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9 Best ATV Trailers (Updated Reviews) in 2022

To get an ATV trailer today, you need to go through a large number of products, which may feel overwhelming and could leave you feeling doubtful. To eliminate such problems, we want to help you by providing you with a list of solid choices. See which one fits your list of requirements.

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1. Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 UTV/ATV Trailer

You can rest assured that this trailer will provide superior durability and years of service, due to its heavy-duty construction that is made entirely of steel. While this type of material may pose some problems, as it can corrode or become rusty, in this case, the manufacturer thought about every detail, and powder coated all the elements to resist wear and tear.

Other excellent characteristics, such as the ground clearance, ensure that you will be able to take the trailer with you everywhere you want to go. For hauling wood down a forest trail to other off-road tasks, this model will work like a charm, as many praising ATV trailer reviews say about it, as well.

Supporting a maximum load of 1,250 pounds, it falls right in the weight limit most ATVs can handle. Also, the steel floor will have no trouble carrying heavy weights. When you need to unload the dump latch helps and you can also remove the tailgate and the side gate for the same purpose.


You can count on this trailer to carry heavy loads due to its steel construction, which contributes to its outstanding quality and heavy-duty characteristics.

Users can easily remove the side gate and the tailgate so that they can accommodate different loads without a glitch.

The pivoting and tilting bed makes it convenient to dump the load once you arrive at your destination.

No matter what type of terrain you need to navigate, the large tires of this trailer will manage since they have a large thread pattern and a design that allows them excellent grip.

Even the floor is made of steel, to increase the durability of this specific trailer.


The instructions offered appear to be vague, and you might have to invest some time and effort into assembling the trailer correctly.

Some grease fittings might be broken or missing, which does seem like an overlook on the manufacturer’s part.

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2. MotoAlliance Impact Implements ATV/UTV Utility Cart

If you are looking for an ATV cargo trailer that can handle heavy loads, look no farther. With a hauling capacity of 15 cubic feet and a weight limit of 1,500 pounds, this model offers superior performance and allows you to perform some heavy-duty tasks without a glitch. The side rails are made from steel mesh to keep the weight of the trailer down, and they can be removed for easy loading and unloading.

The floor, however, is made from solid steel to support the weight of the materials you’re loading the trailer with. It is a great thing that the bed tilts, as it allows you to unload the cargo with ease. Another thing that must be mentioned about this model is that it comes equipped with pneumatic tires.

Also, the 11 inches of ground clearance makes navigating difficult terrain much more accessible. You can tell that this model was made with off-road performance in mind, and that’s precisely what you’ll get.


This model has a capacity of 1,500 pounds and a hauling limit of 15 cubic feet, which allows you to load it with many different materials for all the uses you have in mind.

You will like the fact that you can remove the side rails to accommodate larger materials that are more voluminous and heavy, such as when you want to carry wood logs.

The quick-release latch is a great plus, as it allows you to connect your trailer to your ATV without a problem.

Equipped with 4-ply pneumatic tires, it offers you the possibility to navigate difficult terrain.


Although it does tilt to help you unload the cargo, it doesn’t tilt all the way, so you will still have to drag the load out.

The paint job is far from stellar, which means that you can expect it to flake after just several uses.

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3. Polar Trailer 8262 HD 1500 Tandem Axle Utility Cart

When looking at a trailer for your ATV, a good idea is to check not only the load capacity and size but also the total weight. This aspect is essential as ATVs have weight limits in regards to what they can pull without the risk of damaging the suspension and the frame. In this case, the ATV utility trailer weighs 212 pounds, and it can carry 1,500 pounds. Its load size is superior, as it can accommodate 22 cubic feet.

It’s lightweight compared to other models because the body is made from polyethylene, while the frame is made from steel. This combination helps in more ways than one. None corrodes or rusts, as the steel is treated with a special powder, and the poly body has no issues whatsoever.

Equipped with wide-track tires, it is made for off-road usage. Also, you should remember that it also has off-road bearings so that it doesn’t get damaged by mud and debris.


A significant advantage offered by this utility cart is that it comes with a polyethylene body, to keep its weight to a minimum.

For better durability, the frame is made from steel, and it is powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion for years of service.

The bed can pivot and tilt, helping you unload the cargo the trailer carries with great ease.

You will notice that the rubber tires have rugged construction and come with off-road bearings so that they can handle any terrain type.

It comes equipped with a quick-release latch that makes connecting the cart to your TV a breeze.


Don’t expect the cart to be capable of dumping its entire load on its own, and instead be prepared to do some extra work for it.

It comes only with two bolts for mounting, and there should be four included for getting this done.

