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10 Best Doggles (Updated Reviews) in 2021

The best dog Doggles are the ones that have some features which have been analyzed by our experts in order to provide detailed and useful Doggles reviews. The material, ergonomic design, and UV protection levels are highly important and we have made a list of the highest quality Doggles for dogs on the market.

1. QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear Protection Pet Sunglasses

If you want your dog to look like a badass while still using a colorful pair of goggles, you will definitely have to go for the QUMY model. They are fashionable and have a mirror effect which reflects light in the colors of the rainbow. 

The manufacturers recommend using them for dogs that are heavier than 15 pounds, so if you have a small dog, you should know that they will not fit. They have a great design and what comes as a plus is the fact that they are waterproof. If you decide to go for a hike, you should definitely bring them with you.

They are shatter-proof and very comfortable because they have an ergonomic design. They are also foldable, which means that you will be able to fit them to the shape of your dog’s head. If you decide to go for this design, your dog will be very happy.


The ergonomic design that uses an elastic band and a folding mechanism will allow you to adjust the goggles to your dog’s size.

They have a great design which will make your dog look very fashionable while still being protected.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is the strongest material used for lenses. This comes with shatter-proof properties and is best suited for dogs which, to be honest, will never be able to take care of their goggles.

The UV protection is very high because polycarbonate is a material that filters UV light by itself without the need for extra layers of protection.

They come in 6 different colors, so, according to your preferences, you can make your dog look fashionable.


The lenses have a mirror effect and, unfortunately, this coating is one that is easily scratched.

They are not suited for dogs smaller than 15 pounds.

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2. Enjoying Dog Goggles - Small Dog Sunglasses

It is not always easy to protect your dog’s eyes, especially if your dog is part of a breed that has protruded eyes, like pugs or chihuahuas. Doggles for small breeds are not always easy to find, this is why these goggles from Enjoying are a great choice for small dogs. 

If you want to purchase a product that comes with high-quality UV protection, you will be very fond of these goggles because they are also windproof and also provide water protection. The eyecups are deep so the lenses will not touch your dog’s eyes and the elastic band on the back will allow you to adjust them to fit your dog.

What is great about them is that they are designed to be used for other small animals as well, like cats and rabbits. They are fashionable and will transform your dog’s appearance, making it look very stylish.


These goggles are very comfortable for small dogs due to the fact that they have a foam padding which will not harm their skin. 

The waterproof properties are given by this padding as well in order for your dog to not shed tears if you spend your day on a windy beach.

The goggles are fully adjustable, which means that you will be able to adjust the elastic band on the back as well as the one on the front.

The fact that it is designed especially for small dogs is definitely a plus because it is hard to find such a product that is also ergonomic.

The waterproof feature is great because, with this addition, your dog will be protected from UV rays, water, wind, and debris.


The lenses are not shatter-proof, which is not very good if you think about the fact that your dog can take them off and crack the lenses. Their design, however, makes them stick to their heads.

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3. PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses Goggles for Travel Skiing

When your dog sits in the sun for too long, if you are a responsible owner, you will want to protect its eyes against UV rays. The essential thing about goggles, in general, is to cover a large area in order for your dog’s eyes to be fully protected and the PEDOMUS goggles do it very well. 

Made of polycarbonate, these wraparound Doggles are very useful during the winter as well. They protect from UV rays, wind, and debris and are suited for large breed dogs, not for small breeds. So if you have a pug, these goggles will not do.

The goggles are also waterproof and will also prevent fogging due to the vents that will not allow vapors to gather inside. The lenses have a mirror effect and look more like protective ski or snowboard glasses than sunglasses, but this is great because they provide high protection levels.


What is great about these dog goggles is that the lenses are made of polycarbonate which provides high levels of sturdiness and makes the Doggles very resistant to shocks, preventing cracking and breaking of the lens.

Even if your dog gets very hot due to high outdoor temperatures, the goggles will not become foggy and will allow your dog to maintain a good vision due to the vents that have been added by the manufacturers.

The lenses are provided with a coating that does not allow dust to adhere to them, which will prevent scratches.

The Doggles come with high levels of UV protection which are used for humans as well. UV 400 means that they can be used in any conditions, regardless of the light levels without impairing your dog’s vision.


The lenses have a mirror effect and they are easily scratchable and, even though dust will not adhere to the lenses, debris will be able to deteriorate them.

