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10 Best German Motorcycle Helmets (Updated Reviews) in 2020

While riding motorcycles is a fun and thrilling activity, it can definitely be quite dangerous as well so picking the right helmet is not only important, it is downright required. As a result, we have spent an extensive amount of time trimming down the list of choices so you only have to look at the best and brightest of the lot.

1. Daytona Helmets German Dull Black

You will definitely get your money’s worth by purchasing this German helmet that’s ironically made in the USA since you’ll enjoy the low profile that it brings. This Novelty item does very well in eliminating the dreaded mushroom look that all riders want to avoid, without actually interfering with the functioning of your ears.

Furthermore, the manufacturer was also smart enough to include moisture-wicking fabric on the inside of the product, therefore easing the heat circulating around the head and making the entire wearing experience a more comfortable one.

Even better, every rider knows there are times where you just want to take that helmet off and go relax so for this specific reason this product comes with a quick-release mechanism that allows you to get rid of it with a single snap.

The straps are also adjustable and you can move them around until you’re comfortable with the way the helmet feels on your head.


The fact that this is an item made in the USA guarantees its quality and durability so you can rest assured it’s a good idea to purchase it.

The seams are carefully sewn to the outside and ensure there’s going to be no dreaded facial chaffing this time around.

As a bonus, this helmet comes with a cloth drawstring bag that helps you adequately protect it when it is not in use, prolonging its overall lifespan in the process.

Furthermore, you’ll also receive a stylish mesh bandanna in headwrap style, just so you can keep up with the fashion.


Due to the helmet’s shape, people with a smaller head may find it looks awkward and seems even bigger than it actually is.

This product is not certified in accordance with D.O.T. (Department Of Transportation) security standards so this is something any potential buyer should know before making the purchase.

Buy from Amazon Now ($44.96)

2. Daytona Helmets Big German Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

This is a true German-style motorcycle helmet with its solid black color that basically declares its coolness to the world and the overall look of quality. Since this is how German helmets are supposed to be, it sits very low on the head and you should probably be aware of this in case you didn’t already know it before you decide on your purchase.

The Custom Iron Cross RoadWing only adds to this look and it will definitely make you feel stronger and more sure of yourself since it takes a special type of person to wear this helmet.

Quality-wise, we feel you will also be very satisfied since you’ll be benefiting from a custom-formed interior that thrives on providing extreme comfort. The inside is padded with moisture-wicking fabric liner so even those sweaty summer days should be no more of a nuisance from now on.


Style is certainly one of the main features of this item as there’s simply no way somebody can see you wearing this and not think you are cool due to the black color and solid overall design.

For those moments when you just can’t take it anymore and have to remove the helmet as quickly as possible (and those moments do happen), you’ll be happy to know that with a single finger you can do just that if you’re using this product.

You will be able to enjoy long rides again without having to worry and feel uncomfortable due to your helmet not offering a decent cooling effect as well as protection against anything that may happen.


This is not a product that has passed D.O.T.’s security standards in regards to motorcycle helmets so any potential buyer should know this before purchasing one.

Buy from Amazon Now ($79.95)

3. Excelsior Int German Novelty Chrome Motorcycle Half Helmet

If you’re feeling comfortable with using a half helmet, you will be happy to know that this product from Excelsior Int is right up there in terms of quality and durability. It’s designed from fiberglass shell which gives it a hard surface on the outside that should and will protect you in case of an impact. The chrome finish only adds to the overall design and performance.

On the inside, however, you will notice that it’s filled all-around with padded lining so that it will offer a comfortable wearing experience, even if you are one of those bike owners who enjoy taking long riders and require a helmet that’s able to properly cool their head even in the torrid summer days.

The manufacturer delivers this product in quite a few sizes, so one should have no problem finding the one that’s perfect for him/her.



The fiberglass shell design coupled with the chrome finish will have you feeling protected and safe whenever you wear this helmet as even if disaster strikes and you fall, the helmet should be able to take the brunt of the hit.

The security is also enhanced with the nylon Y-strap retention system together with an adjustable chin strap that allows you to properly fit the helmet on your head for the most comfortable wear you’ve ever had.

For those times when you just want to get it off your head and be done with it, we feel like you’ll enjoy the quick release that does not require any effort or time.


As a part of the Novelty line of helmets, this one, too, is not approved by the D.O.T. security standards so you might want to remember that in order to get a full picture of the product before buying it.

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4. HTTMT MT506-002-M- Dot German Leather Half Face Helmet

A quick look at German motorcycle helmet reviews will tell you that these products are some of the coolest in the branch and this one makes no exception, especially for those people who are fans of the vintage, tough-guy, leather look.

This half helmet comes together with an equally-cool pair of goggles. The helmet itself is nicely protected from UV rays so it’ll be gold during those long, torrid summer rides. The interior is equally impressive as it’s stacked with a soft material that will provide comfort, no matter how long you use it for.

