the AGM technology, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with spills and leaks that might damage other components as well.

The heat-sealed cover that comes with the battery ensures a longer unit lifespan, while the female threaded terminals are made of lead and feature a patented construction.

You may also like to know that the bolts included are made of stainless steel for enhanced durability.


In case the battery is delivered without any instructions, you may have to do some online research in order to install and maintain it.

Even though this ThrottleX model is a versatile one, you should still check with the manufacturer to make sure that it fits your bike.

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9. MMG YTX24HL-BS Lithium Ion Sealed Battery 

This MMG battery is specially made to accommodate both aftermarket accessories and fuel modes, which means that it’s a versatile alternative. It’s the compact construction (compared to standard batteries) that ensures this particular unit is suitable for a wide range of motorcycle models.

Another interesting aspect for every user is the lightweight construction. If you no longer want to handle heavy batteries, you’ll surely be happy to know that this one is between 50% and 70% lighter than its standard counterparts. Of course, this means that you’ll have a much easier job to do when it comes to handling and installing it.

Since we’ve mentioned its installation, it’s important to note that the battery can be mounted in pretty much any position, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties in this process. Of course, this also means that it works well with a wide range of motorcycle models.


This battery features a fast recharge technology that allows it to go up to 90% in as little as 6 minutes, and this is always a good thing, especially if you are in a hurry to get on the road.

Thanks to its construction, you can also rely on long shelf life, and according to the manufacturer it takes up to 1 year before it will need to be recharged.

This lightweight battery is also highly durable, given that it can have up to 12 times more life cycles than a lead-acid unit.

This is also a safe alternative, given that there are no heavy metals or hazardous acid involved, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to this.


You might decide to replace the spacers used to hold the battery in place, in case you need to make any adjustments for your vehicle.

This battery is considerably smaller than standard ones, so keep this in mind when you place the order.

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10. Caltric AGM Battery for Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra 

For those of you who are looking for a reliable battery that works with various Harley Davidson models, this Caltric unit is one that can be safely taken into consideration. Besides the elegant design that it features, it’s also a maintenance-free solution, so you won’t have to worry about this aspect.

Of course, if the battery remains unused for a long time, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to keep it in top shape. Other than this, you won’t need to add water or take special actions to be able to enjoy its powerful performance when riding your bike.

Another aspect worth keeping in mind is that this model features the AGM technology that keeps it fully sealed and safe to use. Therefore, if you want to use a reliable and easy to maintain battery, you can definitely give this model a try and you won’t be disappointed.



With a length of 6 6/19”, a width of 5”, and a height of 6 7/8”, this battery can fit in a wide range of spots, so you’ll probably be able to use it for your vehicle without any concern.

Given the fact that it doesn’t require any special maintenance, you will be able to start using it right away.

Thanks to its high-quality construction, this is a battery that you can rely on for a long period.

Its sealed design and construction make this is a safe-to-use battery, which is very important, especially if you are rather new to owning a bike.


Even though this battery is specially made for Harley Davidson bikes, you should double-check its compatibility with your vehicle before making a purchase.

If you plan on riding in very cold weather, you should ask the manufacturer for details to see if the battery is going to be able to face those exact conditions.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


We all know how exciting riding a motorcycle can be, and most of the riders out there long for the sense of freedom that this experience brings. However, the truth is that without enough power ensured by the vehicle’s battery, there’s a high chance that you might miss out on this great feeling of performance and adventure.

That’s why it’s crucial to pick just the right battery for your motorcycle, but this can be a bit tough if you are still new to riding and you are learning new things every day about your vehicle. Therefore, the next lines are here to shed some light on this matter by highlighting the most important aspects you should keep in mind as you are buying a new battery.


Power is definitely the first thing you should think about, and it’s usually defined by manufacturers and other riders using the Cold Cranking Amps (or CCA) indicator. This number shows the power a battery has to start the engine. If you are riding an older model, then the CCA should be higher, given that the vehicle probably takes a little longer to start.

However, even if you are riding a newer bike, you should still go for a higher CCA indicator, given that there are no side effects that might damage the vehicle, but you are going to enjoy an enhanced performance. Plus, as time goes by, both the battery and the bike will age, which means that more power will make them work well together for longer.

Of course, you should also take a look at the battery’s overall power, given that having a unit with less power means you might have to recharge it more often, depending on how you use it.


Technology & performance

There have been many technological advancements over the years when it comes to batteries, and some of the most important ones have been designed to make the user’s life a lot easier, which is why you should look for them in the unit you are going to purchase. The list includes shock resistance, as well as sealed constructions that are leak and spill-proof.

This means you won’t have to worry about dealing with corrosion either, thus keeping your bike protected against other potential damages. You should also look for batteries that feature the AGM technology, as well as for maintenance-free alternatives. If you can find most of these features within the same model, you are definitely on the right path to choosing a top-rated unit.

In terms of performance, you want to look for batteries that come with low self-discharge rates, given that this means you won’t need to replace it so often. You should also take into account the weather conditions in which you are planning to ride, given that if there are extreme temperatures we’re talking about, the battery you choose needs to be able to face them.


Other tips & tricks

You want to choose a battery that is suitable for your vehicle, so you should check the former battery, as well as the motorcycle box, to make sure that the one you are getting can easily fit into the same spot.

In terms of voltage, most Harley Davidson models use 12-volt batteries, but in case you use the 6-volt alternative, then this is exactly what you should buy.

Frequently asked questions


Q: How long do Harley batteries last?

You should expect at least 5 years of service out of a Harley battery. Generally, motorcycle batteries should last between 3 and 5 years, but it all depends on how they are maintained as well. If the user follows the manufacturer’s recommendations and takes good care of the battery, then its lifespan can increase up to 6 or maybe even 8 years.

On the other hand, it’s true that these are exceptions, but nevertheless, you should still get a few good years of service out of your vehicle’s new battery. Once you get the product, make sure that you read the user’s manual and ask the manufacturer for extra details on how to properly maintain the battery in the long run, especially if you only ride seasonally.

This way, even if it remains unused for a couple of months, you can still get it to work right away.

Q: Who makes the batteries for Harley Davidson?

The answer, in this case, depends on the unit you are purchasing. The East Penn Manufacturing company is the one that produces the brand’s batteries, while many other manufacturers produce units that are similar in terms of performance and that are specially made for Harley motorcycles.

With this being said, it’s interesting to note that some of these batteries are actually produced within the same manufacturing facilities as those specially made for the Harley Davidson company, so you can rest assured that they do offer the same level of quality.

The choice between these various options depends on what other brands you have tried for your vehicle before and, of course, on the budget allocated for this purchase. The most important thing is to choose a battery that is suitable for your motorcycle and that will ensure the desired level of performance.


Q: Can a completely dead motorcycle battery be recharged?

The answer to this question is “Yes!” and there are several ways in which it can be done. The first and most obvious answer is by using a battery charger. This method allows the battery to safely recharge while also protecting it in the process.

If you don’t have such a device, you can also jumpstart the motorcycle using another vehicle (bike or car). However, if you choose this solution, once the bike starts running, make sure you ride it for a longer time in order for the battery to get fully recharged.

You may also want to take a closer look at the type of battery you are using before recharging it, to see if the solution you choose is suitable for the unit. Otherwise, it might get damaged, and this is never a good idea, especially since you are probably planning to use the battery for as long as possible.


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