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9 Best Dowco Covers (Updated Reviews) in 2022

We know that shopping for dowco covers is not easy. So, to come to your rescue, we analyzed the market and we have selected a couple of models that have received great reviews from previous buyers. So, if you are running short on time, and you need to make a purchase, here are some choices that are worth your time and money!

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1. Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll 

This cover is made of a special material that is durable and that dries off rather easily. Once installed, it can protect your motorcycle from mildew, fading caused by UV rays and rain. To make it as practical as possible, the manufacturer has designed it to include a heat shield so that the heat that comes from the pipes won’t cause any damages.

The interior of the model is made of soft cotton so that your windshield won’t get scratched. Moisture-guard vents are also featured so that moisture build-up won’t be something that you have to worry about.

An elastic cord is sewn into the bottom of the cover for added security. As a result, you can make sure that it won’t get blown away in case of windy weather. A compression storage bag is also provided in the deal. You can use it to store and transport the cover whenever necessary.


This option is made of durable materials. It is waterproof, as well as breathable and, thus, it can be used outdoors.

It comes supplied alongside an elastic shock cord that is sewn into the bottom part of the cover. Hence, it can stay on your bike at all times.

This cover features a sewn-in hole that allows you to use a wheel lock with your ride. A special pocket where you can keep an alarm system is also included.

Because this model has vents and, given that it is breathable, mildew is not a problem that you should worry about while utilizing this product.


If you are short on money and you don’t want to pay a bit more for a cover, you should take a look at other alternatives.

Before you order the cover, you have to make sure that you have selected the right size. A sizing chart that can help you do so is available online.

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2. Dowco Guardian 50021-00 WeatherAll 

This cover is perfect to be used when storing your motorcycle outside, no matter the weather. It is waterproof and breathable so that your ride won’t mold as a result of the moisture built-up. What makes this option stand out from traditional covers is the fact that it is very simple to install.

The model features a rear zipper that allows you to use the cover with larger bikes without struggling during the process. Given the location and the design of the zipper, it will not scratch your bike in any way. You can also open the zipper to access storage areas such as the saddlebag, without having to take the cover off completely. This feature can prove rather handy when you are in a hurry.

A heat shield that rests against the warm pipes is also included in the design of the cover. If you decide to get it, you will also receive a drawstring pack for easy storage and transportation.


This model was made of 300D polyester fabric, a material that is both waterproof and breathable. So, you can use the cover no matter the weather.

It features a rear zipper that makes it simple for you to install it on larger bikes. The zipper also grants you easy access to your belongings.

Because all the seams are double tapped, the cover is 100% waterproof. So, it is suitable when using it outdoors.

This option also comes supplied with built-in vents that can protect against moisture getting trapped inside the actual cover. So, mildew won’t be a problem.


Even though this product has a sizing chart that you can consult before ordering it, as a novice, you might find the entire measuring process a bit confusing.

The cover needs to be replaced after two to three years. If you are in search of a more durable alternative, you have to look for other models.

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3. Dowco Guardian 26010-00 UltraLite 

If you value practicality, the 26010-00 UltraLite might be just the cover for you. This product was specially made to be used for long- and short-time indoor usage, as well as for occasional outdoor parking. Similarly to other choices made by Dowco, this option is waterproof as well as highly mildew resistant.

The inner part of the cover is made of soft cotton, a material that can protect your bike, especially the windshield, from scratches. It also includes an elastic shock cord that is sewn into the bottom part of the cover so that the cover fits your bike perfectly at all times.

For safety reasons, this option also includes plastic grommets that allow you to fit a cable lock on the bike.  All the seams of the cover are double stitched for added durability and increased protection from the elements. Given that it was made of 70D polyurethane, it is worth pointing out that this cover is not necessarily waterproof.


The elastic shock cord that this option includes allows you to secure the cover to your bike. Consequently, it won’t get blown off in case of strong winds.

Plus, this product features two sewn-in vent flaps that prevent any moisture from building up inside the cover. Hence, you don’t have to worry about mildew.

The plastic grommets that this cover has make it easier for you to utilize a cable to lock the cover to the bike in a secure manner.

Because this model has a compact design, you will find it practical and simple to carry it with you while traveling.


This cover does not come cheap. So, if you are not ready to make an investment, you should take a look at other counterparts.

Because it is made of 70D polyurethane, this cover is not 100% waterproof. Still, it can protect your bike from most of the elements.

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4. Dowco Guardian 26037-00 UltraLite 

This model is perfect for outdoor usage, and it can also be utilized for indoor parking. The cover is mildew and water-resistant and it was made of soft cotton so that your windshield will not get scratched. The choice also comes supplied with a sewn-in elastic shock cord, and with an under-bike strap that ensures that the cover will fit perfectly on your bike.