You should also know that the helmet comes with a stainless steel dual D-ring while the lightweight composite shell is there to provide safety and durability over the many years you’re surely going to need it. In regards to the material, as we said, it’s a very nice combination of leather and sponge.



We’re happy to let you know that this product is approved by D.O.T.’s security standards so if that was one of your main concerns, you’re good to go.

Another thing that should not be forgotten is the fact that you’re actually getting a pair of quality goggles when buying this helmet. While they only come in one size, the soft padded chrome frame that is equipped with an adjustable headband will definitely come in handy sooner or later.

Furthermore, the lenses are made from optical-quality plastic so you’re not just receiving a random pair of goggles but a product that can be of actual use to you, especially if you’re riding through an area with a lot of dust or sand in the air.


Due to the shape of the helmet, the chin strap seems to be holding a little too tight and some riders may feel choked by it.

Buy from Amazon Now ($23.99)

5. Bikeraccess Novelty German Flat Black Chopper Helmet

If you’re looking for the right German motorcycle helmet, you may just be in luck if you’ve managed to run across this Novelty line product. The one thing that you should keep in mind, however, is that it would behoove you to first measure your head exactly in the place where your headband will be to make sure you get the right fit for it.

If you happen to find yourself between two sizing brackets, the rule of thumb would say that you should go for the lower-sizing one if you have a narrow head, and with the next one in size if your head is more round-looking.

You should also know that this product, unlike other similar ones, is completely made from lightweight fiberglass shell, a material that is way better and more durable than the plastic most others are using to create such a helmet.


The fact that the entire helmet is made from fiberglass shell will make you feel more confident and secure, while the product will definitely last longer and will, therefore, save you some money in the long run.

The Y-strap that allows you to freely adjust the item combined with the D-rings that hold everything into place will really grow on you, as will the quick-release system that will be amazing in those hot summer days when you just want to take it off and completely cool your head.

The interior of the helmet was also padded with comfort-inducing material so you should consider yourself good to go as soon as you get the package.


However good it may be, this product is not approved by D.O.T’s security standards so, as such, it’s not deemed officially safe to use when riding a motorcycle.

The difference in the way different sizes feel on your head seems to be quite small, even if you’re exchanging a large for a medium one.

Buy from Amazon Now ($26.99)

6. XFMT DOT German Style Half Helmet with Pilot Goggles

If you’ve always envied the caps worn by German motorcycle-riding soldiers now you’ve got the chance to get one all for yourself and still feel completely safe when riding your motorcycle on the roads.

This is a high-quality yet affordable German motorcycle helmet that may look vintage on the outside but on the inside it’s anything but. The manufacturer went to great lengths to use durable composite shell for these helmets as this is the material to use if you want to get a solid, trustworthy, yet lightweight product.

The helmet comes in different sizes so it should be able to find a home with most people while anybody purchasing it will also get a nice pair of goggles that, worst-case scenario, will make a great addition to your Halloween costume. The stylish helmet bag that will help you protect it is just the icing on the cake.


As we said, despite the vintage, old-school looking exterior, this is a durable and high-quality item that will keep you perfectly safe on the road.

The interior was not forgotten and it provides a very comfortable environment in terms of how you feel when you have it on your head, especially for extended periods of time.

Another great thing about this product is that, compared to most others in this niche, you can take the protection it offers to the bank because it is officially D.O.T. approved in terms of security standards, so that’s a relief right there.


Customers that are used with lower-sitting helmets might find this one to be a tad funny and off-looking because of how high it sits on the head.

The V-straps on this product seem to line with the temple instead of the regular version where they typically line with the ears.

Buy from Amazon Now ($28.99)

7. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet German

Read any German motorcycle helmet review and you’ll find out that when it comes to colors, gloss black is one of the more stylish choices out there and you’ll get a lot of credit for it so this is why this product looks and feels amazing.

Adding to the cool look, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t only receive an item that’s all about the looks but this is actually a very safe and shock-resistant helmet that is going to be able to protect you from falls and bumps while you are on your motorcycle.

Safeguarding your head in case of an accident is the most important thing that should worry any rider and, mushroom look or no mushroom look, this product will definitely do just that! Now the choice is in your hands but we’re sure you’re going to make the right call.


Compared to a lot of other, similar, helmets, this one not only meets the D.O.T. safety standards that are required for any piece of headgear but actually exceeds them. As a result, you and your loved ones will always be able to feel safe and reliant on it.

Also, this is the half helmet that’s careful enough to cover a wide range of sizes so small head or big head, you will find just the fit for you!

Another important thing is that the manufacturer went to great lengths to ensure that the chin strap can be efficiently adjusted even with a beard and that you will never have to suffer that terrible pinching sensation that can even be dangerous at high speeds.


