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10 Best Dunlop Motorcycle Tires (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Dunlop is a well-known manufacturer of tires, and that means that there are plenty of Dunlop motorcycle tires. This is undoubtedly a good thing, but it might prevent you from having an easy choice to make. Here is a list of products we selected; no matter which one you choose, you will have no regrets.

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1. Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ Front Motorcycle Tire 

The first thing that you might want to know about this Dunlop motorcycle tire is that it’s entirely designed and manufactured in the US. That means that it abides by the highest standards of quality, but that is not all. This tire is made in the same facility that produces the racing tires carrying the logo of this brand.

That said, let’s take a close look at its performance. It is a hypersport tire, and actually, it’s the only of its kind made in the US, so that’s a good starting point. Tested on racing tracks and subjected to plenty of challenges, it is the type of tire that you can expect to have a long life span.

For cruising, but not only, it will offer an excellent mileage. Also, because of the IRP technology employed, you will observe better control of linear steering. Due to its aggressive tread pattern, the tire will handle wet terrain with maximum competence.



Tested extensively for wear and tear, life span, and overall performance, the Q3+ is a testimony to the excellent quality Dunlop can offer.

Using superior carbon fiber technology, this tire helps you navigate tight corners with maximum efficiency, and can make you a better rider overall.

On wet terrain conditions, the tire will remain on the road and provide excellent grip and traction so that you don’t have to worry about accidents.

The Intuitive Response Profile feature increases the possibility to navigate corners, while linear steering remains impeccable.

If you opt for this model, you will get the only hypersport tire created in the US, and it serves to know that Dunlop makes it in the same facility that is responsible for producing its racing tires.


Allow more than a few miles to break the tire in and expect some stiffness in the early stages of use before achieving the smooth ride Dunlop tires are known for.

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2. Dunlop Elite 4 - Radial - 180/60R16 

A close look at the tread pattern on this tire will tell you a few essential things about why Dunlop is such a praised company. The Multi-Tread technology you see on this tire is the same employed on other tires made by Dunlop. Its primary role is to increase mileage and that without affecting the straightforward and convenient handling the tire provides.

You can get it in both radial and bias-ply designs, which means that you can mount it on many different motorcycles. For touring vehicles, as well as cruisers, but standard models, as well, this tire is a good fit, hands down.

On wet pavements, the tire will maintain its superior grip and traction, minimizing the risk of accidents. Except for a long life span and you can also notice that the tire will wear out evenly, thus ensuring that you won’t need a replacement anytime soon.


If you are looking for a tire made for mileage, you’re looking at it since the long-wearing compound employed on the center of this tire ensures a long lifespan.

You don’t have to worry that the tire might not work for your bike; it works for cruisers, touring bikes, and even standard motorcycles.

Another thing about this tire that will surely make you happy is the way it behaves on wet roads; the same traction is experienced even in damp weather conditions.

Buyers can get this tire in radial and bias-ply construction so that they can quickly adapt to any kind of vehicle they usually ride.

Even wear should also be counted on the list of advantages offered by this tire.


While it’s great for what it was made for, this tire can’t be expected to perform too well or reach a high mileage if it’s used for racing.

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3. Dunlop Roadsmart 2 Front Tire 

Do you enjoy sport-touring above everything else? Such enthusiasts are known to be experienced riders, and they surely have their set of requirements when it comes to what tires they want for their bikes. This model praised by all the Dunlop motorcycle tires reviews should be one for them to consider.

First of all, you can rest assured that this tire will go beyond the call of duty in any weather conditions. It is essential that it maintains its grip when riding on wet surfaces to minimize the risk of an accident. What makes this tire stand out from the crowd is the new and innovative tread pattern the manufacturer chose.

The cosecant-curve groove pattern is the Dunlop signature you’re looking for. The way the grooves are placed, make sure that the tire won’t deviate, and it also increases the lifespan of the tire.


Wet weather performance is what makes this tire stand out, as its grip on wet pavement remains the same and helps to reduce the risk of accidents.

The cosecant-curve pattern of the grooves you notice on the tire is responsible for many of the advantages it provides.

One of the upsides of this design is that the tire can face a lot of wear and tear challenges, for an increased life span.

Also, it will reduce the tire squirm, which is, again, a significant advantage since that means that you will notice that handling is not affected in any way.

Linear steering remains exemplary, and it looks that Dunlop took all the good things from the first generation of Roadsmart tires and made it better in this second and improved version.


You certainly can use this tire for touring purposes, but you may notice that it doesn’t handle bumps in the road as well as other models made by Dunlop.

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4. Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Rear Motorcycle Tire 

Harley Davidson is a name that all bike riders in the world know and admire. So, the fact that Harley Davidson approved this tire for its touring models says a lot about the level of performance Dunlop has managed to achieve over the years. The features employed on this particular model tell the entire story in the minutest detail.