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4. Yutrax Trail Warrior X2 UTV/ATV Trailer

If you want your off-road ATV trailer to handle tough loads, you should consider one made from steel, with a sturdy frame, such as this model from Yutrax. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider it, like the fact that you can easily remove the side rails and the tailgate to load and unload the trailer with ease.

Its load capacity sits at 1,250 pounds, and it’s a great thing that it comes equipped with two floatation tires that offer extra stability when navigating more challenging terrain. Whether you need to haul firewood, dead leaves, tools, or any gear, you will find it quite convenient.

The bed can swivel up to 90 degrees, allowing you to unload the cargo without too much work. Another thing you will like about this trailer is its smooth operation, along with the versatile uses it offers.


Tough loads won’t be an issue for this trailer, as its steel construction will be able to handle everything without a glitch.

For more convenient hauling, you can remove the side rails and the tailgate, thus making room for more voluminous loads.

To load and unload this trailer, you will make good use of the pivoting and tilting bed that the trailer comes equipped with.

Its large floatation tires ensure extra stability, which counts greatly when you need to navigate difficult terrain.

The mesh used for the bed will handle heavy loads, and that’s also a plus for keeping the total weight of the trailer low.


The installation is a bit iffy since the instructions provided are confusing now, and then, make sure you have the time and patience required for putting it together.

Also, the wheel bearings are not sealed, which means that mud and debris will accumulate there over time.

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5. ATV Wagon by Bosski 800al Trailer

What are you looking for in an ATV pull behind trailer? The chances are that this model from Bosski has it all. Made with an aluminum body that keeps the weight of the trailer on the light side, it is also sealed to make sure that nothing will damage the cargo you’re carrying. The weather-sealed lid is another guarantee that dust and water won’t get to your gear.

You will find some pretty amazing features in this trailer. A torsion bar suspension is one excellent example, and so are the impressive 25-inch tires. The attention to detail is staggering, as the model has tie-down D rings, a fuel can holder, and locking latches, among other things.

The weather-sealed bed can hold up to 45 cubic feet of gear or material, and you will also be glad to discover that the 11-inch ground clearance allows you to navigate off-road trails without a problem.


Its aluminum body is lightweight, yet, at the same time, it is a heavy-duty model that can handle anything you want to transport with it.

A nice touch is a weather-sealed lid that will help you protect the gear when the weather turns bad.

The torsion bar suspension is one aspect you don’t see on many other trailers on the market, and that makes this model one of the most robust available.

Another thing that you won’t find on other trailers is the fuel can holder that can come in handy when you want to carry some extra gas for your ATV.


The gas can holder has a specific design and capacity, which makes it impossible to accommodate a larger gas can.

You won’t find any tie-down points on the inside of the trailer, so you will need to fill it up to avoid having your load being bounced around during transit.

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6. ATV Wagon by Bosski 1600ut Trailer

What makes this ATV wagon trailer stand out from the rest is the four-wheel independent suspension that you don’t see on many similar products on the market. That means that you will get better traction than what you would when using any other trailer.

Such a configuration would not be complete without proper tires. In this case, the 25-inch floatation tires make sure that rough terrain is not a problem. Also, the trailer comes with a torsion bar axle that offers a smooth ride. With a load capacity of 1,100 pounds, the trailer also provides enough room for hauling around anything you want.

To make the trailer safe, the manufacturer thought about employing electric brakes, which ensures that you won’t lose control over it when you have to handle large loads. A brake/tail light comes to complete the picture, and the power RAM lift makes it easy to unload with just the push of a button.


Equipped with four wheels, not just two, as most models on the market, this model truly represents the maximum power a trailer for ATVs can yield.

Also, the massive 25-inch tires will float over difficult terrain, making this trailer your go-to solution when you want to go entirely off-road.

The manufacturer thought about equipping this model with electric brakes, to provide some safety features for a trailer so big.

It even has a brake/tail light, also for safety reasons, and another feature you don’t see in other options available.

Due to its heavy-duty axles, your cargo won’t bounce and shake during transport.


Assembling this trailer is not an easy feat, and it will take some time until you see it put together so that you can start using it.

When dumping, not everything inside will slide out quickly, and you will have to use a shovel to get it all.

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7. Peg Perego Adventure Trailer

This trailer is a bit in a league of its own when compared to the rest of the models included on our list. First of all, it is meant mostly for young ATV riders, as it doesn’t have the capacity or the size of full-size units. However, it is a cheap ATV trailer, and if you want to enlist your kids’ help when hauling gear around, they will surely love this model from Peg Perego.