Because it has plastic grommets, you will be able to use this model with a cable lock. This alternative can deliver protection against dust, UV rays, and debris. The cover is also vented so that mildew won’t build up.

This choice is made of 75 denier ripstop polyester fabric, a material known for being water-resistant and durable. Given that the cover is grey, it will reduce heat during the summer. The seams of the model are double stitched for increased sturdiness.


This cover comes with a storage bag that can actively compress the size of the model for easy storage and transportation.

It is manufactured using grey 75 denier ripstop polyester fabric and it can protect your bike from external factors such as UV light, water, and dust.

The seams that this cover features are double stitched for increased durability no matter the weather conditions that you might have to face.

Plus, this option includes soft cotton protection that is placed in the areas that come into contact with the windshield and other sensitive parts of your bike.


Constantly exposing the cover to the elements will eventually cause it to tear up. This is to be expected from products of this kind.

When compared to other models that you can find online, this option is a bit thinner and flimsier. Yet, it comes fitted with many practical features.

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5. Dowco Guardian 26014-00 Travel Ready 

If you are searching for a half cover that is simple to use while traveling, the 26014-00 Travel Ready model might be a good purchase for you. It was specially made to fit touring and cruisers and it is water and mildew resistant. You can use this cover with various motorcycles, including Harley Davidson Ultras, Honda Gold Wings, Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 and many more.

This option comes with 2-foot peg straps that you can use to secure the cover in case of high winds. Because it is made of a reflected material, the cover stays visible during the night, which is a feature that is worth considering especially if you value safety. The model features an antenna fitment in the rear of the cover for added convenience.

It is backed by a two-year warranty and it has a lightweight design that makes it simple to travel with. Besides, this cover is rather durable.


This choice includes reflective piping that makes it visible during the night. It can be used with a wide array of motorcycles.

Because it has an opening that allows for your antennas to pass through, you can utilize this cover without damaging the gear you have invested so much in.

This cover is water-resistant and it can deliver protection against the elements. It is also lightweight and simple to use.

It has a ½ design that makes it the perfect choice to use while traveling. It is mildew resistant and it comes with straps that you can use to secure it to your ride.


In case of strong winds, putting the cover onto your bike without additional assistance can be rather difficult. This is not a drawback that should discourage you from trying it.

Because the material that was used to make it is rather thin, the choice is more suitable to be used for indoor parking.

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6. Dowco Guardian 50006-03 WeatherAll 

If you are browsing the net searching for a cover that was made for outdoor use, look no further than the 50006-03 WeatherAll model. This option is waterproof and breathable and it was made using soft cotton so that your windshield won’t get accidentally scratched.

The moisture guard vent system that the item includes can prevent any moisture from building up under the cover. A very convenient underneath belly strap is also included in the design of the model so that it won’t come off in case of high winds. Plus, this cover is available in numerous sizes, so that you won’t have any issues finding a model that suits your needs perfectly.

On top of that, this choice comes with a built-in heat shield that prevents any damage caused by warm pipes. The design of the model includes vents that can prevent moisture accumulation and the formation of mildew. A bag that you can use for transportation is also featured.


The cover is manufactured of high-quality materials that can protect your bike from water, debris, UV rays and mildew.

Its seams are double tapped for increased durability. The cover is made of a fabric that is easy to spot during the night.

The choice comes provided with a heat guard and with vents so that you don’t have to deal with any mildew formation.

What is more, a convenient compression bag is included in the deal. You can use this bag for storage or transportation purposes.


After years of use, the color of the cover might fade. This is to be expected with all covers that are used for outdoor parking.

You cannot wash this cover in the washing machine. However, the product requires overall minimal maintenance and, thus, this should not be an aspect that deters you from trying it out, especially if you want to store your bike outside.

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7. Dowco Guardian 04583 WeatherAll 

This model delivers full-size coverage and it was made using high-quality materials such as 300D polyester that provide coverage against fading due to UV rays, water, and mildew. It features double-taped seams that are sturdy and that prevent water from infiltrating it.

The underneath the cover is made of soft cotton, a material that can protect your windshield from scratches. A heat shield is also incorporated so that the cover won’t get damaged due to the heat emitted by the pipes of the bike.

What is more, this model comes provided with vents that prevent the accumulation of moisture. Because the option is made of a reflective material, you will be able to see it during the night. A storage bag is also supplied in the deal so that you can easily store or transport it when you are on the move. This feature is particularly handy for those who enjoy traveling.