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4. Doggles Dog Goggles/Glasses Pink Frame

Doggles is known as the brand that has started producing goggles for dogs and its research on how to provide great ergonomics goes a long way. These goggles come in different sizes in order to fit even the smallest pet. Sizes go from extra-small to extra-large, you can order them for any breed size.

The great thing about these Doggles is the fact that the eyecups provide plenty of room which is great because many small dog breeds have protruded eyes, like pugs or chihuahuas. The straps are adjustable and the nose bridge is wide enough to provide maximum comfort. 

Even though these ones are pink, you can order them in different colors as well. If you decide to go for this model, you will be very happy because they will be fully protected and will be able to enjoy maximum comfort in any situation because they are protected from the wind as well.


The comfort comes at high levels firstly because the frame is made of rubber and secondly because the eyecups are not very large and they will not give your dog any discomfort as they will cover only the eyes.

The lenses are made of a material that is shatter-proof which is great especially when you take your dog on a bike, when small pebbles from the street could hit the lenses.

The anti-fog property will allow your dog to see clearly even if the atmosphere gets heated.

The frames have wind protection and almost seal the eyes in order to protect them from debris as well and from UV rays that can come from the sides.

They come with 100 percent UV protection which is the most important thing to look for when you decide to purchase a pair of Doggles.


The nose bridge is not that sturdy and if you do not pay attention to handle them carefully, it might snap.

The lenses have mirrored lenses, which means that they will scratch easily. 

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5. Doggles - ILS Silver Skull Frame

Doggles is a brand that is highly recommended by veterinarians because they know what UV rays can do to your dog’s eyes. Low eyesight is a common problem in older dogs and this usually happens due to cataracts or macular degeneration which are both favored by exposure to UV rays. 

This is why the fact that these Doggles have 100 percent UV protection makes them a great choice to protect the eyes of your dog. The wide nose bridge and the rubber frame will also make the Doggles very comfortable and the pet will not be afraid to wear them.

Because dogs do not take care of their goggles, obviously, the fact that the lenses are shatter-proof is a big plus. They are adjustable and can be ordered in different sizes and colors in order to fit your dog and also your fashion taste which is also an aspect that many customers consider before making a purchase.


The lenses provide 100 percent UV protection, which is a big plus because many cheap products do not do that and cause more damage than good.

The lenses do not have mirror coating which is perfect because this means that they are more resistant to scratches.

ILS comes from ‘interchangeable lens system’ which means that you can change the lenses which are definitely a very great asset that these goggles come with because if the lens deteriorates, you don’t have to buy the whole pair of Doggles. 

You can order them in different sizes which means that they are suitable for all dog breeds.

The manufacturers give all the instructions on how to measure your dog and find the right fit for it according to the breed you own.


If you don’t thoroughly follow the instructions that tell you how to measure your dog’s head, the goggles might not fit.

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6. Enjoying Small Dog Sunglasses - Goggles for UV Protection

These dog goggles from Enjoying are specially made for small dogs, puppies, and cats and they are very versatile and adjustable. They have a futuristic design which will make your dog look very fashionable and like it came from a spaceship. 

In terms of quality, we can fairly say that they meet the standards of even the pickiest dog owner. The lenses are made of polycarbonate which has UV protection in the mass of the lens and the lenses also have a coating that enhances the UV protection to a maximum of 100 percent.

The straps are adjustable and the frames are covered in soft padding that will make the dog’s experience very comfortable. They have a mirror appearance that will reflect light in blue and violet and they will protect your dog’s eyes from UV light, debris, and wind. Cats will also be able to wear them but it might be difficult for you to put them on the cat.


The goggles are very sturdy due to the polycarbonate that the lenses are made of which will not break even if you drop them on the ground from a high distance.

They have an awesome design that will make your dog look like it came from the future and everyone will look at how cool it looks.

The frame has soft padding which will enhance the comfort of your dog while it is wearing the Doggles.

The UV protection is present in the material of the lenses and also in the special coating used for these goggles.


The lenses are mirrored which makes them more prone to scratches and, even though the lens material is very sturdy, the goggles might deteriorate quickly.

The goggles have a design that does not keep the lenses very far from the eyes so if you have a dog that has protruded eyes, it might touch them and this is a thing that you want to avoid.

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7. Doggles ILS Shiny Red Frame/Smoke Lens