The sizing chart for this product is not the most accurate one out there so keep this in mind and be careful when ordering your next helmet.

Buy from Amazon Now ($64.76)

8. TCMT DOT Adult German Style Matte Black Half Helmet

We don’t know if you were on the market for a cheap German motorcycle helmet but what we can tell you for sure is that you’ve just found an amazingly stylish one! It’s quite big for a half helmet and the matte black color choice only makes it seem that much bigger and more awesome.

The product also has an exterior protective finish that should help you out in most scenarios that would involve you needing a helmet. Furthermore, the manufacturer used quality material that also makes it lightweight so it’s not going to be tiresome while the stainless steel dual D-ring makes sure everything stays where it’s supposed to.

As a result, you’re looking at just the product if you’re into things like cruising, touring, and even riding scooters. Strap it on and hit two birds with one stone as you will be completely safe and look completely cool at the same time.

We don’t know if you were on the market for a cheap German motorcycle helmet but what we can tell you for sure is that you’ve just found an amazingly stylish one! It’s quite big for a half helmet and the matte black color choice only makes it seem that much bigger and more awesome.

The product also has an exterior protective finish that should help you out in most scenarios that would involve you needing a helmet. Furthermore, the manufacturer used quality material that also makes it lightweight so it’s not going to be tiresome while the stainless steel dual D-ring makes sure everything stays where it’s supposed to.

As a result, you’re looking at just the product if you’re into things like cruising, touring, and even riding scooters. Strap it on and hit two birds with one stone as you will be completely safe and look completely cool at the same time.



One thing that we can tell you for sure is that you will feel quite comfortable when using this product and even on longer rides you should not feel the need to stop and remove it for a while after every twenty miles.

Furthermore, besides the actual helmet, you will also receive a very nice bag that will help you properly protect it whenever you are not out there riding.

The exterior shell of this product is aerodynamically shaped for cutting through the air with ease so that the rider will experience less buffeting and noise, even at high speeds, therefore lessening the stress of a ride.


This is quite a large and bulky item so people with smaller heads should be prepared for the way it feels when they put it on or risk having to send it back and looking for a replacement.

Buy from Amazon Now ($24.99)

9. Klutch Helmets Klutch K-10 ‘Das Hammer’ German Style Helmet

These days, it can be quite hard to find a DOT German motorcycle helmet, as in one that fits the security standards required by the Department Of Transportation. Lucky for you, this product from Klutch Helmets does not fit that mold as it not only meets those expectations but may even surpass them.

It’s a very high-quality product, made of top-notch ABS that is basically guaranteeing its durability and performance as well as its ability to keep you safe in case disaster strikes and you fall off your motor. Since protecting your head is the most important thing in situations like this, you really can’t go wrong with this investment.

We can’t forget the style involved here as the gloss black color inspires strength and power as the obvious quality of the helmet shines through at a mere glance. If you’re one of the riders that are into vintage designs, you can’t miss out on it.


As we said, the helmet is approved and passes D.O.T. 's security requirements with flying colors so this alone should be the reason that sends it to the top of your list of potential choices for your future riding gear.

The strap was not forgotten and you will definitely enjoy being able to release it with a quick snap when you feel like you can’t take it anymore and need a cool and free head. Regardless, this item will allow the air to roll around even when it’s on.

Since Klutch Helmets is not one to leave things undone, the interior is also quite nice, improved with padding that really creates a comfortable experience when you wear your new product.


Despite all the obvious quality, certain riders may not be able to get over the round form of this helmet and, as a result, may be discouraged from purchasing one.

Check Price on Amazon Now!

10. Ambienceo Gloss Black DOT Approved Carbon Fiber Half Face Helmet

Let’s break this down: If you go shopping for some new headgear to wear on your motorcycle and you see a poster that advertises selling a “German style motorcycle helmet DOT”, you’ve got to be prepared and know what it means. The Department of Transportation makes the rules on all motorcycle security things and this helmet is not only meeting them, it’s exceeding them.

Meet the Ambienceo Carbon Fiber half face helmet, a high-quality product that is obviously made of, you know, carbon fiber. The reason this is so important is because this is the only material that can provide extreme durability and security while still keeping the helmet quite lightweight and easy to move around.

Furthermore, the company was thorough enough to make this available in a multitude of sizes so you should be able to find the one you need without much of a headache.


Since the material that this helmet is made from was deemed to be carbon fiber, it was obvious that its other parts cannot be of a lower quality so the stainless steel dual D-ring makes sure everything stays where it’s supposed to.

Due to the carbon fiber material and the UV protection, this helmet is perfect for things like riding a street motorcycle, a cruiser, and even a scooter.

You will also enjoy the layers of comfortable mesh material that is located on the forehead as a way to keep your head extra-cool during those long and torrid summer rides where you enjoy it but can’t wait for it to be over at the same time.