Although it may appear like a toy, due to its small size, the trailer comes with all the needed features for navigating tough terrain. The wheels are ragged, and there is a locking hitch pin in place, and it can also carry 66 pounds without any problems.

You will also be happy to learn that this model is made in the US, so you can expect high standards of quality and craftsmanship.


With a hauling capacity of 66 pounds, it is the ideal gift for a kid who wants to carry some stuff around, whether to help the parents out or just for fun.

It is compatible with multiple Polaris and Peg Perego ATVs, and with both 12 and 24-volt configurations.

The wheels are made to resist navigating tough terrain, which helps the rider take the trailer around, and even off the beaten path.

Because it is made in the US, the attention to detail is evident, and overall, you can expect the trailer to be durable.


The pin holding the hitch is made from plastic, and it doesn’t appear to be particularly sturdy.

Don’t expect it to do more than what its specs say, as it is a good pick for your kid rather than a heavy-duty cart for hauling large quantities of wood.

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8. Bannon Utility Trailer

This model is more than a decent option, especially if you throw a look at its load capacity and size. With the ability to carry up to 1,600 pounds and 24 cubic feet, it is a trailer that can help you with various tasks without a glitch. Even more, the flared side panels allow you to store more material, and they can be removed to turn the ATV trailer into a flatbed model that serves for large loads.

Due to the dual-action hitch system, you will find it easy to hook with your ATV. When you need it, you can fold down the tailgate to allow easy loading.

It is a great thing that the trailer comes with chainsaw and tool holders so that you can head over to the forest to fell wood while holding all the gear in one place. The pneumatic tires help you navigate over any terrain type with excellent ease.


Its sturdy steel construction ensures that you will use this trailer for many years, no matter how frequent you load it with heavy stuff.

Since it is capable of hauling 1,600 pounds around, it is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a heavy-duty option.

A storage tray located on the trailer allows you to transport a battery or any other compact item that would be difficult to carry otherwise.

The bolt-on accessories allow you to carry tools and chainsaws in perfect safety while heading over to your work site.


You will have to enlist the help of at least one friend to assemble this unit as you will have to flip it to finish the process of putting it together.

The wheels and tires appear to be of a lesser quality than the cart itself, and they might not hold for as long as the trailer.

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9. Strongway Steel ATV Trailer

In case you want a trailer for agricultural tasks, this one is a pretty solid choice. It can handle loads of up to 1,200 pounds and a load size of up to 17 cubic feet, so you can say that it is a medium-sized model when compared to others. However, if this is all you need, the Strongway Steel ATV Trailer is a recommended pick.

You can quickly load and unload the trailer by removing the tailgate, and another convenience you will like is the foot pedal that activates the dump mechanism for easy unloading. Superior durability is another great plus, the steel frame and bed are resistant to rust and UVs due to the special coating applied to them.

A steel axle supports the bed and makes unloading easy, while the pneumatic tires will handle any terrain with ease. You can use the latch pin to hook up the trailer with tractors and ATVs.


The hitch-tongue steering makes this model very maneuverable and ideal for hooking up with a tractor for agricultural work.

Going through more challenging terrain is easy, as the 8-inch pneumatic tires will ensure a smooth ride when riding on gravel, over creeks, and fields.

The UV-protected finish and the powder coating make the steel construction of this trailer even more durable.

You can use it to haul soil, dead leaves, supplies, gear, yard waste, and many other things, as it is made just for this type of task.

Because the bed is mounted directly over the axle, dumping the contents of the trailer is as easy as a breeze.


Assembling it requires two people, although otherwise, it appears to be pretty straightforward.

The steel used for the sides is thin, so make sure that you only load it with the type of materials indicated and also that you don’t overload it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


ATVs can be excellent options for carrying around stuff that you cannot normally transport without the help of a vehicle, but for which, a truck or other similar options would be overkill. The logical choice is a trailer you can attach to your ATV, and that is all this buying guide is about. Here, you will learn all about essential characteristics that an ATV trailer must have to ensure that you truly increase the carrying capacity and that you don’t put your ATV under too much stress.



Capacity, weight limit, and towing compatibility

To ensure that your ATV is compatible with the trailer you intend to purchase, several factors come into play and should be the most important. Towing compatibility should be mentioned first as without the possibility to connect your trailer to your ATV, any other discussions about what features it should have would be in vain.

There is usually a simple pin system that connects the two. However, better models also come with a ball mount configuration, and again, the hardware on your ATV should match the one on your trailer. Ball mounts are considered sturdier, so you will find them on models with a larger capacity. The 2-inch configuration is quite standard, but there are other options, too, and you need to learn about them before making a purchase. See what ATV trailer hitch matches to make sure you get this right.