This protective cover is the go-to option for those looking for a product that can be used outdoors, no matter the weather.

Because it features vents, it can protect your bike from any damage caused by mildew. It is also waterproof.

It comes fitted with an elastic cord that can keep the model closely secured to the bike at all times.

The polyester webbing strap that the cover features also prevents it from coming off in case of high winds. The cover comes with a drawstring pack for transportation.


If you don’t own a large touring style spyder, this model can be a tad too bulky. Yet, it can fit most rides of this sort.

In rare cases, you might also have to use a water repellent to be sure that your bike stays dry in case of heavy rain. This is not a major drawback given the quality material that was used to make it.

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8. Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Plus 

This alternative was made of a combination of 300-denier and solution-dyed polyester fabric. Given that this product features a durable water repellent top coat, you can rest assured knowing that your bike will be protected against water. Besides, the undercoating is mildew resistant and highly breathable.

It can be used to protect your bike against water, UV rays, and mildew. All the seams that the cover includes have been double tapped to ensure that the choice is 100% waterproof. It also features a soft cotton layer that can actively protect your shield against scratches or any other similar damage.

This cover is lightweight and simple to travel with, especially if you are the type of rider that enjoys long adventures on the road. It can fit motorcycles of various sizes and it can deliver the protection that your bike needs when being parked outdoors. The model is simple to use.


This option stands out because it is made of a highly durable material. It can protect against UV rays, rain, and mildew.

Soft cotton was used to cover the underpart of the product so that the windshield of your bike won’t get scratched or damaged.

The choice is lightweight and practical to have around if you intend to park your motorcycle outdoors.

Because the seams of the cover are double stitched, the model won’t rip unexpectedly and water won’t infiltrate through them.


If you own a rather sizable bike, you might have some issues when it comes to placing the cover over your ride without additional help. This is true for most alternatives currently available.

Even though the model includes numerous features, it can be a tad expensive, especially for those who are short on cash.  Yet, this cover is made of good materials and it is entirely waterproof.

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9. Dowco Guardian 04823 Travel Ready 

This alternative is suitable to be used for daily outdoor use. It is also a great fit for those bikers who like to travel a lot and who need a cover that can provide their bikes with the necessary level of protection. The model offers water and mildew protection and it comes provided with an elastic shock cord that is sewn in at the bottom of the cover so that it can deliver a snug fit.

Plastic grommets that allow you to use a cable lock are also integrated into the design of the cover. The option is manufactured from 300D polyester and it features a soft cotton layer that prevents your windshields from getting scratched.

Given that it comes supplied with a webbing belly strap that is sewn in, you can be sure  knowing that the cover stays on no matter the weather. This model can be used with a cable lock for added protection.


This option has built-in plastic grommets that allow you to utilize the cover with added cable locks for increased protection. The wheel lock is not included in the deal.

It comes alongside a convenient drawstring backpack that you can use whenever you need to store or to transport the cover.

The elastic shock cord that the model includes is sewn-in to the bottom of this choice so that you are delivered a snug fit.

What is more, this product is protected by a three-year warranty policy that you can make use of in case of any inconvenience.


Even though it is resistant, the fabric that was used to make the cover is rather thin. This has nothing to do with its durability or performance.

It should be pointed out that this choice is not heat resistant. So, you have to make sure that the hot pipes of the bike won’t melt holes through it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Buying affordable dowco covers is not easy, especially if you have no experience shopping in this line of products. To help you out, we have put together an inclusive guide that features all the aspects that should not be overlooked when scouring the market for a new cover for your precious ride. So, keep reading to see what you need to keep in mind before making a purchase!

Sizing and material

Dowco motorcycle covers come in many sizes. To find one model that suits your needs, you have to consider the dimensions of your ride. Generally, a good option is one that can shield your entire ride without leaving space for gaps that might let in anything from dust particles to water or dirt.

So, before you place any orders, most dowco covers reviews recommend that you take the time to measure your motorcycle. If you have any doubts about whether or not the item that you have selected is suited for your bike, you can ask previous buyers who own the same model of motorcycle that you own for guidance.

When it comes to the material that was used to make the dowco guardian motorcycle cover that you like, you have to take into account a couple of extra factors. Breathability is a highly important feature that you should have in mind, as moisture can cause your bike to get damaged.

To prevent this, some of the options out there are made of special materials that allow for air circulation. Besides, you can also find affordable dowco motorcycle covers that come with built-in vents that allow for added airflow.

