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The best thing about the motorcycling community is that it brings people closer together and encourages them to share advice regarding motorcycle tracking devices, what affordable solutions are there when it comes to Bluetooth headsets and what article to read in order to get the best info on vintage motorcycle helmets.

They share the same passion, and if you’ve recently purchased your first bike and your first tire changing stand, you might have noticed by now that motorcyclists like to share their views on everything motorbike-related on forums and other such places. Bikers are interested in various aspects, like motorcycle overpants and even what helmet to get for a kid and all you need to do to have your questions answered is to continue reading.

To make it easier for you to find something interesting to do while you’re waiting in line or relaxing, we decided we’d make a list of the best motorcycle blogs. These promising biking blogs can help you if you are a rookie and in search of a helmet cam like we showcased here, but they can also entertain by sharing with you amazing stories. Because there are so many motorbiking blogs out there, we couldn’t possibly showcase them all.


Best blogs you shouldn’t miss as a motorcycle aficionado



The Moto Lady

Alicia Mariah Elfving has a passion for motorcycles and she loves riding. As a way to encourage other women to take up motorcycle riding, she created this website where she focuses on the positive aspects of being a female motorcyclist and the challenges that women face in this respect. The site has anything from an immense collection of photos to articles that go in depth about the history of female motorcycle riding.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Posts published periodically
  • Motorcycle fashion and gear reviews
  • Industry news




Motorcycle Marc’s Blog

As Motorcycle Marc puts it, he lives to ride motorcycles and when he can’t ride, he blogs about it. If that description didn’t give you an incentive to check out this site, perhaps you might want to know that you’ll get to read everything from garage tips and safety tips to adventures and all sorts of exciting routes across the world.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • A personal approach to motorcycling from an actual motorcyclist
  • Safety tips
  • Adventures and rental information




Happy Wrench

Managed by Chris, an authentic motorcycle lover, this blog is the go-to place for all motorcyclists who are just starting out and want to do a bit of research when it comes to the right tools, maintenance, and even storage for their beloved two-wheeled vehicles. Take advantage of the advice made available about choosing and changing your tires because you’re getting the info from a reliable source.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Christopher Pumo is a genuine motorcycle lover and rider
  • General advice
  • Tips on maintaining your bike in a top-notch condition




Biker & Bike

Biker & Bike is about helping bikers get more out of their passion – great rides to try, new motorcycling activities to experience and reviews of bikes and gear to get into. We particularly liked the ‘Biker’s Bucket List’ category, where the editors review different roads all over the world.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Motorcycle events calendar updated regularly
  • Biker’s Bucket List – Wonderful roads to ride your bike on
  • Advice on buying and selling your bike




Armchair Biker

The Armchair Biker includes info ranging from reviews and buying advice to tips for classic bikers and others. You will also find here a good deal of beautiful photos of new and old models, as well as lots of pieces of advice on how you can service your own bike – although we don’t recommend doing that if you really have zero experience.  

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Articles published regularly
  • Reviews and buying advice
  • Tips for new riders




We Buy Any Bike

If you’re thinking of selling your motorcycle and you are based in the United Kingdom, you might want to check out this website. The blog contains heaps of tips and advice from trail riding to town guides. You’ll also learn quite a bit of tips if you are a new rider.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • You can find out the value of your motorbike
  • Check out the sections on motorbike history and adventures
  • Town guides




Get to read anything ranging from reviews to interviews if you check out this blog. Bud is a 53-year-old senior CAD designer whose writings have been featured in RoadRUNNER Motorcycle and Travel Magazine, so needless to say, you’ll get your advice from one of the best motorcyclists around.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Reviews and interviews
  • Maintenance and gear advice
  • Humor & inspiration




Cruisn Canada

Cruisn Canada has been around since 2015. The blog includes a variety of tips and tricks, as well as reviews of anything from headsets to other types of gear made for motorcycle riding. You’ll also get your share of advice on inexpensive equipment. Top that with beautiful pics and reviews of motorcycle routes and you’ve got yourself a winning blog.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Read reviews of anything from jackets to headsets
  • The blog is managed by an experienced motorcyclist
  • Documented road trips




The S Road

This blog can provide heaps of helpful information especially for women riders, but also for people who want to ride their bike throughout the United Kingdom. From travel tips to bike maintenance advice – you can learn a lot of new and useful things on motorcycle riding using this website.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Articles published regularly
  • Reviews, news, and events
  • Bike maintenance info & tips on learning how to ride




Cool Cycle Dude

Bill Whitman is a genuine motorcyclist that owns four bikes (a 2008 Honda Goldwing, a 2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring, a 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited, and a 2015 Indian Roadmaster). He writes about products, books, and movies, and he also describes motorbikes he’s passionate about.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Bill has been a motorcycle rider for close to 40 years
  • Motorcycle demo rides
  • Opinions and funny articles




Biker Girl Bling

Female motorcycle riders’ numbers have been on the rise in recent years, which means that manufacturing brands are having to customize their merchandise so as to fit the physical attributes of these motorcyclists. If you are a lady who loves her motorbike, you might enjoy checking out this blog as it boasts heaps of tips and advice, but also plenty of suggestions with regard to tuning up your apparel.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • DIY ideas on how you can customize your helmet or other gear
  • Motorcycle reviews
  • Check out the shop for beautiful merch for female riders




Belt Drive Betty

If you are a Canadian motorcyclist and you’re looking to be part of a rider-friendly community, perhaps you should check out Belt Drive Betty. It’s one of the most inclusive communities out there. You can check out the site for info on bike trends, tips for dressing the right way when you’re riding your bike, and everything you want to know about chains, belts, or shafts.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Articles published regularly
  • Gear reviews
  • News and events




Beginner Biker Adventures

Offering a female perspective on motorcycling issues and products for bikers, this blog is authentic and packed with advice for everyone looking to getting into motorbiking. Even though it is based in the United Kingdom, we’re pretty sure that the tips you’ll find here work just as well for the rest of the world, too.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • A female rider’s perspective on motorcycling issues
  • Gear reviews
  • Tips on buying moto equipment online



At Young Choppers, we love giving advice to beginning motorcyclists. Our articles are varied and range from topics like how you can patch your own motorcycle tire (and if you actually should) to getting the right motorcycle battery, Scorpion helmets, a motorcycle jack, motorcycle hitch carrier, or motorcycle shed. We’ve also reviewed many dirt bike helmets, the best motorcycle boots, and motorcycle tire changers. 

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