First of all, the tire is designed with a 3-ply polyester casing. Then, there are two fiberglass belts, and together they offer the possibility to carry a lot of weight. Since Harley Davidson notoriously makes heavy motorcycles, it is no wonder that this tire is praised for what it does.

The tread profile is the result of a lot of research, and heavy work, and its offset center groove makes sure that riding in rainy weather won’t make you lose your balance. The grip is excellent, overall, you can trust this model under any circumstances.



You will only find this tire on the touring bikes made by Harley Davidson, which says plenty about the overall performance and quality offered.

The construction that uses a 3-ply polyester casing and 2 fiberglass belts ensures that a load of a heavy touring bike is handled without any issues.

Because of the computer-optimized tread pattern, this tire will behave absolutely amazing in wet pavement conditions, keeping you on the road and offering excellent grip.

Its steel-grated bridges contribute to its overall durability, and you can expect this tire to have a long life.

You can use this rear tire with its sibling installed in front for the perfect solution for your touring bike and for any long trip you want to take.


Overall durability always depends on the rider’s style and other conditions, so if you’re using it very hard, you might find that you need to replace it after a lower mileage than expected.

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5. Dunlop American Elite Front Motorcycle Tire 

There is a strong reason why the company decided to name this model as it did. The Dunlop American Elite motorcycle tires are already known for being the ones that equip many Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you want something that’s entirely American and proudly so, you will pick a Harley equipped with such tires.

Everything, from the design board to the rigorous testing, is carried on in the US, which means that you can expect the tires that leave the production line under this name to offer excellent performance. As replacement tires, they provide a long lifespan, quiet operation, and overall superior road performance.

It doesn’t matter if you want to ride in dry or wet weather. This tire will behave as it should, and you will reach your destination after enjoying a perfectly smooth ride. You will notice the name and logo imprinted on the sidewall, and that will make you proud of using all-American products.


Harley Davidson never uses other replacement tires than the American Elite made by Dunlop, and that’s an excellent recommendation in itself.

As a result of many years of engineering experience, this tire will ensure proper support for your bike, and you will be more than satisfied with its long lifespan.

As always, one of the secrets of the quality offered by Dunlop lies with the tread pattern that ensures that the tire will wear out evenly.

Even more, the design of the tread pattern is responsible for the overall quiet operation of the tire, something that many riders can appreciate.

A beautiful logo of the brand and model is imprinted on the sidewall of the tire so that you can boast about using an American product, made at American standards.


Durability is always an issue with motorcycle tires, and while this model may last longer than others, after 10,000 miles, the tread core might start to show.

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6. Dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire 

Another Harley Davidson approved tire that makes it to our list is this model from Dunlop. Created for the cruisers made by the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, it is the type of tire you will want to see on your bike. First of all, this model comes with a unique tread pattern that ensures proper grip and traction.

Even when you ride in rainy weather, your bike will remain glued to the road, thus reducing the risk of accidents. Also, dry weather performance is equally outstanding. Another benefit of the type of tread pattern used is a prolonged lifespan for the tire.

This way, you know that you make a sound investment when you decide to equip your motorcycle with new tires. All the benefits offered by Dunlop that you might have already come to expect are present in this tire. It will even wear evenly so that you don’t have to replace it earlier than expected.



This tire is the choice of Harley Davidson for its cruisers, so getting it for your bike means that you will enjoy the same benefits.

Its advanced tread pattern is computer optimized and unique, to ensure extra benefits and a long lifespan.

One of these benefits is the superb grip that never fails even under wet pavement conditions, thus ensuring your safety to a higher degree than what other tires can provide.

In both dry and rainy weather, the tire will keep your motorcycle on the road, without fear that it might misbehave.

The tread profile reduces cupping, and that ensures even wear for maximum durability and mileage, with which Dunlop always provides its customers.


Compared to other models made by Dunlop, this one is softer, so you might see a slightly lower mileage than what you might expect.

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7. Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Front Motorcycle Tire 


If you need a proper front motorcycle tire, read this short Dunlop motorcycle tires review, and you’ll know right away that you’ve found the right model. If you ride a touring motorcycle, the chances are that this tire is for you. Of course, to make sure that is correct, you should always check the list of compatible models offered by Dunlop.

To get an idea of what this tire can do, we should start by saying that Harley Davidson uses them for its touring motorcycles. A simple look at the construction will tell you what you need to know about its durability. The 3-ply polyester casing and the 2 fiberglass belts ensure that this tire can withstand heavy loads without a problem.

A touring bike is never light, so it’s great to know that you can acquire the necessary stability by equipping it with this model of tire. In rainy or dry weather, this tire will behave beautifully.


The H speed rating at 130 miles per hour on this tire is enough of a recommendation for riders who love long road trips.