No matter if they are cheap dowco covers or more expensive, most of the products made by Dowco are constructed from polyester, a material that is highly regarded by specialists because of its durability, lightweight design, and water resistance. So, no matter what model you select, you cannot go wrong.

Polyurethane is another fabric that is used in making bike covers. However, differently from polyester, this material is more easily damaged by UV rays and it is not as efficient at keeping water out.


Design and purpose

After a quick look at the best dowco motorcycle covers out there, it becomes clear that there are two different kinds of cover designs that you can select from: full coverage and half coverage ones. Making this decision depends on what type of protection you want.

Differently from half-sized covers, full-sized models can also prevent any abrasions that might damage your bike. However, the upper part of the cover is considered more important because it acts as a barrier against water and dirt particles.

Design-wise, when you are browsing through dowco motorcycle covers reviews, you have to take into consideration the quality of the seams. Double seamed choices are better suited for long term use because they prevent any water infiltration and because they are, by design, more durable than the alternatives.

Some expensive and cheap dowco motorcycle covers also feature a special closing system that includes an elastic cord that can secure the cover to the bike in an efficient way. As a result, the product will not get blown off due to the wind.

If you intend to use the brand-new cover that you get daily, you might also want to consider investing in a model that comes with a heat protector. This way, you can use the dowco motorcycle cover over the warm pipes of the bike, without it getting damaged in any way.

Moreover, if you happen to own and use a sizable bike, some experts advise in favor of getting a cover that comes provided with a zipper that makes it easy for you to install it without added help.

Additional features

Safety is the number one concern that all bike owners have. To be sure that your prized ride and the cover you are using it stay safe, it is recommended that you opt for a product that allows you to secure them by using a lock or an alarm system.

Even though you can acquire a dowco bike cover that comes with a built-in pocket where you can keep the alarm, you have to remember that the alarm system is not included in the deal. Thus, you will have to purchase a device of this sort independently.

Waterproofness is a feature that you should not overlook. If you happen to live in an area that is rain-prone, the cover that you invest in should be made of waterproof materials. This way, you can eliminate the risk of your bike coming into contact with water and, consequently, rusting.

Those who enjoy traveling should invest in a cover that is lightweight and foldable. Many of the available choices come provided with compression bags that are simple to use. If you have doubts about this feature when it comes to the cover that you like, you can always read a professional dowco covers review of the product to make sure that it suits your needs as expected.

Provided that you keep these aspects in mind, we are confident that you will be able to find a high-quality cover that will meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What’s the fabric of dowco covers?

Most of the dowco covers that are available on the market are made of a heavy-duty type of denier polyester, a material that is durable and waterproof. However, many of the covers also feature special tops and undercoats that add to the sturdiness of the products.

As a direct result, these covers are breathable, tear-resistant and waterproof. They can protect your bike from UV- damage, dust, debris, and water. Some models also include special heat protectors so that the covers don’t get damaged when they come into contact with the warm pipes of your precious motorcycle.

Moreover, these covers are simple to use and lightweight. As a result, they are practical to travel with, especially those that come provided with an additional compression bag that is included in the deal.

Dowco also manufacturer covers made of polyurethane, a material that is not as durable as polyester, or as waterproof. Still, this fabric is sturdy and it is perfect for indoor use.

Q: Can you wash a dowco cover in a washing machine?

Not all covers can be washed in the machine washer. This is the main reason why, before you do any type of maintenance, you have to take the time to read the instructions made available by the seller.

If you have read a dowco motorcycle covers review before, you probably already know that the safest way to clean a product of this sort is by hand. This is a practical way of doing this as you can focus on the areas that are dirty or stained.

During the cleaning process, you can use soap and washing powder for the job. After you are done washing the stains, it is recommended that you use plenty of water to remove the soap from the fabric.

It is highly recommended that you do not utilize any abrasive substances during the process, as this can affect the integrity of the fabric and it might cause the protective coatings to wear off.


Q: Does the dowco cover protect my motorcycle from dust?

Yes, a cover of this type does wonders at keeping your bike protected from dust, debris, water, and mildew. To be 100% sure that your motorcycle is dust-free, you have to invest in a model that comes provided with a special closing system that ensures that the cover stays in place at all times.

If you intend to park your bike outdoors, you should opt for a cover that is made of high-quality waterproof materials. This way, you can make sure that your beloved ride will not rust unexpectedly.

Additionally, it is recommended that you select a breathable cover or one that comes fitted with special ventilation holes. This feature is important because it ensures that moisture build-up and mildew are not something that you have to deal with.

Once again, before you make any purchases, you must take the time to measure the dimensions of your ride. By doing so, you can be certain that the product that you receive will suit your needs perfectly.

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