The load capacity of a trailer is calculated in cubic feet, and that can help you a lot when you need to carry things that are more voluminous than heavy. You should pay extra attention to the weight limit of your ATV when you purchase a trailer. Since many ATVs can accommodate loads between 800 pounds and 1,600 pounds, that should dictate the weight limit for your trailer, too.

Another thing that you must bear in mind is that you should take into consideration the weight of the trailer, as well. Don’t forget to count that, too, or, otherwise, you might end up overloading your ATV and affecting its structure. Both the frame and the suspensions can get damaged if you force your ATV to carry more than it can.


Can your trailer dump its cargo?

Whenever you read an ATV trailer review, there are some things you should look for. Depending on what materials you carry with the help of the trailer, you may want to know if there are possibilities to dump the cargo without too much trouble. For that, you should look for models that have a tilting bed so that you can remove the contents easily.

You will notice while viewing the various models available that many offer this functionality, which is a great plus, that some do a better job than others. Some even pivot the bed, allowing you to decide where to dump the cargo without maneuvering your ATV into the best position possible.

Others have a pretty straightforward design, but the trouble with them may be that they don’t manage to dump everything. A little help will be needed, such as removing the material remained inside with a shovel or dragging it out, depending on its nature.


Overall construction and durability

You can’t talk about trailers, without bringing up construction and durability. A standard configuration is a model with the frame made from a steel bed and with steel mesh or rails on the sides. This is quite a typical design and one that will help you haul around various materials. The side rails can be removed for extra space, for instance.

The steel construction must be powder-coated so that rust and corrosion won’t become a problem with successive uses. You might not get the same sturdy construction on an affordable ATV trailer, but you should always review the overall specifications of each model so that you can get something suitable for your needs.

Other models come equipped with a polyethylene body, which is another good choice. The heavy-duty material will not have issues with rust and corrosion, either, and it will last for a long time. Aluminum options are also available, and they offer the advantage of being lightweight, yet durable.


Pay attention to the tires

There can be many situations when you want to take your ATV off the beaten path, as that’s mainly the type of terrain such vehicles are best suited for. If that’s the case, you should consider getting an ATV off-road trailer and, to make a difference between this type and the rest, take a good look at the tires.

The tires should be capable of handling rough terrain with ease. They should have a big thread pattern that offers a lot of grip, and, at the same time, they should be wide and capable of floating over difficult portions.

You may even check for models with off-road tires, to make sure that you get what you’re looking for. This type of tires usually accompanies a heavy-duty construction, so if you opt for a sturdy model, you will get all the perks with it, too.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What trailer size do I need for my ATV?

If you decide for a small ATV trailer, there’s nothing to worry about, as your vehicle will surely be capable of pulling it around and the cargo inside it without a glitch. However, when you want to learn what size can the trailer be and still be pulled by such a vehicle, there are some limitations.

First of all, you need to make sure that the trailer you purchase is a good fit for your ATV. Some models are mainly made with this purpose in mind, and the way the hitch is designed for connecting the two, as well as their height, matter.

However, there are no set in stone rules for the size of a trailer, but most you can find will not be wider and much longer than your ATV. Since not all models are the pull behind kind and can be mounted side by side, such measurements appear well thought out.



Q: Is there a weight limit for ATVs?

When you pick a trailer for ATV, the size may be an essential consideration, but it is not, by far, the most important. Weight limit actually plays a significant role, and you need to learn a few things about your ATV before loading it with too much.

Full-size models can pull between 800 pounds and 1,600 pounds, and be aware that the weight of the trailer must be included when doing the math, and not only that of the cargo. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised to see that most of the trailers you can find on the market fall in this category of weight limit.

Don’t overload your trailer if your ATV cannot handle the extra weight. If you do that, the frame, the suspension, and the overall integrity of the vehicle will be compromised. As a result, you might end up involved in an accident.


Q: How do I mount the trailer to my ATV?

When you purchase a trailer for your ATV, you will notice that some hardware is included to help you attach it to your vehicle. Still, that might not be enough as your ATV should come equipped with a ball mount (or you can purchase it separately and then attach it to your vehicle).

There is a system that allows the latch from the trailer to match with the mount on your ATV. Pay attention to the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer in regards to the size of the ball mount that can be accommodated. Larger models usually have a 2-inch configuration, but there are smaller designs that work as well.

Also, if there’s a simple pin mount available on many models. The system will be kept in place with a pin, which should be supplied by the seller of the trailer, and the entire process is simple. In case you want to purchase such hardware, there are stores selling it, so you will easily find a solution.


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Can we travel at 75 mph with these trailers the tires don’t look like they could handle it


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