Any bump, any small obstacle, will not be an issue, as this tire makes any ride smooth and enjoyable, no matter how many hours you spend in the saddle.

With the official approval from Harley Davidson for touring bikes, you know that you can’t go wrong with this tire.

A nice touch of this model is that you can customize it by asking for a black, a single white, or a wide-white sidewall.

Its steel-grated bridges are part of what makes this tire so durable, and you can appreciate the reduced cupping that ensures that the tire will wear out evenly.


Being the type of tire that is softer than the norm, it might not be to the liking of someone who prefers a stiffer tire.

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8. Dunlop D401 Dyna Wide Glide Rear Motorcycle Tire 

You can rest assured that this motorcycle tire will behave as expected and will even go beyond the call of duty, regardless of road conditions. For cruisers, it is the ideal choice, and even Harley Davidson thinks so, which is something to bear in mind while you’re shopping for replacement tires.

The tread profile is computer optimized, which means that a lot of work went into making this tire as good as it is. Also, the tire compound used by Dunlop ensures that the tire provides the necessary grip and traction, no matter the road conditions faced. In other words, on wet surfaces, it remains sticky and safe for you, the rider.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this tire is made with durability in mind, due to the bias or bias-belted construction. The grooves in the tire prolong its life, too, as they create the perfect conditions for even wear.



You can’t go wrong with a tire that’s approved by Harley Davidson for its cruisers, and you will also find it great for yours, as well.

In dry or wet weather, the tire maintains its excellent grip, so you will not encounter any issues with riding in such conditions.

Because Dunlop now created computer-optimized tread patterns, you can expect superior attention to details and overall excellent quality.

The tread profile is also responsible for reduced cupping, and that, in turn, makes sure that the tire will wear out evenly, thus ensuring a long lifespan.

If long mileage is what you’re looking for in a tire, that’s precisely what this model offers, something expected from a company like Dunlop.


Compared to other tires made by Dunlop in the past, this one is softer, which means that it might not be as durable as those previous models.

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9. Dunlop Geomax AT81 Front Tire 

There is hardly any type of tire that Dunlop doesn’t have covered. This model is unique as it is a premium off-road model, and also part of the Geomax line created by Dunlop to provide riders with a passion for exploring off the beaten tracks with excellence and quality.

What must be said about the model reviewed here is that it’s part of a new generation of off-road tires so that you can expect higher durability and overall performance. With reinforced construction, it is a reliable tire that will help you navigate difficult terrain with ease.

The plush pad recess feature that you can notice between the tread blocks is there for a reason. You will feel any bump a lot less, as this feature is there to absorb shocks. Seeing for what kind of bikes you’ll use this tire, you will have quite a comfortable experience.


Dunlop is well known for its off-road racing success, and from it, the Geomax line that includes this model was born.

Compared to previous models made by Dunlop for off-road bikes, this one comes with reinforced construction for outstanding durability.

The recesses between the tread blocks are designed to absorb shocks, and they create the conditions for a comfortable riding experience even when you’re heading off to the racing track.

Incredibly rugged, this tire can handle the most challenging terrain with the utmost efficiency, something that’s part of off-road racing.

Its construction is based on 2 plies of nylon wrapped in another ply of polyester; this strong base ensures the exceptional durability of the tire.


You must be aware that this tire might not be the easiest to mount, so you might be better taking your motorcycle to a shop and have it outfitted there.

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10. Dunlop Elite 4 Rear Motorcycle Tire for Victory V106 

The Elite series from Dunlop has an excellent reputation for increased mileage, and it can hardly be surpassed by other tires made by the same company and even the competition. It is all related to the superior care and attention involved in the construction of the tire and the choice of the tread pattern.

In this case, the construction relies on a long-wearing compound used for the center of the tire. On the shoulders, the tire is made from a unique lateral grip compound. Together, they make such a tire incredibly durable, and that means that you get superior mileage and more than what you might expect even from a Dunlop tire.

The new Multi-Tread pattern used by Dunlop brings excellent wet pavement performance. Another great advantage is the increased lifespan. You can also appreciate the fact that this tire makes less noise than others in its league.



The main upside of this tire is the superior mileage possibilities; while that might depend on your riding style, too, this one is still among the most durable made by Dunlop.

Offering excellent grip, even in wet weather, it is the correct choice for anyone who wants to combine performance with safety features.

The tire will wear out evenly, which means that you won’t have to replace it sooner than expected, just because it got too worn in places.

With the help of the Multi-Tread technology, Dunlop managed to create a model that’s highly durable and offers excellent traction, regardless of road conditions.

Because of the reduced road noise, this tire presents even more upsides than what you may notice at first glance, and it will be enjoyable to use.