Due to the fact that D.O.T. approved helmets are bulkier by nature, some people may not like this one very much.

Furthermore, the strap seems to be a little tight on some types of chins, so it may help if you are able to try a similar one before purchasing it.

Check Price on Amazon Now!
Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


German motorcycle helmets seem to be all the rage these days in those communities of people who are World War II aficionados. Their unique design is a reminder of the period when the motorcycle culture really started catching solid roots and evolve into the global phenomenon that it is today.

One of the particular signs of a German style motorcycle helmet is that it uses a strap around your entire head and is even more securely locked into place by the iconic chin strap feature that you see in so many movies and videos from that time period.

A small overview

While they are not the safest helmets out there, the German-style ones go really well with choppers and hogs since it is so easy to picture a Harley-riding biker on the road, on a torrid summer day, wearing faded jeans, a leather vest, and a German helmet to finish off the look.

This type of protective headgear usually weighs less than other helmets so this is why some people really dig them. It is easier for a biker to wear such an item on longer rides since it greatly reduces the stress on the neck.

Another thing that you must consider is that even though at the beginning of this whole phenomenon, people were complaining about how unsafe these products were, nowadays many of them are approved by the Department Of Transportation so you are just as safe using them as you would be with any other helmet.

Of course, there are still some German motorcycle helmets that are not everything they could be in terms of safety so the careful rider will definitely conduct proper research, just to make sure the purchase fulfills all of her or his requirements.


Some differences

As we said, this type of helmets are generally fastened even closer to the face than regular ones and this is because manufacturers have sought to copy as much as possible from the design of the actual war helmets and it’s quite easy to understand why soldiers riding motorbikes needed their headgear to actually stay in place.

Another very important difference is that you will find no face shield on a German motorcycle helmet. In fact, if you want to imagine it, it looks a lot like a half turtle shell. The only real difference is obviously the color since black is a very popular choice here and you may even find pink German bike helmets if there are female riders who wish to purchase one.

As there is no face shield on such a product, a lot of manufacturers will offer actual goggles when a customer buys one of their helmets. Be careful not to laugh at them as, despite their unusual appearance, some of them have glasses-worthy lenses and can be really helpful when riding through particularly dusty or sandy regions.

If you really want to go the extra mile, try getting a carbon fiber German motorcycle helmet as they are really durable and have a resilience that few other products can match in terms of protecting your head from impact and shock.


The bottom line

Whether you like the fabric, the style, the history, or just the matte black color of such a helmet, there is one for everybody. If you’re feeling stylish and are not the type of person who cares what anybody says, definitely get one and award yourself extra points for the originality you showed.

Safety-wise, manufacturers have developed German-style helmets that are just as safe as regular ones so you should have no fear when it comes to this.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What’s the difference between a regular motorcycle helmet and a German one?

There are a few notable differences between a regular motorcycle helmet and a German-inspired one. First of all, German helmets will be fastened even closer to the face because the manufacturers searched for inspiration in pictures and videos of German soldiers from World War II.

Since in those days a loose helmet could have been the difference between life or death, it’s understandable why this headgear has to stay even more securely in place. This is why they were designed in the shape of something like a half turtle shell in order to have an aerodynamic fit that did not allow them to move.

Another notable difference is the fact that, as opposed to regular helmets, these ones do not come with a face shield. If you’re already worrying about taking care of your eyes, you should know that most of the manufacturers also provide a pair of quality goggles when you purchase one of their products.

Q: Are German motorcycle helmets safe?

While some people may feel unsafe about actually riding a motorcycle while wearing a German-inspired helmet, the truth is that there have been a lot of developments in this field. While this has indeed started as a trend mostly to evoke the memory and style of the German soldiers that started the motorcycle phenomenon, many of them are now quite safe.

In fact, even though it is true you can still find such products that are not approved by the security standards of the Department Of Transportation, many companies have taken the necessary steps to do so and now you can even find carbon fiber German motorcycle helmets.

As a result, with the proper research, you will definitely be able to find products that will fit your security needs, from the protection offered during the ride, to how comfortable the inside padding is, and even the way it falls on your face.


Q: What material are German motorcycle helmets made of?

German motorcycle helmets really require some special riders to wear them because you need to be bold and rely on your style. If you’re feeling daring enough but are worried about the actual protection they can provide and the material used in the manufacturing process, you can put your mind at ease.

Since many of these helmets are now approved by the Department Of Transportation, you will be able to purchase German-style headgear made from hand-laminated aerospace fiberglass that comes multi-layered and even with trylon fabric on the interior. Thermoplastic poly-alloy shells are also a common choice these days, as are the removable comfort liners.

Bottom line, you’ll be able to find something for every taste since a careful look will even show you some genuine leather vintage motorcycle helmets ready to be purchased so you really don’t have to worry about variety.




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