Although on most surfaces, the tire is as good as dead silent, not the same thing can be said for tar pavements when a high-pitch sound can be heard.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you have been thinking about replacing your motorcycle tires for a while now, it’s time to take a look at what the market truly offers. Dunlop is renowned for making excellent tires, but this company sells many different models, so you might be wondering what you should choose. To get the best Dunlop motorcycle tire available, you only need to check the recommendations below.

You should always pick tires that are approved for your type of motorcycle

Choosing new tires is more than just a matter of style and preferences. You should always choose only the kind of tires that the manufacturer of your motorcycle recommends for it. Installing the wrong type of tires on your bike can lead to accidents, which is why that’s the first thing you should bear in mind.

Dunlop makes many different types of tires. It also lists the type of bikes they are suitable for, so it shouldn’t be a difficult task to narrow down your searches. For instance, if you ride a racing bike, you should look up Dunlop motorcycle race tires and not models made for cruising or touring.

Another thing you can learn from reading the owner’s manual provided by the bike manufacturer you got your motorcycle from is the size of your tires. Besides the recommendation to get only the type of tire listed in the literature provided, you should also pick only the right size.


Overall durability

Even if Dunlop is well-known for making outstanding tires, that doesn’t mean that you should pick just any model. Some cheap Dunlop motorcycle tires might not last as much as the latest models of tires, but overall, you should know that the products carrying this logo have a pretty long lifespan.

Nonetheless, there are several things you must bear in mind. For instance, your riding style can affect the durability of the tires you’re using. Plenty of other factors come into play, such as storage conditions, weather, tire pressure, and so on. As you can see, there is no way of telling with pinpoint accuracy how long your tires may last.

However, you can rest assured that even the most affordable Dunlop motorcycle tires will last longer than other models on the market when used in the same conditions.

Tread pattern and wet-pavement performance

If there is one area that Dunlop invests heavily in is research. With each model that comes out from its manufacturing line, new improvements and innovative designs emerge. But why does Dunlop spend so much time and effort doing this?

First of all, Dunlop has a reputation to maintain and cannot lag behind. Second of all, it makes tires for prominent bike manufacturers such as Harley Davidson. Therefore, the quality of its tires should always be above the competition. The tread pattern is one area that Dunlop focuses on all the time.

That’s important for several reasons. Line steering, grip, wet road behavior, all depend on the treat pattern. Also, if the tread pattern is above adequate, the tire will wear out evenly, which means that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

On different models, Dunlop uses different patterns for the grooves. That’s not a random decision. Based on the purpose of the tire and road conditions, those grooves ensure that your bike will remain glued to the road even when you’re riding through the rain.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are the Dunlop motorcycle tires made?

Dunlop is an American company with a long-standing tradition in making tires, and that’s why it continues to make them in the US. Currently, the tires carrying the logo of this company are still made in Buffalo, New York, as they have always been, even if the facility has changed and rebuilt over the years to face the new challenges of modern manufacturing.

In 1920, when Dunlop introduced to the market tires made with Kevlar belts for the very first time in history, it became synonymous with outstanding quality. Few tire manufacturers in the world can brag about the same popularity as this brand.

When you purchase a tire from them, you can rest assured that it’s an American product. New technologies have been added over the years, but one thing remains the same, and that is Dunlop’s outstanding reputation in the world of tire manufacturing.

Q: Is Dunlop a good brand for motorcycle tires?

Dunlop has been known to make superior motorcycle tires for almost a century now, and that’s an excellent recommendation. Besides quality, the company is known for practicing decent pricing for its products, and that’s another plus. The offer is varied, and you can easily find racing tires, as well as a model made for cruising or touring.

On top of everything, the warranty policies offered, along with helpful customer service, ensure that people who buy from Dunlop will become return customers. You will be more than pleased to learn that this brand has a large customer base, which means that its products have been tried and tested for a long time.

Innovations such as Multi-Tread, Carbon Fiber, Intuitive Response Profile, make Dunlop proud. All of them are the result of diligent engineering work, a lot of research and development, and a dedication to bringing in front of customers products that offer the highest satisfaction possible.


Q: What size are my motorcycle tires?

If you don’t know what size your motorcycle tires have, it’s enough to take a look at the sidewall, and you should see the information needed printed there. That’s a legal requirement for all tire manufacturers, so you shouldn’t have a problem with finding that information right away.

To give you a short explanation of what the numbers will see mean, let’s take an example. For instance, many Harley Davidson bikes work with 130/90 tires. The first number, 130, represents the width of the tread, expressed in millimeters. The second number is the aspect ratio, expressed in percentage. So, in this case, the tire has a 90% aspect ratio.

You may notice 3 other things following these numbers. The next number is the rim diameter expressed in inches. Then, you can read the load rating, and finally, you will see a letter that is an indication of the speed rating.



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